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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2019

See schedule here. Dancing, anyone?

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Coach Glassman on the L-sit

Anyone notice how L-sits have showed up more in the past month than they have in the previous two years combined? Well when the aims of your fitness program is to get good at as many things as possible, it's only natural to overlook some aspects for extended periods of time while trying to build other things.

In early 2016, Coach Glassman gave a lecture in front of his HQ staff about the importance of adding L-sits, GHD sit-ups, and handstands into the programming. It looks like it's finally being put to action.

Quote of the Week vol. 277

"The greatest adaptation to CrossFit takes place between the ears"

- Coach Glassman

Considering the really incredible physical transformations we've seen in the gym, saying that's not even the best thing to come out of it is really a bold statement, but one I've always found true, and I was wondering your thoughts.

Specifically, what is the most significant mental improvement you've seen from doing CrossFit? Try your best not to make it fluff ("I feel more confident," "I feel stronger," etc.) and be specific. What workouts give you the most mental challenge? 

CFJ Feature: You're the vanguard

One of the things I've been a big fan of is the somewhat recent change-of-direction from CrossFit HQ to veer away from a CrossFit Games bias and lean towards the overall general health bias. Every day I look up on the main site and see a story about someone reversing their diabetes, heart disease, or cancer from the combination of CrossFit and good nutrition (primarily the good nutrition).

Another thing that's been under way is te all-doctor Level-1 Seminars. I'm trying to nudge Sabal to going - seeing as they're free - but most of them have been on the west coast so far. The hope is that by reaching one doctor at a time, a slow change can be made in the public health field. Here's a clip from Coach Glassman at a recent seminar.

Dumb CrossFit Propaganda from Glassman

In this episode of Dumb CrossFit Propaganda from Coach Glassman, he has the audacity to say that CrossFit is more than just the Games or sub 3-minute Frans, but the bigger picture is showing that it's saving lives, keeping people out of the hospital and doctor's office, exposing corruption, and helping develop a permanent healthy lifestyle by employing a few very simple rules:

1. Eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar, then perform constantly varied functional movement at a high intensity.

2. Focus on doing this for one person at a time as best as humanly possible.

3. Keep the parties with conflicted interests out of the health space

And he swears too. What a jerk!

Quote of the Week vol. 233: Coach's Perspective

"The Games is the least important thing that happens in CrossFit. There is nothing less important than The Games. Nothing. The Games is the cotton candy and the clown at the car dealership; it's a distraction for the kids."

- Coach Glassman on Julie Foucher's podcast

There are a lot of Coach Glassman haters in the fitness community, some of them even within the Champions Club. I don't know him personally, but I have really never understood any of it. Just simply taking the time to listen to him speak - in length, not in snippets - should illustrate he's one of the best minds of our generation. We're very lucky to have him on our side.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Intro - a discount code for MWOD
  • 8:00 - doctor's only Level-1 seminar, doctors take the Level-1 for free, good business allows for him to be generous.
  • 18:30 - shaking the CrossFit Games image
  • 23:00 losing ESPN "thank God" and going with CBS, moving away from Carson, CA to Madison, WI, and how he would like to change the Games
  • 28:00 - trusting what you studied vs. trusting what you are seeing
  • 30:00 - "you take your carbs away and your Type-2 Diabetes will leave you"
  • 32:00 - brief summary of the corruption of the NSCA and other large health organizations (crazy stuff!)
  • 35:30 - CrossFit people that are currently running for congress in Washington DC
  • 40:00 - CrossFit being a health company, not just a fitness company. "what's happening after the doors are opened and lights turned on is life-saving"
  • 45:00 - what's changed at CrossFit HQ

Coach Glassman's Message to the Doctors

Sometimes it's good for us to zoom out from the feet together, unweighting, and arches in the feet and see the big picture of what CrossFit is doing for health as a whole.

Coach Glassman presented recently at a doctor's-only Level-1 Seminar in California about the topic of Big Food companies on the medical and health systems. It's a good summary of some of the longer lectures that have been released. Check it out.

"I get the feeling that they're leaving." This would be good for everyone if it came to fruition.

CrossFit Cures Chronic Disease

"We sit collectively (CrossFit trainers) in unique possession of an elegant solution to the world's most vexing problem. And it may be so elegant that it's optimal" That is Coach Glassman's intro at a Level 1 seminar in California. What is this problem, you ask? That would be chronic disease.

CrossFit may turn out to give people a pass on cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and just about every other chronic disease we know of.

This is a bold statement; I am proudly in the worship-Glassman group, and I was still skeptical when I first heard this somewhere around a year ago. But man, the stuff coming out is pretty convincing. Of course, I would expect the same knee-jerk reaction I had: there's no way that's a legit claim. And I'm not asking you to watch one video I post and be convinced.

But watch this video. [note, it's Coach Glassman. Course language, obviously]

"All of it is preventable. Much of it is reversable."