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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup - Saturday at 10 am!

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SpongeBob Theme Workout Recap

Our first Theme Workout of the Summer was definitely worth the wait, as we had 19 people in attendance this morning for our first ever SpongeBob Theme Workout. A workout video mashup will be posted tomorrow most likely, but in essence we split the group into pairs, with each pair belonging to one restaurant: The Krusty Krab or the Chum Bucket. They went through three stations at 3 minutes each, then three relay races to cap it off. Whichever team's pairs had the highest/fastest scores for each segment wins the workout and the Krabby Patty Secret Formula.

The winning team this year was the Krusty Krab!

While they did not get perfect synchronization on the Dutchman's Treasure Hunt, they managed enough reps to beat Shannon and the rest of the Chum Bucket's crew.

Like I said, the workout video mashup will most likely be posted tomorrow, but we did manage to get a lot of good pictures. And the workout results will also be updated, but are posted.

SpongeBob Theme Workout Photo Gallery

Battle for the Secret Formula Workout Results

Binno also made a special guest appearance to the workout today, rocking a mustache worthy of any of those Overly Manly Man memes. But it was great to see him around again.

Lastly, due to the great turnout today, I will watch one episode of SpongeBob this weekend. So which one should I watch?

Campus Improv Eats Are Proof That Binno is Doomed to Serve In Hell

Editor's note: this was originally posted on January 15 at 4:28 pm. I am bumping it so you can all make fun of Binno in public without the comments being disabled.

I was raised a Catholic by good parents. Chris Binno was too. I went to St. Dennis, he went to G.A., and we both went to Foley at the same time, although I had no clue he existed until after I graduated. So we both went through the sacraments in grade school, and sat through Mr. Maiuri's awesome guitar sessions in religion class, and Mrs. Mulawka's Morality homework.

The first of the 7 deadly sins is gluttony, which The Bible defines as "the drunkard and the glutton will come to poverty, and slumber will clothe them with rags" (Proverbs 23:21). I, of course, have no freaking idea what this means. But the gist of what most churchfolk understand about gluttony is basically don't eat like a pig. If pigs ate like Chris Binno did for breakfast on Thursday morning, they would be manatees.

Let's start it off like this: when I get an email from the Great Bam Binno with the first sentence saying,

"So I normally eat about 12 eggs over medium for breakfast along with a bunch of fruit" 

I immediately think of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Then the more I thought about it, the more I see the similarities; constant flexing, broad chin structure, chasing women around, and constantly allowing himself to be trolled by a big hairy creature (Jacob, in Binno's case). Then I think that Binno might have the most tags on the website as it is, so what's the point of making a Binno is Gaston tag? Finally, that number 12 jumps out to me. I eat 3 eggs every morning for breakfast and I am still bombarded with the "eggs are bad for you" comments from people who haven't found out yet that cholesterol pretty much has been proven to have nothing to do with cancer. Still, common sense would tell me that 84 eggs in a week can't be great for you.

Binno must have thought this too, in fact, because as his email went on, he decided he was only in the mood for 8 eggs instead. So he placed his order:

You may notice that, in true Katie Bromm style, Binno opts to go by Christopher when he's around people he sees as inferiors. This turned out to backfire on him, as the waitress and cook both mistook his order for 18 eggs. And out came this:

It should be noted that he finished the entire meal, along with three bowls of grapes. Welp, here's the breakdown.

  • Protein: Every atom in the atmosphere contained on his plate
  • Carbohydrate: roughly 8 blocks? Depends on the bowl
  • Fat: Is saturated fat good for you now? I think it might be? Depends on the day? But no nuts and seeds here.

Win or loss. Loss. This is just... Jesus 18 eggs! And you weren't done yet? You could feed the entire Banet family for a week on this meal, alone. For shame, doc!

Next time. Go to the priest and he'll tell you to say 6 Hail Mary's to repent. Or talk to the football coach from the previous Campus Improv Eats and he'll probably give you a job as the team's nutritionist.

Campus Improv Eats from...Binno?

Chris freaking Binno texted me last week about wanting to participate in the new Campus Improv Eats series. Desperate for new material as I am, I accepted his offer. This is a breakfast from some time.

Aaaaaand here's the breakdown:

  • Protein - eggs, cheese (presumably in eggs), meat (presumably in the eggs), those little turd-looking things to the right of the picture, milk
  • Carbohydrate - wow... waffle, french toast, chocolate in milk, milk, canned excuse for peaches
  • Fat - butter, his lats

Sometimes in life balance is not important. In Pokemon, for instance, the gym leaders all have the same type Pokemon in their lineup. Naturally, a smart trainer loads up with the type-advantage and runs train through to get the badge. Or Jay would just clone 6 level-100 Mewtwos. Another example could be Shaquille O'neal of the late-90's. He could work on his shooting and dribbling, or just continue being dominant by dunking the ball on Vlade' Divac every time. 

Breakfast is not one of those times.

Every time you put food in your mouth you can either promote diabeetus, or promote fitness. Balancing protein, carbohydrate, and fat is going to be the main factor in most of the good and bad stuff happening to your body. But this looks freaking delicious! Now, there are a few assumptions one has to make about this meal:

1. This was at a restaurant. There is no way a bulky upper body such as Binno's could have the dexterity to finesse an omelette in such a proportioned way. Nor the waffles with evenly-placed melted butter. According to Binno's athleticism on the chart, someone else must have done this for him.

