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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: TBA


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Quote of the Week vol. 253

"I'd like to open negotiations with a shiny Charizard"

- Cory's first words after pulling up to seeing the 5:30 session running on Monday's workout


Jay Junkin drives in

His face twisted, a pretzel

He throws up garbage

- English class hiaku by 9th grade Jacob regarding a driveway 1-on-1 game... and Jay's max effort

Pics of the Week: Parents at the Hill and Junkin Jive

Our first candidate for Pic of the Week is one of many taken from the parents team workout at the hill on Wednesday.

The full array of pictures taken can be found in the July '18 Daily WODs gallery.

Lastly, we are blessed this Summer with all 5 Junkin kids in attendance, and we had them at the same session on Friday.

Poll: Best Hot Dog Eating Gentleman in the Champions Club

It has been brought to my attention that Jay and Jacob will be having a hot dog eating contest Saturday around 4 pm. The rules are the following:

  • 5-min time cap
  • All wieners, no buns
  • Mustard and ketchup is allowed
  • Eye contact is not

Who will take home the victory?

Champions Club Summer 2018 Draft

I know, I know, it happened about 3 weeks later than I was hoping. But Div was being a butt, and Jay works a normal job. So there was a little bit of inside information present, but I did not share anything other than the injury reports.

Without further ado, here are the official Champions Club Summer 2018 teams:

Team David

  1. Danielle Worden
  2. Lindsey Eason
  3. Mrs. Kroll
  4. Mr. Carey
  5. Rachael Kroll
  6. Avery
  7. Mrs. Fitz
  8. Conor
  9. Olivia
  10. Maddy
  11. Mrs. Bass
  12. Mrs. Nevarez
  13. Dakarai
  14. Mateo
  15. Emily Walker
  16. Nunu
  17. *Lilly
  18. *JT
  19. *Adam Dem
  20. *Amy Potter

Team Shakes

  1. Ashley Fry
  2. Coach Casey
  3. Mr Bennis
  4. Josie Junkin
  5. Coach T
  6. Jen Ashley
  7. Kasey Eason
  8. Danielle Schornack
  9. Crystal
  10. Andre Saffer
  11. Dylan Collousi
  12. Sam Butcher
  13. Abby Walker
  14. Anthony Saffer
  15. Devan Coates
  16. Charlie Baumert
  17. *Jacqueline Asmar
  18. *Ender
  19. *EmD
  20. *Reggie

Team Elizabeth

  1. Josh Howey
  2. Jennifer Banet
  3. Mrs. Bennis
  4. Erica Krueger
  5. Mrs Pip
  6. Mama V
  7. Alyssa Jabara
  8. Shannon Marchant
  9. Mr Malowski
  10. Mr Auggie
  11. Suyaliam
  12. Barry Brunke
  13. Jessica
  14. Emily Gurney
  15. Andrew
  16. Ben
  17. *Conamora
  18. *Zeena
  19. *Evan Pugh
  20. *Matt Fecht

Team Jay

  1. Cecilia
  2. Nick Bewick
  3. Mrs Tara
  4. Erika Banet
  5. Mrs Carey
  6. Mr Z
  7. Ricky Carey
  8. Mr Wonsil
  9. Cory
  10. Jesse
  11. Jalen
  12. Milo
  13. Angie
  14. Cam
  15. Gideon
  16. Johnny
  17. *Josh Bennis
  18. *Mallory
  19. *Murley
  20. *Myron

Follow-up post coming soon...

Shower Poll From the Vault

In fall 2013 we posted a website poll that was actually brought up at the gym late last week, so I figured with all the new people around we could bring it back up for debate, especially with the 90-degree days that are due this week:

Does jumping in the pool count as your shower for the day?

Any excuse to show Jay's epic dive...

Wedding Note Poll

I really appreciate all the notes, cards, and in-person support from everyone this weekend. There were a few that stood out to me, and I figured they called for a public website vote. So here we go. Vote for your favorite:

1. Mike Jack (check out his debut album Orientation if you haven't already)

2. Jay

3. The Cricket

4. Dawson, the Love Doctor

Announcing the First Official Champions Club Summer Draft

We are raising the stakes on attendance for the Summer this time around. I am excited to introduce the Champions Club Summer Draft. Here's the layout:

4 teams, each with a captain. This year, the captains are:

David Saporito

Jay Junkin

Elizabeth Banet

Katie Shakes

In a pre-Summer meeting, each captain will draft the Champions Club athletes they want on their team in a serpentine fashion until everyone is off the board. Everything is based off attendance percentage, not workout results or anything else. The team with the best overall attendance average will recieve a grand prize at the end of the Summer and some kind of recognition in the gym. Here's a few more specifics:

  • The Babies % are out of 1 day per week.
  • The parents % are our of 6 days per week.
  • Parents who go to both the mobility and parents team workout sessions will get extra credit attendance.
  • Going to a session you didn't officially sign up for still counts, having to come in during off-hours does not. For example, if Alyssa can't make it at a regular session and needs to come in at 1:30, it won't count as an official day in the standings.
  • Attenance starts June 11 and finishes when fall sports begin.
  • Weekly leaderboard will be posted in the gym.
  • Jay drafts Donkey Kong and Funky Kong with his first two picks.

Last week three of the captains were at the evening session and discussed some of their pre-Draft strategies...

Check back soon to see which team you got drafted on!