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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2019

See schedule here. Dancing, anyone?

Entries in the babies (65)

Pics of the Week: Babies at Baseball, Bad Carbs, and Bubs

First up we have Josh Bennis and Mallory at Dylan's baseball game:

Next up, the college kids hit up Tropical Smoothie after one of the morning workouts this week:

And lastly, let's not forget about Champions Club OG and superfan #1 Mariah Fielder (aka Bubs), who signed up for the Summer in spirit and has been hitting the Campus Improv version of the daily workout while in Miami:

Sunday Highlights: Babies Session + Wrestlemania

As I've said quite a few times in recent weeks, our Babies session has been absolutely hopping as of late. I know this because when we miss big names like Ender, Zeena, Ashlee, and Lily, we still have over 10 kids at the session. The Warren Rec basketball camp has helped a lot with the additions of Jackson, Brian and Parker, Riley, and Santana and Savion.

Two of our most interesting kids, however, have been regulars since September and are also our youngest Champions Club athletes: Thomas Busch and Cameron Bewick. They both joined at 3 years old and are now 4, and we have yet to see a session where they don't go full-fledged Thursday Night Smackdown on each other. Here's yesterday's highlights:

It is probably a liability and something my insurance company would not be thrilled about, but I think allowing for wrestling like this is completely fine; play wrestling seems like a thing most baby mammals do. Luckily for me, the Busch parents just watch Thomas get pinned into submission day after day and laugh at it, and Nick is Nick; as long as it doesn't interfere with his chemistry rants he's fine.

Will this continue when Cameron and Thomas are in high school? Who knows. But I'll have the bandages kid ready just in case.

Champions Club Summer 2019 Official Signup

Since I can't hold off you ravenous gymgoers from chomping at my giant calves any longer, we are getting this rolling earlier than usual this year. The Champions Club Summer 2019 signup is officially live! I have the spreadsheet ready and will be refreshing my email browser every minute on the minute until June.

We had one of the best Summers in Champions Club history last year. We added new faces like the Benni, Colussis, Cecilia, Josie, Sam, Angie/Barry, Coach T, the entire Nevarez family, plus two Rookie sessions, and we broke attendance and signup records. Also, I ate a ghost pepper and it wasn't that bad. Jennifer Banet and Erica Krueger battled it out all Summer, and Jennifer did juuuust enough to send her name up in the rafters. Summer 2018 will be a tough one to top, but I got a good feeling this time around.

Let's get busy y'all!


June 10 - August 31


$225 if paid before June 1, $235 if paid after. Exceptions will be made to families where parents are paying for everyone, or high school kids paying for themselves.

Session times

9 am

10 am (rookies)

11 am

4:30 pm

5:30 pm (rookies)

6:30 pm

How to sign up?

Email me at with the "primary" session time you're committing to (meaning which one you'll be at most of the time) and bring in some form of money the next time you're at a session. Checks made to Champions Club Inc., cash, or Pay Pal are all cool. In the past, people have attempted to pay be in Starbursts, Chinese money, and a Shiny Charizard card; those are tempting but will not be counted towards a payment. I also encourage you to be as creative as possible on your email. Last year's were overall uninspiring but we had a few good ones. I will feature them in a post coming soon.

And now a few notes:

Leave your little rats at the gym! The Benni were the first to bring their son, Josh, around to hang out while their workout was going on. But the ball really got rolling with Mrs. Nevarez last Summer. She worked out at five thirty while her four(!) kids ran amuck. This time around we have 1,500 sq. feet of turf available to raise your kids for you. Any member of the Babies session is welcome (with the exception of Cameron and Thomas having to be separated at all times). 

Babies. Speaking of which, our babies session has been absolutely fantastic all year and unless I am moved by a suprtnatural force, or Zeena's mom, we will be keeping the session on Sundays at 1.

Middle school crew picks back up in the fall. No more Sunday-only option; all-or-nothing until September.

Draft. There will be an attendance draft again. You can see the full results of last year's draft here. It was cool and I thoroughly enjoy pitting you all against each other for my amusement.

Theme Workouts. Team workouts are on Saturday mornings (time still TBD) during the Summer, and on certain weekends we host our infamous Theme Workouts. We always have 5 known Theme Workouts every Summer: Disney, 80s, Shark Week/Hawaiian, a repeat from a previous year, and Harry Potter. The first one, however, has traditionally been a new theme. Pokemon is always in the mix, but I was thinking about maybe a Game of Thrones workout? I know absolutely nothing about the show, but it's just a thought. Any ideas?

Return of No-Pride Wednesdays. Our parents team workout session will be held on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 after the mobility session. If they go to mobility and the team workout, then their attendance counts x2 because they are not eligible to count for Saturdays's attendance.

Phone Box Rule. Coach T and I have talked this one over, and I think we're going to implement it. During your time in the gym you can either 1) leave your phone in your car or 2) put it in the Phone Box to keep safe until you leave.

The Graph. Every other year, and we didn't do it last year. Again, for my amusement. What is the graph, you ask? Click here. Or here. But please don't click here.

Bromm? Bromm?

That is the rumor on the street!

Refunds. All payments are refundable before the start of the Summer. If you sign up for a session, then we take that session away or change it, or you don't want to work out next to Nick Bewick or Danielle Woorden (understandable), then you'll get your money back. Once we get rolling there are no refunds. The more you show up, the more you get out of the money paid.

Beast Mode: Baby JT

The Babies have officially taken over our website. On Sunday during free time JT got my attention to show off his push-ups. Only they were one-arm push-ups.

