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Champions Club Website Navigation

We believe we have the best affiliate website in the CrossFit community. The time we put in, the content created, and the features available are all reasons why our athletes spend more time here than they do on Twitter and Facebook. But the site may seem overwhelming to any new kids on the block. And after requests from Amy and Mr. Wonsil, this page was set up as a guide to help navigate your way around these parts. We move fast here. So the sooner you get caught up the better.


This is where a majority of your attention should be. Updated roughly 2-3 times per day, this blog often displays highlights from the day’s workouts, first-time accomplishments (“graduations”), new athletes that join, and classic editorials ranging from mobilizing during school to celebrity guest appearances . If this isn’t an icon-thing on your smart phone yet, get familiar (unless you’re like me and you don’t have a smartphone). These posts are also organized in two ways in the side pane. The "Monthly Archives" section has the posts organized by month and the "Categories" section displays the categories each post is grouped in to when it gets published. Either of these two options allow for easy access.


CAG Info

This drop-down folder holds links to our About Us page (which includes our Coaches' information), a map of our location, our current class schedule and fees for joining, an FAQ page, and a form to contact us by email.

Build a Champion

Located in the top panel, Build a Champion is where our daily workouts are posted. The entries are also categorized by month in the side "Build an Champion" pane. We follow and sometimes modify based on difficulty or equipment. The results from all of the day’s sessions are posted under the comments section and also posted under’s comments section (first "BFCC" then "Champions Club" and now "Chris Sinagoga.")


Also located in the top panel, this is probably the most popular area of this site besides the home page. We have our pictures organized into galleries and also tagged with the names of the people in them for easier searching.

Champions Club Profiles

This is a drop-down section with links for our kids and parents who show up on a consistent basis. We have created profiles for each of them with sports information and personal best workouts (videos included). The main Athlete Profiles section is located in the top panel but also linked by first letter of the last name in the side "Athlete Profiles" pane. We also have a "Departed" section for those athletes who used to train here but, for one reason or another, no longer do. 


This drop-down folder holds our Testimonials section, Ryan Richard's custom equipment page, a list of our classic Theme Workouts, and the Campus Improv journal for our college kids trying to workout while away at school.

Education Network

In addition to our work at the gym, we have also been sharing our understanding with people outside our gym walls. The "Education Network" is simply the umbrella name we use for our outreach and collaboration with other schools and gyms. This section of the website is primarily run by Nicole Murley.


New Comments

Because of the volume of posts we create in different areas of the site, it can be difficult to keep up with everything. Click on New Comments to see what is generating the most attention.

Exercise and Demos

Located in the side Quick References pane. This page should definitely be more popular than it is. The Exercise and Demos section contains every single video we’ve ever put out. Organized into sections like “Max Effort,” “Girls/Benchmark Workouts,” and “Fun Time,” this can be a go-to source for anyone looking to kill some time during school.

Mobility Demos

This page shows a few of the mobility techniques we use. For a more detailed explanation and list, visit MobilityWOD.


This section, located in the Quick References side pane, contains all of the external links that are important to the Champions Club methodology. Included is the CrossFit Journal's article on starting the Zone Diet, the website to Jarrod's gym (CrossFit BMW), links to our college athletes' websites, and links to our friends Carl Paoli, Kelly Starrett, Jeff and Mikki Martin, and Andy Bernstein.

Message Board

The message board is a feature that is often forgot-about. Located in the side Quick References pane, this forum allows for users to start their own discussion threads. Topics have ranged from Workout logs, to Super heroes. If enough people get on the Message Board, it could be a valuable feature to the website.

Drop Box

Located in the left Quick References pane, this function gives users the option to upload their own content to the site. Just click on the 'Upload' button and let one of the coaches know about it. Some of our best content has been brought in this way. Pictures, editorials, and videos are the most frequent additions.

If not for the Drop Box, this unspeakable act
from Katie would have never seen the light of day.


Hope this helps. As usual, if there are any questions, drop us a line and we’ll help you out.