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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in schedule (110)

Weekend Workout Schedule Update

Tradition has usually been the second Saturday in each Summer is the unveiling of a new Theme Workout. That will not be the case this weekend, we'll be just having a regular team workout. I already have the theme and general layout of our new Theme Workout, but I just want to get an idea of the numbers we'll have on Saturdays. I'll announce all the info early next week. But in the meantime, here's our weekend schedule:


10 am (team workout, non-parents)


11 am (mobility, open to everyone)

1 pm (babies)

This Saturday is locked in at 10 am and I think that will work going forward. If, for some reason, 9 would work better, let me know. I'll be asking around. Also, I'm a little lenient this week with the parents and kids separate team workout. Starting next week it will be pretty strict.


Also, the internet at the gym has been down lately, so the timing of the posts might be a little off.

Weekend Schedule 6/15-6/18

Hey kids, for this weekend only, here is the session schedule:

Today (Friday)

Normal times



9 am (babies)

10 am (team workout)



11 am (mobility for everyone, no makeup workout)



10 am (for everyone, not just rookies)

5:30 pm (for everyone, not just rookies)

On Tuesday we'll be back on track with our normal schedule.

Schedule Update: Wednesdays and Weekends

This is a reminder that this Wednesday will be our first parents-only team workout at 6:30 pm, immediately following our mobility session. We had a lot of success with this in the 2015 era, and want to bring it back on a weekday in attempts to avoid travel and such. The 5:30 pm mobility session is still on as usual, and we are also doing a 10 am mobility session. So here's the official Wednesday breakdown:


10 am - mobility/makeup

5:30 pm - mobility/makeup

6:30 pm - parents team workout

This weekend is going to be a little tricky for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and I'll let you guys know about that asap. Expect a babies and regular workout early Saturday morning, one morning one on Sunday (maybe 10 am), and two sessions on Monday (10 am and 5:30 pm). But again, I'll keep you guys posted. Normal weekends will be one session Saturday morning (kids team workout) and one session on Sunday morning (mobility/makeup for everyone). I'm definitely looking forward to this parents session, though. I hope we get a good turnout.

Bring back another pickup football game for the team workout?

Memorial Weekend Schedule + Summer Payment Reminder

The schedule for this weekend is normal except for Monday. Here's what it looks like:


9 am


12 noon (team workout)

1 pm (babies)

5 pm (kids)


9 am

5:30 pm


Also, June 1 is a week from today. I would prefer you guys not have to pay an extra 10 bucks for the Summer, so to lock your price in at $225 please get the payment within the next week!

Schedule Adjustment for the Morning Session

Starting tomorrow (May 14), the morning session will be moved to 9 am instead of 8:30.

As of now, there will not be a regular morning session on Wednesday but I may open it up upon request for those who can't get to the afternoon time slot.

Easter Weekend/Spring Break Schedule

The Schedule for this week will be as follows:

Sunday (Easter)

11 am (team workout)

12 noon (babies)

5 pm (middle school kids session)


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

9 am

5:30 pm

6:30 pm



5:30 pm


Then back to normal schedule the week after.

Sunday Schedule Adjustment + Coach's Corner: Midline Stability with Pull-ups

For this Sunday only, the session times will be as follows:

10 am (babies)

11 am (team workout)

So basically move the regular team workout back an hour, and the babies are going right before. Next Sunday back to normal times.



We really exaggerate the concept of midline stability at the Champions Club with regards to movements like the deadlift, back squat, and push-up. We have you guys start from a neutral position and maintain that throughout the entire range of motion. The more reps, load, and duration you're able to do that, the stronger your "core" gets. Plain and simple.

One thing to realize, however, is that we don't necessarily have to be in a neutral anatomical position to keep midline stability. A hollow rock, for instance, is not in a neutral position at all. Midline stability simply means that you don't change your spine unless you want to. In other words, midline stability is the coordination to control your spinal positions. Strict pull-ups are a great way to practice this.

Below we have Conor Fitzgerald, who may have snuck out of his house before doing the dishes to be at this session. You'll see the first pull-up is a controlled flexed (hollow) position and the second is in a controlled extended (arched) position; he starts that way and remains the same. On the last one he breaks - which would be a loss of midline stability.

Use the warm-up as time to practice control over these shapes and try to be aware of what exact shape you are in all the time.