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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

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New Kid on the Block: Olivia Pinili

Katie Shakes has been on a roll lately with the New Kid recommendations, and this one is one of her private pitching clients, Olivia Pinili.

Olivia is not brand new to the gym, though; as an 8th grader last year, she was part of my Uncle Mike's GA softball team that came in on Sundays. Now a freshman at Foley, Olivia is in the middle of her volleyball season and is looking to improve her overall strength and conditioning for both volleyball and softball.

So far we've made it through four days of Fundamentals with no glaring weaknesses. She even got her first ever rope climb yesterday morning! Her conditioning will get tested a little bit more inthe next few sessions, so it will be interesting to see how she responds there. But like I said, so far so good! I'll check back in after Day 7.

Summer 2018 Final Attendance

This Summer's attendance turned out to be pretty accurate mostly in part to Jacob taking about 7 (maybe?) volunteer hours to help me sort the thing out. Since we had a lot of people join for either short amounts of time, or towards the end of Summer, I split it into two cateogries: Full-time and Late Registration. Here's how it turned out.

We should all know by now who was in first place for attendance!

Full Time

Name Attendance  Total       Possible      Percent
1Ashley Fry 73 73 100%
Cecilia 51 55 93%
Shakes 63 73 86%
Danielle 61 73 84%
Josie 60 73 82%
NickBewick 53 73 73%
Erica 51 73 70%
Lindsey  50 73 68%
Mrs. Bennis 50 73 68%
10Jennifer 49 73 67%
Mrs. Colussi 49 73 67%
Mr. Bennis 47 73 64%
Erika 46 73 63%
Ricky 37 61 61%
Elizabeth 44 73 60%
JessicaSuchta 41 73 56%
Mrs. Pip 41 73 56%
CoachCasey 40 73 55%
Kroll 40 73 55%
20Mrs. Carey 40 73 55%
Jay 39 73 53%
NuNu 39 73 53%
Emily Gurney 37 73 51%
Mr. Carey 36 73 49%
Mrs. Nevarez 36 73 49%
Mateo 28 58 48%
Mr. Z 35 73 48%
Mrs. Fitz 35 73 48%
Schornack 35 73 48%
30Dylan Colussi 34 73 47%
Emily Walker 34 73 47%
Abby Walker 33 73 45%
David Sap 32 73 44%
Jesse 32 73 44%
Kasey Eason 32 73 44%
Coach T 31 73 42%
Josh Howey 30 73 41%
Alyssa 27 66 41%
Conor 29 73 40%
40Murley 29 73 40%
Jen Ash 28 73 38%
Shannon 28 73 38%
Crystal 26 73 36%
Barry 25 73 34%
Mama V 25 73 34%
Suyaliam 25 73 34%
Cory 24 73 33%
Mrs. Bass 24 73 33%
Sam 22 73 30%
50Maddy 21 73 29%
AnthonySaffar 20 73 27%
Avery 18 73 25%
Olivia 18 73 25%
Angie 17 73 23%
Gideon 16 73 22%
Mrs. Kroll 15 73 21%
Dakarai 14 73 19%
Milo 14 73 19%
Ben Pauly 13 73 18%
60AndrewBaumert 12 73 16%
Devan 12 73 16%
Mr. Wonsil 10 73 14%
Andre 8 73 11%
Jalen 7 73 10%
Mr. Auggie 6 73 8%
Mr. Maslowski 5 73 7%
Cameron Byrd 3 73 4%


Late Registration

1Luke 32 35 91%
Ally 28 42 67%
Evan Pugh 25 45 56%
Noah 18 33 55%
Onyeka 12 25 48%
Reggie 20 43 47%
Alexis 16 37 43%
Owen 15 35 43%
Crawford 17 42 40%
10Arlene 12 42 29%
Amy 11 42 26%
JohnnyCohoon 10 40 25%
baby Alana 7 10 70%
baby Cassidy 7 10 70%
baby natalie 7 10 70%
baby Pierce 7 10 70%
baby Stano 7 10 70%
babyJacqueline 6 10 60%
baby Josh 6 10 60%
20baby JT 6 10 60%
babyConamora 5 10 50%
baby Zeena 5 10 50%
baby Ender 4 10 40%
baby Kayla 4 10 40%
baby Lily 4 10 40%
baby Mallory 4 10 40%
baby Ashlee 2 10 20%


Overall I think these really look good. Including the Late Registration list, we had 27 people over 50%. In 2013 we had 35 people at over 50, andin 2015 we had 37 (which, if you count the Babies for this year, we'd be at the same number.) We made up for some lower attendance percentage points at the bottom by sheer numbers, and this is what helped with multiple days of 50+ in attendance (also noting a few mobility days of 47). But having these numbers also means we can finally determine the results of the Draft.

