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New Graduate: Woorden

Yesterday at the 5:30 session Danielle "Woorden" Worden got her first ring dip during the warmup.

Danielle has been really on point with her workouts the past month or so, which is perfect timing for the Powerlifting season coming up. We'll keep you posted on her meets.

Good work kiddo!

New Graduate: Joel

I jusr realied I'm a week late on this, but Joel Botardo finished his final Fundamentals session and is set to jump in with his brother Jonah, teammate Dylan, and the rest of the Champions Club group.

What's the difference between Joel and his brother you ask? Other than the two years separating them, pretty much nothing in terms of physical ability. Joel's got tight hips, kinda tight shoulders, and a really good blend of overall atheticism that hopefully will be put on display for years to come at the Champions Club.

Welcome aboard my man.

Ghosts of Champions Club not-too-distant past: Jonah

New Graduate: Danielle

In early June, Danielle said she had the goal to get a handstand by the end of Summer. It ended up happening later that day.

In late October I told her to start working towards a handstand push-up; she said it was never going to happen. After today's 4:30 session she stuck around to get some more practices and after about 20 attempts she nailed it!

Great work Woorden!

New Graduate: Schornack

This was a bummer because of how unexpected it was. Usually first rope climbs are cool to see at least from the halfway point. But during the warmup of yesterday's 4:30 pm session, Danielle Schornack started her leg wrap then kept climbing, and climbing, and climbing, until she suddenly found herself at the top! Shannon grapped her phone and caught the tail end.

Good work missy! Next up is your pull-up.


New Graduate: Mrs. Tara

Tara Colussi has been off-and-on so far this fall (usually more off than on) with having to cart the kids around and participating in a 6-week bootcamp her friends challenged her to. But rumor is her draft stock is back on the up-and-up. Yesterday's workout was a great showing for her, but the real highlight came during the warmup when she got her first rope climb!

Great job Mrs. Tara! I mean, Coach Casey did get his first rope climb like 5 months ago, but you keep doing your thing!

New Graduate: Mrs. Vickie

Yesterday in the early afternoon, Vickie Miranda finished her 6th and final Fundamentals session doing Helen in 10:59, modified with a 200m run, 8k swings, and ring rows.

Mrs. Vickie came into Fundamentals with her two daughters, but with a few scheduling conflicts I decided to get her finished while I can and keep working with Eirene and Alicia. Though it doesn't look like it, Mrs. Vickie is not in good cardiovascular shape; running the length of the parking lot gets her winded. But yesterday we made some really good strides in the right direction. She caught onto Pose running right away - which I did on the final day this time - and ended up making it on all three 200m runs without walking. Once we can get her attendance on point, I'm sure we'll see everything else follow the same uptick.

There's an athlete hidden in here somewhere. And I'm really excited to introduce this new mom to the Champions Club and see her set a great example for the rest of her family.

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Shaka with Mrs. Kroll's personality

New Graduate: Jonah

This afternoon Jonah Botardo finished his last day of Fundamentals with a modified Helen: 6:28 with 200m runs, 16k kettlebell, and ring rows.

It was apparent on his first day that Jonah was going to be a very easy athlete to coach as far as technique goes, and that held true all the way through today - where we combined Pose running and unweighting. In fact, I will say Jonah is the most advanced New Kid on the Block we've had come in since Ashley Fry in 2016. Dips, kipping, Pose running, handstands, and kb swings were all picked up right on the spot. The only thing I would say is a noticeable weakness is his midline strength; he fatigues on hollow holds and rocks quicker than I would expect. He's got a perfect CrossFit build, but that won't help him on the basketball court, so this freshman has a lot of work ahead of him to reach his goal of playing college basketball. But I have to say he's off to a great start!

Ghosts of Champions Club Past: a polite, well-mannered JZ