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"The Games is the least important thing that happens in CrossFit. There is nothing less important than The Games."

- Coach Glassman

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New Kid on the Block: Jennifer Ashley

The latest New Kid comes in as a former classmate of Katie Shakes at Mott. Her name is Jennifer Ashley and she joined the Champions Club to help her get ready for the police academy.

Jennifer was a softball player early in high school, but other than that doesn't come in with much of an athletic background. This surprised me because she's the best mover I've seen come through in quite some time. Her first day was back on Friday andshe finished Day 2 this morning. So far it seems like the main thing she needs to improve on is her conditioning. Luckily that's the most simple thing to fix, as that comes with attendance. We're back on track with Day 3 tomorrow. I'll check back soon!

New Kid on the Block: Mrs. Colussi

As I was setting up for the team workout on Sunday, I noticed Coach Casey Colussi walk in with Dylan and Mallory, who were accompanying him for their Babies session right after. I also saw Mrs. Colussi come in behind them, but instead of her usual blue jeans and boots I saw workout pants and gym shoes. One team workout later we had another mommy in the Fundamentals pipeline.

Mrs. Colussi comes in with a pretty extended fitness experience in the form of bootcamps and other workouts programs. She was a dancer in her younger years and seems to carry the flexibility with her still. We had our first session this morning and I can honestly say she is one of the best moving parents I've ever taken through - right up there with Mrs. Anderson. We'll see how that plays out over the course of Fundamentals, but it's definitely a good sign for now. See you guys after Day 7...

New Kid on the Block: James Simasko

Round 2 of the private basketball coaching kids comes through, in this case it's Country Day freshman James Simasko.

James is a tall drink of water, as Red would put it, and signed up for basketball sessions in November hoping to improve his game. After booking a 10-session package, we spread out the sessions through the past few months. Over the course of that time I noticed he was lacking fitness (strength, conditioning, coordination) more than actual basketball skill. So I started to slip in some CrossFit segments into his basketball sessions, hoping I would be able to convince his parents to get him on board in the spring.

It took all of 2 minutes for James and crew to flip the switch and join the Champions Club. Technically his first day of Fundamentals was yesterday, but we started on Day 4's stuff with rings and kipping because we covered Day 1-3 over the course of the basketball sessions. I'll check back in after Day 7.

New Kid on the Block: Jalen

Jalen Lucas is a freshman at Warren Mott and he might be the first Mott kid since the Jabaras in 2014 to not come in through Coach T. Instead, Jalen  has been coming to me for private basketball lessons since early February. After some discussion with both him and his mom, we have put the private basketball sessions on hold for the time being and instead transitioned into Fundamentals to join the Champions Club. He finished his second session earlier this morning.

Jalen was the starting point guard on JV this season, and has a good game to him. During our basketball sessions I told him his best bet is to learn how to practice by himself correctly, and add in CrossFit to help his fitness. So far he seems like one of those rare kids who asks a lot of questions and genuinely seems interested to learn the "why's" behind the technique. He is doing the same updated version of Fundamentals that Myron went through and so far I am liking it.

I'll check back in with you guys after Day 7.

New Kid on the Block: Mrs. Gloria

One of the most annoying things for me is when I see someone enough where I should know their name, but I don't. I'll waive HI, strike up conversations, ask about their kids or parents, but all the while I'll be thinking, why the hell can't I remember their name? Our newest Champions Club member falls into this category.

Sometimes walking up to the gym in barefeet has its benefits. Besides the one lady who complains to me (and Jay) about how bouncing a basketball on the sidewalk shakes the very foundation of her house, I get to know all the neighbors really well. One of them, Mrs. Gloria, has waived at me for as long as I can remember - probably even dating back to when I was walking up to Foley. It wasn't until about three weeks ago that she actually stopped me and asked if I worked for one of the construction companies on Stephenson. When I told her that I owned the CrossFit Gym (what, don't I look the part?!) she asked about doing some training.

Today happens to be Mrs. Gloria's 76th birthday and she celebrated by having our 5th (I think) half-hour CrossFit session.

So far Mrs. Gloria has been one of the most enjoyable people I've ever coached. Other than the two sessions I did for my grandmas, this is my first ongoing experience coaching a senior citizen. It's awesome! We are working on squats to boxes, push-ups, and plank holds. Today she even did rope climb variations.

My goal would be to get her to the point by Summer where she could jump into maybe one group session every other week, but in the meantime I hope she is having as much fun with these sessions as I am! Be on the lookout for some highlights...

New Kid on the Block: Myron

Myron Gardner is a junior at Detroit Loyola high school and came to us as a recommendation from one of the coaches from The Family. He sarted up last week with his first session and is three days in so far.

This will be Myron's first year playing with The Family, and his mom wanted him to build his body to get ready for the EYBL season, and luckily one of the coaches mentioned me as someone to connect with. We waited for his high school season to finish, and here he is!

So far Myron seems really coordinated with everything we've thrown at him. He's also the guinea pig for a new format to the Fundamentals sessions where I am indtoducing things in a different order and trying to talk a lot less. So far so good. The main thing he's missing is mobility in his hips and ankles and this shows in squats. We've been doing work on that every day. Myron also made the mistake in mentioning that he is an old-school hip hop fan, so I've been talking his ear abot Big L songs, Andre 3000 verses, and Eminem albums. Assuming we can avoid distraction with the rapping and stay on track I'll check back in after Day 7.

New Kid on the Block: Coach Casey

Casey Colussi started booking private basketball sessions for his son, Dylan, back in November if I recall correctly. Casey used to coach in high school (he actually was part of a State Championship staff at Avondale) and now volunteers to coach Dylan's travel team. For all the crap I write about private lessons and parents getting lost in the mix of things, Coach Casey "gets it," which is a huge relief for me. Soon after the basketball sessions began, both Dylan and his little sister, Mallory, were working out with our Babies session on weekends.

Dylan still comes in for basketball sessions about every other week or so with his dad taking him to every session, and recently I talked Coach Casey into trying out a group session. He finally agreed to come in last Friday in the morning and was not shy about writing his experience on the whiteboard:

Usually people who find themselves on the verge of throwing up do not come back to join, but Coach Casey is using that as motivation to get his health back on track. I can imagine it's difficult as a parent to keep in shape when all of the priorities immediately shift to the tiny living things running around your house. But Coach is on board now andis two sessions into Fundamentals. So far his jumping looks good and his hollow body position is almost perfect like all the rest of the dads in here. The conditioning is the limiting factor at the moment, along with shoulder mobility and strength, and still he has been nothing but a pleasure to coach so far. As usual we'll keep working on it and catch up with you guys after Day 7.