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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup - Saturday at 10 am!

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New Graduate: Evan

This evening, Evan Pugh doubled up and finished his last two fundamentals sessions. He was just getting over being sick over the weekend, and still managed to put in a solid effort on Helen.

As I wrote before, Evan comes from Coach T's old philosophy on training movement, and has done a good job adjusting to new techniques. He's not quite as inflexible as I assumed he would be, and nor is he deconditioned. He picked up on both Pose running and unweighting very quickly and allowed us to combine both into his final session. His most glaring weakness is his pulling strength from an upper body perspective. But he's got a solid base to build off going forward with the rest of the Summer. Look for him at the evening sessions!

Ghosts of Champions Club Past: Jack Trastevere or Josh Howey's dad

Does it Count: Triple Pull-up Edition

Yesterday we had quite a few New Graduates with Josie and Jen Ash's double unders, the entire 10 am session got their first rope climb, and in the afternoon we had three near pull-ups at the 4:30 session: Coach Casey (who is sometimes called ManCasey, Mrs. Tara (his loving and supportive wife), and Nick Bewick. Check it out!

Do they count? Is this just their way of showing their jealousy at Mr. Bennis and his lofty, resume'-worthy Athlete of the Week award? You guys make the call.

New Graduate: Mr. Bennis

The reigning Athlete of the Week just got another boost to the ego. While going over rope climb modifications during the 4:30 session, Mr. B was the demo for the modified rope pull-up, and performed one with very little of a jump. Both me and Erica looked at each other and instantly said, "It looks like he's got a pull-up in him!" So I grabbed the camera and applied peer pressure:

New Graduate: Bewick

Peer pressure is fantastic, and Nick Bewick has really been ducking his first rope climb for a minute. So at the 4:30 session, I put him on the spot and he showed off what he's been capable of for probably three months now. He got his first rope climb!

What would have been even sweeter is if I actually posted this when it happened. This video is from like the first or second day of Summer. I am ashamed.

But still, Nick you have been steady improving since Day 1. Keep it going and I will not forget about posting your first handstand or first pull-up.

New Graduate: Jalen

This afternoon at the 4:30 session, Jalen Lucas got his first rope climb during the first round of the warmup.

Jalen is one of those kids who looks like he gets stronger and more coordinated every time he steps in the gym. The trick has been actually getting him in the gym. He had a good stretch going about two weeks ago, then went a week and some change without showing up. I know he’s in the middle of changing schools and has responsibilities with summer football and basketball programs, but once he gets his attendance up we’re gonna see a lot of good things from this kid.

Keep working my man!

New Graduate: Josie

Senior Tribute 2018 will be released tomorrow at 6 pm. It is co-written by Danielle and Carter the Blob.

This evening, Josie Junkin finished her last Fundamentals session. She ran full 400s, did 8k on kettlebells, and ring rows, timing out at 9:48.

Josie did 7 days straight for her sessions, and really came a long way on her coordination and technique. Like most runners, she is lacking midline control and did a lot of work on fixing it during hollow rocks, deadlifts, and jump ropes. Cleans came pretty well today, as did Pose running yesterday. She definitely still has the endurance from her running background, now we just need to add in the strength and coordination. Look out for the last of the Junkins to join the 6:30 pm session. And my gut instinct is shemight have the best attendance out of all of them. Take notes Draft Captains. Welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Katie Bromm

New Graduate: Mr. Maslowski

Yesterday morning, Mr. Maslowski finished his 7th and final Fundamentals session with a 8:16 effort on Helen, modified with 200m runs, 12k kettlebells, and ring rows.

Mr. Maslowski is our second-to-last of the New Kids invasion we had this spring (Josie's New Graduate post coming soon) and is in line with Mr. Bennis and Coach Casey as immediate fits into our philosophy and culture. Like the latter, he surprised me with how out of shape he was; he moves well and looks like an athlete (he played college baseball at Adrian), but maaaaaann his wind catches up to him after like 3 squats. This guy is totally on board, though, and it's great to see: his nutrition is much improved already and so is his conditioning. And based on my interactions with him as a dad to Avery and Drew, he seems like a guy who just "gets it" when it comes to kids sports and his own health. I'm excited to have him on board just in time for Summer 2018. Welcome to the Champions Club!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Mr. Z demeanor with Coach Casey fitness