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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in brian (20)

Pics of the Week Have Some Catching Up To Do

We had a few really good submissions for Pics of the Week. First up is a creeper pic of Shannon's wrist. Why Shannon's wrist?

Because she's a witch, of course! Now we know why she goes fast.

Next up is a DropBox picture from Bewick. When he was in need of an extra plate to help with his shoulder mobility, he 3 year-old son helped him out.

And finally we have the All-Star crew who helped out at the Powerlifting meet on Saturday.

Leader of the New School: Katie Shakes

This has been some time in the making, but Champions Club reigning Athlete of the Summer Katie Shakes is officially on staff with Brian the Trainer at Bishop Foley, serving as the head JV softball coach.

Shakes spent the last four years on the Warren Mott coaching staff, two as a varsity assistant and two as the freshman/JV head coach. Brian must have some serious recruiting power to bring Shakes on board, and she will also be giving Jacob and Brian a run for their money as the Strongest Person on Foley's Campus.

But in all seriousness, I think Bishop Foley got a diamond in the rough with this hire. Shakes has shown in her previous coaching stints the willingness and patience to work on individual skills with her athletes outside of practice hours - which is a missing piece on most coaching staffs. This sounds like a great fit in my opinion, and we'll see for sure when spring comes around.

Congrats Shakes!

Quote of the Week vol. 192

VJ's second installment of Thinking Out Loud to be posted tonight at 5 pm.

"If they come to you with bad habits, it's out of your control. If they leave you with bad habits, then it's on you."

- Brian the Trainer

You know Brian used to be able to do handstand push-ups?

Lifts 4 Gifts 2016 Official UPDATED

It's official. After some last-minute coordination, Lifts 4 Gifts is on for the 6th year in a row. Here's the specifics:

Date: Saturday, December 17

Time: 9 am

Location: Champions Club/CrossFit Athletic Group - 32301 Stephenson Hwy. Madison Heights 48071

Come prepared with: $20 suggested donation (more details below), change of shoes (for weather), and general idea of 1 rep max back squat, strict press, and deadlift numbers.

This year we are going to add in a little wrinkle to the mix - keeping in mind Jarrod's original idea of having some kind of time component but altering the setup. I have consulted with The Brian (aka BTT aka BTAD aka Mr. ILiftOnceAYear) and he helped brainstorm a ladder format for the deadlifts. As of now, here is the layout:

  • General Timecap 1 - Back squat 1 RM
  • General Timecap 2 - Press 1 RM
  • Group 1 - Deadlift ladder
  • Group 2 - Deadlift ladder

If we get enough weights and bars, we should be able to set up the deadlifts where athletes will not have to sacrifice their 1 RM attempt in lieu of the workout. Look for another video from myself and Jarrod (and maybe Brian) later this week. Deadlift ladder details will be included.


But let's make it clear, none of that really matters. What does matter is last year we raised over $700 plus tons of additional toys for The Madison Heights Goodfellows and Steve's Club Detroit. The truth is everybody who read this site is looking forward to some kind of warm, cozy setting on Christmas Day with little cousins running around the Aunts and Uncles in La-Z-Boy chairs while Granny is preparing the giant meat mound for everyone to binge on. This is something most of us have seen every single year for our entire lives; it's natural for us to take that for granted.

Unfortunately there are plenty of families in the area who don't have that to look forward to. Their Christmas Day will be just the same as every other one; what's the next meal going to be?

I can't pretend to know that life, but I do know that 700 bucks would go a very long way into making at least one weekend this year much more pleasant. That's why I enjoying seeing CrossFit BMW and the Champions Club get together every Christmas season for this event. It really shows the perspective of both gyms and their support not only for each other lifting that day, but their community. A suggested donation of $20 is what we have done in the past. If you can't swing that then please do what you are comfortable with, or bring a few toys you think a small family might enjoy.

Lastly, in order for the smoothest possible event, I really need everyone from our gym to post their attendance to these comments and Jarrod's people to start a list on his whiteboard or something. This will especially help establish weights for the deadlift ladder.

If there are any questions be sure to drop a line. Otherwise, hope to see you here!

- Chris

The Force Factor

"Yeah man, but don't forget to add the force factor. Cause I techinically beat you on that one." 

I was slumped over an old bench back inside the Bishop Foley weight room. The door was flung open and the Venture (whatever that is) painted on the wall looked as tired as we were. We had just finished some workout or another, and back in the days when form wasn't really a thing, we got pretty worn out from squatting knees first and heel striking. Brian and Chris had just worked out with us, and while the two argued like an old married couple, they also competed like an old married couple. Chris had finished his workout first but Brian insisted that he deserved the win. And this was the first time I ever heard of the force factor. 

