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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: TBA


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New Graduate: Jessica

Jessica Suchta is coming off her freshman year at Stevenson High School and joined the rookie session early in the Summer. Last week her and Emily Gurney moved on to the 11 am session based on how their technique was looking. This morning, Jessica got her first pull-up after the mile test! Check it out:

Keep it going kiddo!

Pic of the Week: Walkers on Vacation

Two of our most consistent 10 am rookies this Summer has been Emily and Abby Walker - which is especially impressive considering they are making the commute from about 45 minutes away. This week I was wondering where they were until their pops sent me a picture at their vacation near the west side of the state.

Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon!

Athlete of the Week: NuNu

The Summer is well over the halfway point, and the Athlete of the Week this time around goes to 10 am/5:30 pm rookie NuNu Diattara.

NuNu joined in the spring as a late addition to our Sunday middle school crew. The deadlift you are seeing above would have looked nothing like it did then, or even two weeks ago. Mainly because NuNu's attendance was very sporatic for the first half of the Summer. Now he's been to the gym for almost 14 consecutive days and his movement is starting to reflect that. The max effort deadlifts above was his highlight for sure, but he was also showing improvements in his clean form on Monday and Tuesday. Today, he was my partner for the Disney workout, and he managed to keep up with wallballs, kb swings, and bear crawls better than I was expecting.

Keep up the good work NuNu!

New Graduates: Mrs. Nevarez

With yesterday being the first time in awhile rope climbs came up in a workout, this gave a few people the opportunity to get their first climb. As with a few months ago, we had three New Graduates with their first rope climb in a single day. The first of which was Mrs. Nevarez in front of the 5:30 session and her four kids:


Mrs. Nevarez has been quietly one of the most consistent rookies this Summer; routinely carting all her kids to the session with her and having her attention about 70% on us and 30 percent on what JT is getting himself into. She's great to have on board and I'm hoping we can find a way to keep her momentum going through the school year. But for now, great job kiddo!

Athlete of the Week: Dylan Colussi

Murley was campaining all week about getting this award, and Ashley Fry had a great start to the week, but the Athlete of the Week for the 4th week of Summer 2018 is Dylan Colussi.

Q: Who had the 5 best workouts this week?

A: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan.

With the rookie crew it's tough to gauge workouts based on times or rounds because most of them either 1) forget to count rounds/keep track of time or 2) are doing the workout for quality. This week they were challenged with the heat on multiple workouts, and Dylan's running and cleans is what stood out. He moved from 5 to 10-lb. dumbbells as the week progressed (starting with 5s on Monday's Hotshots and finishing with 10s on yesterday's Jurassic Workout) and is showing good Pose technique on runs up to 400 meters. On Tuesday, while the morning session did a modified squat test, Dylan worked on his back squat for the first time and ended up looking pretty good with the Then for good measure he did the 2-min dumbbell squat test after his lifts were done and beat his rival, Dakarai, by 40 reps.

Our rookie crew is slowly developing this Summer - similar to last year - and Dylan is one of the most consistent ones. This week was a great example of that. Keep it going youngster!

Beast Mode + New Graduate: The Walkers

While most of our rookie class is finishing their final week of school, Abby and Emily Walker are getting a head start on Summer 2018. They came in late-April as a recommendation from the Kavanaughs and joined out middle school session. They are both on board for the Summer and looking to improve their tennis game. Abby is in 8th grade and Emily is in 5th. Here was their workout yesterday:

This morning we had rope climbs in the warmup, and on the 3rd round Abby mnaged to get her first rope climb!

Keep up the good work both of you!

Coach's Corner: Josh and Isaac Tempo Thrusters

One of the main movement patterns we emphasize is jumping and landing. As of late we have been doing more coaching on the landing portion of the movement, whether that is the soft knees on jump ropes with feet together, vertical shins on box jumps and cleans, or doing a slow tempo descent into the bottom of our squats.

The jumping portion emhpasis is usually on the timing (ie. unweight with the shoulders), but starting with Avery and Fry sometime before Christmas, I noticed a common fault in the position of our jump. Mainly when we see the knee clicking in during the movment of our peak force. For Fry and Avery, it was during the unweight of the clean, not necessarily the deadlift portion, and on the split jerk as well. This movement fault is consistent to some degree with everything that involves jumping - which is a lot of movements we do. Usually this is most visible at the heaviest loads or highest speeds.

On Tuesday we had max effort thrusters and we used the opportunity to work on that position. In the video below, Isaac demonstrates a few max height wallballs where you should notice he maintains position pretty well on the way down, but has that flinch on the way up just when he is putting the most effort into the toss. In the thruster, we stop at that position to give him better perception of his body, and we don't see the fault. Same with Josh (we didn't get his wallballs on video).

Remember, everything we do in the weight room is an exaggeration of reality. So we are exaggerating this one part of the thruster/wallball/whatever so that when we jump in real life, we won't be a perfect robot but we'll be closer to perfect than before.