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Behind the Champion with Erica

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New Graduate: Mrs. Demonaco

This morning Mrs. Demonaco finished her 7th and final Fundamentals session. Since it was cold and icy, we opted for Fran instead of Helen, and she used 12-lb. dumbbells and ring rows, and her time was 6:09.

Over the course of our sessions, Mrs. Demonaco showed really good coordination and body control, which were highlighted the most with Pose running and Unweighting. The upper-body strength and conditioning definitely what need the most work, but her coordination coupled with her surprisingly good mobility should prove to accelerate her improvement rate. With her daughter, Emma, in our regular group and son, Adam, in the Babies session, I'm sure we can expect them to keep their mother up on her attendance. The Champions Club has always been known as a family atmosphere, and with Mrs. Demonaco now in the mix we are just reinforcing that.

Welcome to the Champions Club Mrs. Demonaco!

Sunday Highlights + New Graduate

We had 13 kids at the "Babies" session today, and like 4 of them were over over 10 years old... so maybe we need a new name for the Babies session. Anyway, we introduced a few new contests and the favorite by far was the classic Throw The Med Ball Over The Coaches. Our system for the workouts have been effective too; three stations, 15 seconds per station, 3 rounds or so until they lose interest.

We also have a new member to the crew: Adam Demonaco, the younger brother of recent Fundamentals graduate Emma Demonaco (aka EmD, or Doc). He got his first rope climb this afternoon, and you can see it at the end of the video.

New Graduate: Bewick's First Push-up

Just a heads up kids: normal session times even if there is snow day tomorrow (Tuesday)

Just a heads up kids: normal session times even if there is snow day tomorrow (Tuesday)

Just a heads up kids: normal session times even if there is snow day tomorrow (Tuesday)

During Fundamentals towards the end of last month, Nick Bewick came in on Day 1 about as far away from a push-up as one would expect a 30-something year old manboy. But after the second day his brain was making the connection to his body on the correct movement pattern, and I though he actually was going to get his first push-up within a month. Welp, today was that day!

Like a first pull-up or rope climb, Nick's push-up was not the prettiest, but he went shoulders first, kept elbows in and didn't let his chest or legs hit.

Good job Nick!

New Graduate: Nick Bewick

Yesterday morning Nick Bewick finished his final day of Fundamentals with a great effort on Helen: 9:45 with a 200m run, 12k kettlebells, and ring rows.

Nick has been by far one of the most entertaining athletes to go through Fundamentals in recent memory. From his Star Wars shirts, to his sarcastic remarks, to his offerings of pounds of roasted coffee and raspberry cream pie, I have enjoyed every minute he's been in. I did his New Kid post pretty late in the process, but it became even more apparent yesterday that his skill and coordination were up to par based on how well he picked up on Unweighting with the Olympic lifts. On the other hand, his upper back is as stiff as a board, so that doesn't help with anything involving the shoulders. And with consistent attendance we should see a pretty quick increase in his strength and conditioning. Look for Nick at the 4:30 session coming right from across the street.

Congratulations Nick!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Tom Trastevere with a healthy amount of WSU coach Mike Leach

New Graduate: Izzy

Izzy Barone finished her 7th and final Fundamentals session yesterday with Helen; a perfect pre-Thanksgiving workout. Since she is a runner, we did full 400m runs, along with 12k swings and ring rows. She finished with an impressive 8:25.

If it seems like I just did Izzy's New Kid post, it's because I just did; since she's signed up she only missed two days. Like all the runners we've had come through here, Izzy need major improvement on her midline strength. The good news is her upper body and lower body strength are not too far off what most girls come in with. Of course, her strong suite is her endurance, and this will help in our workouts. And skill-wise she was able to pick up on running, Olympic lifts, and even got her first-ever rope climb on Day 4!

Be on the lookout for Izzy at one of the evening sessions with the rest of her Cross Country teammates. And congratulations on finishing Fundamentals!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: a polite Amy Potter

New Graduate: Mr. Auggie

Yesterday (or two days ago, by the time you probably read this) we had rope climbs in the warmup, and I begged, pleaded, and bargained as best I could, but Mr. Auggie refused to climb all the way up. I offered him a month of free passes on the rope if he hit the top for the warmup, and he wasn't budging. Today we found his weak spot: the other moms and dads.

Today during the warmup I told Mr. Auggie everyone could skip the warmup run if he did a full rope climb. We got it!

Congratulations on your first (and probably only ever) rope climb!

New Graduate: Maddison

This morning, Maddison DeBattista finshed her last day of Fundamentals with an 8:51 effort on a modified Helen with a 200m run, 12k kettlebells, and ring rows.

As I mentioned before, Maddison came in with a great background from being a part of Shannon's cross country team. As she progressed through Fundamentals, she took a little while to catch on to kipping, jump ropes, and the coordination for hollow rocks. But much to my surprise, she had a great Pose running session, and picked up on unweighting very quickly as well.

Maddison finished up her cross country season last week, so she graduated from Fundamentals just in time for a good winter (and hopefully spring) of work. Look for her to be a good addition to our high school crew!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: an endurance(ish) version of EP