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Congratulations to Ashley Fry: Athlete of the Summer 2019

Back to normal fall schedule.


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Pic of the Week: Mr. Z at Bowling

"Hey Chris, did you hear what happened to Mr. Z at bowling" - Reggie

Of course I didn't because who does? But the tone Reggie was using got me worrying. Did he let the ball slip out back on the windup and take out an innocent spectator? Did his thumb get caught in the ball and detatch from his hand? Alas, no. But better. Much better.

Mr. Z was one freaking pin away from a perfect game.

Not bad Z. Not bad at all.

Parents Team Workout Reminder

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the 80s Theme Workout for the parents. And if you're wondering if you should dress up...

...the answer is yes!

Tomorrow at 6:30 pm! See you guys there!

From the Vault: Lifts 4 Gifts

Aside from the fundraising and community building, Lifts 4 Gifts gives athletes a great opportunity to pr on their lifts. The Champions Club, in specific, doesn't really compete in any CrossFit events, so with Lifts 4 Gifts they get to experience a HYPE setting that gets the adrenaline going. Here's a few prs from the vault:

Mrs. Carey - 2015

Mr. Z - 2014

Brian the Trainer - 2011

Remember guys, Saturday at 9 am. Our gym.

Coach's Corner: Mr. Z's Double Unders

It is not often I point out for Mr. Z having good form, and it hurts me to do it, but I'll make an exception. The topic today is double unders and for the likes of Mr. Wonsil, Mr. Carey, and Carter these can provide an incredible nuisance during a workout.

Most of the issues I see come from the wrist timing; the rhythm gets rushed and the reps blend into each other, leading to a trip-up. To me, one of the most important things to get the timing of the double under is understanding that every rep is separate; you are not continuously/actively moving the wrist. Check out Mr. Z in the video below.

One snap. Wait. One snap. Wait. One snap. Wait.

His is really exaggerated but a great example of how to go through one rep at a time. Once you hear the whip of the rope, chill and let the momentum take care of itself, then when you are ready to jump get that snap going again. Or even better, just picture Mr. Z in your head while doing your reps. Visual learners tend to pick things up the quickest.

Beast Mode: 5 pm Helen

For the second time in a row we had a surprisingly good turnout at the 5 pm session -which was much to Jack's dismay. This crew featured the usual Jack, Kroll, and Mikey, as well as Mr. Z, Mr. Carey, Carter the Blob, Nate Dogg, and out-of-CrossFit-shape JZ and Murley. Nobody used a band for pull-ups and the kettlebell rx'd folks included Jack, Kroll, Mr. Z, and Murley. I tried to emphasize a shoulder-to-ear standard on the swing, and it was off-and-on as expected. For people that didn't normally do pull-ups without a band, the range-of-motion was iffy on some reps. Sounds like more strict pull-ups are in the mix.

Anyways, here's how the whole thing looked.

Beast Mode: 5 pm Hang Cleans

We had a group of 8 at the 5 pm session this afternoon and they took their turn at the 1 RM Hang power clean. By definition a power clean finishes above a full squat, but for a few people we allowed for a full squat. This video is their third-to-last set.

In the next few sets, Jacqueline tried to hit her weight with a power clean but failed twice. Tim, Nate, Elizabeth, and Kroll all got theirs. Overall I thought the form looked good, though.

Pic of the Week: The Savvy Sailor

We know Mr. Z as the potty-mouthed, hearing impaired, mindless mobilizing teenage girl who works out with the dads at the parents session. But on Thursday everyone at the 5 and 6 pm session got to see his teddy bear side when the Mrs. came strolling in with a fresh steamy batch of chocolate chip/rice crispy cookies.

If this doesn't make it on the calendar...

The occasion? The big man turned 50 years old!

Happy birthday big guy! Thanks for calling this place home and hopefully we'll be around to celebrate many more.