The draft took place early in the Summer and pretty much excluded everyone on the Late Registration list. I did give each team two free agent options to pick up based on who they thought would end up joining. To factor this in, I figured since each team had 20 draft picks, I would count the top 19 (including the captain), giving the free agent choices a chance to factor in if they helped the team. I added up the total percentage points then divided by 19. Here's the results:

4th place: Team Jay

Notes. Despite being the prime beneficiary of Elizabeth's Darko Milicic selection and seeing Cecilia slide to him, Jay could not get over a sub-par drafting of our rookie class. I also believe he was counting on better outings from Mr. Wonsil, Baby Josh, and Baby Mallory. As a GM of infamous Mario Baseball Championship contender teams such as Orville Ridenbacher's Cock (Beaman Winter Classic - '09), Albino's Army (Michael Jackson Young Man' Spring Fling '10), San Antonio Sperm (NBA on TNT theme - '17), and Donkey Punch (Shrek theme - '13), Jay has been known for his conservative approach to drafting. He'll lock in a superstar or two, then bypass other high-level players to ensure he has enough cap room to keep the bottom of the order strong - which notably led to Dry Bones's breakout season in 2014. Look for Jay to make some trades next year to keep the consistency.

Grade. B-. Anyone in their right mind would have picked Mallory and Josh with the first Babies selections, just didn't take into account the weekend vacations. Also shame on him for only taking Jesse out of the Junkin/Eason family.

3rd place: Team David

Notes. The picture above is the top of a David Saporito air squat and is also a perfect representation of his Summer; he was focused on beating everyone else that he forgot to keep track of his own stuff. The team captain, first-pick-holding, and defending Athlete of the Summer managed to get the lowest attendance among the 4 captains. Yet somehow he didn't finish last and was only a few points away from 2nd place. David did not have any stars on his team but did manage to have a good middle-of-the-order group. Plus, by sheer blind luck, he drafted 4 of the top 5 highest-ranking rookies in the 10 am/5:30 classes - including fan-favorite NuNu. David, of course, didn't know half of the people when he drafted them, but I suppose some might call that intuition. Look for David to drop even lower in attendance next year but draft someone in the 90s to make up for it.

Grade. B. Lindsey with the second pick was very questionable at the time but it actually turned out good.

2nd place: Team Biff

Notes. As I mentioned above, Elizabeth somehow got away with passing on Cecilia in favor of Josh Howey - a 50(!) point swing in attendance - with her first pick and pushed her way to a top-2 finish. She made up for this in two major ways: drafting both AOTS contenders Jennifer and Erica in the early rounds, and picking up Evan Pugh (56%) as a free agent. Mrs. Bennis was also a steal in the 3rd round. Elizabeth has been known to panic under pressure - most notably diagnosing herself with athsma during a July 800m run workout. Her first stint as a GM continued that trend, and a better first selection would have put her right in contention for first place. Maybe she passed her prime in 2015, or maybe she'll bounce back like she's known to do and bring home the championship next Summer. Until then, we're just left to ponder that first pick.

Grade. C. Inexcusable, Biff. I would expect that out of Jennifer, but not you.

1st place: Team Shakes

Notes. You may notice that is not a picture of Katie Shakes, but rather a picture of Original Champions Club Diva Aly Baringer yawning in the middle of the workout. If anyone did not see Shakes winning the draft then, well, I don't know what to say. She pounced on the opportunity to pick Ashley Fry after David Sap took Danielle first overall, hit on the rookies with Dylan and Abby Walker, showed good judgement with Mr. Bennis and Josie, and picked up a great free agent in Reggie. Aaaand she was the only captain to finish in the top-10 for attendance. The only nitpick would be drafting Coach Casey over his wife, Mrs. Tara. Had to see that one coming.

Grade. A. Boring, no-nonsense A.


