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Entries in new graduate (203)

New Graduate: Danielle

On Sunday afternoon Danielle Worden finished her final day of Fundamentals with a fast time on a modified Helen; 6:40 with a 200m run, 12k, and ring rows. In retrospect, I would've had her do the full 400m runs each round. We'll know for next time!

Danielle had a very impressive Fundamentals program from my perspective. We ended up condensing the usual 7 sessions into 5 because of her background training with Coach T. The things she was having the most difficult time with was the skill aspect of some of the movements like kipping dips, kipping pull-ups, and Pose running. On the other hand, Danielle has a good base of strength and technique that will definitely accelerate her learning curve should her attendance stay consistent. She was also easy to coach in the sense that she asked really good questions and seemed genuinely interested in learning the "why"behind the material. The drive will definitely be a challenge, but if anyone can make it work it's Danielle. I have a feeling she'll be a great addition to the Champions Club.

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Amy Potter with Rachale Kroll's politeness

New Graduate: Mrs. Fitz's HSPU Chronicles

Reminder - don't forget you guys can still vote for Mel's thing here. I think tomorrow is the last day.

Yo kids, this one has been a long time coming, but Mrs. Fitz has been working on getting her first handstand push-up for at least a month. In fact, I even put the ultimatum down and said she couldn't get her Summer shirt until she got the hspu. Well, while I was coaching the 10 am session this morning, I heard a YELP from the wall behind me. Shakes and Mrs. Fitz both confirmed it happened, so the camera was retrieved and we got video proof.

Here's the mashup of all her attempts plus the final one.

New Graduate: Conor

Mrs. Fitz has been putting in some background work trying to get her first handstand push-up for a few days now. She had a few good attempts this evening at the 5:30 mobility session, and when Conor saw his mom get so close, he felt the pressure. After the session, he got his first handstand push-up!

While he got a minor bump on the graph for this, his mother still ranks ahead of him in athleticism. But still, keep the milestones coming Conor!

New Graduates: Andre and Josh

Almost on cue with yesterday's introduction post, we had two graduations at the 10 am session this morning. After the workout we were practicing rope climb technique and both Josh Howey and Andre Saffar got their first one in the books!

Both kids have been progressing very well in their short time with the group. Hopefully this continues through the rest of the Summer as Josh goes into football and Andre goes into Cross Country.

New Graduate: Sophia

This morning we had a small 10 am session and were therefore able to fine-tune some coaching points on movements we don't always get to. One of those is the rope climb, and incoming 7th grader Sophia Dawkins got her first complete one on her first attempt. Check it out.

Keep up the good work kiddo! Be on the lookout for the 10 am intro post soon.

New Graduate: Pat (Again)

Reminder: Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup workout tomorrow at 9 am!

Last night after max effort deadlifts Pat was messing around on the rings and ended up doing two legit ring dips in a row... his first two of his CrossFit career.

New Graduate: Conor

Hidden behind the goofy antics, habit of sleeping in, and quiet Panic-from-Hercules mannerisms, Conor Fitzgerald might be the most athletic kid out of our new generation of goobers. He was away for most of last week with wraastling camp, but this week he has been consistent with his attendance.

Yesterday at the mobility session, we were practicing some muscle-up progressions before the session started, and it turned into this:

Great job Conor! Keep up the good work! Be on the lookout for his repulsive short shorts at this Saturday's 80's workout.