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Big ups to Josh Howey and Danielle Worden!

Josh finished 4th in the state for wraastling and Danielle finished 3rd in the state for powerlifting

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Beast Mode: Marathon Crew

Yesterday the Champions Club represented well in the Free Press Half and Full Marathon races. The cold conditions proved difficult for the runners, but it still turned out pretty well.

Mrs. Fitz did a half marathon for what I believe was the first time in her life and finished the entire thing without walking. She ended at 2:32.

Keep your shin vertical Fitz-OAlso in the half was everyone's favorite crybaby Brendan Crawford. He finished in 1:45 and kept a sub-8 minute mile pace the entire time. Hopefully we'll catch him back soon.

Finally, Matt Fecht finished 2nd overall in the American-only half marathon, running 1:06:46 - which was actually good for a pr. He was surprised considering he has been off with his running and lifting due to teaching and coaching obligations. Rumors have been floating around about his return as well.

On the other side, we had one athlete complete the entire marathon, and as you would expect that would be Mrs. Crystal Reed. For the first time she continued her CrossFit training in the two months leading up to the race, and she feels like it helped her with the hills, and with her recovery after the race. She ran a 3:45! We'll see her back in this week.

Quote of the Week vol. 246

"You know Chris it's funny, the track people think we're doing football workouts, and the football people think we're doing track workouts."

- Brian the Trainer, somewhere around 2010.

Endurance people want endurance. Weightlifters want weightlifting. Powerlifters powerlifting. And to get really good at those things, you need to specialize at some point. Just what exactly that point is is not always clear for both athletes and coaches.

We do CrossFit. Just CrossFit. A simple and potent blend of everything; we would not take a decline in any area at the expense of another. And I have yet to see an athlete that I don't believe will see the results they want from this blend if they are patient enough. Football players should be doing Murph and cross country runners should be doing max effort back squat.

The Real Matt Fecht

"These ideas are nightmares for white parents whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings"

So I'm not sure whether to make this a Beast Mode post, or Accomplishments, or 'For the Sake of Being Awkward', so I'm putting it in all of them.

For those who didn't know, Matt Fecht Marathon Goblin is also a teacher at an alternative high school in the Chippewa Valley district where they send kids who have either been introuble with the law or had problems with grades (basically Michigan State at the high school level). This year, they introduced basketball as an official school sport as an incentive for the kids to do better in their classes and Matt was named the coach.

Early in the season, he told the kids he would dye his hair if they made it to the state final four - which they did this weekend, losing by 2 in OT to the eventual state champion. Nevertheless, a bet is a bet, and this is what we have now.

So now that Slim Shady is training at the gym, we might be able to afford a roof that keeps the water out.

Guest Post vol. 30: The Greatest Post Ever

[my note: This post contains rather suggestive language, although it is necessary when talking about track people and you shouldn't expect anything less from Faust]


by, Alex Faust

Upon my return from Los Angeles, LA, LaLa land or the real name, El Peublo de Nesutra Senora la Enia de Los Angeles de Porciuncula (yes that’s the real name of the city), I found it necessary to bring back some perspective to everyone on what I experienced and saw from my perspective, being as much of a fan of Matt’s as all of you.  I have always found that good coaches, leaders and writers have one trait in common, being empathetic and using contingency theory leadership tactics to have their followers/players/readers be effected most.  Having said that I ask that you read the following partially from my perspective, as a former football player with absolutely no experience with running other than laughing at them not being able to bench the bar in the weight room and taking up our oxygen in the weight room.  On that note, I present you will a piece I have written about Matt and I’s recent trip to Los Angeles, which in all honestly could be put into multiple posts; it was that type of trip.

If any of you have flown Southwest before then you can relate to the cattle in the ranches of Texas being herded to the slaughter house, because Southwest ropes you in with their cheap “transfarency” prices and then herds you like cattle onto the plane, cramming you into economy on a 737-800 regardless of the length of the flight.  I know you’re already asking yourself how this is relevant, but after walking onto the plane as the 32nd person on and finding two exit row seats open in the ONLY row on the plane with two seats, and open space.  Essentially this is Southwest first class, and really was an omen for the trip overall, that this was going to be a great trip to the left coast (yes, the left coast, 90% of the people in LA are completely politically insane, but like I said earlier, that could be another post).  After the 4.5 hour flight we found ourselves a mere 9 miles away from our Downtown LA hotel, which of course means a 1 hour and 30 minute drive right?  Welcome to LA Alex and Matt, my god the traffic was horrendous, and even I could have ran there quicker than we got to the hotel, let alone the kid sitting next to me who would get there in probably half an hour.  I truly don’t understand how people get anywhere on time there, as there was traffic on the 405, 10, 110 and ALL other highways at ALL times, it’s like we need a new plague or something (note another potential post). 

