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New Graduate: Bewick

The string of pull-up graduations continue with our good friend Nick Bewick. He's been working on this one for a bit, and during the warmup of the five thirty session this afternoon his first pull-up finally came through!

Keep it going bro! Next up is the handstand!

New Graduate: Baby Jacqueline

Every session needs to start somewhere, and it always take just one kid who is willing to stick around in the rough patches of the growing phase to make it work. For the Babies crew, that kid was Jacqueline Asmar. I was "was" because after the Summer she has officially graduated to our Kids session. The 11-year old has made big improvements over the past three years in the Babies session, and today she got her first full range-of-motion pull-up.

In addition, we also did deadlift rechnique today, and despite never formally doing the movement before in her life, her technique was spot-on. Check it out!

Look out for this youngster in the banners a few Summers from now! But in the meantime, keep up the good work Jacqueline!

New Graduate: Jay

I always find writing these post about veterans kind of weird because they're usually reserved for things dine early in a CrossFit career, but Jay got one last night. At the warmup of the 6:30 session, he said, "think I can do a strict bar muscle-up?" We kinda shrugged so he tried it and actually got one pretty clean. When I went back a minute later and grabbed the camera, he tried another one. Here's how it looked.

Not as good as the first one, but still counts! For the past year and some change, Jay's been keeping things going as consistently as any college-aged kid I cam remember. I think we can all expect the same slow, gradual upward trajectory for a long time. Keep up the good work brother!

New Graduates: Alexis and Coach Casey

Two new Graduations to announce coming from yesterday. First up is Summer rookie Alexis Anthes. She started the workout yesterday by doing half-climbs and as the 20 minutes progressed, her technique improved. So I had her try a full climb and she nailed it!

Then later on at the 5:30 session, Coach Casey was one of the few athletes actually doing the warmup - like the dedicated athlete he is - and on his first pull-up attempt he got up there with ease. I did a double-take to make sure that was actually his first one, and it turned out it was. So I grabbed the camera and got one for the official records.

Keep up the good work both of you!

New Graduate: Evan

We had pull-ups in most of the warmups this week, and I would venture a guess that the one athletes who takes this more seriously than anyone else is new kid Evan Pugh. He's been really close to getting his first one, trying double and triple kips but not quite able to get his beard over the bar.

On Tuesday, that changed. He got his first pull-up!

Since then I've seen him get two in a row. He's been one ofour most improved athletes since his arrival, and I'm excited to see what he does the rest of the fall. Keep up the good work Evan!

New Graduate: Lindsey on Campus

Just got this video earlier today with the caption, "Form aside, is this a pushup??"

Looks good in my book! And for being "bad form" according to her, I would say even better. Keep up the good work as school Lindsey!

New Graduate: Mrs. Nevarez

Speaking of our rookies, this morning at the 10 am session, Mrs. Nevarez got her first pull-up in front of the group and her kids!

Keep setting a great example for your family! Also, free True Moo chocolate milk to anyone who convinces her to stick around for the fall!