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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer!

See schedule here.

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Army Workout Recap

Earlier this morning we brought back the Summer 2014 Army Theme Workout with a few twists in the mix. First, we had an even group of 12, so we did teams of 4 instead of 5. As such, we took out the ring dip station in an attempt to keep the rotations even. Next we took out the partner deadlift because Coach T's monster sandbags are not here any more and added a bar swing in place, we subbed a medicine ball run for the double unders, and last but not least, Binno came up big for us and brought some 60-lb. logs from his house we could use for the cleans in conjunction with the tire flips.

After people got the hang of it, it seemed to go pretty smoothly.  The playlist was also very interesting; Binno managed to find an Army Cadence station on Spotify, which sounded exactly like you would imagine. The winning team consisted of Elizabeth, Murley, Saporito, and Ricky. You can see the full results here. And I managed to snap a few pictures that can be seen in the August '17 Daily WODs photo gallery.

Great job to everyone today, good looks to Elizabeth for bugging me over and over to bring this one back, and I think we might have room for one more theme workout between now and Harry Potter. So be on the lookout.

Announcing the Champions Club Arm Wraastling Tournament

When Christophus Binnonovich III returns to the gym, challenges start flying out left and right - usually in favor of things he is good at. This time, however, I think he has bitten off more than he can chew. We are proud to announce the first ever Champions Club Arm Wraastling Tournament. This will take take place over the course of multiple days and will be spontaneous depending on which athletes are at which session.

The seedings, you ask? Binno laid them out last night.

It has also been determined that Big Kris and Mel can Skype in their attempts; how that will be executed is unsure at the time. Be on the lookout for an official bracket on the whiteboard soon...

Disney Doozy 2017 Recap

After three straight weeks of poor showing on team workout Saturdays, we finally got a great turnout! Carter, Kenny, Conor, Maddy, and her brother Nolan all set their alarms for an unusually early time of 8:30 am and joined the rest of our crew for the classic Disney Doozy Theme Workout.

Lindsey surprised everyone by bringing on our choice of Moana or the new Beauty and the Beast for us to watch after the workout, and Pat provided us with a slew on unfavorable carbohydrates to snack on (though, you heathens ate my Starbursts).

On a more serious side, Elizabeth and Jennifer teamed up to win the workout under the alias "Olaf and Sven" from that God-awful movie, Frozen. But we forgive them because they won.

There are few things that can put me in a better mood than seeing a well-attended Summer Theme Workout, and you guys all did a great job today, especially rookies Lindsey and Pat. Big shouts to Bubs for being Bubs. And special mention to Binno, who not only won the best-dressed award for his Aladdin outfit, but also put his plunging powers to good use a half hour before the session and unclogged the paper-towel stuffed boys' toilet. (Paper towel is for the garbage can... I thought that was a given!)

But I digress. Again, thanks for a great workout folks. Be on the lookout for 80's coming soon. Until then:

Disney Dooozy 2017 Photo Gallery

Disney Doozy 2017 Workout Results

Goon and Goblin Resurgence 4/25

This poss comes from Jacob the goon.

If you could only pick one, would you rather have your desired arms or abs?

Or would you rather just bite the rope where everyone cuts their leg?

New Kid on the Block: Ashley

Ashley Fry is a Wayne State graduate and is looking to take her English degree into the publishing business. As it so happens, she is also the girlfriend of none other than Chris Binno (although it is yet to be determined whether she is betrothed* to Beans or his Russian alter-ego). But needless to say, she has joined Fundamentals.

*they may or may not actually be betrothed; it just sounded like a fancy word Binno would use at a cheese and oyster gathering

I'm not exactly sure how or why this came about, but I believe Ashley is one of the top 5 "movers" that has ever joined Fundamentals. Day 1 tells me a lot about an athlete, and she was mobile enough to perform burpees with feet together and shins vertical, coordinated enough to pick up kettlebell swings in 2 seconds, and strong enough to do push-ups from the ground. We'll definintely think of a good tag for her regarding all of this, but in the meantime, I'll check back with you guys after Day 8.

From the Vault: Jay vs. Binno

In the Summer 2014 we did our traditional max height box jump test before heavy back squats. We were all anticipating the showdown at the 7 pm session with Jay Junkin going against Chris Binno. Here's how it went down.

Binno stopped by the gym earlier today because he wanted to catch a loss in arm wrestling, and Jay was a regular during Christmas break. Hopefully we'll get to see them both over Easter.

In a related note: what do you make of the max height box jump? Is it an accurate testing tool for a vertical jump? I could just be playing favorites, but it looked like Jay jumped higher, but Binno was flexible enough to squirm his feet onto the box.

Lego Beans

Chris Binno, Champions Club part-time part-timer, has just received some exciting news. He will be participating in a Lego building extravaganza to compete for one of the coolest jobs ever (besides maybe the guy who names the Crayons): Lego Master Builder. Lego Master Builders are handpicked by the company to do things such as this:

Even crazier, there are only 40 of them in the world, and only 7 are American. Binno will be competing for his chance in a multiple day, 3 round timed Lego building event at Great Lakes Crossing January 9th and 10th! The event starts at 10 AM and guests and spectators are welcome. If you guys wanna go check it out, we could arrange a carpool to go cheer our favorite pair of lats on. 

Binno working on a Christmas self-portrait to get ready for the competition.