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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

Ever wonder about the best way to eliminate pimples? See here for details.


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Champions Club Summer 2018 Dream Team + Athlete of the Summer

While not quite as difficult as 2015, this Summer was a two-person race similar to 2014's between Jason and Lauren. Jennifer Banet vs. Erica Krueger: workout domination vs. Most Improved Player. Since early July, it seemed it would come down to these two, and neither budged. Jennifer slipped in attendance towards the end, and I was hoping she would make it to at least 70%. Meanwhile, Erica ran into a little dry spell during the workouts in late-July. Still both kids put up very impressive bodies of work this Summer, and made this decision difficult for me.

The Athlete of the Summer 2018 goes to Jennifer Banet.

For Jennifer, it really came down to performance, and she set the tone with the first two workouts of the Summer. From that point on I really kept a harsh eye on her for every session. And I have to say this is the first time I can remember where there were truly no off-days. Not a single one. We all know Jennifer's track background and how well she performs in the running/light weight workouts, but this Summer she really got challenged with heavier weights - whether it was the heavy dumbbells on Erin, 65-lbs. on the snatch/double under couplet, 45-lb.plate on the Overhead lunge workout, 125 lbs. on the deadlift/burpee classic, or 95-lb. sdhp's on the late-July sprint WOD. Her impressive performances on these "weakness" workouts, coupled with her usual dominance in workouts like Gunny earner her this award.

Congratulations Jennifer! Be on the lookout for her Feature Editorial coming soon.


Jennifer Banet was the headliner for what proved to be one of the top 3 Summers the Champions Club has ever seen (2015 and 2013 were probably 1 and 2 respectively). We saw lots of new people, the return of some old people, and most importantly, we saw the attendance back on track.

Here's the complete Summer 2018 Dream Team (attendance percentage in parenthesis):

  1. Ashley Fry (100)
  2. Cecilia Steinwascher (93)
  3. Katie Shakes (86)
  4. Danielle Worden (84)
  5. Josie Junkin (82)
  6. Nick Bewick (73)
  7. Erica Gibbons (70)
  8. Lindsey (68)
  9. Mrs. Bennis (68)
  10. Jennifer (67), Mrs. Colussi (67), Ally Kauzlarich (67)

Ashley Fry. For the first time since Katie Bromm's legendary 2013 Summer, we had a perfect attendee in the books. We officially counted 73 days of possible attendance, and Ashley Fry was at every single one. The only day she was absent for was a random Saturday on June 16 where nothing of any importance happened whatsoever, and we did not count that weekend or Monday anyway. Fryday came into the Summer on a 3+ month hiatus, and it took her a minute to get her fitness and strength back where it was, but she closed out really well and is looking to have a great fall.

Record signup. We finished with 94 freaking people signed up for the Summer. Our previous record was somewhere in the 70's. During the winter my goal was to have a 100-person Summer about 2 or 3 years from now. Hopefully this Summer is a sign that I may have been too conservative with my wish. This, of couse, made attendance-keeping very difficult, as many of the new kids came on as the Summer was already in progress. Thankfully, Jacob came through and helped me get the numbers on record. I'm fairly certain that the numbers aren't off my more than a percent for anyone, if at all.

Rookies. Going into the Summer I basically had to make the choice between our current people and prospecive new people. I chose the new people and while it definitely hurt people like Reggie, Mr. Auggie, and Shannon, it helped bring on our most populated Rookie session of all time. We had 24 rookies split between the 10 am and 5:30 pm sessions. Coach T brought in a fair amount, Shakes and Jacob each brought in one, and the rest seemed to straggle in from recommendations from you kind folks. It was awesome, and it looks like we're going to have a pretty good carryover.

Parents. The thing that spearheaded our Summer 2015 was the influx of awesome parents; the Andersons, Mr. Auggie, Mr. WA, and Mrs. Kroll all joined that May and it set us up for a great Summer. This time around we had two very crucial families join: the Benni and Colussis.

I'm telling you all right now, we are really lucky to have these two families with us. They buy in to everything we do, they spread the word, and, most importantly, they show up a lot! Their presence made it easy for other new parents like Barry, Angie, and Schornack to blend it, and also brought some life to our ancient elders like Mrs. Carey, Mr. Wonsil, Reggie, and crew.

The kids are the picture and the parents are the frame. When we have a strong parents crew, seasons go from good to great really fluidly.

Is this a liability? Probably. One of the most important things the Benni brought to the gym was their son, Josh. Not to the babies sessions, but to the regular ones. See there are two of them, and one Josh, and if they wanted to work out then Josh needed to come to or else their house would be a wreck when the returned. I never saw a problem with it, and soon Mallory Colussi joined in, as well as Kayla Pauly. But the most entertaining crew, by far, was the Nevarez family! Every day the five(!) of them would walk up to the gym and Mrs. Nevarez would do her thing while Natalie, JT, El, and Johnny J would run (or crawl) around the gym. It definitely added a lot of life to everything and I even opened the invitation to the rest of the crew.

Summary. Like I said before, this was really a great one. We introduced the SpongeBob workout, had Coach T help out 3 days per week, housed the entire Junkin family, produced high attendance numbers, and had a good variety of people at each session. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did. There will be two editorials coming out soon: the first being a new installment in the Building a Champion series that will talk in detail about what was going on behind the scenes during the Summer and where we are going from here, then Jennifer Banet's Athlete of the Summer feature (which I haven't started yet) will talk about... well... Jennifer. And some other symbolic stuff. But before that - or maybe after, who knows? - I'll post the final attendance numbers and the results of the Summer 2018 Draft. So plenty to look out for in the coming weeks.

Thank you guys again for a great Summer! See you guys next year (or tomorrow, or whenever).

