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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup - Saturday at 10 am!

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New Kid on the Block: Evan

Jennifer Ashley has been quietly having herself a good Summer with improvements in her running and overall technique. Last week she brought her friend, Evan Pugh, in to try out a workout. A few days later he signed up for Fundamentals.

Evan is Warren Mott alum who was on the football team and also took part in Coach T's lifting classes back in the Big Butt Big Chest era. Since graduating he's been doing his own lifting at a globo gym, focusing on mainly powerlifting. Now he's looking for more conditioning in his routine and also wants to increase his flexibility.

Even has been through 2 days so far and we are scheduled to pick back up this weekend. I'll check in after Day 7 as usual.

New Kid on the Block: Josie

Every year or so there's a Champions Club prospect that you know is just a matter of time before they join. So when we get Jay Junkin, Jesse Junkin, and their cousins Kasey and Lindsey Eason, I knew the waiting game was on until Josie Junkin joined. And yesterday was finally her first day.

Josie is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, and graduate of Lamphere high school like her brothers and cousins. She was an accomplished cross country and track athlete during her high school career, and is looking to get some of her conditioning back for the Summer before she heads back to school. Josie finished 2 days of Fundamentals so far, and is set to continue through the weekend. I'll check back in after Day 7.

New Kid on the Block: Mr. Maslowski

It looks like the spring influx of New Kids is not quite over yet because we have just added one more dad to our mix: Mr. Maslowski.

Avery's dad has been that chill dude sitting in his car for an hour while Avery gets her workout on. On Tuesday I talked to him for a minute while the group was on their cool-down walk and, much like Mrs. Gardner, threw out a feeler to see if he'd be interested in working out. Surprisingly, Mr. Maslowski said he'd actually been thinking about it for a little bit and that he needed to get back in shape. So naturally upon hearing this I sent Mr. Carey and Mama V on the recruiting trail for me and next thing I know I got a text from Mr. Maslowski asking when he should start.

We had our first Fundamentals session early this morning, and will pick back up this weekend most likely. If all goes as planned, I think this will be another great fit to our parents group!

New Kid on the Block: Don Robinson

Another Champions Club elder has jumped in for workouts in the morning with Mrs. Gloria. Coincidentally it's also one of my neighbors, Don Robinson, and I think I may have tricked him a bit into working out with me, to be honest.

Don, 82, has lived a few doors down from me for as long as I can remember, and I talk to him and his wife all the time when I dribble up to the gym. "Go Blue!" he always says to me. About 3 weeks ago he was talking about how he was nervous when walking up steps and he always felt off balance. Next thing we know, he came into the gym three weeks ago and hasn't stopped. Today, he managed to push himself up off the ground for the first time!

We've been doing a lot of general movement patterns like get-ups, hanging, and stepping, as well as specific ones like blocked squatting and ring rows. He even felt comfortable enough to do a few plate jumps!

Be on the lookout for Mr. Don to be moving around like a 30 year-old in no time!

New Kid on the Block: Danielle Schornack

Mrs. Bennis is on the recruiting trail for us, and her newest convert is Danielle Schornack, who tested out the 20-min box jump/kb swing/push press workout last week and signed up for Fundamentals shortly after.

Danielle is a mom and former graduate of Warren Mott. She even had Mrs. Bass and remembers her as one of her favorite teachers. She jumped on board in hopes to improve her overall health. So far it seems like conditioning will be the main thing she''' need to improve on. Her mobility is good, strength is not as bad as she thinks, and we'll use that to build on as we progress through Fundamentals.

Danielle finished Day 3 this afternoon. We'll check back in after Day 7.

New Kid on the Block: Cecilia

The last of the April influx of New Kids comes courtesy of... well... you probably should guess by now... Coach T and the Utica Ford connection. Cecilia Steinwascher actually graduated from Ford last year and just finished her freshman season as a standout on Grand Valley's soccer team.

Cec comes from a family of soccer players, and two soccer coaches for parents. I met her mother, Mrs. Teri, at Ford while I was volunteering and helping at the powerlifting meets, and she mentioned about having me look at Cecilia's shin problem. They came in last month and we had a pretty good session before they headed back to school. Through a recommendation of Coach T, Cecilia is on board with the Champions Club in an accelerated Fundamentals; we started on Friday and she'll probably be done tomorrow. So look for that post coming soon!

New Kid on the Block: Jennifer Ashley

The latest New Kid comes in as a former classmate of Katie Shakes at Mott. Her name is Jennifer Ashley and she joined the Champions Club to help her get ready for the police academy.

Jennifer was a softball player early in high school, but other than that doesn't come in with much of an athletic background. This surprised me because she's the best mover I've seen come through in quite some time. Her first day was back on Friday andshe finished Day 2 this morning. So far it seems like the main thing she needs to improve on is her conditioning. Luckily that's the most simple thing to fix, as that comes with attendance. We're back on track with Day 3 tomorrow. I'll check back soon!