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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer!

See schedule here.

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Spray Paint and Ink Pens

First off, shout out to my dad for helping me pick the color and texture of the paint, as well as doing most of the skilled work when it came to actually painting the floor.

Secondly, I thought it would be a cool idea to let you guys spray paint your name or something similar in a small spot on the floor. We have a couple of bottles left from the scopes and such, but I don't know how long they will last. Especially since The Freaks and Fry used up a decent amount last night.

As of now, it's available to mark your territory after the 9 am session or after the 6:30 pm session. Just ask permission.

Beast Mode: College Freaks

The Freaks are in college now, let that sink in for a minute.

Ricky Carey and crew just finished their first collegiate year and are now back at the Champions Club for the Summer. The 9 am session from last Tuesday featured Slick, Elizabeth Banet, David Saporito, Katie Shakes, and Mrs. Fitz. They put in a great performance on the wallball/box jump ladder. Check it out.

Pics of the Week Go Waaaaaayyy Back

You may be wondering what caused Ricky Carey and Elizabeth Banet to burst out in uncontrollable laugh on Thursday...

Well, earlier in the day my dear mother was digging through some old boxes and found a envelope of cards that were made for me. Apparently when I was a freshman in high school we had to do a service project every Wednesday by going to visit different schools in the area and helping the kids read and do math stuff.

I was stationed at Guardian Angels and as luck would have it, there were some familiar names in the mix.

Other names in the card mix include Elizabeth Banet, Hannah Kimmel, Connor Moore, and Austin Richard. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw these and thought about the fact that I had no idea who these kids were at the time.

From the Vault: Father vs. Son

Two Summers ago the 7 pm session saw Mr. Carey and Ricky going head to head in a running and push press workout. Mr. C put the heat on his son at the start, but after a few rounds Ricky pulled away.

Running and push presses are a sneaky combo, especially when done at a high intensity. In fact, they should be coming up soon...

(Yet Another) Where in the World is the Champions Club: Ricky

Not to be outdone by Lauren, Ricky Carey has also left the country. Before he leaves the Champions Club for college at (!!!!), everyone's favorite ladies man headed off to Krákow, Poland. He'll be there for week or two for World Youth Day, which is pretty much where all the baby Catholics go and the Pope tells them they are awesome. 

If you haven't seen much of Ricky yet this summer, make sure you do when he gets back. He'll be heading back off to Central Michigan in less than a month! The babies are growing up...

Senior Tribute 2016 - by, Erika Banet

by, Erika Banet

It is that time of year again when all of our high school seniors graduate and become big boys and girls.  After years of being part of the Champions Club, I have become acquainted with most of the people here, but especially with the Class of 2016 (all eight of them!) mostly because my own grade consisted of Master P and myself for the majority of the time.  (For the record, Ricky only had to write about two people so I definitely already beat him HA).  But without further adieu, here are some congratulations to our seniors, the Class of 2016…

Ricky (Rick, Slick, Slick Rick, Richard, etc.)

The Chunk and Chris - October 2011

Ricky joined the Champions Club as a little chunk (literally like that little guy from the Goonies) far before most of us even knew it was a thing. You could probably find Ricky snatching heavy weight with his insane shoulder flexibility or partaking in weird obnoxious conversations with myself or anyone in the gym for that matter.


Aaron A

Ion - December 2011

Aaron has also been here before my time.  You will always know when he is in the box based on the music that is playing aka he probably has one of the best playlists out of all of us.  He also sets the bar for being one of the nicest people at the gym.


Hannah Kimmel (Lil Kim)

Lil Kim - April 2012

Hannah Kimmel will probably go down in Champions Club history as being one of the sassiest 9 am’ers.  I will always remember walking into the 10 am session of my first summer here when we would have to wait for the 9 am session to finish up their workouts.  All that I would think was how impressed I was of their workout, especially Hannah!



Pudge - first day at the new building. June 2012

Abby (or Pudge) is definitely just like her mom when it comes to her personality at the box.  She’s always very sweet and very easy to spark a conversation with, no matter who you are.  The Champions Club atmosphere is definitely a lot different when she’s around!



Alyssa - February 2014

Alyssa Jabara seems to have been a prodigy of sorts… Alyssa Jabara doing Alyssa Jabara things.  From the day Alyssa started during the Mott rush, she seemed  to have fit like a glove (pun intended) with the community. Even with the workouts from the start, she stayed on top of her game with great numbers.



Collin - July 2013

Whenever I think of Collin, he is always “the Baseball Kid”. At the box, I always see him wearing his uniform or coming straight from practice to mobilize (or get out of workouts cough cough).  There are the people at the box who dislike max efforts, and there are also those people who absolutely love max efforts, and Collin is definitely one of them.  He seems to always PR or do something big with lifts.



JZ and Jacqueline before "JZ and Jacqueline" - September 2013

In all honesty, when I first went to write this I forgot JZ was even a senior. I genuinely thought he was older so I guess that is a compliment to him in a way. But JZ is also lowkey sassy and by lowkey I actually mean highkey. He is definitely right up there with Hannah. He is also one of our baseball kids at the box that comes from his games and practices to just hang out (lazy, I know).



Biff - Summer 2013. Katie Bromm was the superstar this year, but Elizabeth was two years in the making

Last but not least is my sister Elizabeth aka Biff.  Biff is definitely one of the most disciplined people I have ever known.  She is always super hard on herself both in workouts and in school, or even anything else for that matter.  And if anyone hasn’t seen the video of her lip syncing to Kelly Clarkson, I strongly recommend. That one totally beats all of her extreme workout videos on the site.  


It will definitely be very different with these seniors leaving for the first time from the box, not only because of the amount of them, but also because of their known personality as a group.  This group is definitely one of the closest-knit group of seniors at the box, but  it is obvious that when they all get together again at the box, it will be as if nothing has changed (just that they all have a significantly small amount of money in their bank account in comparison to before).  Congratulations to all the Champions Club Seniors of 2016!

Erika and her crew. May 2014

Pic(s) of The Week: The Kids Cleaning Up

It's graduation and prom season, so we have a plethora of pictures showing the Champions Club kids in something...gasp..other than shorts and cut-offs. First we have Ricky "The Stallion" Carey with one of his many lady acquaintances before Bishop Foley's prom.

Then we move over to Warren Mott High School where we have several Champions Club athletes pictured after their graduation ceremonies. Here's classmates Alyssa Jabara and Elizabeth Banet.

And here's Elizabeth with her long-time arm candy pal Collin Skorupski.

Finally, we get to Stephenson High School's prom, where Jacqueline was nice enough to serve as JZ's date. It's always nice to see our kids doing charity (Ooooo burn).

For real though, you guys are awesome and we owe you a "Congrats grad!". Once you get done with all the ceremonies and parties we can't wait to see you for the summer of 2016.