So that's the breakdown. Considering some of the big names we lost this Summer (Sabal, Jacqueline, Jacob, Bubs, Mr. WA, Binno) I'm very happy with how things turned out. By the numbers, I would rank this as our 3rd best Summer - behind 2015 and 2013 - though we did have a thriving Babies session this time around, and one less session during the week as well. Our team workouts were really good this time around, but I'm still salty we only had like 10 show up for 80s (our parents made up for it though). I'll make sure to emphasize that one more next Summer. It's also noticable that we're missing the high school crowd; Danielle is doing her thing, but in the past we had like 8 Danielles, plus another 8 Conors - who was our only other non-rookie high school kid in the top 40 (Maddy came in at 50). This is due to a lack of recruiting on my part and is hopefully getting fixed as we speak. This thing really shines when we have a superstar high school crowd like in 2012-2015, so that will be my main point of attention as the school year goes on (which, hopefully, the turf project will help with).

As for the attendance draft: I really liked it. We always tweak things up - criteria for Athlete of the Summer and Athletes of the Week have changed over the years - but my plan is to hang a list somewhere of every proceeding year's draft champions. Maybe a trophy like the Little Brown Jug or something. I'll think on it. I updated the original post below to include percentage points by the names drafted.

Champions Club Summer 2018 Draft

There you go, Shakes. A picture.

Thank you guys again for a great Summer! It was kind of nostalgic that it opened on the exact same day (Monday, June 11) that we did our first ever workout in this building. Some time in July, I was sitting around with some of the leftovers of the evening session.

"You know Chris," said Mr. Carey, "I was thinking, and I really, genuinely like every single person in the gym right now. I literally can't name a single person I don't like... I really do miss Jacob and Faust, though," he added.

This got me thinking about two things; first, he's right. There are always people I don't really enjoy, but still respect and admire for their work ethic. But this time around, I really think we got it as close to right as we've ever come. More Shannon would have been nice, more David would have been nice, maybe a little less Lindsey, but overall the community was humming! Second, Jacob came back at the end of Summer with a different attitude than when he took a break in February (I think, maybe April?). This kind of place is definitely not for everyone. Not only that, but we're dealing with children (yes, you college kids are still children) and children have a lot of moving parts in their life: school, relationships, interests, jobs, sports, friends. Shoot, I can't remember the last time I genuinely made a new friend (a good point Jacob noted a few months ago). With that being said, if I'm committed to center our gym around kids, I have to accept that some will need to see what other things they like. It's tough in the moment, but better in the long run. I'm pretty picky about attitudes right now, and that's why we have a semi-closed-door policy for workouts and gatherings, but it's definitely not bolted shut. Just knock.

This Summer, I think and hope, provided us with a great base to build on moving forward. It usually does, and that's why I enjoy them so much. We get to simultaneously see in the future and past, while having a blast in the present. So for now, we'll pack everything up in the loft, where it will wait patiently until June 10, 2019, and see if we can hold the fort until then. I really appreciate you guys and, for once, let's keep the momentum going into the fall.

Theme Workout Announcement + Post-WOD Gathering

The final theme workout for the Summer will coincide with the annual departure of the Hogwarts Express. This Saturday, September 1 will mark the return of the Harry Potter Theme Workout.

It will be at 9 am, not the usual 10 am start time!!

Again, 9 am.

9 am.

9 am.

Also, there is this note from Shakes:


Hi everyone!

As we can all tell, the summer is starting the wrap up and I was thinking we should have a BBQ like we did a few years back. Mrs. Carey was thinking the same thing, so we have to do it! After talking with her and with some input from Fry, we decided it is going to be more of a pot luck, so bring in a dish that everyone will eat. Yes NuNu, you can bring cake!

When: September 1st, after the Harry Potter Workout (Parents will be  working out with us, too.) There is no time limit for it because there will be some water games afterwards and maybe some card games going on!

Where: The box, obviously!

What to bring: Please comment below what you will be bringing. We will need napkins, plates, and eating utensils. Bring your own drinks (non-alcoholic), but water will be provided. And most importantly, yourself!

Make sure you dress up in some Hogwarts attire! I can't wait to end this summer with one big HOORAH!

Thanks guys!


The 2015 End of Summer Hangout

Shark Week/Hawaiian Theme Workout Recap

What a great workout this morning!