2. The waitress made a mistake with the sausage. They look like they haven't even been cooked. Mr. Wonsil or Jacob would surely have a joke for this.

3. Binno was by himself at the time of this meal. Canned peaches on the side and chocolate milk would probably not be the way to impress the chickies if I would guess. Kinda takes the manliness away from the other stuff.

4. The omlette was ordered from the kids menu as an attempt to save money. That's a tiny-ass omelette.

Won or loss. Assuming all of the above, this is definitely a win. The french toast/waffle combo is fantastic and separated perfectly on opposite sides of the main meal. You get to indulge in some doughy goodness at the start, then come back for more after the eggs are eaten. Clever.

Next time: Bacon instead of the wiener sausage. This is a no-brainer. Or just have them actually cook the sausage next time. Raw meat does not make lats turn from fat to muscle.

Campus Improv Eats - Alyssa 10/5

Alyssa recently sent me this picture as her cafeteria food selection.

Here's the breakdown

  • Protein: turkey/chicken (hard to tell which one for sure)
  • Carbohydrate: rice, corn
  • Fat:

Okay let's get the first thing out of the way, everyone please donate to the Alyssa Jabara Needs a Jar of Peanuts fund by placing a nickle in the cup next time you're in the gym. All proceeds will go towards helping Alyssa Jabara buy a jar of peanuts. Starving college athletes, man. Pay the players!

Now that that's out of the way, let's talk about the carbohydrate choice. The rice is considered a high-density carbohydrate - meaning there's more carbs per ounce or cup compared to other foods. Veggies, in particular are typically low-density; you can eat about 2 cups of green peppers and it would equal about 1/4 of a cup of rice. Obviously the peppers would fill you up more and last longer. The tricky thing about this is there are a few exceptions for veggies. Corn is one of them. 1/4 cup, same as rice.

In Alyssa's case, she possibly thought, "well, rice is not the best choice, but corn is a vegetable, so I can load up on that." Or maybe she wasn't thinking at all and was just hungry as can be. Either way, the chicken/turkey and the rice was probably very close to being balanced. The corn tipped it over the edge. If it was broccoli or celery instead of corn, then it would be a different story.

Win or loss: I gotta go with a loss on this. She was pretty far over on carbohydrate for this meal. There was also a mad Binno in the Fat column.

Next time: Pick rice or corn. And see the Alyssa Jabara Needs a Jar of Peanuts Fund.

Beast Mode: Binno's Bumbling Boobery

Chris Binno is an odd duck for sure. I have written about this numerous times about numerous topics relating to the blowfish man. But he's still our Binno, and that is really cool, in my opinion at least. In true Binno fashion, he has now vanished from the Champions Club like a fart in the wind (name that movie quote) and is off to Kalamazoo to do... well... flying. And no, not spreading his lats and letting the wind take him off, but actual flying. Commercial airplanes. Would I get on a plane with him as the pilot? Not in a million years; his attention span is far too short for my comfort. But hey, if Big Kris Campbell is going to be flying a plane one day, then why not Beans?

I've already done a Bye Bye post on Binno back in the Summer 2014, so I will not be doing one again - especially when he'll probably bumble around here in another 2 years or so. But in his wake, he left us with some final workout footage in the most Binno way possible...

Roaming Diane

21-15-9 reps fot time of:

225-lb. deadlifts

Handstand walk (in meters)

...being on a perfect pace for a pr only to forget to handstand walk on the way back for his last round.

Still, that takes a fairly impressive amount of athleticism to complete a workout like this at a high intensity. So as such, he will receive a posthumous bump on the Graph of Ability (or lackthereof).

Bye Bye Beans! Hope to see you again on Christmas!

Army Workout Recap

Earlier this morning we brought back the Summer 2014 Army Theme Workout with a few twists in the mix. First, we had an even group of 12, so we did teams of 4 instead of 5. As such, we took out the ring dip station in an attempt to keep the rotations even. Next we took out the partner deadlift because Coach T's monster sandbags are not here any more and added a bar swing in place, we subbed a medicine ball run for the double unders, and last but not least, Binno came up big for us and brought some 60-lb. logs from his house we could use for the cleans in conjunction with the tire flips.

After people got the hang of it, it seemed to go pretty smoothly.  The playlist was also very interesting; Binno managed to find an Army Cadence station on Spotify, which sounded exactly like you would imagine. The winning team consisted of Elizabeth, Murley, Saporito, and Ricky. You can see the full results here. And I managed to snap a few pictures that can be seen in the August '17 Daily WODs photo gallery.

Great job to everyone today, good looks to Elizabeth for bugging me over and over to bring this one back, and I think we might have room for one more theme workout between now and Harry Potter. So be on the lookout.

Announcing the Champions Club Arm Wraastling Tournament

When Christophus Binnonovich III returns to the gym, challenges start flying out left and right - usually in favor of things he is good at. This time, however, I think he has bitten off more than he can chew. We are proud to announce the first ever Champions Club Arm Wraastling Tournament. This will take take place over the course of multiple days and will be spontaneous depending on which athletes are at which session.

The seedings, you ask? Binno laid them out last night.

It has also been determined that Big Kris and Mel can Skype in their attempts; how that will be executed is unsure at the time. Be on the lookout for an official bracket on the whiteboard soon...