Upon arriving Matt needed to go for a run, obviously (in other news water is wet!) so he dragged me along and we were introduced to the streets of downtown LA; again wow.  It was Patrick Duffy that said “LA is peopled by waiters and carpenters and drivers who are there to be actors,”, but he forgot to mention the most psychotic homeless population of all time.  During our run the following actions and words took place (Blob, skip over this part, you’re too young):

  • “going for a run hey?! Sometimes exercising is better than pussy!!! (and he attempted to pound both of us).
  • Cops kicking homeless people out of Whole Foods
  • Multiple bums dancing across the crosswalks, because just simply walking across is so 2015
  • A woman dragging her massive pink suitcase, with broken wheels, down the street while screaming nonsense and swearwords about someone; for atleast 4 blocks.

Again, welcome to LA Alex and Matt.  At this point though, I started to realize how good Matt is at what he does, as other runners started to show up during the following days and every morning was littered with these wafers running up and down the street.  Why do I say wafers, because literally some of them looked malnourished, and it was like those commercials with the starving African children, except right in front of me without the depressing music.  All I wanted to do was give a few of them a cheeseburger, but yet Matt still smoked these people in the race (more on that later).  These wafers are track people, and running is a cult, no offense Matt or Crystal, but it really is.  Majority of people I talked to literally discussed splits and running at all times, and the gossip was about who dopes who doesn’t etc etc.  I even had some of them ask me if I was in the race.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME, can you not take your running cult/track people goggles off and see that no one over 200 lbs has EVER been in the Olympic Trials for marathon, let alone someone whose right quad is the size of your waist?!?!?!  But that is running and that is track people and that was part of LA, which again makes Matt so awesome, as I even overheard “Fecht has too much muscle mass, he would be faster if he lost that,” upon which I told that person to play in traffic; I’m not PC bro I’m sorry.

At this point you’re probably wondering where I’m going with all this, and again, maybe a weekly series or something set up would be better, because there is SO much to this trip that you people would be interested in and had/have effect on, but I want to really focus on race day, the hottest Olympic Trials Marathon of all time and a loaded field, which included one of the more famous 5k and 10k runners in recent US Olympic history Galen Rupp.  Mind you when we rode the elevator with Galen earlier I thought he was an alright guy, but Matt told me he’s a douche so, yeah, he’s a douche.  Matt started in the middle of the pack, I think around the 70’s and kept that into the middle of the race, there of which people started to drop like flies and Matt just kept chugging along.  Around the 14 mile mark he had a side stitch as he ran past us, but just like he always does, he fought through it.  When I say people were dropping like flies, I really mean it; people were dropping like panties on prom night.  There was one guy who after 8 miles started walking, and his pace before that was slower than me, so somehow at some point during the year he qualified, but god knows how after seeing that performance.  Matt though, kept pushing, so consistent, so good looking and so successful.  I am not sure how familiar everyone is with the course, but as I understood it (again, remember “perspective”) it was 2.2 miles then 4 loops of 6 miles to be at 26.2. When matt came by us on the last loop we had counted he was in 52nd, so during the last part of the race he overtook two people to finish top 50 and reach his goal; it was F***ING awesome.

I have never been a part of anything like that, whether it’s the race in general, or the cult, or that many super skinny people frolicking around, but I was there, representing arguably the most badass runner there because he actually lifts weights and is an ATHLETE.  You may disagree with my opinion, and some of you will be shocked im saying this, but some of the form that I saw running was not athletic at all, it was just people with endurance who can move their legs.  This is what makes Matt so special, in the sweltering heat and with the most muscle mass of any of the male runners, he finished top 50 in the country; and we celebrated HARD.

Be proud man, it was an honor to be your agent and will continue to be, and we came home with one sponsorship and many potential ones with companies like Polar.  Now that you finished top 50 I can’t wait to take it even further.  Oh and last, but not least, my tongue still hurts from dragging through USC’s campus on our 6 mile death march run, my god the women.

Seacrest OUT!


Olympic Trials Recap for Marathon Matt + Rant

On a day with record-setting temperature for the start of a marathon, Champions Club fan-favorite Matt Fecht finished his race in 2:27:28 and 50th place out of 164 overall.


Happy Gilmore said being good at golf requires goofy pants and a HUGE ass (like his neighbor, the accountant.) I wonder what he would say about marathon runners.

Running is a weird world, man. Right now, the 56th best player in the NBA is Andre Drummond. ANDRE FREAKING DRUMMOND. As in NBA All-Star, Slam Dunk Contest, averaging-20-rebounds-per-game, $10.6 million contract Andre Drummond. The 60th best high school senior is Brandon Peters - a household name who probably turned down under-the-table money from LSU and Arkansas to play quarterback for Harbaugh this fall and since has been dubbed the prodigal son of Michigan's program. The 52nd best player in Major League Baseball is Alex Rodriguez.

Matt Fecht is, give or take, the 50th best marathon runner in the entire country. He works three jobs, runs grade school basketball camps, and works out with a biology teacher and a Blob. Cool for us, but it should really make you appreciate his effort and how much he sacrifices to be considered among the elite in his sport. I guess that's why track is track, and not baseball, basketball, or football.