We started with a drizzle around 10 am while we were setting things up in the cars, but by the time we got to the hill all precipitation stopped unfortunately. Still, the soaked grass provided a great setting for the return of our Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup. Other than the drizzle stopping, things fell perfectly for this workout. We had 20 kids on the dot, teams paired up really well, and the sharking zone was shrinked to keep the feeding frenzy as intense as possible.

The winning team this year came from the dynamic duo of Shakes and Fry!

The shark suit did not last the entire workout for obvious reasons, but Shakes was responsible for the most shark attacks during the sharking station, which surely helped her cause. And Fry is getting back into Fry form as well. Usually we do 4 rounds of this workout, but everyone was pretty emphatic that 3 would be just fine this time around, so we kept it there. Also, shouts to 10 am rookies Emily and Abby Walker, NuNu Diattara, and Noah Heide for participating in their first Champions Club Theme Workout!

Full results can be seen here.

Photo gallery can be seen here.

Video highights...

Next week's theme will be announced in the coming days. Great job to everyone and keep this Saturday momentum going!

Pics of the Week: Shannon, Sharks, and Geez Does Anyone Ever Go Home?

One of the business mentors things I follow says that you can rate your session based on the percentage of people still at the gym 15 minutes after your session was done.

We had 17 people at mobility session today that ended at 11:00 am. At 11:30 there were still 15 people in the gym.

Next up, Shannon DropBoxed me a few pictures from track season that are in both the May and July Daily WODs galleries, and she also included a picture from her vacation in Jamaica.

... so... yeah... you guys can marvel at that for a bit.

And lastly, I'm not sure from where or when this picture came from, but it was also included in the mass of DropBox content from the last few days. It also just so happens to be a nice sneak peek of what the Theme Workout might be this week:

Champions Club Summer 2018 Draft

I know, I know, it happened about 3 weeks later than I was hoping. But Div was being a butt, and Jay works a normal job. So there was a little bit of inside information present, but I did not share anything other than the injury reports.

Without further ado, here are the official Champions Club Summer 2018 teams:

Team David (44 lol) - 844 total - (44%)

  1. Danielle Worden (84)
  2. Lindsey Eason (68)
  3. Mrs. Kroll (21)
  4. Mr. Carey (49)
  5. Rachael Kroll (55)
  6. Avery (25)
  7. Mrs. Fitz (48)
  8. Conor (40)
  9. Olivia (25)
  10. Maddy (29)
  11. Mrs. Bass (33)
  12. Mrs. Nevarez (49)
  13. Dakarai (19)
  14. Mateo (48)
  15. Emily Walker (47)
  16. Nunu (53)
  17. *Lilly (40)
  18. *JT (60)
  19. *Adam Dem (0)
  20. *Amy Potter (26)

Team Shakes (86) - 918 total - (48%)

  1. Ashley Fry (100)
  2. Coach Casey (55)
  3. Mr Bennis (64)
  4. Josie Junkin (82)
  5. Coach T (42)
  6. Jen Ash (38)
  7. Kasey Eason (44)
  8. Danielle Schornack (48)
  9. Crystal (36)
  10. Andre Saffer (11)
  11. Dylan Collousi (47)
  12. Sam Butcher (30)
  13. Abby Walker (45)
  14. Anthony Saffer (27)
  15. Devan Coates (16)
  16. Charlie Baumert (0)
  17. *Jacqueline Asmar (60)
  18. *Ender (40)
  19. *EmD (0)
  20. *Reggie (47)

Team Elizabeth (60) - 848 total - (45%)

  1. Josh Howey (41)
  2. Jennifer Banet (67)
  3. Mrs. Bennis (68)
  4. Erica Krueger (70)
  5. Mrs Pip (56)
  6. Mama V (34)
  7. Alyssa Jabara (41)
  8. Shannon Marchant (38)
  9. Mr Malowski (7)
  10. Mr Auggie (8)
  11. Suyaliam (34)
  12. Barry Brunke (34)
  13. Jessica (56)
  14. Emily Gurney (51)
  15. Andrew (16)
  16. Ben (18)
  17. *Conamora (50)
  18. *Zeena (50)
  19. *Evan Pugh (56)
  20. *Matt Fecht (0)

Team Jay (53) - 843 total - (44%)

  1. Cecilia (93)
  2. Nick Bewick (73)
  3. Mrs Tara (67)
  4. Erika Banet (63)
  5. Mrs Carey (55)
  6. Mr Z (48)
  7. Ricky Carey (61)
  8. Mr Wonsil (14)
  9. Cory (33)
  10. Jesse (44)
  11. Jalen (10)
  12. Milo (19)
  13. Angie (23)
  14. Cam (4)
  15. Gideon (22)
  16. Johnny (25)
  17. *Josh Bennis (60)
  18. *Mallory (40)
  19. *Murley (40)
  20. *Myron (0)

Follow-up post coming soon...

