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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer!

See schedule here.

Entries in new graduate (197)

New Graduate: Conor

Hidden behind the goofy antics, habit of sleeping in, and quiet Panic-from-Hercules mannerisms, Conor Fitzgerald might be the most athletic kid out of our new generation of goobers. He was away for most of last week with wraastling camp, but this week he has been consistent with his attendance.

Yesterday at the mobility session, we were practicing some muscle-up progressions before the session started, and it turned into this:

Great job Conor! Keep up the good work! Be on the lookout for his repulsive short shorts at this Saturday's 80's workout.

New Graduate: Mrs. Kroll

Sometimes peer pressure is the best way to get things accomplished. And sometimes it's just pain old trickery, deception, and manipulation. All techniques were on display yesterday at the 4:30 session when Mrs. Kroll got on the rope fully expecting to do a half-climb. Unbeknownst (spelling?) to her, her daughter was lying in wait wth the camera on record. Then peer pressure took over. Here's what we got:

Mrs. Kroll's first rope climb! Great job kiddo!

New Graduate: Olivia

Another Berkley girl in the ranks! Olivia finished Fundamentals on Monday morning with a modified "Helen." She already fits in perfectly with the 9AM crew with her disdain for all things heavy and arm-related. Olivia will be training this summer to get her in shape for her fall soccer (and cross country we hope??) season.

Could she possibly be more sassy than Maria? You'll just have to find out. Come to the 9AM session and be the judge.

Big Kris in Orbit

There are a few events in the course of my time coaching at the Champions Club that have made me fear for the lives of our athletes. The main one that comes to mind is when Jesus called Jack Trastevere. That was insane. Also any time Mr. Warthman tries to kick up to a handstand by himself. Tonight may have eclipsed everything.

As a general rule of thumb, 300-lb. boys should remain as close to the earth's surface as possible. That's probably what God invented gravity for. So when Kris Campbell told me earlier this week he wanted to climb the rope before he heads off to Air Force for football this fall, I was kinda hesitant for many reasons:

  • Can the rope hold a 315-lb. lineman?
  • How will our roof hold this weight when it can't hold a few droplets of water out?
  • What if he makes it to the top?
  • Whom will I sacrifice to be the cushion between Big Kris and the ground? Jennifer, maybe? There's more Banets where that came from, right?
  • ...can you imagine Kris flying a fighter jet?

Nevertheless, after the mobility session tonight Kris made his way to the rope inspired by another New Graduate (to be posted tomorrow) and gave it a try. I saw hope and apparently he did as well, so he tried it again. At this moment I made the decision to spare Shakes, Sabal, and every other bystander; if something should go wrong, I will meet the consequences. So I gave the camera to Jennifer, threw myself in the way of certain death, then watched history being made.

Next time you're in the gym, just stare at Kris; size him up from head to foot. That thing, that rectangular slab of mass climbed a freaking rope. A ROPE! 15 feet off the ground. Without stairs.

Then look at that rope - the second one from the end - and give Rogue Fitness a silent nod for living up to their hype of being the best fitness equipment manufacturer in America.

Seriously, I am beyond impressed. I have no other words.

Great job Kris!

New Graduate: Finegan

Evan Finegan finished his final Fundamentals session on Monday afternoon and is now good to go with the group.

Finegan did a modified version of Helen (200m run, 16k kettlebell, and ring rows) in 8:20 to close things out. Over the course of our Fundamentals sessions we condensed a few days in order to get as many Summer sessions in as possible. Still, he picked up on everything except unweighting very quickly - highlighted by his first ever rope climb at the end of Day 3.

Evan will mostly be hitting the morning sessions with a few evening ones sprinkled in to work out alongside Jacob. Be on the lookout for this one to have a good Summer. Welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club Past: Alex Faust in body-type and kicker qualities, Jack Clouse in demeanor.

New Graduate: Lindsey

Our first graduation of Summer 2017 comes from new kid Lindsey Eason. Yesterday at the 5:30pm session her and Kasey strolled in barely on time and began going through the warmup. After making Kasey do a rope climb, I wanted to check up on how much progress Lindsey made from Fundamentals. She got about two climbs up before she had to come down, but I had a feeling there was more in the tank.

So I waited until after the workout and put her on the spot in front of everyone. Here's how it turned out.

Great job Lindsey!

New Graduate: Lindsey

Yesterday morning Lindsey Eason finished her 8th and final Fundamentals session doing a Helen in 7:59 with 200m runs, 12k swings, and ring rows. She will now be joining the group with her sister, Kasey, and is primed to have a great Summer.

Lindsey is one of the most pleasant surprises I have seen go through Fundamentals in recent memory. Being the younger cousin of Jesse and Jay, I naturally heard a lot of teasing directed at her (and Kasey, obviously) about her athleticism. But Lindsey proved to be a very quick learner throughout the course of our Fundamentals sessions. On Day 1, she could barely do a 10 sec. hollow hold, and yesterday she did 4 sets of tabata rocks without breaking one bit. Running, unweighting, kipping, squats, and jump ropes all progressed very quickly. The only weak point I noticed was upper body pulling strength. But it's nothing a little consistent attendance won't fix.

Lindsey also seems to be having a good effect on her sister, seeing as Kasey's attendance has improved since Lindsey joined. Hopefully we'll be seeing both of them around a lot. Welcome to the Champions Club Lindsey!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Katie Shakes with Jennifer Banet's laugh.