Honestly, I doubt anyone besides Crystal could name more than one single runner in this year's Olympic Trials (besides Matt obviously). Personally, when I was watching on tv I couldn't tell the difference between any of the runners. They all looked the same. Scrawny. Golf hats. Slamming their heels into the pavement. Announcers talking about some coach that sounds like the heir of Slytherin. It's just one of those sports which the rewards for success don't seem to override the physical toll it requires for being great. Drummond could easily justify hours in the gym, hectic travel plans, and heckling fans when he sees his game check and endorsement deals. Matt doesn't get that instant gratification. About 80 people care about what he does once every four years. Same with everyone in his field where the winner gets - as Jacob pointed out - a Sketchers endorsement... as in Rick Fox's Sketchers.

Matt, I want you to understand that, because we don't dwell with the track people, we don't really know what is going on in your world (50th place could be bad for all I know.) We don't know what a bad move is. We don't know how the sponsors work. We don't understand why you have to run in the ice. And we can't comprehend what a 20 mile tempo feels like - seeing as driving 20 miles at the same mph is difficult enough, what with traffic lights and turns and stuff. If you ran a 2:10 and a 2:20, we could not tell the difference. It's the same when Mama V wins teacher of the year awards, or Katie Bromm gets the Salutatorian. In our perspective there are four tiers of runners: Video game characters who run in the Olympics - Really good runners not in the Olympics - Murleys/Chrises/Crystals/Mr. Zs who run fast in workouts - The Kavanaughs/EPs who are timed with sun dials; everyone within those groups are pretty much the same.

Your last mile of a marathon in 80 degrees was faster than JZ has ever run a single mile in his life. Fast is fast to us.

It is with that preface that I want you to understand that it did not matter what place you finished in or what your time was. The fact that you call the Champions Club your home is what makes everyone so proud. You make running relevant to Mrs. Pip, Sabal, and a 26-year old former D-1 kicker who is somehow your agent now. That is what is important to us, and that is why we are so happy for you.

But top 50 is pretty sweet...

Video and pictures courtesy of Agent Alex Faust

Can't wait to see you back!

Today Only: Decorate Bottlez for Matt

Matt Fecht is running in the US Olympic Trials this weekend in California. Details for a live stream will be coming soon, but we all have an opportunity to help him out during the race. Here's how it works.

There are (I believe) 10 hydration stations throughout the course, pre-stocked by each individual runner, that are available for them to refuel as they are running. Matt has asked that different Champions Club members decorate at least 10 different water bottles for him to use during the race that could serve as motivation for him while he drinks his water or electrolyte fluid. They can be anything from an inside joke, to words of encouragement, to a handsome gentlemen picture.

The deadline is tonight around 7:30 pm - when Matt is going to swing by the gym to pick them up.

Bring your markers or pictures to the gym and decorate away!

Olympic Trials for Matt Fecht!

I was notified by the man himself that the Champions Club's fan-favorite Matt Fecht is officially accepted into the 2016 Olympic Trials in Los Angeles on February 13.

At Grandma's Marathon in 2014, Matt was well ahead of pace to qualify for his second Olympic Trials. Unfortunately his legs, lungs, and heart gave out before his mind did. He collapsed just feet from the finish line, received urgent medical attention, got back up and crossed the finish line minutes later and well over the qualifying time cap. It was the biggest disappointment of his career.

Coincidently that race also brought him to the Champions Club where he has been training to get back to the Trials. But in the meantime he petitioned the Olympic Comittee to allow that race to be accepted into the Trials considering the circumstances. In a rare instance his appeal was upheld and as a result Matt will be headed to LA in February run with the pros (and hopefully watch Kobe play).

The training he has done here didn't directly play a part in him qualifying for the Trials - the race in question happened before he joined our gym. But to see how well Matt bounced back from his disappointment really inspires me to work harder as a coach. He stayed as dedicated as ever in hopes that when he would finally catch a lucky break he would be ready for it. And that just happened. He deserves it.

"I make my own luck"

When Matt and I talked after his race on Sunday about his decision to step off the course, he mentioned that he was so pissed. He said, "I've never quit anything before."

I replied, "And you still haven't."


Winning because of luck is different than winning because of a fluke. Being lucky means being in the right place at the right time. The "time" part is out of your control but you have to work hard to be in the right place. Flukes, on the other hand, do not operate that way. For instance, Michigan State got their butts kicked on the night of October 17. They were out-gained in just about every stat that could be kept and out-coached on every snap. Then a fluke happened and they won. They did nothing to diserve that.

Matt Fecht caught a lucky break; the odds were not in his favor. However, because of all the work put in the past months he is ready to capitalize on it. Without the relentless dedication he would have been unprepared for luck to fall his way. Of course there it lots more work to do before February to prove the doubters wrong who believe this is a fluke. But for now take the weekend to clear your head, be happy, and hang out with your biggest fans: the Champions Club!