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Pose Running and Movement Clinic

I was lucky enough to attend one of the last CrossFit Running Seminars conducted by the mad Russian himself, Dr. Nicholas Romanov, in 2011. The sheer mass of information he spat out to all seven of us in attendance that weekend was absurd, and I have been trying to develop the best understanding possible ever since. I took his teachings to Bishop Foley's track team, where we saw numerous Regional Champions, State Qualifiers, and one State Champion. But as I kept coaching, I noticed how Dr. Romanov's Pose concept went beyond just running and translated to other things in the gym. So in October 2012, I started to experiment teaching other movements through the Pose lens.

And that is the basis of this clinic; using Pose Running as a lens to help understand movement and positions.

Basically, we start with theory about the concept, give a visual illustration of the Pose Model through film analysis, and then provide training methods and tools so you can continue improving on your own. After that, I demonstrate some of the skill-transfer effects of Pose running into much less boring things like gymnastics and Olympic lifting. Finally, we'll go over positional faults that come from missing range of motion and losing connection. Any remaining time after that will be dedicated to venting about the disappointing state of Michigan Football and possible coping mechanisms.

By participating, your running skill will obviously improve. But more importantly, you’ll have a better understanding of how we actually move. If your running practice isn’t transferring to cleans or kipping pull-ups, then you are missing out on a main foundation piece of your program. Even if you already know a lot about the Pose concept (or think you already know), this will serve to fill in the connecting links. And remember, knowing is not the same as understanding. For a minor glimpse into the material we cover in this course, check out Movement Shapes pt. 12: Connected


This clinic is free for groups of CrossFit affiliate owners and coaches who come to our gym. If you want to bring food or drinks to share for afterwards, that's cool. I just ask that there's no beer or anything - considering there will most likely be teenagers present.

The cost to host one at your gym/school depends on how many people are in attendance.

If interested, please contact me at or call me at 248-275-8939.

Handstands to help running?