It is to my understanding (correct me if I'm wrong Brian) that the force factor came out of these two equations.

Work = force x distance 

Force = mass times acceleration 

So what BTT, now BTAD, meant was that he did more work. And therefore should have a tally under the win column. Let's say the workout was 3 rounds of a 400m run and 15 pull-ups. Both Chris and Brian would have to run the same amount, and have aproximately the same distance to pull to get their chin over the bar-ish. Here's where the difference comes in. Let's be generous and say Chris weighed 165 back in the weight room, and Brian, I have no idea what you weighed but I'll say 205 or something. We can all agree Brian > Chris. We'll give Chris the benefit of the doubt in the run and say he went 2 meters a second (I have no idea if this is accurate for a human but it's relative people). Brian, back in his Pose days, wasn't that much slower than Chris (if at all).

 So we'll say he went 1.8 m/s. Now to the number crunching.

Brian's force = 205 lbs (1.8m/s) = 369 lbs(m)/s

Chris's force = 165 (2.0m/s) = 330 lbs(m)/s

Since they did the same distance, Brian would have ended up doing more work. And by CrossFit standards, that increased workload over across broad time and modal domains meant that Brian was more fit. Aka he won the workout that day. The interesting thing is that the force factor was never brought into play on workouts like..say, max effort squat cleans, in which it might have worked in the baby-faced Sinagoga's favor. 

Once Upon a Time Defenseless in Mid-Air

If Brian Hassler fell in the woods, and nobody was around to hear it, would he still make a sound?

Sometimes in life, we experience a phenomenon known as flashback. In these eery episodes, we see something in real life, then immediately have an uncontrolled, spontaneous memory jolt into our vision as if it was happening in front of us that very moment. When you are the subject of the flashback, it can bring about a horror rarely parallelled in this world (in my case, whenever I hear Michael Jackson music come on, I am forced to relive that fateful day of Mario Baseball). But if you were simply there to observe, the flashback is often more light-hearted and funny (ask Jesse, Jay, and Jacob).

The flashback topic today takes us all the way back to the origins of the Champions Club; when were fortunate enough to have an individual by the name of Dan Wickham walking among us. Dan started CrossFit when Brian did in 2005. Only his routine would call for 2 days on, 2 weeks off, 1 day on, 1 year off. Don't get it twisted, he was always around. But his role was usually limited to casual observer, supreme trash-talker, and MLB Baseball 2005 second-guesser. However, in between smokes and phone calls, Wickham would occasionally find time to throw down in the classic game of Z Ball - where he reigned as not only the top player in our league of three, but also the most sneaky cheater seen on this side of the Mississippi. (Highlights include the invention of his patented whirling dirvish serve and intercepting his own throw to spite Brian out of a point).

Unfortunately as time went on, Z Ball became too much of a conditioning workout for Dan so we moved to a new game: basketball. Classic 2-on-2 pickup games where he would team up with me so he wouldn't have to do any work. And let's not forget about Brian; equally as skilled in cheating and more competitive to boot. As Z Ball season was winding down and basketball became our warmup of choice, Brian used the opportunity to fine-tune his turnaround jumper - which resembled a spinning shotput heave. Although he was very sporatic, the big guy would occasionally catch fire from three point land and a endless waterfall of trashtalking was soon to follow.

This was the case back in the Old Weight Room. Dan and me vs. Brian and Max Aleshire. Since Brian was a hack, I encouraged Dan to take the game over. Two bank-in threes and a eyes-closed left-handed layup later, we are about to close out on another victory. Then the scene was set: Dan Wickham isolated against his archnemesis Brian the Trainer on the right wing. "YOUR WORLD!" I yelled to Dan, even though I had Max guarding me. So Dan gave a half jab step, travelled, dribbled a little bit, and found himself on the block with Brian closing hard behind him. What happened next is stuff of legend, and as luck would have it, was acted out perfectly by Trevor Ariza and Steph Curry in Monday night's playoff game.

Wickham gave a mini pump fake and Brian went flying over him, flipped, and landed on his back.


Some of you have seen me get mad. Some of you have seen Jacob, Aly, Murley, or Faust get mad. But I can assure no one in the Champions Club has witnessed a rage like Brian the Trainer popping up and storming around the court after this episode.






". . ."

". . ."

"Okay, what's the score?" 

And as quickly as it happened, it was over. The game was back on. We won. And nobody ever pump-faked against Brian ever again.

The End.

Coach's Corner: B the T

The old school CrossFitter and current nomadic program hopper Brian the Trainer did heavy deadlifts the other day. He worked up in 1 rep sets from 315 - 405 - 420 lbs (that's what you can do when you are country strong). He got the attempts on video and wanted to put them up on the site for critique. What do you think?