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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in first rope climb (55)

New Graduate: Jalen

This afternoon at the 4:30 session, Jalen Lucas got his first rope climb during the first round of the warmup.

Jalen is one of those kids who looks like he gets stronger and more coordinated every time he steps in the gym. The trick has been actually getting him in the gym. He had a good stretch going about two weeks ago, then went a week and some change without showing up. I know he’s in the middle of changing schools and has responsibilities with summer football and basketball programs, but once he gets his attendance up we’re gonna see a lot of good things from this kid.

Keep working my man!

New Graduates: Sam and Danielle

With our Summer rookie sessions under way, you know the New Graduate posts will roll in. On Tuesday, 8th grader Sam Butcher got her first rope climb during the warmup!

Sam was actually the middle school kid that started our session in the winter, and that grew to be very crowded by late spring. Hopefully this is a sign of many good things to come this Summer for this future Lamphere athlete.

Then this morning Danielle was the lone ranger at the 11 am session. We went over goals before the session and she mentioned that she wanted to be able to kick up to a handstand by the end of the Summer.

Welp, 13 minutes later...

Great job to both of you girls!

Beast Mode + New Graduate: The Walkers

While most of our rookie class is finishing their final week of school, Abby and Emily Walker are getting a head start on Summer 2018. They came in late-April as a recommendation from the Kavanaughs and joined out middle school session. They are both on board for the Summer and looking to improve their tennis game. Abby is in 8th grade and Emily is in 5th. Here was their workout yesterday:

This morning we had rope climbs in the warmup, and on the 3rd round Abby mnaged to get her first rope climb!

Keep up the good work both of you!

New Graduate: Jen Ash

This afternoon during the 4:30 pm session we split the group into heats based on who could do the full rope climbs and who couldn't. The second group tested out a few climbs and all of a sudden, Jennifer Ashley was halfway up the rope with no signs of fatigue. So I ran and grabbed the camera as quick as I could:

Great job kiddo!

New Graduate: Cecilia's Rope Climb

To round off our week of graduations, New Kid on the Block Cecilia Steinwascher got her first rope climb today during the warmup of our morning session.

Cecilia has about as much Champions Club hype as any New Kid since David Saporito back in 2013, and while she's early in the process, she's been impressing so far. Keep up the good work kiddo!

New Graduate: Barry

I thought we were done with the graduations after the eventful 4:30 session. But it appears I was wrong. So there I was spotting Angie on another great handstand during the warmup of the 5:30 pm session; my full attention on her, I had no idea that her husband, Barry, was climbing the rope behind me.

When I turned around I saw something like this:

During Fundamentals, Barry was crazy proud of himself for going three pulls up on a rope - which is something that eluded him dating back to his grade school P.E. days. So for him to do this now at the oldest member of our regular group is really awesome. And for him to wander off on his own and attempt the single most risky thing in the gym when he was supposed to be doing the warmup with me is so spot-on with my Mr. Warthman comparison!

Seriously though, Barry is that dude! Determined to do whatever pops in his head. I can always work with that. Great job my man!


And this concludes our New Graduate Rope Climb onslaught from May 1, 2018. Scroll down for Coach Casey and Mr. Bennis.

New Graduate: Mr. Bennis

So after the chaos with Coach Casey finishing his first rope climb was in the books, I came to a sudden realization... why the hell hasn't Mr. Bennis climbed the rope yet?! Naturally I made fun of him in front of everyone and he promptly made his way to the rope, wrapped his feet the wrong way, and ran out of steam about 4 inches from the top.

The next round of the warmup he tried it again and climbed it like a seasoned vet.

Mr. Bennis is the second in his family to climb the rope, which is expected considering Baby Josh spends more time hanging off the ground than hanging out on it. He's a secretly strong and competitive dude, so we can't be surprised to see this so soon in his Champions Club career. In all honesty, he probably could have tricep-extensioned his way up there but used the foot wrapping to make all us feel better. Him and Reggie should arm wraastle. But that's besides the point. Great work neighbor!