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"The Games is the least important thing that happens in CrossFit. There is nothing less important than The Games."

- Coach Glassman

Entries by Chris Sinagoga (3753)

New Graduate: Mrs. Colussi

Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Colussi finished her 7th and final Fundamentals session with the traditional Helen - modified with 200m runs, 12k kettlebells, and ring rows.

It has been predetermined by me: Mrs. Colussi will be the most hated parent in our parents crew. You know that person who always seems to be good at everything? That's her. She has endurance, strength, and mobility. In fact, she'll probably be our first parent to perform a pistol at some point in the near future. Go ahead Mr. Carey... you do the honors!

For real though, it's been a really good set of Fundamentals sessions for Mrs. Colussi. The main thing that sticks out as a weakness in her midline control. She's also one of those chronic thinkers along the Nick Bewick mold, so she'll sometimes get in her own way. But everything else seemed to be on point. Now the entire Colussi family is in the Champions Club (Dylan with the middle school group and Mallory with the babies) so it should be pretty entertaining at their household. With Mrs. Colussi's work schedule, she might jump around from session to session, but I think we'll get a good commitment out of her. Or else Mallory will get on her case! Welcome to the crew!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Jamie Laurencelle but polite and probably better at scrabble

New Graduates: Angie and Barry

On Saturday afternoon, Angie and Barry Brunke finished their 7th and final Fundamentals session with a great effort on Helen.

In the Fall of 2016, I kind of messed up and had Mr. Piccin go into the group classes despite my doubts about him being ready. I am still kicking myself for that because he is such a cool dude and would have been a great addition to the Champions Club when the time was right (although, I'm not shutting that door either). But I'm going to have better judgement on that in the future, starting here with Barry and Angie.

We technically finished all 7 sessions, and as of this time I think the group would be a tad bit too fast at this time. We'll throw in a few group sessions every now and then so they don't get too sick of me, but I want to touch up on some things. With that being said, they both had an excellent 7 sessions. Barry had never climbed a rope before in his life, and he got about 3/4 of the way up the other day. Angie got over a few major fears, most impressive of which being a handstand up against the wall. And I've noticed they've proved me wrong with every doubt I've had so far - especially on the Pose running day. We're in this for the long haul and I want to make sure to prepare them for that. Be on the lookout for them to be regulars in the group by at least the Summer, hopefully middle of May.

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Wendy Skorupski / Mr. Warthman

Pic of the Week + Triple Graduates

First off, our heater has been acting stupid for the past two months or so. I've been trying to sweep the problem under the rug but that hail storm we got last week was the final straw. I called the most trusty heater guy I know:

That's right! Mr. Fitz responded and came in on a day's notice. Now we have no more heater problems and I am back on the recruiting trail to get one of our favorite dads back in the gym!

Either way, thanks my man!


This afternoon during our team workout we had stations of jump rope practice. We saw two first-time double unders:

Danielle Worden...

... and Mr. Bennis

Also, Jay Junkin took the time to work on triple unders and ended up getting 5 in a row.

Good work to all you guys and let's get a better turnout next Sunday.

Bye Bye Sabal

The first time Aaron Sabal ever talked to me I thought it was a girl on the other end of the phone.

The fourth time he ever talked to me he confirmed it was, in fact, a girl on the other end of the phone.

"Dude, smelling like a girl is awesome"Not sure what direction this post is going from here, but Sabal's direction is all set. West. West. And more west (I think) until he lands in Muskegon. Today marks his last workout at 32301 Stephenson Hwy for the foreseeable future.


Don Brown created a new defensive position for Michigan's football team called the VIPER. It's a hybrid position that is kinda a mix of all the positions except maybe DT. The player has to be supremely athletic, physically intimidating, and have a sweet first name like Jabrill or Khaleke. Aaron Sabal has none of these characteristics but the idea about him being versatile is spot on. There has simply never been a time where Sabal has thrown off the dynamics of the session, and that is really, really difficult to do. Put him in a session with the best CrossFitters like Jay, Elizabeth, Shannon, Murley, Saporito, Jacob, Fecht, etc. and he'll fit right in. Put him in with handsome goons like Faust and Binno and he'll fit right in. Put him in with Mr. Wonsil, Arlene, Mrs. Bennis, Mr. Carey, and Pat and he'll fit right in. Shoot, he even had to go to a rookie session a few Summers ago and he fit right in. How? I have no freaking idea. Probably some combination of having social skills mixed with good movement patterns and an excellent understanding of CrossFit at the Champions Club. And the latter is what really makes me appreciate him.

The Champions Club is just different, man. Our movement standards change all the time, with each change turning more difficult and seemingly further away from normal practices. I wish it wasn't that way. I wish having arches in your feet was commonly accepted as normal. But it isn't, and the more I learn, the more I adapt. Not one single kid, in my opinion, had adapted better than Sabal. He has literally done everything I have ever asked him to do over the course of his 4 years here. That could mean work until the point of passing out, scale down and hit technique, sit out and wait for another session, or be a test dummy on mobility drills. He's had plenty of highlights:

Athlete of the Winter '15-'16

... and plenty of lowlights:

[embed lotion picture above]

All of this, and his drive was about 45 minutes for the majority of his time here.


