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Behind the Champion with Erica

See the interview here.


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Beast Mode: College Kids on New Years

We had a small New Year's Group of College Kids come in and work out. And it was about then I realized that the original College Kids aren't really in college any more, so I may need to adjust their collective name. Anyway, we took the opportunity to use some equipment we don't always put to use, mainly the rower and the bike. It was originally going to be 4 rounds of 1:30 on a "cardio" station, :45 on dumbbell thrusters, and :15 on pull-ups. But Bubs came in 20 minutes late, so we added an extra round and sit-ups into the cardio rotation. Here's how it looked.

Pic of the Week: Bubs at Brand X (Almost)

So I got this picture last night from Bubs; it's a classic handstand vacation one, but the more the better.

Of course I asked where it was, and it was then I remembered she already told me she was going to California for something or other. But nevertheless she responded with "Potato Chip Ridge". When I asked where in California that was, she replied:

"Ramona, right by San Diego"

I nearly jumped out of my seat in excitement; Bubs was minutes away from one of the best strength and conditioning facilities in the country and our boss gym, Brand X. After a few texts back and forth between Bubs and the Martins, she was all set to go to the 9:45 am class this morning. She even woke up 3 hours early to make she she wouldn't be late. Welp, she was late. About 2 hours late. Why? Because in true Bubs fashion, she typed in San Diego to the GPS instead of Ramona, and her phone took her to some random house I think.

But also in Bubs fashion, she made the drive anyway and meet up with Keegan, his wife, and Mikki. Bubs said they were all really nice and welcoming, and had great things to say about the Champions Club. So while Bubs didn't get to show off her good form in a session, she still represented the Champions Club well. The bad news is she might never come back. Apparently she has the California bug and is in love with the scenery. We might have to send the troops to retrieve her. Stay tuned.

Pics of the Week: Bubs Being Bubs

Coaches will always have favorites because human beings have favorites and coaches are humans. My favorites fall into two categories: 1) are very low-maintenance or 2) play basketball.

The second criteria is an obvious bias, so whatever. But the first is, to me, the best kind of athletes to have in the gym. Bad stuff happens to everyone; the ones who don't whine and complain and extend their misery to ethe people around them are athletes I want on my Champions Club team. Luckily, we have a lot of them. But since 2010, I can't think of one non-parent who has been more low-maintenance than Bubs.

And this is why Bubs is Bubs...

She makes the best out of whatever situation she happens to be in at the moment. We have quite a few athletes with injuries at the moment. Follow Bubs's example and you will be in good company. In fact, I'm sure Kroll will have a similar post sometime next week...

Disney Doozy 2017 Recap

After three straight weeks of poor showing on team workout Saturdays, we finally got a great turnout! Carter, Kenny, Conor, Maddy, and her brother Nolan all set their alarms for an unusually early time of 8:30 am and joined the rest of our crew for the classic Disney Doozy Theme Workout.

Lindsey surprised everyone by bringing on our choice of Moana or the new Beauty and the Beast for us to watch after the workout, and Pat provided us with a slew on unfavorable carbohydrates to snack on (though, you heathens ate my Starbursts).

On a more serious side, Elizabeth and Jennifer teamed up to win the workout under the alias "Olaf and Sven" from that God-awful movie, Frozen. But we forgive them because they won.

There are few things that can put me in a better mood than seeing a well-attended Summer Theme Workout, and you guys all did a great job today, especially rookies Lindsey and Pat. Big shouts to Bubs for being Bubs. And special mention to Binno, who not only won the best-dressed award for his Aladdin outfit, but also put his plunging powers to good use a half hour before the session and unclogged the paper-towel stuffed boys' toilet. (Paper towel is for the garbage can... I thought that was a given!)

But I digress. Again, thanks for a great workout folks. Be on the lookout for 80's coming soon. Until then:

Disney Dooozy 2017 Photo Gallery

Disney Doozy 2017 Workout Results

Coach's Corner: Hips and the Push-up

Just a reminder that the only evening session today is the 5:30 session. No 4:30 or 6:30 pm.

When your arms go, they go. Not much we can do about that. Mostly, we see this happening in pushing movements like dips, hspu, and push-ups. Since our brain is wired to complete movement regardless of how fatigued we are, we adopt a natural technique; unweighting. In this case, it comes with our hips.

Our hips are the center of our body's mass. When our hips move, more mass is moves, and when our hips stay put, we don't move as much mass. The video below shows Bubs and Erica in the later rounds of last Thursday's workout. Notice where their hips are in relation to the rest of their body.

Erica's hips travel further up and down, where as Mariah's go through much less range of motion. If you have the strength, try your best to keep the hips moving with the rest of your body. If you don't practice this in the warmup and use Mariah's technique when you are fatigued in a workout.

What Are They Saying: Pizza Edition

This took place just minutes before the 5:30 session. Saporito had to get a pre-workout meal in, and Bubs showed her confusion.

Put a caption to it. What are they saying?

Beast Mode: College Kids do QGB

The strength-oriented version of Fight Gone Bad came up last week, a classic known as Quarter Gone Bad. 5 rounds, 15 sec. of work, 45 sec. of rest: thrusters, weighted pull-ups, and burpees.

The 4:30 session consisted of Jay, Jackie, and Bubs; three of our college kids trying to get back in the swing of consistent workouts. Much to my delight, their form looked really good. Check it out.

As a bonus, this workout came up last time in 2008. As luck would have it, Brian and I both did it. Check out our retest numbers: