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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in parents (71)

Schedule Update: Wednesdays and Weekends

This is a reminder that this Wednesday will be our first parents-only team workout at 6:30 pm, immediately following our mobility session. We had a lot of success with this in the 2015 era, and want to bring it back on a weekday in attempts to avoid travel and such. The 5:30 pm mobility session is still on as usual, and we are also doing a 10 am mobility session. So here's the official Wednesday breakdown:


10 am - mobility/makeup

5:30 pm - mobility/makeup

6:30 pm - parents team workout

This weekend is going to be a little tricky for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and I'll let you guys know about that asap. Expect a babies and regular workout early Saturday morning, one morning one on Sunday (maybe 10 am), and two sessions on Monday (10 am and 5:30 pm). But again, I'll keep you guys posted. Normal weekends will be one session Saturday morning (kids team workout) and one session on Sunday morning (mobility/makeup for everyone). I'm definitely looking forward to this parents session, though. I hope we get a good turnout.

Bring back another pickup football game for the team workout?

Announcing the First Official Champions Club Summer Draft

We are raising the stakes on attendance for the Summer this time around. I am excited to introduce the Champions Club Summer Draft. Here's the layout:

4 teams, each with a captain. This year, the captains are:

David Saporito

Jay Junkin

Elizabeth Banet

Katie Shakes

In a pre-Summer meeting, each captain will draft the Champions Club athletes they want on their team in a serpentine fashion until everyone is off the board. Everything is based off attendance percentage, not workout results or anything else. The team with the best overall attendance average will recieve a grand prize at the end of the Summer and some kind of recognition in the gym. Here's a few more specifics:

  • The Babies % are out of 1 day per week.
  • The parents % are our of 6 days per week.
  • Parents who go to both the mobility and parents team workout sessions will get extra credit attendance.
  • Going to a session you didn't officially sign up for still counts, having to come in during off-hours does not. For example, if Alyssa can't make it at a regular session and needs to come in at 1:30, it won't count as an official day in the standings.
  • Attenance starts June 11 and finishes when fall sports begin.
  • Weekly leaderboard will be posted in the gym.
  • Jay drafts Donkey Kong and Funky Kong with his first two picks.

Last week three of the captains were at the evening session and discussed some of their pre-Draft strategies...

Check back soon to see which team you got drafted on!

Sunday Highlights: Handstand Practice

I always like doing video highlights of handstands or handstand push-ups; with the exception of Lindsey running on the sidewalk most of us have a pretty good sense of what we are doing when we are in the upright orientation, but when we are flipped upside-down things get a little tricky.

Yesterday at the team workout we did some practice with static handstand holds, and for the new parents this might have been their first time practicing this since Fundamentals. Here's how it looked.

Champions Club Summer 2018 Official Signup

It's time kids! We're announcing earlier than usual this year in hopes to have things more organized (ha!) and give me a better sense of what numbers we're looking at. Some new things are detailed in this post, like assigned sessions, money stuff, a new parents team workout session, and our first-ever attendance competition. But the essentials are all set and the Champions Club Summer 2018 has the green light.


June 11 - August 31


$225 if paid before June 1, $235 if paid after. Exceptions will be made to families where parents are paying for everyone.

Session times

9 am

10 am (rookies)

11 am

4:30 pm

5:30 pm (rookies)

6:30 pm

How to sign up?

Email me at the session time you're committing to and bring in some form of money the next time you're at a session. Checks made to Champions Club Inc., cash, or Pay Pal are all cool. Chinese money (JAY!!) is not.

There are a few notable changes this time around.

Ten extra dollars, you say? Not really. Only applicable if paid after June 1. Last few Summers I didn't have a good sense of who exactly was in and who was out, plus I had to chase down some payments at the last minute. This is going to help me with session assignments (see next point), team workout times, and figuring out the coaching situation. As I mentioned before, there are exceptions. I don't expect Reggie, for example, to fork over 900 bucks (assuming James comes back) plus his regular May fee all before June, so we'll work out a payment plan there. Also if a high school or college kid is paying for themselves and doesn't have the money to front up right away, we can do a payment plan. But either way there will be some up front payment required. Be cool about it, please!

Assigned sessions. We are bringing back assigned sessions. Last two Summers were all over the place, and I think this will work better. Here's how it works: You pick a session time that works for you and other like-minded people and email me which one you choose. Then we try to stay on an 80/20 consistency with that one, meaning 80 percent of the time you hit that session even when it's a slight inconvenience, and 20 percent of the time you can give me a heads up if you need to wander. Again, certain exceptions with work or families will be made.

Let's say Coach Casey signs up for the 5:30 pm session with the rest of the parents and gets off work earlier than usual one day. The 4:30 session might have Shakes, Shannon, Murley, Jacob, and Craigen or something, and I'd want him to wait until the 5:30 to work out. Now if Coach has been good on attendance and finds out he's travelling on Friday for work, he can give me a heads up and come to a 9 am session before his flight leaves.

Having this kind of structure produces a better product both from me and you guys. A 30-minute inconvenience is a worthy tradeoff.

