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Entries in the babies (55)

Theme Workout Announcement: Thanksgiving 2018

Every year on Thanksgiving the Champions Club does their annual morning workout before we force feed ourselves later in the day. Last year featured the most in attendance we've ever had - Babies included. Here's the specifics:

Thursday, November 22

9 am

College Kids back from school, middle school, and Babies are all welcome.

Looking forward to a good crew this year!

Pics of the Week: Halloween 2018

All three Pics of the Week come from Wednesday's Halloween festivities.

First we have Woorden being a goof with the eyeballs Mrs. Carey brought in:

Next, we have Mr. Bennis dressed and ready to attempt a max height box jump:

And lastly we have the babies crew of Zeena, Conamora, Josh, and Alex (Josh's friend):

Theme Workout Announcement: Halloween 2018

Now that the Summer is over, our theme workouts come up only on holidays. The first one of the school year is our Halloween workout. In the past, the high school and college kids have dressed up, Trick-or-Treated for an hour or so, and came back to hit the workout. Last year we brought it back with some of our Babies session on a short notice. This year I want to get ahead of the game a bit.

Our Halloween workout will be on Wednesday, October 31 from 5:30 till 7(ish) pm. Kids will Trick-or-Treat during our mobility session, then do a small workout afterwards. Like I said, last year was just the Babies who participated, but any of the middle school or high school kids (or College kids) can participate as well. In order to work out, you have to Trick or Treat.

Retro 2014 group.Hope to see you guys there!

Weekend Schedule Change (Sunday)

The Workout times for Sunday will be as follows:

12 noon - Team Workout

1 pm - The Babies

2 pm - Middle School/Kids Session

New Graduate: Baby Jacqueline

Every session needs to start somewhere, and it always take just one kid who is willing to stick around in the rough patches of the growing phase to make it work. For the Babies crew, that kid was Jacqueline Asmar. I was "was" because after the Summer she has officially graduated to our Kids session. The 11-year old has made big improvements over the past three years in the Babies session, and today she got her first full range-of-motion pull-up.

In addition, we also did deadlift rechnique today, and despite never formally doing the movement before in her life, her technique was spot-on. Check it out!

Look out for this youngster in the banners a few Summers from now! But in the meantime, keep up the good work Jacqueline!

Pics of the Week: Double Babies

Two entries this week, both involving the youngest Champions Club crowd. First, we have Johnny J of the Nevarez clan who was crawling around our 10 am session earlier this week.

And next up one of the early adopters and standouts of the Babies session, Conamora, had her 10th birthday party at the gym on Wednesday witha group of her friends:

Look for her to upgrade to the middle school session this fall.

Pic of the Week: One Hour Later

One of the business mentoring things I follow say that you can judge a session by the ratio of people still in the gym 10 minutes after the session is over. Last week, we had a group stay over an hour after their session was over playing some game that seemed like a mix of Taboo and Charades.

Only in the Summer...

Lastly, this was the scene on the way to one of the 5:30 pm sessions last week form the Nevarez family: