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Entries in first rope climb (43)

New Graduate: Mr. Auggie

Yesterday (or two days ago, by the time you probably read this) we had rope climbs in the warmup, and I begged, pleaded, and bargained as best I could, but Mr. Auggie refused to climb all the way up. I offered him a month of free passes on the rope if he hit the top for the warmup, and he wasn't budging. Today we found his weak spot: the other moms and dads.

Today during the warmup I told Mr. Auggie everyone could skip the warmup run if he did a full rope climb. We got it!

Congratulations on your first (and probably only ever) rope climb!

New Graduates: Kids Climb the Rope

This afternoon at the babies session (half of which aren't really babies any more), three of our athletes got their first rope climb all the way to the top:




Jacqueline has been talking about climbing the rope for the past year and a half, and today she finally got it! Miranda is Murley's cousin who just joined this month; she has a gymnastics background and found that useful today. Finally, JT is like 4 and surprised everyone in the gym by pulling his way up.

Great job kids! Especially Jacqueline, this was a long time coming!

New Graduates: Andre and Josh

Almost on cue with yesterday's introduction post, we had two graduations at the 10 am session this morning. After the workout we were practicing rope climb technique and both Josh Howey and Andre Saffar got their first one in the books!

Both kids have been progressing very well in their short time with the group. Hopefully this continues through the rest of the Summer as Josh goes into football and Andre goes into Cross Country.

New Graduate: Sophia

This morning we had a small 10 am session and were therefore able to fine-tune some coaching points on movements we don't always get to. One of those is the rope climb, and incoming 7th grader Sophia Dawkins got her first complete one on her first attempt. Check it out.

Keep up the good work kiddo! Be on the lookout for the 10 am intro post soon.

New Graduate: Mrs. Kroll

Sometimes peer pressure is the best way to get things accomplished. And sometimes it's just pain old trickery, deception, and manipulation. All techniques were on display yesterday at the 4:30 session when Mrs. Kroll got on the rope fully expecting to do a half-climb. Unbeknownst (spelling?) to her, her daughter was lying in wait wth the camera on record. Then peer pressure took over. Here's what we got:

Mrs. Kroll's first rope climb! Great job kiddo!

New Graduate: Cory

Reminder: everyone's team workout is Saturday at 9 am. Everyone's mobility/makeup session is Sunday at 11. We are not splitting up parents and kids this Summer.

So just about the only thing in the world that could have overshadowed Cory Jackovich's first rope climb is if some 315-lb. kid magically got his first climb. And that happened. But before that did, Cory was walking around the gym last night after mobility and somehow or another, got in a conversation with Katie Shakes about rope climbs. Shakes yelled at him, physically threatened him, and pulled out every form of peer pressure she is capable of to bring him over to the rope.

With the rest of the kids cheering, here is what happened...

Great job Cory! I sure didn't see it coming!

Big Kris in Orbit

There are a few events in the course of my time coaching at the Champions Club that have made me fear for the lives of our athletes. The main one that comes to mind is when Jesus called Jack Trastevere. That was insane. Also any time Mr. Warthman tries to kick up to a handstand by himself. Tonight may have eclipsed everything.

As a general rule of thumb, 300-lb. boys should remain as close to the earth's surface as possible. That's probably what God invented gravity for. So when Kris Campbell told me earlier this week he wanted to climb the rope before he heads off to Air Force for football this fall, I was kinda hesitant for many reasons:

  • Can the rope hold a 315-lb. lineman?
  • How will our roof hold this weight when it can't hold a few droplets of water out?
  • What if he makes it to the top?
  • Whom will I sacrifice to be the cushion between Big Kris and the ground? Jennifer, maybe? There's more Banets where that came from, right?
  • ...can you imagine Kris flying a fighter jet?

Nevertheless, after the mobility session tonight Kris made his way to the rope inspired by another New Graduate (to be posted tomorrow) and gave it a try. I saw hope and apparently he did as well, so he tried it again. At this moment I made the decision to spare Shakes, Sabal, and every other bystander; if something should go wrong, I will meet the consequences. So I gave the camera to Jennifer, threw myself in the way of certain death, then watched history being made.

Next time you're in the gym, just stare at Kris; size him up from head to foot. That thing, that rectangular slab of mass climbed a freaking rope. A ROPE! 15 feet off the ground. Without stairs.

Then look at that rope - the second one from the end - and give Rogue Fitness a silent nod for living up to their hype of being the best fitness equipment manufacturer in America.

Seriously, I am beyond impressed. I have no other words.

Great job Kris!