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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer!

See schedule here.

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New Graduate: Cory

Reminder: everyone's team workout is Saturday at 9 am. Everyone's mobility/makeup session is Sunday at 11. We are not splitting up parents and kids this Summer.

So just about the only thing in the world that could have overshadowed Cory Jackovich's first rope climb is if some 315-lb. kid magically got his first climb. And that happened. But before that did, Cory was walking around the gym last night after mobility and somehow or another, got in a conversation with Katie Shakes about rope climbs. Shakes yelled at him, physically threatened him, and pulled out every form of peer pressure she is capable of to bring him over to the rope.

With the rest of the kids cheering, here is what happened...

Great job Cory! I sure didn't see it coming!

Schedule Adjustment: Team Workouts

What I hope for is the last time this Summer, we are making an adjustment to our schedule. The parents will now be joining the kids for team workouts on Saturday at 9 am. So the weekend schedule will be as follows:


9 am (team workout - kids and parents)

11 am (babies)



11 am (mobility/makeup WOD)

Also a reminder that there is no 9 or 11 am session tomorrow morning! It's Wednesday, so the mobility sessions are at 10 am and 5:30 pm. Div!



The workout last Thursday called for some odd-object squatting, in this case with a single bumper plate. Aftet testing out one round of each, athletes were allowed to hold the plate any way they preferred. In addition, we tried to place an emphasis on the dip position of the push press - not letting the knees come forward and such. Here's what the 4:30 pm session looked like.

Depth was definitely more difficult to reach with the hands in a different position, but I think the overall form looked good.

Coach's Corner: Shoulders in the Floor Press

Without knowing anything about mobility, anatomy, or physiology, anyone could identify that shoulders shouched forwards is back and shoulders pulled back is good. Not only is shoulders back a stronger position, but also safer. Sometimes this gets tricky to identify when doing movements in CrossFit because there is so much going on, so many moving parts, and we are often changing our orientation in space.

While doing floor presses, we are lying on our back and this gives us a better view of what our shoulders might be doing in push-ups (the same movement, just flipped on our belly). Pay attention to the shoulder position of Shakes and Jacqueline in the video below.

Notice how Shakes's shoulders slowly roll forward on the descent, while Jackie's do a pretty good job of staying further back against the ground. As with most things we see in the gym, this can be broken down to both a movement and mobility issue.

Movement. The set-up of the lift gets more important as the weight increases. In the floor press, we need to have the same set-up as our push-up: butt and belly tight with external rotation in the shoulder. But because we have an added point of support (the floor), we need to actively pinch the shoulder blades back together bebefore we start to make sure they don't ram into the floor while the movement is being completed, causing the shoulder to roll forward.

Mobility. The more mobility we have, the more room for error we are granted. In Shakes's case, she is missing shoulder extension, which is coupled with internal rotation. If this is the main problem, it would be a long-term fix and something that needs daily mobility work, but it can definitely be improved.

The floor press is a weird lift, and is something we wouldn't see as much if we had more benches. But in a video call with the Martins from Brand X a few months ago, they actually told me they believe it's better to practice floor press for most athletes anyway, especially if they aren't competing in powerlifting. Either way, I'll be paying attention to what the shoulders are looking like whenever these happen to come up.

Beast Mode: College Freaks

The Freaks are in college now, let that sink in for a minute.

Ricky Carey and crew just finished their first collegiate year and are now back at the Champions Club for the Summer. The 9 am session from last Tuesday featured Slick, Elizabeth Banet, David Saporito, Katie Shakes, and Mrs. Fitz. They put in a great performance on the wallball/box jump ladder. Check it out.

Coach's Corner: Feet Together on Jump Ropes

Jumping with your feet together can definitely be a hassle sometimes. I distinctly remember a Summer 2014 incident where Jesse Junkin just about ran out of the gym frustrated after a few missed attempts of double unders w/ foam in the feet.

The concept of blocking movement is set in place so you can go faster and more smoothly without having to worry about your position; the blocking keeps the position good for you.

When looking at jump ropes, we honestly could not care less about your ability to make a rope go under your feet; that point needs to be clear. What we do care about is your ability to leave the ground and land back down repeatedly in a good position so you will be set up for both safety and longer endurance. For this reason, we require feet together on jump ropes - it forces the feet to stay straight and knees to track out (or at least not in). Have a look at our 8:30 session.

Rachael Kroll, bless her, has put up with a very interesting week capped by arriving at the doctor's office at 5:45 am on Friday only to find out her surgery to remove bunions on her feet would have to be pushed back because the doctor basically slept in. So while she is still waiting for the surgery, I allowed her to jump with feet apart because her bunions hurt to the touch. She tried to keep the knees out and still could not met the standard. Sabal and Shakes were able to keep feet together and their knees reflected it.

Stay patient peeps! This is a long process and a difficult habit to break (Mr. Carey!) It will be more efficient in the long term.

Pic of the Week: Shakes on Tempo

On Thursday, Mrs. Pip went out to Macomb to catch Katie Shakes live at her Jazz band concert. As expected, she snapped a picture with the following message:

Another great performance from Katie,just goes to show she has a good balance in her life music,school and crossfit. I had video but it says to big of a file .

Mrs Pip



Beast Mode: Shakes and Kris Modify

On Tuesday's max effort front squat, the limiting factor in some people was the mobility to stay in a good rack position. Most of the time, this is limited by the shoulders missing external rotation. For Kris Campbell and Katie Shakes this was definitely the case, so we modified things.

This variant of the squat is called the Zercher squat. Not sure where it came from, but I remembered we did them in 2013 after it was featured on the main site and those are not something you forget. Shakes's wrist was really bothering her in the morning so I tested the Zercher squat out on her. It went well so we used is in the afternoon for Kris and Reggie (not featured in the video).

Good job with the modifications and keep working to get a better rack position!