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New Graduates: Andre and Josh

Almost on cue with yesterday's introduction post, we had two graduations at the 10 am session this morning. After the workout we were practicing rope climb technique and both Josh Howey and Andre Saffar got their first one in the books!

Both kids have been progressing very well in their short time with the group. Hopefully this continues through the rest of the Summer as Josh goes into football and Andre goes into Cross Country.

New Kids on the Block: 10 am session

Well, this took an entire Summer to develop, but starting about 2 weeks ago we finally had a consistent 10 am crew.

Avery Maslowski

As many of you know, Avery joined us in the winter. She had decent attendance, but nothing like she has displayed so far this fall. She will sometimes jump around to the 11 am or evening session if she can't make 10 am, but that doesn't stop her from leading the way for the rookie group - both in good form and workout intensity. We might have a good one on our hands here folks! Avery seems to be cut from the Katie Bromm mold - long legs, coordination pending, talking rarely.

Emily Gurney

Emily (pictured on the right) was part of the initial kids crew in the winter of 2016 - along with Josh Ellsworth. She came here through her mom - a P.E. teacher in Warren Consolidated who attended one of Murley's clinics. Emily stopped coming in for a little over a year, but has picked things back up this Summer. Still, her attendance might be the most inconsistent out of the crew so hopefully we can see that increase like it has the past two weeks. This incoming 10th grader has some upside as a runner for sure. Emily seems to be a soccer-first version of Maria, matching sass-for-sass the coaching efforts of myself or Murley.

Mrs. Dawkins

Mrs. Dawkins has been a very important addition to the Champions Club rookie session this Summer, and one of my favorite people to coach at the moment. She is completely open and honest with her limitations of fitness, and that, I think, has been the main part in her crazy improvement over the past two months. Her running and conditioning have seen the most improvement in my opinion, as welll as her midline control. Plus, as you are about to read below, she also works out in the same session as two of her kids. Yet, I never catch a hint of the over-protective helicopter parent we have all seen in one way or another. This is Mrs. Anderson minus the squat mobility.

Isaac Dawkins

Isaac is good friends with Nolan (more on that below) and is an incoming 7th grader, who's primary sport is football. Isaac is probably the most-improved mover out of the group; we have seen him show much more control in his squat, hollow hold, and jump in recent weeks. He even is progressing on handstands quite will; push-ups may be a longer story. For that reason, Isaac reminds me most of Ricky Carey.

Sophia Dawkins

Sophia (pictured above with Emily Gurney) is Isaac's twin sister, and obviously also going into 7th grade. Her main sport is volleyball, and she also had a good gymnastics background growing up. This Summer she has been working around a lingering Achilles thing she tweaked back in the spring. Slowly but surely it seems to be getting better with the constant attention to mobility and position. Think of Anita Partyka, but a little more polite.

Nolan Wesner

If the last name sounds familiar, then you are on track. Nolan is Maddy's younger brother, and also happens to be in the same grade as Isaac and Sophia. Originally, Mrs. Wesner recommended Mrs. Dawkins and her kids to join the gym at the 10 am session, but did not include Nolan out of fear that he would overcome his sister in athleticism... or possibly because he didn't have a ride. However, once Mrs. Dawkins volunteered to drive the youngest Wesner, we added another member to the 10 am session. Nolan, another football/basketball player, is pretty tall for his grade, so the coordination is coming along similar to Isaac's. But still, he reminds me a little of Frankie Lama.

Andre Saffar

On a random day in late-July, Crawford pulls into the parking lot the usual hour and change early to his 11 am session. Only this time he was accompanied by one of his Cross Country teammates also fresh out of practice. Andre tried out a workout, liked it, and signed up the next day. By pure percentage, Andre probably has the best attendance. If that keeps up, look for good things coming from this incoming sophomore. He's a pretty close representation of Kenny Jensen, but a little bit faster.

Josh Howey

Josh is the older brother of Samantha, one of the standouts in the Babies session. He is going into 8th grade and he cannot decide between wraastling and football as his favorite sports. Josh has the best mobility out of anyone in the group and is now working on the movement control to go with it. And man, he is picking up fast. Cleans, push-ups, handstands, and hollow holds look pretty good considering his 2+ weeks with us; the main thing he has to correct is the knees-forward fault. Definitely reminds me of a shorter version of Conor.

Mrs. Howey

On Josh's first day with our 10 am session, his mother was the one to drop him off. Only, she didn't necessarily drop him off so much as venture in through the garage doors with him. She wasn't a stranger, though, seeing as she often brought Samantha to the Babies. Anyway, I noticed she was dressed in attire that could be reasonably passed for workout clothes, so I invited her in. One hour later, we had our second mommy for the rookie session. So far, the coordination part of the movements is the most challenging for her, but the mobility is ready once the motor control catches up. If anyone remembers Angie Kadawaki from the early days of this gym, this might be her in disguise.