This is a weird one for me, man. I have never hung out with Sabal outside of the gym and never had a desire to. I don't share any common interests with him and honestly find his taste of music almost as poor as the Kavanaughs' or that Vince guy who suggested Christian Rap Pandora. I can't really say he's my friend because my friend pool is limited to people who either know all the words to La Di Da Di or people who go to church on Saturday mornings in the fall with Lee Corso's senile ass giving the sermon. Two weeks ago, Sabal asked me why rappers say "Uh, uh" before rapping. Like Katie Shakes, he's filled with moments that have me saying, "C'mon dude..."

Still, this is not a situation like Jack or JZ where it's time for both sides to separate. I have manipulated, pleaded, and even offered up a spare Banet for trade to the Muskegon Hospital to keep the Nerd around. He's about as valuable as any non-coach/Ricky Carey has ever been to the Champions Club, and my appreciation for that goes so much deeper than being cool with someone. It's probably like how I'd imagine really good business people work together; they communicate their views directly and clearly, they understand what each wants from the other, and they each execute their job to the best of their abilities. And when there's an off-day, they trust the next one will be better.

I will go to the grave calling Aaron Sabal an athlete, despite never playing a sport in his life (swimming is a life skill, not a sport). He is also the most intelligent athlete I've ever coached here; not in the GPA or doctor sense, but rather his ability to see reality. I honestly don't really even coach him that much any more because he has such a good feel for where his physical skills are and what he wants to get out of the workout.

I kinda want to give him something when he leaves. Like a souvenir or memento; a token of appreciation. Maybe I can give him his own rings, jump rope, and rumble roller back that he let the gym use while he was here. Maybe he can have the rope he chewed on back in 2015, because it probably hasn't been washed since then. But I also have an odd feeling this won't be a final thing. His doctor internship lasts three years, I believe, and the Champions Club has a certain gravitational pull that seems to make it hard for good people to stay away for long periods of time, as shown by the Reunion Summer we experienced last year.

Another reason why this is weird is because I don't think I want what's best for Sabal in this instance. I want him within driving distance of the Champions Club. Selfish? Yes. With good reason? I think so? If I had to pick one person as a business partner for the Champions Club, it would probably be Shannon. If I had to pick one person to run the Champions Club for a year if I left, it would be Sabal. Unfortunately for you, I'm about as likely to leave for a year as I am to leave for a day. But to subtract a piece to the program that fits this well will be really tough to make up for.

All I can say is Thank You!

Signing Day for Aaron

Aaron Sexton has been a standout on the baseball diamond at Troy High School since he burst on the scene as a sophomore during their playoff run. He moved off the mound last year and took solid hold at shortstop and 3-hole hitter. Yesterday he signed on to play college ball at Kalamazoo Community College in a ceremony held at his school.

His coach said a few generic nice words about him - as all coaches do - but one thing that really stood out was a comment made about his overall athleticism. Coach said, "Aaron is literally the best athlete I that has been in the program since I've been here. And not talking just baseball - swinging a bat, throwing - but running, jumping, explosiveness... some of the plays he was making in the field as a sophomore- backhand in the hole - had us coaches looking at each other like 'whoa, this kid on on another level.'"

Coachspeak is usually the same thing over and over again, and there was obviously some of that, but I was really proud when I heard him say that. I also embarrassed myself after the ceremony when I asked his sister if she was excited about prom coming up. Doesn't sound bad on the surface... until I find out Claire Sexton is a junior in college. And all these years I thought she was his younger sibling. Only me...

Anyways, big ups Aaron on playing at the next level, now focus on this level for the last few months! And trim that scraggly beard.

Beast Mode: Mrs. Carey Has Probably Done This Before But It's Still Really Impressive

We treated yesterday's max effort deadlift as technique emphasis for midline stability. Everything looked good overall and I got what I wanted out of the sessions. A few people had the juice going, so we let them move up. Mrs. Carey was one of them. Here's her final set at 220 lbs.

Definitely a tiny bit of rounding, but for a max lift this looked very solid. And even then, dude, Mrs. Carey is a freaking beast! She is the model of consistency at the Champions Club for sure, going on 8 years strong. They were doing a live-shot next door at the time of the lift, so we couldn't drop the weights, although Mrs. Carey made a few clangs while cleaning up her bar. We'll forgive her as usual.

Quote of the Week vol. 239

"Hi. I'm on my way. However I can't be bothered with running in the wind, those retina scratching ropes, being inverted, heavy weight lifting, jumping, or your mouth. Other than that, I'm good"

- Arlene's text to me before the 5:30 session last Thursday

Never seen another one like her.