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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

Ever wonder about the best way to eliminate pimples? See here for details.


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Coach's Corner: The Other 23 Hours of Your Day

"So Chris, that mobility really helped me but a few hours later it went right back to hurting again."

I am outnumbered. Here's the ratio of hours you spend in the gym compared to hours outside of the gym:

Gym time

Not-gym time

This means that two minutes of a good lacrosse ball jamming behind your shoulder is going to help for the workout, but it's not going to undo hours, weeks, months, and years of bad position. In fact, now that Carter is back, he gives us ample opportunity to point out why Murley coined his nickname The Blob back in 7th grade.

One of the best ways to keep ahead of the mobility curve is to not spend tremendous amounts of time with your head sticking 8 inches in front of the rest of your spine. Common sense would tell you that this is suicide for your neck, shoulders, and upper back. Overhead squats are a killer for even the Ashley Frys of the world, don't make it worse on your self.

Champions Club Field - Winter 2018

Our turf is down, pretty sure I found a good option to fill the last piece in the corner, and now we're just waiting on the new heating system so we can get the netting up for the baseball cages. Everything should be good to go by November 1. So now it's time to put it to use.

We are looking for teams that want to rent out space for use during the winter months. Here's the particulars:

Location: 32301 Stephenson Hwy

Price: $60/hour

Dimensions: 2400 sq. feet (60 ft. long, 40 ft. wide)

Sports: Soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, youth football... maybe track sprinters working on starts?

Specifics: No cleats. Three batting lanes or open field (nets are adjustable). L-screens provided.

Please spread the word to anyone who may be interested!

You Make the Call: Hold Back or Not?

This version of You Make the Call was sparked by a few recent coaching interactions, but has definitely been on my mind for a while. It centers around on what grade to put your kid in.

Scenario 1

Unsure about whether or not to enroll this year or next, you take your daughter to a Kindergarten open house at your local grade school. After sitting down with the teacher, it has been determined that your daughter is socially ready to go into the class this upcoming year, despite being almost a full year younger than some of the kids in the grade (though she is not the only one). So you send her through or do you wait to start school for another year?

Scenario 2

Your son is about to graduate the 8th grade at 13 years old (he's the youngest kid in the class) and is a very serious three-sport athlete: basketball, football, and baseball. He gets almost all A's in school, but his lack of physical maturity on the athletic fields is obvious. He's a major contributor on all of his teams, but is mismatched against the top-teir players, both on his team and opponents. Graduation is coming up and the option has been presented to move on to high school with his friends and continue on his education path, or repeat 8th grade and in hopes to level the athletic playing field. You want him to make the final choice, so what things do you tell him to consider? What would you like to see him do?

New Kid on the Block: Jonah

Two on the same day! In addition to the Miranda family, yesterday was also the first day of Fundamentals for Jonah Botardo.

Jonah is a freshman at Troy Athens and thankfully doesn't know Carter (but does know the Colussi family). He came in two weeks ago for a private basketball session and now he's converted into a Champions Club kid. Jonah has speed, quickness, coordination, strength, and endurance; in other words, he's got a great background to do really well in CrossFit. He has hopes of making the JV team this year, but I think by the end of the season he could end up on varsity for at least the playoffs.

We finished Day 2 of Fundamentals earlier today, so we'll check back in after he's done.

New Kids on the Block: The Miranda Family

We have a new family on board at the Champions Club, courtesy of a recommendation from my Uncle Mike and GA softball/basketball. Mrs. Vickie (mom), Alicia (7th grade), and Eirene (10th grade) have joined fundamentals and started their first session this weekend.

What started as a private basketball session for Eirene (pronounced ee-re-knee) turned into the entire Miranda family signing up for Fundamentals. The sisters are constantly bickering back and forth, which provides a lot of entertainment, and Mrs. Vickie just sits back and laughs. 

Eirene is the most serious of the group, and is set on getting herself stronger and more conditioned to be a better basketball player. Mrs. Vickie has never really done a formal workout program before and wants to improve her health. Alicia seems to just be along for the ride; her attention span wonders as much as her knees on squats. But as a 5'9 7th grade basketball player, there is a lot of upside here for sure!

We'll check back in after they finish up. But in the meantime, I'm definitely excited to coach this group!

Pics of the Week: Parking Violations and Pickup

Is it against city regulations to take up 4 parking spots in a public lot with your RV camper thing?

Barry doesn't give a flying you-know-what about city regulations! He's going to drive whatever he wants to the 5:30 sessions.

Yesterday morning we played some handball and soccer with the moms in the morning for the warmup. Before any of that, Mrs. Kroll wanted to catch some buckets while I was shooting around.

Beast Mode: Mrs. Kroll

I was really considering skipping the max effort deadlifts yesterday because I didn't think it would look good. Man was I wrong. Coach Casey, Evan, Schornack, Barry, Angie, Erica, and Jesse all flipped the script and turned out excellent form even though I was not expecting as much. And we also saw some very impressive numbers.

Mrs. Kroll has been quietly having a fantastic fall of CrossFit training hiding out at the 8:30 am session. Yesterday she topped out at an impressive 155-lbs. for her 3 rep max! I think that is actually more than her previous 1-rep max. Check it out.