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Entries in first rope climb (61)

New Graduate: Schornack

This was a bummer because of how unexpected it was. Usually first rope climbs are cool to see at least from the halfway point. But during the warmup of yesterday's 4:30 pm session, Danielle Schornack started her leg wrap then kept climbing, and climbing, and climbing, until she suddenly found herself at the top! Shannon grapped her phone and caught the tail end.

Good work missy! Next up is your pull-up.


New Graduate: Mrs. Tara

Tara Colussi has been off-and-on so far this fall (usually more off than on) with having to cart the kids around and participating in a 6-week bootcamp her friends challenged her to. But rumor is her draft stock is back on the up-and-up. Yesterday's workout was a great showing for her, but the real highlight came during the warmup when she got her first rope climb!

Great job Mrs. Tara! I mean, Coach Casey did get his first rope climb like 5 months ago, but you keep doing your thing!

New Graduates: Alexis and Coach Casey

Two new Graduations to announce coming from yesterday. First up is Summer rookie Alexis Anthes. She started the workout yesterday by doing half-climbs and as the 20 minutes progressed, her technique improved. So I had her try a full climb and she nailed it!

Then later on at the 5:30 session, Coach Casey was one of the few athletes actually doing the warmup - like the dedicated athlete he is - and on his first pull-up attempt he got up there with ease. I did a double-take to make sure that was actually his first one, and it turned out it was. So I grabbed the camera and got one for the official records.

Keep up the good work both of you!

New Graduate: Josie

In the last of our New Graduates yesterday afternoon, Josie Junkin got her first rope climb at the 6:30 pm session. It was during the workout, and everyone stopped what they were doing to yell at her and provide the best peer pressure possible.

Josie is definitely the surprise of the Summer. She probably has better attendance than her entire family and is making herself right at home with the rest of the Champions Club. I know she's got a few more weeks left before going back to Michigan, so hopefully there's a few more highlights to come!

New Graduates: Mrs. Nevarez

With yesterday being the first time in awhile rope climbs came up in a workout, this gave a few people the opportunity to get their first climb. As with a few months ago, we had three New Graduates with their first rope climb in a single day. The first of which was Mrs. Nevarez in front of the 5:30 session and her four kids:


Mrs. Nevarez has been quietly one of the most consistent rookies this Summer; routinely carting all her kids to the session with her and having her attention about 70% on us and 30 percent on what JT is getting himself into. She's great to have on board and I'm hoping we can find a way to keep her momentum going through the school year. But for now, great job kiddo!

New Graduate: Bewick

Peer pressure is fantastic, and Nick Bewick has really been ducking his first rope climb for a minute. So at the 4:30 session, I put him on the spot and he showed off what he's been capable of for probably three months now. He got his first rope climb!

What would have been even sweeter is if I actually posted this when it happened. This video is from like the first or second day of Summer. I am ashamed.

But still, Nick you have been steady improving since Day 1. Keep it going and I will not forget about posting your first handstand or first pull-up.

New Graduate: Jalen

This afternoon at the 4:30 session, Jalen Lucas got his first rope climb during the first round of the warmup.

Jalen is one of those kids who looks like he gets stronger and more coordinated every time he steps in the gym. The trick has been actually getting him in the gym. He had a good stretch going about two weeks ago, then went a week and some change without showing up. I know he’s in the middle of changing schools and has responsibilities with summer football and basketball programs, but once he gets his attendance up we’re gonna see a lot of good things from this kid.

Keep working my man!