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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: TBA


Entries in the babies (49)

Pic of the Week: One Hour Later

One of the business mentoring things I follow say that you can judge a session by the ratio of people still in the gym 10 minutes after the session is over. Last week, we had a group stay over an hour after their session was over playing some game that seemed like a mix of Taboo and Charades.

Only in the Summer...

Lastly, this was the scene on the way to one of the 5:30 pm sessions last week form the Nevarez family:

Beast Mode: Josh Bennis

This was going to be a New Graduate post, but there really should be a limit to the reps to be considered a New Graduate. As many of you know, on top of the Sunday Babies session, Josh Bennis hangs around the evening sessions with his parents and swings, jumps, flips, and climbs at will. He either does his own thing, or watches what the people in the session are doing and mimics them.

So today he tried out handstand push-ups for the first time.

When you build a great general foundation, the specifics tend to come along much better. We do absolute minimal teaching at the Babies session, and never do any formal movements like squats, jump ropes, or presses; instead we do squatting, jumping, and pushing in as many informal methods as possible. Our belief is that we can teach the specifics for the "weight room movements" any time we want. Best to build the foundation! Josh is one of the many guinea pigs, and so far, so good.

Keep up the good work Josh!

Pics of the Week: Champions Club Family

One of the things I've always wanted to keep at the Champions Club is our well-known "family" environment. This mean that sometimes we might not be able to play the music we want, or talk about the things we want, but to me this is worth it if it means we can have entire families hanging out at the gym at once.

One of the rookies this Summer is Mrs. Nevarez - mother to two of our Babies Session standouts JT and Natalie. Well, it turns out she has two kids even younger, and Natalie was babysitting them on Thursday.

Weekend Schedule 6/15-6/18

Hey kids, for this weekend only, here is the session schedule:

Today (Friday)

Normal times



9 am (babies)

10 am (team workout)



11 am (mobility for everyone, no makeup workout)



10 am (for everyone, not just rookies)

5:30 pm (for everyone, not just rookies)

On Tuesday we'll be back on track with our normal schedule.

Announcing the First Official Champions Club Summer Draft

We are raising the stakes on attendance for the Summer this time around. I am excited to introduce the Champions Club Summer Draft. Here's the layout:

4 teams, each with a captain. This year, the captains are:

David Saporito

Jay Junkin

Elizabeth Banet

Katie Shakes

In a pre-Summer meeting, each captain will draft the Champions Club athletes they want on their team in a serpentine fashion until everyone is off the board. Everything is based off attendance percentage, not workout results or anything else. The team with the best overall attendance average will recieve a grand prize at the end of the Summer and some kind of recognition in the gym. Here's a few more specifics:

  • The Babies % are out of 1 day per week.
  • The parents % are our of 6 days per week.
  • Parents who go to both the mobility and parents team workout sessions will get extra credit attendance.
  • Going to a session you didn't officially sign up for still counts, having to come in during off-hours does not. For example, if Alyssa can't make it at a regular session and needs to come in at 1:30, it won't count as an official day in the standings.
  • Attenance starts June 11 and finishes when fall sports begin.
  • Weekly leaderboard will be posted in the gym.
  • Jay drafts Donkey Kong and Funky Kong with his first two picks.

Last week three of the captains were at the evening session and discussed some of their pre-Draft strategies...

Check back soon to see which team you got drafted on!

Pics of the Week: Bubs and the Babies + New Behind the Champion Announcement

This Wednesday will feature our newest Behind the Champion post, oddly enough it's not anyone from our gym. It's my sister, Sarah. More info to come soon.


I know I'm late on this, but there's a few worthy candidates for Pics of the Week. First off, Bubs spent the last week in Africa doing some volunteer work, and she dropped a few pictures of improvised workouts.

She'll be around for another few days I believe so be sure to catch her before she goes back to Spartyville for the Summer.

Next up, I went to a soccer game this weekend that featured two of our stars in the Babies session: Zeena and Natalie. Mrs. Regine managed to snap a picture of all three of us after the game, and oddly enough, we all share the same birthday: November 28.


Sunday Highlights: Babies

You ever wonder what kind of coaching I do at the Babies session on Sundays? Not much, really. I just kind of throw a task at them, set one or two restrictions, then watch them do their thing. In Ender and Josh's case, they do front flips on their long jumps.

Maybe one day I'll start coach them. But as long as they do things like this, I'll just let them be athletes!