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From the Vault: College Kids Christmas

Since our first Christmas as the Champions Club, we have always had good turnouts around the Christmas holiday. But 2014 is when we really started to deck out the place and badger the crap out of the college kids to come back. Here's the first "Under the Lights" workout we did:

Then that same year - a few days after that Christmas - we had what I think was the best single session in Champions Club history. Matt Fecht, James Rogers, Murley, and Shannon led the way for a star-studded noon session doing the classic CrossFit benchmark workout, "Kelly." Check it out.

From the Vault: The Forgotten Summer

Summer 2014 will go down in my mind as The One That Got Away. It seemed like we had everything primed in the spring, but things just didn't turn out the way I hoped for the Summer as far as attendance goes. But in terms of movement, this is the first Summer that can stand over time, so to speak.

I always look back at old videos of what I thought was good form and cringe. Summer 2014 is where I really started to get a grip of what standards to hold our athletes to.

This video is from August 8, 2014 and is a deadlift/shuttle sprint/burpee triplet with a built-in rest. We did a mashup from all the sessions. You might recognize some familiar faces (or might not, in Shake's case).

80's Theme Workout Recap

I confess, this is the first disappointment from an otherwise perfect Summer: we had 11 in attendance for the 8th annual 80's Theme Workout (and yes, my disappointment compounded because I had to work out!) I had a feeling it would be a lower turnout, but still I was hoping for around 15 or so. Either way, the crew who was at the gym this morning put on a good show - both with their attire and their workout.

Some how, some way, Nicole Murley won yet another 80's Workout -this time she was paired with Erika.

Since we have moved to this gym in 2012, Murley has not lost a single 80's Workout she has participated in. Next year we will make sure to get Saporito, Shannon, Jacob, and anyone else willing to claim the throne.

The full workout results can be seen here.

The photo gallery can be seen here.

The next official Theme Workout on the calendar will be September 1 - when tradition states we do the Harry Potter Theme Workout. But we may sneak one more in before Summer is over. Stay posted...

Disney Doozy 2018 Recap

We had another good turnout for a theme workout this morning; 16 including me at the Disney Doozy! We made a few modifications on the fly with rep counting; Baloo's Bear Crawls were on the blue mat and counted for 4 each trip down (8 for down-and-back), Tinkerbells were synchronized and counted same as Hakuna Matata Tabata Squats. As expected, there were a few mix-ups on the station rotations, but nothing that couldn't be figured out. In the end it went pretty smooth, the team of Jennifer and Murley (MurleyMouse and IncrediBANET) won with a convincing score of 622.

We don't have a full photo gallery, but there are a few uploads in the July '18 Daily WODs gallery, and you can see the full workout results here.

Great job to everyone and that's for the turnout! This is probably my favorite Theme Workout. Also, big ups to Erica for driving an hour to the gym this morning just to come to the workout. Definitely earned some brownie points there, and adds to her resume' for an already very impressive Summer. Next week will be another theme workout. Check back soon for the announcement!

Traditional post-workout movie viewing. Lindsey convinced everyone on Tangled.

Saturday Highlights: Jurassic Park Theme Workout

Yesterday marked the return of our Jurassic Park Theme Workout - which debuted back in Summer 2015 - and had a total of 17 in attendance! Two weeks in a row of great Theme Workout attendance definitely makes me less of a cranky elf. We modified this one a bit; changed clean & jerks to just cleans, and did 2 reps before rotating instead of just 1. We also did the full minute on the second rotation. Due to the numbers, there were short transition times after the dinosaur attacks to get us organized.

The winning team was Murley and Fry!

Danielle and Cecilia were close in second place, followed by a few other teams. We even got a surprise guest appearance from Pat! Overall it turned out pretty well given the complexity of this workout compared to, say, 80s or Disney. Big ups to everyone that showed up! I'll keep you guys posted on when the next theme is.

Check the results here.

Check the photo gallery here.

Saturday Highlights: SpongeBob Theme Workout

If you were in attendance on Sunday, you were in for a real treat of a workout. Our SpongeBob Theme went down with no speed bumps and posted 19 people in attendance. Here's a video recap. Shouts to Murley for chopping it up!

Great job to everyone who showed up! Stay posted to see if we have another Theme Workout coming this Saturday...

Champions Club Player's Anthem: A Wedding Invite

Too soon! Don't do it! Reconsider!

Read some liter-

-ature on the subject

You sure?

Welp, it's happening like The Hill on a sunny Sunday or a bathroom break for Mrs. Kroll and Mama V before a jump rope workout. When, you ask? June 16, just like the jerseys show. Still don't believe it? I can't blame you, but I would love for you to come see for yourself. We're doing an informal BBQ/hangout of sorts at the gym, and I would love to invite the Champions Club. Here's the specifics:

Who? Chris Sinagoga (me) and Nicole Murley

Really? Yes

When? Saturday, June 16, 2018. 3:30 pm*

Clothes? Yes please! Shoes are optional, I suppose. Anything casual is cool. I'll be in shorts.

Food? Yes! Awesome food! (But no alcohol**)

What's after food? Not sure exactly yet but we'll have the basketball hoop out, some games like badminton or bag toss, probably Super Smash Brothers, NBA Live '98, and Mario Tennis for anyone wishing to receive a thorough beatdown.

How to sign up for this feast? Click here, here, here, or here. But not here.

Will there be dancing?

Only if we are very unlucky. I swear workouts happen in the gym sometimes...

Oddly enough, this will not be the first wedding held at our warehouse, and we'll be sure to touch up the place a bit beforehand. I'll employ Mrs. Pip to direct the cleaning efforts if that makes you feel less likely to catch an airborne disease from Jacobsweat. I sent out a mass email to the group I sent for Summer 2017; if you did not get the email, it's either because you weren't on that list for whatever reason, someone from your family who got the email will pass the message to you, or I neglected some fine points of the email technology. This invitation is for all good-standing Champions Club members of past and present. If you are unsure if that includes you or not, you can always call or email me, but it probably includes you. Don't feel obligated or make a special trip if you're in a different part of the country, but if you're in the area and want to share a delicious meal with the Champions Club, we'd love to have you.

*the actual wedding ceremony will be at a church and is for relatives only and people standing up. The food and hangout is for everyone, and the dinner officially comes out at 4:30 if I'm not mistaken.

**this is my call, obviously. There is a bar two doors down that surely supplies an abundance of beer if anyone really wants to drink. Just please don't bring it back with you.


One of the things that has helped me in running the Champions Club is having the ability to say "no" when I need to. The wedding stuff has given me plenty of opportunity to practice this as well. If you offer to help, or participate in any way and I decline, obviously it's either already being done or it's not going to happen. But honestly, I appreciate the gestures more than the actual acts themselves. Also, I think I'll have some family from California coming in that I get to see once every 7 years or so, plus other cousins and such I don't see that often, meaning I might have to say "no" to you guys more than I would otherwise like.

Finally, the people standing up on my end are not, by any means, the only guys that have influenced me, but they might be familiar to you!

Until then...

- Chris