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Open Field Practice Time, Fridays from 6:30-7:30pm

Any teams, schools, parents, or kids interested, see this post for details.


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Pic of the Week: The Takeover Goes To Warren Rec Basketball Camp

Matt Fecht, marathon running goblin, has been the head coach for a youth basketball camp at the Warren Rec Center for the past... 15 years I think? I know it's been a while. He asked me to help out 4 years ago and that's how we got Jacqueline Asmar to join the gym. The next year we got Conamora, Zeena, Ender, and Lily. And there is the foundation of our Babies session that has been absolutely thriving ever since.

This year we are taking it to, as cliche' as it sounds, "a whole nother level."

First off among the 30+ campers are six stars from the Champions Club Babies session: Zeena, Josh Bennis, Natalie and JT Nevarez, and two of the Busch Babies (Charles and James). They all seem to be having a great time and are doing well in the drills.

Then, for the first time in camp history, the entire coaching staff is Champions Club athletes. Matt, Jay, Jacob, and myself. After the session on Wednesday, the four of us hung around after to draft our teams. Matt (Texas) set himself up with the tallest team in the league by far and enough depth to bring in 4-footers off the bench at will. My team (Duke) has the Zion Williamson of the camp, Jayden, who had dreadlocks and can make a layup most of the time. Jay (North Carolina) picked up the second best kid in the camp - a true Jay-type who can stand in the corner and hit the rim with the best of them (just don't ask him to give a good post-entry pass). And finally we have Jacob (Oakland University), who due to a questionable scouting report, did not land one 5-star prospect. But judging by his Mario Baseball track record, Jacob's strength comes in his player development. Look out for the Busch Babies to really improve similar to his 2009 Mario Baseball Team "The Boubacar Bushbabies," led by Waluigi and a then-emerging Bowser Jr.

We start the game-type substances next week. In the best taste I possibly can, I am going to try and post updates as the weeks go on.

Christmas Workout Recap, Results, and Photo Gallery

Okay, so I took the last 8 minutes or so just trying to figure out exactly how many people we had at this morning's Christmas Workout Spectacular. That's the kind of day it was.

47 is the number I came up with (49 if you count Mrs. Regine and Mrs. Busch who jumped in the 12 Days of Burpees for a little bit). But I may not be the best to rely on when it comes to anything mathical. As it turns out, counting was the biggest theme of the day, not only with counting people, or medicine balls, but also counting reps and rounds. Almost half of the people in attendance today were not in the Champions Club last year around this time, so it can be expected that the numbers would be inaccurate. New Kids on the Block Hunter and Zack Stein finished with the top score of the day; Cecilia and Luke also finished in the top 5, but I got to witness first-hand how much they cheat during out friendly game of Spike Ball after Lifts 4 Gifts.

It is very likely the duo of Jay and Jacob avanged their narrow loss at the hands of Sap and Ricky last year and pulled out the win. Speaking of Sap, our last two Athletes of the Summer both carried their teams to... very unspectacular performances this year. Ah, remember their glory days! But I digress, next year I'd like to try and get a better hold on the counting, but I'd trade inaccurate reps for a landslide record turnout any day; last year we were excited to have 36 at the session.

I also don't know how this thing could have been done without the turf. We used it for all three workouts, and it especially came in handy on the Magi Mile (opening up the heater side for wallballs) and the twelve days of burpees. For the Magi Mile, we simplified it into normal team workout format: one partner goes dumpster and back, other partner wallballs, then rotate for 12 minutes (I need to remember to get The Babies more organized for this one next year). As for 12 Days of Burpees, we went back to the original running format, alternating rounds, and went to half of the parking lot. The after festivities went great as well: food, gift exchange, and Elf playing on a projector.

Big shouts to Shakes, Murley, and Danielle for helping set up the lights a week ago, to Shakes, the Benni, and whoever else helped deck out the gym last night and lay on white board paint, Murley for helping clean and do the times, Lindsey for the Babies gift exchange, Mrs. Tara, Fry, Mrs. Pip, Shakes, and whoever else for the food. And Mr. Freaking Bennis for making the turf thing look presentable and adjustable. This will definitely be remembered as one of those sessions. I can't imagine it getting much bigger than this.

Christmas Workout 2018 Final Results

Christmas Workout 2018 Photo Gallery

Highlights from WOD 1 (Christmas Eve Commotion):

And, of course, Bob Ross and Winter at the Farm for the soul.

Thank you guys again! Hope to catch you tomorrow at 11 am.

New Graduate: Baby Johnny J

One of the many highlights from this Summer was seeing the entire Nevarez family at the gym during the rookie sessions. Mrs. Nevarez did her thing during the workout while the four kids played around on the side. Including the youngest, Johnny J.

This evening at the 6:30 session, Johnny J started walking!

I believe this is the first time he's walked by himself at the gym, and definitely the furthest he's gone so far. Thanks to Mrs. Nevarez for trusting her kids to the gym, and thanks to Mrs. Pip for making it somewhat sanitary.

Theme Workout Announcement: Thanksgiving 2018

Every year on Thanksgiving the Champions Club does their annual morning workout before we force feed ourselves later in the day. Last year featured the most in attendance we've ever had - Babies included. Here's the specifics:

Thursday, November 22

9 am

College Kids back from school, middle school, and Babies are all welcome.

Looking forward to a good crew this year!

Pics of the Week: Halloween 2018

All three Pics of the Week come from Wednesday's Halloween festivities.

First we have Woorden being a goof with the eyeballs Mrs. Carey brought in:

Next, we have Mr. Bennis dressed and ready to attempt a max height box jump:

And lastly we have the babies crew of Zeena, Conamora, Josh, and Alex (Josh's friend):

Theme Workout Announcement: Halloween 2018

Now that the Summer is over, our theme workouts come up only on holidays. The first one of the school year is our Halloween workout. In the past, the high school and college kids have dressed up, Trick-or-Treated for an hour or so, and came back to hit the workout. Last year we brought it back with some of our Babies session on a short notice. This year I want to get ahead of the game a bit.

Our Halloween workout will be on Wednesday, October 31 from 5:30 till 7(ish) pm. Kids will Trick-or-Treat during our mobility session, then do a small workout afterwards. Like I said, last year was just the Babies who participated, but any of the middle school or high school kids (or College kids) can participate as well. In order to work out, you have to Trick or Treat.

Retro 2014 group.Hope to see you guys there!

Weekend Schedule Change (Sunday)

The Workout times for Sunday will be as follows:

12 noon - Team Workout

1 pm - The Babies

2 pm - Middle School/Kids Session