Not sure what prompted this or where he saw it from, but well done nonetheless. We have an awesome crew folks. Come check them out on Sundays. The gym turns into a zoo!

Sunday Highlights: Kids Session + Baby Zeena

We had a low turnout today compared to our usual Sundays, but the kids at the 2 pm session had a really good workout that included some things we don't include in sessions with more numbers. 45 seconds of work, 15 seconds of rest for: kips, hollow holds, presses, and box jumps. Here's how they looked on their 4th round:

Jacqueline and Conamora have been with us for a long time, Izzy just joined earlier this month, and Zeena jumped in after her Babies session. In fact, when we did max height box jumps after the workout, she did as well as anyone - topping out at 30 inches!

New Toys: Rocks

When I was a senior in high school, Jeff Hamilton and I got in trouble for joking about drugs at a track meet. If I haven't learned my lesson, then so be it. Because the stars of our Champions Club Babies Session are taking matters into their own hands to raise money for a new jungle gym we plan on putting under the loft. Josh, Mallory, El, and even Johnny J are slanging rocks.

They have gathered "big sament," "small sament," "cristial," and just plain ol' "big" rocks from the parking lot and are now selling them for God knows how much. The ring leader, Josh, was reached for question as to why he is now selling rocks.

"Because we want to make money," he replied.

When asked further whether or not he, himself, would buy said rocks, Josh said, "No! But other people will."

And that is all the news that is to be reported from the Champions Club on this glorious Thursday. (For real though, be on the lookout for a new jungle gym-type thing to go under the loft.)

Champions Club Warren Rec Takeover Week 4

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3


Game 1: Chris vs. Jacob Jay

Let me tell you something about Jacob. He is a slithery slimy stinker when it comes to managing teams. This has been displayed in Mario Baseball time and time again, and also during Week 2 of this very camp. Tonight Jacob was a no-show due to "obligations at Bishop Foley." So when I walked in during the middle of the first quarter I saw Jay in charge of the Oakland sideline. We were already down 6-0.

Now let me tell you something about Matt. He has absolutely no freaking concept of time. Yes, a professional marathon runner who can supposedly tell the difference between a 4:25 mile and a 4:27 mile cannot keep track of 6 minutes, and it cost me what would have been our first win of the season. Down 14-8 in the 4th quarter, we stormed back with three straight buckets from new Champions Club kid Jackson (who was coincidentally crying on the sideline and didn't want to play just minutes earlier), the last of which brought the score to 18-16. Then all of a sudden after Jackson's last bucket Matt blew his whistle and crossed his arms gesturing that the game was over. It was a crushing blow for out team, who were then cheered up moments later with Capri Suns and Cheez-Its.

On the team formerly known as Jacob's Team, Josh Bennis had his coming-out party and finally seemed to get this basketball thing. He was playing defense, grabbing rebounds, and even a few of his shots found the rim. It was pretty impressive. The highlight of the game was when Jay had new Champions Club kid Brian bring the ball up the court for the first time all season; he was just bouncing up and down laughing his face off, then somehow found his way to the rim and plopped in something that resembled a lay-up. I knew then it was not our night.


Game 2: Matt vs. Jay

This game started out 2-0 at the end of the first half. This game ended up 20-18 in overtime. This game got to overtime on a Zeena made basket. Let me repeat, Zeena made a basket! She edged out JT for the league lead in shot attempts this season with a mere 13,928,475 shots fired up, and not one of them found its way in the basket. Then on the last possession of regulation with her team down 2, she launched a 9-footer and nothing but net! Earlier in the third quarter, Jay subbed her out on my request and his lead started to deteriorate. This is where Matt's convenient time lapsing came into play. Were this my game he would have called it as soon as I was within striking distance. Today he let it roll long enough for his team to take the lead in regulation, only to see Zeena break his heart temporarily.

Things went back and forth in sudden death overtime, until Gianna on Matt's team somehow ended up with a loose ball and threw up a shot over half of Jay's team that found its way in the basket. Jay and his Tar Heels were crushed; all three triplets (Alaistor, London, and Sydni) were crying, Nathan threw his headband, and Zeena hid under the scores table. Again, the Capri Sun and Nabisco treats helped alleviate the pain.

On Matt's end, former and returning Champions Club kid Ava put in a great defensive performance. But the star of the game on his end was Natalie Nevarez. Coming into tonight she had difficulty finding her way around the basketball court, to put it politely. To put in in plain terms, she was lost. Lost as me at a social event. Or lost as Nick Bewick without a pocket Encyclopedia. But tonight Natalie got 4 breakaway steals and converted one of them into a made layup. Then she hit two other shots; by the third one her crazed mother was ripping through the parents in the stands to make way to onto the court out of excitement, leaving poor Johnny J in a trampled mess in the third row. That may or may not have been exaggerated slightly. But each of Natalie's buckets were crucial in her heroic, albeit tainted comeback win for Matt's team.

This marked the last game of the season. Mrs. Pip and Mrs. Carey were among the thousands of spectators tonight, so it was cool to see them. We should be seeing quite a few of the campers join the Babies ranks, which was definitely my main goal. But most importantly, there will be bad blood and bragging rights for an entire year. Andof course that's what basketball, and youth sports, is really about. The final standings:

1. Jay (North Carolina) 3-1

2. Jay (as Oakland) 1-0

3. Jacob (Oakland) 3-0

4. Matt (Texas) 2-2

5. Chris (Dook) 0-4

I really looked forward to Wednesday nights for the past two months and seeing all of the Champions Club peeps represent there was awesome for me. Thanks to the parents and kids and Jacob, Matt, and Jay for putting on a great show. Till next year...