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New Feature Post: Behind the Champion with Mr. Augustine

Check out the epic interview here.

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From the Vault: Hero Workout, 2016

Summer 2016 was definitely the hottest one we have ever witnessed at the Champions Club. It was also the Summer that Katie Shakes asserted herself at the top of our ranks. She was part of the small 9 am session on June 16 of that year, along with Sabal, Elle, and 2013 Athlete of the Summer, Katie Bromm.

It is not often we extend workouts past the 20-minute time range, but on this day we blew past that with the hero workout "1775". This one included cleans, squats, and the infamous running with plates/bars, and lasted for 40 minutes.

Here's the highlights from that session.

Beast Mode: 8:30 Cleanup Crew

Mama V and I have both been getting annoyed with each other as of late. It's been 7 years dude, it's happened before, and will happen again; nothing that doesn't blow over because we each know what the other is really about. This morning I got a great refresher of that when she blurted out the first thing that came to her mind when she walked in the gym:

"Well, good thing I brought my rubber boots!"

The picture does not do it justice, seeing as this was about fifteen minutes after we moved everything and began corraling all the water we could. I know I complain about the roof a lot in just but this is probably the worst one we have seen. LeakSeal sure won this round. It was definitely a little overwhelming walking into the gym this morning not knowing where to start. It went all the way to the parallel bars, fergodsakes.

Thankfully, we have some of the coolest people I have met. Katie Shakes was the first one here this morning and immediately went to work moving as much crap as she could. Mrs. Dawkins came in shortly after Mama V and her first words were not "Hi" or "Holy potatoes!" but instead were "All right... what do you want me to do to help?" Mrs. Kroll came in ceremoniously late and tagged along with the Moms and Shakes trying to steer the water towards the ropes wall. And, of course, the day would not be complete without Mrs. Pip unknowingly showing up when she was most needed. Before she made it through the garage door she said, "I couldn't make it on time but can I clean for you?" I just smiled and hugged her, knowing what she would think when she saw the real scene. Only Mrs. Pip.

We cleaned as best we could for 50 minutes (including some on Dave's side), then did 2 minutes of warmup, then did Jackie. Of all days to nervous pee, neither Mama V or Mrs. Kroll made a single trip to the bathroom. I am still at a loss for how this is possible.

Mama V had the best perspective of the day. "You know what we say in our house right? 'First world problems'" And she could not be more right. Puerto Rico was bamboozled with a storm recently. And of course so was Florida and Texas. And here I was getting annoyed that we couldn't do a proper warmup on a 60-degree Friday morning in October.

With that bring said, I still think Mrs. Kroll, Shakes, Mama V, Mrs. Dawkins, and Mrs. Pip deserve a shout-out at least. Our gym is not cheap, at least compared to things like Planet Fitness and Lifetime, and it would have been easy, and justified, for them to be mad about not being able to get a full session in. But they were absolutely essential to making sure the later sessions got to work out uninterrupted. I have said it before in The Champions Club Checklist that, somehow, we just get the best kind of people in here. And it's things like this that really make me thankful for the group we have. Knowing I have people like this supporting me, keeping calm and positive in annoying situations is easy!

Coach's Corner: Shakes and Conor

In our expression of CrossFit, a squat should always look like a squat. This means the midline remains unchanged, loading order favors the hips instead of knees, and external rotation is constant. An air squat, front squat, wallball, power clean, and pistol all have the same rules apply because our hips are always our hips.

On Friday we kinda scrapped the max effort plan with Overhead squat, Snatch balance, and Hang snatch in favor of spending a ton of time on technique for each movement, especially the overhead squat. Once that looked good, we challenged that position by taking away connection; instead of slowly grinding down to the bottom, we had to drop there (snatch balance) and see if we could keep the same rules in tact. Here's what Shakes and Conor looked like:

With their shoes off, we got a chance to really see what was going on. Did you notice anything as they were moving up the difficulty ladder?

Leader of the New School: Katie Shakes

This has been some time in the making, but Champions Club reigning Athlete of the Summer Katie Shakes is officially on staff with Brian the Trainer at Bishop Foley, serving as the head JV softball coach.

Shakes spent the last four years on the Warren Mott coaching staff, two as a varsity assistant and two as the freshman/JV head coach. Brian must have some serious recruiting power to bring Shakes on board, and she will also be giving Jacob and Brian a run for their money as the Strongest Person on Foley's Campus.

But in all seriousness, I think Bishop Foley got a diamond in the rough with this hire. Shakes has shown in her previous coaching stints the willingness and patience to work on individual skills with her athletes outside of practice hours - which is a missing piece on most coaching staffs. This sounds like a great fit in my opinion, and we'll see for sure when spring comes around.

Congrats Shakes!

Jump Rope Midline Analysis

We have been doing a lot of tempo stuff this Summer, and we have also been doing a lot of single jump ropes; the tempo work is an attempt to develop movement control, and the jump ropes is to develop the perception of the elasticicy needed in running. However, the midline strength needed in the tempo movements is also important to have in the jump ropes. If we lose our spinal position while jumping, our overall coordination and endurance will be compromised.

On Monday we got to combine both: tempo squats and jump ropes. And not just any squats, overhead squats; aka, the most challenging style of squatting to the midline. Naturally we saw some things happen in the jump ropes. Here's a few stills of Shakes from the end of the workout.

Notice how she is breaking slightly in the last few pictures; this will also show up in running. Our hope is the more we practice this in hollow holds, slow squats, etc., the more it will translate to the faster movements.

New Graduate: Cory

Reminder: everyone's team workout is Saturday at 9 am. Everyone's mobility/makeup session is Sunday at 11. We are not splitting up parents and kids this Summer.

So just about the only thing in the world that could have overshadowed Cory Jackovich's first rope climb is if some 315-lb. kid magically got his first climb. And that happened. But before that did, Cory was walking around the gym last night after mobility and somehow or another, got in a conversation with Katie Shakes about rope climbs. Shakes yelled at him, physically threatened him, and pulled out every form of peer pressure she is capable of to bring him over to the rope.

With the rest of the kids cheering, here is what happened...

Great job Cory! I sure didn't see it coming!

Schedule Adjustment: Team Workouts

What I hope for is the last time this Summer, we are making an adjustment to our schedule. The parents will now be joining the kids for team workouts on Saturday at 9 am. So the weekend schedule will be as follows:


9 am (team workout - kids and parents)

11 am (babies)



11 am (mobility/makeup WOD)

Also a reminder that there is no 9 or 11 am session tomorrow morning! It's Wednesday, so the mobility sessions are at 10 am and 5:30 pm. Div!



The workout last Thursday called for some odd-object squatting, in this case with a single bumper plate. Aftet testing out one round of each, athletes were allowed to hold the plate any way they preferred. In addition, we tried to place an emphasis on the dip position of the push press - not letting the knees come forward and such. Here's what the 4:30 pm session looked like.

Depth was definitely more difficult to reach with the hands in a different position, but I think the overall form looked good.