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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup - Saturday at 10 am!

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3 Stages of Students w/ Carl Paoli

The original Champions Club celebrity friend Carl Paoli has been somewhat out of the fitness spotlight for a little bit now, but it looks like he is on the uptick with the relaunching of his site,

He just posted a really cool article about something he actually discussed with me a long time ago when I asked him about the trouble I was having coaching a few athletes. Basically the learning process goes through  stages:

  • Beginner - totally dependant on a coach
  • Intermediate - kind of the rebel teen stage
  • Advanced - interdependent with coach

He talks about this in more detail in his most recent post on Freestyle, The 3 Student Stages. Check it out.

Quote of the Week vol. 209

It has been a long time since Mel came out with one of his periodical guest posts. His new one will be posted tomorrow at 5 pm. It is about fat, and other synonyms.

If you were up here earlier, I had a different quote from Bill Self. But I hate Kansas basketball, and I just heard this one from Carl Paoli as I was watching a video that I like better.

"So many people say 'Leave your ego at the door'... but if you don't have your ego, you can't actually make decisions. Your ego is the axis on which your moral compass spins. You just can't become your ego."

- Carl Paoli. Barbell Shrugged podcast.

Quote of the Week vol. 203

"As someone who is a coach and a teacher, my main job is to be a student... What you are seeing right now from me is just work in progress, and so is everyone else."

- Carl Paoli

Quote of the Week vol. 201

"True human performance can only be measured by feel. If the numbers are not there, but it's feeling right, you're trending in the right direction. The numbers are going to follow, and you need to tust that."

- Carl Paoli

Handstand Walk w/ Carl Paoli

I know people like Kroll, Shakes, and Mr. Wonsil have talked to me recently about their desire to be able to handstand walk. It's a fun skill to learn and very demanding of the shoulders and midline. It's also a good drill to reinforce the falling feeling you need while running. Still, it's a tough skill to master because we just don't spend that much time upside down on our hands (at least, compared to our time on our feet).

With that being said, Carl Paoli just posted a goog video from one of his seminars where he helps an athlete go from barely a handstand walk to being able to basically walk out the door - all in about 3 minutes! Check it out.

Scaling for Success

One of the most common discussion points I have with other CrossFit coaches and athletes comes with the idea of scaling movement and scaling reps. You may come across that today, in fact, and Carl has a good video on the topic.

The important thing to understand is "success" changes from day-to-day and workout-to-workout. Having a successful workout like Tuesday's "17.2" might be different than having a successful workout like yesterday's rope climb/jump rope/push press triplet. Considering the workout was only twelve minutes long, we were looking for a relatively high intensity to be maintained for the entire duration. The rope climbs were scaled down to 2, the weight on push press was scaled down from 135/95 lbs., or and for some people like Elizabeth and Shakes, we scaled the double unders down in reps. As a result, we had a successful workout.

On the other hand, a successful 17.2 workout, for most people at least, would mean testing out your abilities as close to rx'd as possible. As long as you can see the different expressions of success, you'll have a better understanding for the workouts.

Dissecting the Hollow Rock w/ Carl Paoli

For the people who have been here for a while, Carl Paoli needs no introduction. But if you are new, you might not know that the San Francisco super-coach came to visit the Champions Club in the fall of 2012 and it proved to be one of the best nights of our lives. You can recount the day in the editorial:

September 7 and the Events that Followed

One of the things that impresses me the most about Carl - other than his incredible humbleness and hospitality - is his ability to coach live on the spot. At his seminars he has no problem picking a random athlete and trying to correct them in front of the entire crowd.

Here's a great clip from one of his recent Free+style Connection Seminars where he does that with something as simple as the hollow rock. Check it out.

"True human performance can only be measured by feel."