Athlete of the Spring 2018

The Champions Club uses CrossFit to make our athletes better at things outside of CrossFit. Myron is trying to get paid playing basketball. Mr. Bennis is trying to get paid doing construction. And Mrs. Bass is trying to get paid as a Physical Education teacher. Even for the people who don't have money riding on the line, CrossFit has helped Jennifer Banet win Warren Mott's girls MVP this track season, Coach Casey play pickup basketball, and Jacob and Faust pick up girls. So when looking for seasonal Athlete awards, I like to look outside the gym to see who has been doing well.

Jennifer Banet, as I already mentioned, ended her senior year at her top fitness (so far) both on the track and in the gym. She pr'd in the mile, 800, long jump, and set Champions Club girls high school records in Murph, Michael, and Helen. She's definitely peaking at the right time heading into Summer and will be a frontrunner for a banner, but from March-June I gotta give the Athlete of the Spring to the rock of the Champions Club, Katie Shakes.

...and she swings Ol' Red like it's a baby toy.You know when you're 12 or 13 and your parents are always around and you're growing but you never notice? Then you go to your grandma's house and she's like, "Oh wow, Chris, you're growing so tall?" Well, that happened last Wednesday, actually, but it shows that when you're not around someone for a long time, it's easier to notice differences. In the gym, Shakes is still Shakes; good one day, not good the next day, HOLY SHIT HOW DOES SHE LIFT THAT? the day after. And again, the most impressive thing to me is her blend of strength and endurance. Her best workout, in my opinion, was the classic "Fast and Heavy" dumbbell thruster/400m run workout, going head-to-head with Cecilia, using 35s on the dumbbells, and sharking Cec in the last 100 meters. Aside from that, it was prs on Helen (10:30) and Michael (21:35), and Murph as rx'd. She also neary beat Saporito on the deadlift/GHD sit-up workout using the same weight. When Shakes is on, and there's no upper body movements in the workout, you might as well mark yourself as a good 3 or 4 minutes behind her. So is she getting better? Is this any difference than Summer 2016? Maybe? We see her every freaking day, so common sense says probably, and the numbers say certainly.

As I mentioned above though, her workouts were only part of the story. I hope it's okay to share this on here, but Shakes was going to school to be a vet so she could be around animals and such. Unfortunately the school program she was in proved to be a little too difficult and she did not make the cut, despite studying her butt off. When this happened (2016? correct me if I'm wrong) she told me that although disappointed, she could use this time to coach more - boys swimming, girls swimming, and softball.

During this past winter, Shakes and I had a great conversation where she ripped apart everything I need to do better here at the gym, and I ripped apart everything she needed to be doing better if she wanted to get serious about coaching. To her credit, she stepped up bigtime. Shakes's workout resume' from December till now: pretty similar. Shakes coaching resume' from December till now: wow!

Katie made the difficult choice to leave her alma mater at Warren Mott and take the head JV softball coaching spot around the corner at Bishop Foley. In conjunction with that, she was also the assistant coach for GA's 6-8th grade varsity softball team, led them on weekend pitching lessons, and helped bring them in to the Champions Club's middle school session. The GA connection actually led to some interest from St. Anne's and a few other schools who reached out to Shakes for her services. And on top of that, she has around a dozen private softball clients that come to her on the side from all around the area! She stepped outside of her comfort zone multiple times with regards to charging what she's worth, saying no, and other things that help her build a great reputation as a coach. This is just the beginning of what I think will be a very successful coaching career for Katie Braschayko.

Aside from Jennifer, Erica and Mr. Auggie had really good starts to the spring and here in high consideration for Athlete of the Spring. Jennifer was about as close as 2nd place can get. Overall, the gym has picked up really well, though. We had 18(!) new kids go through Fundamentals since March and at least 13 of them joining in for the Summer. Add the babies and middle school kids to the mix and the return of our college kids and, on paper, we're set to have a great Summer.

Lets keep up the momentum kids!