No-Pride Sundays Wednesdays for the Parents. The most anticipated addition to the Summer will be the return of the parents-only workout. Instead of doing it on the weekend, it will be held on Wednesdays at 6:30, right after the mobility session. I'm hoping we can catch better attendance and avoid the weekend travel conflicts we've had in the past. Parents are, of course, welcome to come to the mobility session before the team workout as well.

First theme workout is... Not sure yet, but it might be Spongebob. Either way, the kids team workout will still be on Saturdays. Time is TBD, but probably 10 or 11 am.

I thoroughly enjoy pitting you people against each other. To raise the stakes this year, everyone will be entered into an attendance contest. Basically you will be paired up with someone whom we deem as similar in expectations and whoever finishes with a better attendance percentage gets a prize. There's a few ideas in mind, and I'll finalize this before the Summer starts.

That wedding thing. Some kind of marriage is happening on June 16 involving two people from the gym. There will probably be some reduction of sessions around that time, but you can be assured the gym will still be open every day in some manner. Those days might not be counted against attendance. Not sure yet.

Possibility of two rookie photos on the loft? We've had anywhere from 9-19 kids at our Sunday middle school session. I would prefer to move away from the twice per meek option and have sessions for them every day. If the numbers look good, I'd definitely like to make another Rookie session time slot in the afternoon. Maybe 3:30 pm or 7:30 pm? Let me know! Update: it's looking like 5:30 will be an additional rookies session.

And don't forget about the Babies who aren't really Babies any more. On a similar note, we've had anywhere from 7-17 kids at our Babies session on Sundays. I'm going to keep them at 1 day per week, but might change the day if they need to. The 1 pm slot is still open. Price for that group will be $75.

Refunds. All payments are refundable before the start of the Summer. If you sign up for a session, then we take that session away or change it, or you don't want to work out next to Mrs. Carey (understandable), then you'll get your money back. Once we get rolling there are no refunds. The more you show up, the more you get out of the money paid. You have the potential to average paying $2.74 per session. Or you have the potential of paying $225 per session, which would be a very expensive session, indeed.

Summer at the Champions Club is awesome! With fewer distractions and obligations we've seen kids and parents really shine during these months. This is always my favorite time of year at the gym, and I have a feeling this time around is going to be another good one. We've had an influx of New Kids on the Block during the spring months, roaring Babies and Middle School sessions, and a steady stream of college kids coming back around. Remember, your attendance has a bigger effect than just your own fitness; you (yes, even you) being at the gym helps everyone else at that session. You are another athlete to compete against and complain with. You are a major point of support, without even knowing it, just by being there.

If you make the committment for the next 3 months to carve out one hour of your day to help yourself and the people around you, it is going to have an impact beyond expectations. This is where a parents form like Voltron and collectively combat adulthood. This is where a Rookie Class gets their picture on the loft and become household Champions Club names like Banet, Bromm, Crawford, and Carey. This is where Theme Workouts return. This is where The Freaks became The Freaks. This is where Shannon pr'd on Helen twice in a single day. This is where Kris Campbell climbed up the rope.

Dude... Kris freaking Campbell climbed up the rope!

Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018 kids. There is truly nothing else like it. I hope to see you on board.

New Graduate: Coach Casey

We had three new rope climbers at the sessions today, and would have probably been a 4th if Bewick wasn't a pansy, so I figured I'd give them each their own post in the order they happened. The first is Coach Casey Colussi.

Yes you are seeing that correct; not only is he wearing the classic Brian Scalabrine's, but after relocating his body 15 feet off the ground for the first time in his life (also about 7 feet higher than his shoesake ever touched), he proceeds to remove not one but both hands from the thing that he used to get up there in the first place. I can't say I recommend that, but I can say that I'm very impressed! Just during Fundamentals around a month ago he could barely do the 3-second hang test from the rope. On the first attempt of the warmup he made it straight to the top with ease!

Great work Coach! The entire session was rocking with you on the way up. Now you got something on your entire family. I'm predicting Mallory is the next to follow...

New Kids on the Block: The Bennis Family

Josh Bennis is the crazy monkey ninja of the babies session who also has the coolest parents in the world. Well, they managed to get even cooler because both of them just signed up for Fundamentals.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennis have both been debating on joining for a few months now, and after the birthday party last week they decided to pull the trigger. So far we have finished 2 days of Fundamentals and are set to meet later this week as well. They have been nothing but a pleasure to coach and I can't see any reason for that to change in the near future. I'll check back in with you guys after Day 7.

Pics of the Week: Bird of Prey and Mexican Food

On Tuesday I happened to have the camera rolling at the morning session when someone pointed out there was a hawk on the telephone poll. I got ready to snap a few pictures worthy of a National Geographic documentary when that thing started flying towards us.

We don't seem to get a lot of wildlife around here besides squirrels, so it's cool to see something that could pluck up Crawford from a run and eat him for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, later that night a group of the 6:30 session went out to eat at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Reggie snapped a picture.