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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer!

See schedule here.

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Army Workout Recap

Earlier this morning we brought back the Summer 2014 Army Theme Workout with a few twists in the mix. First, we had an even group of 12, so we did teams of 4 instead of 5. As such, we took out the ring dip station in an attempt to keep the rotations even. Next we took out the partner deadlift because Coach T's monster sandbags are not here any more and added a bar swing in place, we subbed a medicine ball run for the double unders, and last but not least, Binno came up big for us and brought some 60-lb. logs from his house we could use for the cleans in conjunction with the tire flips.

After people got the hang of it, it seemed to go pretty smoothly.  The playlist was also very interesting; Binno managed to find an Army Cadence station on Spotify, which sounded exactly like you would imagine. The winning team consisted of Elizabeth, Murley, Saporito, and Ricky. You can see the full results here. And I managed to snap a few pictures that can be seen in the August '17 Daily WODs photo gallery.

Great job to everyone today, good looks to Elizabeth for bugging me over and over to bring this one back, and I think we might have room for one more theme workout between now and Harry Potter. So be on the lookout.

Pics of the Week Are Drawrings of a Clown... and Copyright Infringement

First and foremost, Josh Ellsworth comes in on Monday with this shirt...

Can we sue? Do we know lawyers? Does Josh even know what is going on? Probably not, but Farmington Hills Harrison probably saw a shirtless picture of Jacob and knew it was time to bite our name. As Sap would say, "I'm pissed."


Also, apparently there was a to-do in Berkley last weekend where its inhabitants drew on the sidewalk with chalk and such. Murley and her cousin, Meghan (former Champions Club OG), took their talents to the sidewalk. For those who were not around in the earlier days, Meghan is a pretty sick artist. She drew and designed all of the artwork here at the gym, including the scopes on the walls and Position-Movement-Purpose under the loft.

Welp, last week she drew this:

How to Recover After This Bogus Week

There was nothing good about this week. We know if Linda is in the conversation with the easiest workout in a set, it's a rough one. If you've been consistent with your attendance, you've probably decomposed into a fine paste. Heck, even if you were just at the Filthy Fifty you will be feeling that for a bit. Learning how to bounce back from these rough stretches of workouts is an important part of being an athlete.

Two years ago Murley did a good post about knowing when to just chill and rest or go through some kind of active recovery. Check it out.

Rest vs. Recovery

Giving Tuesday

Hello everyone! I normally wouldn't do this, but this is a great cause and if you're feeling giving, please consider making a small donation ($5 or $10 is appreciated!) to Gabriel Richard. All of the money raised from this fundraiser will go toward 

1) classroom renovations (including our favorites, standing desks)

2) the student scholarship fund. Since Gabriel Richard is private, students pay tuition to attend. The scholarship fund helps families who could otherwise not afford it provide their children with quality education.

Click the link to find the donation page:

Every little bit helps. THANK YOU!

Murley's Curtain Call

When Nicole Murley transferred back from Pitt after one semester in 2012, there was more than a few people who questioned that decision. It was hinted at in the post she made, but in the end it came down to her being where she wanted to be.

I was definitely glad to have one of my coaches back in action, but when she told me she wanted to run Cross Country while she was at Madonna, my first reaction was, "Whyyy?" I told her I didn't see a point to it and I didn't think she would last all four years - especially after hearing she was at the back of the pack her first few weeks.

I know you guys probably don't believe me when I say this, but I love it when you guys prove me wrong, and Nicole Murley was a constant reminder for the past four years of how my doubt can be dead wrong! Yesterday, she finished her last Cross Country race as a collegiate student/teacher/coach/athlete. I don't know how she does it, or why she does it, but she does, and I am definitely proud of her for it.

In the limited contat I've had with her since the Summer, I know she hasn't been able to hit the times she was anticipating back in June and July. I know she wanted to go sub-19 and stay in the team's top 7 - which would give her a chance to qualify for Nationals. But I think we can all understand that the new teaching gig had to take priority. And even with that, her times did not suffer much. Her season pr - 20:08 - came after 2 weeks of lesson planning, test grading, rule-bending Mama V lecturing, and virtually no running. Most of all, she didn't quit. I know from experience how difficult that can be, and I didn't have to answer to a boss at the time either (not like I'm going to fire myself from the Champions Club). Murley is a machine, dude. No other way around it.

Hopefully she can find some motivation to keep her fitness at least in the ballpark of what it's been the past four years and drop by the gym between studying for tests one hour and grading them the next. Either way, congratulations on a good career, Murley. You're the definition of an over-achiever. And that trait will take you a long way.

Beast Mode: 5 pm Helen

For the second time in a row we had a surprisingly good turnout at the 5 pm session -which was much to Jack's dismay. This crew featured the usual Jack, Kroll, and Mikey, as well as Mr. Z, Mr. Carey, Carter the Blob, Nate Dogg, and out-of-CrossFit-shape JZ and Murley. Nobody used a band for pull-ups and the kettlebell rx'd folks included Jack, Kroll, Mr. Z, and Murley. I tried to emphasize a shoulder-to-ear standard on the swing, and it was off-and-on as expected. For people that didn't normally do pull-ups without a band, the range-of-motion was iffy on some reps. Sounds like more strict pull-ups are in the mix.

Anyways, here's how the whole thing looked.

CFJ Feature for the "Met-Heads"

Mike Warkentin (the guy who published my recent Journal article) wrote a piece last month in regards to the "Big Dawgs" in CrossFit who avoid the endurance workouts because the Gainz Goblin will come calling. In this month's Uncommon Sense series, he writes another letter except to the opposite crowd. He calls them the Met-Heads.

Think of the Murleys, Shannons, Crystals, and Chrisses of the gym who would prefer to avoid the heavy lifting days altogether. This one if for us.

Open Letter to the Met-Heads

"Yes, we know you feel like you didn’t accomplish anything on deadlift day.

It’s very clear you’re unhappy that you are not out of breath and dripping with sweat. We’re just going to lie here on the rubber with shaking legs while you head over to the corner to bang out 100 burpees for time.

We’ll even start the clock if you feel the need to hit a quick Fran.

But we’re wrecked from heavy day, so please don’t ask us to join you.

Here’s why: You’re part of a CrossFit program."