Challenge: Chris and Fry and the Ghost Pepper

The rumors were true and those who witnessed can finally see the video (courtesy of Coach Casey). Enjoy!

Shark Week/Hawaiian Theme Workout Recap

What a great workout this morning!

We started with a drizzle around 10 am while we were setting things up in the cars, but by the time we got to the hill all precipitation stopped unfortunately. Still, the soaked grass provided a great setting for the return of our Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup. Other than the drizzle stopping, things fell perfectly for this workout. We had 20 kids on the dot, teams paired up really well, and the sharking zone was shrinked to keep the feeding frenzy as intense as possible.

The winning team this year came from the dynamic duo of Shakes and Fry!

The shark suit did not last the entire workout for obvious reasons, but Shakes was responsible for the most shark attacks during the sharking station, which surely helped her cause. And Fry is getting back into Fry form as well. Usually we do 4 rounds of this workout, but everyone was pretty emphatic that 3 would be just fine this time around, so we kept it there. Also, shouts to 10 am rookies Emily and Abby Walker, NuNu Diattara, and Noah Heide for participating in their first Champions Club Theme Workout!

Full results can be seen here.

Photo gallery can be seen here.

Video highights...

Next week's theme will be announced in the coming days. Great job to everyone and keep this Saturday momentum going!

Beast Mode: College Kids on New Years

We had a small New Year's Group of College Kids come in and work out. And it was about then I realized that the original College Kids aren't really in college any more, so I may need to adjust their collective name. Anyway, we took the opportunity to use some equipment we don't always put to use, mainly the rower and the bike. It was originally going to be 4 rounds of 1:30 on a "cardio" station, :45 on dumbbell thrusters, and :15 on pull-ups. But Bubs came in 20 minutes late, so we added an extra round and sit-ups into the cardio rotation. Here's how it looked.

Our Bad Form is Your Good Form

In the latest version of "WOW MY FORM WAS HORRIBLE" we have Ashley Fry on her all-time pr 1 rep max deadlift at Saturday's Lifts 4 Gifts. Her previous pr? 225 lbs. What did she lift on Saturday, you ask? Oh not much really. Just 265 lbs., a mere 40 lbs. more than she maxed out 16 hours earlier.

The difference? She let her form slide. It was disgusting and broken and unlookable and looked like this...

...which is not really that bad.

One of our mentors and CrossFit Kids founder Jeff Martin (also an insane form Nazi) said, "small deviations in form should be seen at maximal weights or under extreme duress". Well this, for Fry, would certainly constitute a maximal weight. And even more importantly, this is what a "small deviation" would look like, and I have never been so happy to see someone round their back on a deadlift in my life.

Ashley is currently our strongest mover - meaning her position on strength movements like push-ups, squats, deadlifts, and ring rows is on point (skill movements are another story for the time being). She knows how to keep herself stable while she lifts, and she starts crying any time she loses it. For athletes like her, I wouldn't mind seeing a slight push past the realm of their Champions Club standard perfect form in order to see what's really in the tank. When Fry was testing out the lifts on Friday (or maybe it was Thursday, can't remember exactly), she made 225 without the slightest nudge in her spine. At Lifts 4 Gifts, she let the reigns off and lo it ended with a 265-lb. bar finding itself hoisted 3 feet off the ground by one Ashley Fry. Unless Lauren Higgins did more, I am going to guess that is the 3rd highest female deadlift in Champions Club history (Shakes being the highest, going one hundred pounds heavier on Saturday. Holy pants!)

The second reason why this makes me happy is because I have seen max effort deadlift look so, so much worse. When Coach T and I spoke at Michigan State back in February, we tried to hammer home the point about how important it was to have a standard. An actual, observable, universal standard. And the standard for deadlifts is your spine does not move, period. As luck would have it, we have a picture of Ashley meeting that standard:

This is what perfection looks like with regards to midline in the deadlift. Now go back and look at her L4G picture above. When we have a clear standard in place, then, and only then, can we make judgements on deviations. In my opinion, based on THE standard, Fry had a small deviation. A "mistake" in Dr. Romanov's words, as opposed to an "error". Her lower back lost tension and flexed, and it trickled into her upper back a tad bit. Repeated lifts like this over the course of weeks, months, and years will eventually catch up with her and cause injury. One or two lifts like this in the right settig will cause a pr to happen. That's okay. Now if it looked something like this...

...that would be a different story, as it could not be considered a small deviation. But when you guys practice and exaggerate with form that is as close to perfect as realistically possible, our bad form looks like Ashley's above.

And that is how we make our own standard. The Champions Club standard. Good shit kids!




Dude, Katie Shakes lifted 365 pounds.

Poll: Long-Awaited Intro

Erica Krueger/Gibbons has been a consistent Champions Club athlete for over a year now. Ashley Fry has been one for nearly the same amount of time. Yet by some stretch of the imagination, neither of them had seen the other in person until last Friday. In a small community like ours, this is definitely an outlier. But it also got me thinking of a new website poll.

What is the person that took you the longest to work out with/meet in the Champions Club? Or, who do you feelis around all the time but you never work out with?

Summer Email Poll

This has definitely been a long time coming, but I finally got around to chopping up the Summer 2017 emails to be voted on by the fans. So without further ado, choose your favorite:

1. Alan Wisniewski, 3-star prospect

2. Jacob's profanity at the time change

3. David Sap is...

4. Lindsey tries to one-up her cousin in the foreign language department.

5. Murley hits "reply all"

6. Elle being Elle

7. Only Ashley Fry...

8. Only Pat...

9. Katie Shakes's meme

10. Faust being Faust

11. Juan Junkin returns...

Vote for your favorites to comments!