Mrs. Bass

And last but not least, back for the second Summer in a row is Champions Club fan-favorite Mrs. Bass; badass P.E. teacher at Warren Mott. Unfortunately she could not convince her boys to return for another Summer, but we are still glad to have this one on board. Honestly, Mrs. Bass is one of the most inspirational people I coach. It is not often that P.E. teachers and coaches practice what they preech; Mrs. Bass is a glaring exception. If we could get her here even more consistently, it would make me a much happier Chris. Definitely some Mrs. Kroll in this one for sure.

New Graduate: Sophia

This morning we had a small 10 am session and were therefore able to fine-tune some coaching points on movements we don't always get to. One of those is the rope climb, and incoming 7th grader Sophia Dawkins got her first complete one on her first attempt. Check it out.

Keep up the good work kiddo! Be on the lookout for the 10 am intro post soon.

Beast Mode: Avery

10 am/11 am roamer Avery Maslowski may be on pace to win the Summer's coveted M.I.L.F. award first claimed by Mikey Peterson (Most Improved Limb Function). It has been fun to watch her improve at the rate she has this Summer.

Last week she kept moving up, and up, and up, and up in her max effort deadlifts - starting with the 15-lb. bar, and leading up to 125-lbs for 2 reps in her final set. Check it out.

This is about as Katie Bromm as you can get without ginger hair. Great job Avery!

Athlete of the Week: Avery

We've put in a ton of great work so far this Summer, and it's still only halfway in the books! Our Athlete of the Week this time around is rookie Avery Maslowski.

Our 10 am rookie session is still developing, and I think it might finally come to fruition in late July/early August. But the one constant has been Avery. And the only thing more consistent than her attendance is her improvement in coordination. Since she came back after soccer season, it seems like her body awareness and strength is getting better by the minute. Just yesterday she managed to control her position on slow overhead squats as well as anyone, and coming from where she was in January, I was very impressed.

Backtrack to Thursday and her jump ropes were fluid; Tuesday her box jumps stayed feet together and back flat on deadlifts; and even today she beat Jennifer on a few hill sprints.

Avery could fall in the Katie Bromm complete athletic overhaul category by the time Summer is over, and I am just thankful I get a front row seat to watch it. I think I even heard her talk on Friday, but I could be wrong.

Either way, great job Avery and keep the momentum going for the rest of Summer!

Game Day for the 10 amers

Two of the Summer 2015's 10am standouts were Maria Fiorini and Robert Kroll. This weekend, we have an opportunity to see both of them play in their primary sports.

Robert is running in a varsity invitational track meet at Groves (the school I coach basketball at). The field events start at 10 in the morning, but Robert won't be running until early in the afternoon. He is typically a short sprinter, but the coaches saw an improvement in his stamina and have decided he'd be a fantastic 400-meter runner. Sucks for him! He'll be doing the 200 and 400 tomorrow.

Just around the corner from Groves, the sassy 8th grader Maria will be playing in another indoor soccer game at Total Soccer. Last time I caught the second half of the game, where she was playing goalie. This time she should be playing forward so we'll get to see her run and check people and other stuff that makes soccer mildly more watchable than track.

Either way, it would be really nice if we could get a group to carpool. I'll be heading to Groves pretty soon after the 11 am mobility session, so hopefully some of you can tag along.

Sprints from the Vault

Sometimes sprints come up in workouts as a way to adjust a traditional max effort workout. Usually if I know there is only going to be one coach and a bunch of people, I'll make this change. Other times, it's just programmed into a workout as a means to train that short-duration efforts. These usually involve a built-in rest.

Either way sprinting workouts, done correctly, have a different effect on you than a longer, well-paced AMRAP. Here's a few classics we've done.

Kb swings and Sprint:

Half of the 10am crew - Summer 2013

Deadlifts and Sprint:

"Advanced Session" - Summer 2014

Sprinting is difficult because usually trying to run fast makes you want to tense up. This is something we try to correct by going to the hill when the weather agrees. In the past, the sprint workouts have received mix reviews. For the distance athletes like Murley and Crystal, they seem to have trouble finding that next gear needed to get that "workout feel." On the other hand, athletes like Jacob and JZ have no problem feeling winded afterwards because the concept of pacing is about as foreign to them as socializing with friends is to me.

Just like the previous post, you can file this one under the list of workouts that take time getting used to.