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Lifts 4 Gifts 2017, 9 am Sat. December 16 @ The Champions Club

See details here.


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From the Vault: Hero Workout, 2016

Summer 2016 was definitely the hottest one we have ever witnessed at the Champions Club. It was also the Summer that Katie Shakes asserted herself at the top of our ranks. She was part of the small 9 am session on June 16 of that year, along with Sabal, Elle, and 2013 Athlete of the Summer, Katie Bromm.

It is not often we extend workouts past the 20-minute time range, but on this day we blew past that with the hero workout "1775". This one included cleans, squats, and the infamous running with plates/bars, and lasted for 40 minutes.

Here's the highlights from that session.

Pic of the Week/Bye Bye Sabal

While this time of year is normally littered with our college kids going back to school, we have a non-college kid that will be out for a few months. Unfortunately this kid is Aaron Sabal.

According to everything I have heard, this is more of a TTFN than an Bye Bye; Sabal is doing some doctor work where, I believe, he has to rotate around the state at different hospitals for one reason or another. He will be in St. Joseph and other places around the state of Michigan that are not within driving distance of the Champions Club - which is actually saying a lot for him. Sabal rivals Kroll is the furthest drive competition, but for the next few months he'll be trying to hit workouts somewhere by his hospital. He said he plans to be back around these parts come January.

The Nerd has been an absolute gem for the Champions Club since he joined just in time for Summer 2014. He's been extremely easy to coach for me and, along with Matt Fecht, is probably the best at communicating their goals and thoughts. His highlight so far, no doubt, was winning Athlete of the Winter '15-'16, but he's had a ton of Beast Modes to add to the mix. As with any of our star members, Sabal is also an integral part for our community; he always goes out of his way to introduce himself to new people, has tried to bring in multiple athletes in the gym, and has that Mr. Wonsil/Elizabeth ability to strike up conversations with anyone of any age in any session.

He also might be Mr. Wonsil's son. So yeah...

For real though, the Champions Club will always keep chugga-chuggin along, but we'll definitely have a missing piece for a few months. On Friday, a big crew took Sabal to DQ to celebrate/mourn/whatever people do at social get-togethers.

Once the picture uploading thing gets fixed, this will be included in the August '17 Daily WODs gallery. Also, rumor has it Conor has two large Blizzards at this event. Wow...

Sabal, you are probably driving down some highway listening to Radio Disney right now, but keep up with the site, keep up with the crew, and represent the Champions Club well doing your doctor thing. Catch ya soon!

Theme Workout Announcement: Army

Every Summer we try to bring back a Theme workout from the past; this Summer, by the request of Elizabeth Banet, we are bringing back the Army workout from Summer 2014.

In the old CrossFit Journal printouts, they used to feature "The Grinder" section, which was a team workout designed for Army members stationed overseas to do with minimal and improvised equipment. The test run we did in 2014 went well, so we're going to try it out again on Saturday at 9 am with a few modifications.

Hope to see you there!

Shark Week/Hawaiian Workout Recap

For the 4th Summer in a row, we combined two classic theme workouts: Shark Week and Hawaiian. We had a small turnout this morning, and unfortunately is was an odd number, so I was forced into service alongside the uninspiring and unflattering attire of Chris Binno.

I have always thought this was the toughest of all the theme workouts, and the sharking relay is a main culprit. This year we followed the same format as 2016: one minute at each of the 4 stations (we added the push jerk/press to Limbo Lifts) and 2 minutes on the Shark Relay. For the second week in a row, Aaron Sabal came out on the winning team, this time with Conor.

No doubt Conor was counting by two's, but I guess that's what they gotta do to win. The full results can be seen here. We will still be having at least 2 more theme workouts coming for the rest of the Summer. Maybe more. Be on the lookout!

80's Theme Workout Recap

The 7th installment of the 80's Theme Workout took place earlier this morning and, well, we have a winner...

After Mr. Wonsil walked through the door, there was very little attention paid to reps completed, movement technique, or anything unrelating to those fantastic calves and pale thighs. But for the sake of tradition we did our best to count reps and such, and it turns out Sabal and Reggie came out on top!

Full workout results can be seen here. And full photo gallery here. And full-body pics of Mr. Wonsil will now be in the dreams of every single mom that reads our website.

Great job to everyone who showed up today! Be on the lookout for another theme workout next weekend. Should be extra dangerous!

Coach's Corner: Feet Together on Jump Ropes

Jumping with your feet together can definitely be a hassle sometimes. I distinctly remember a Summer 2014 incident where Jesse Junkin just about ran out of the gym frustrated after a few missed attempts of double unders w/ foam in the feet.

The concept of blocking movement is set in place so you can go faster and more smoothly without having to worry about your position; the blocking keeps the position good for you.

When looking at jump ropes, we honestly could not care less about your ability to make a rope go under your feet; that point needs to be clear. What we do care about is your ability to leave the ground and land back down repeatedly in a good position so you will be set up for both safety and longer endurance. For this reason, we require feet together on jump ropes - it forces the feet to stay straight and knees to track out (or at least not in). Have a look at our 8:30 session.

Rachael Kroll, bless her, has put up with a very interesting week capped by arriving at the doctor's office at 5:45 am on Friday only to find out her surgery to remove bunions on her feet would have to be pushed back because the doctor basically slept in. So while she is still waiting for the surgery, I allowed her to jump with feet apart because her bunions hurt to the touch. She tried to keep the knees out and still could not met the standard. Sabal and Shakes were able to keep feet together and their knees reflected it.

Stay patient peeps! This is a long process and a difficult habit to break (Mr. Carey!) It will be more efficient in the long term.

Goon and Goblin Resurgence 2/6

Very simple yet controversial topic from Jacob the goon.

Would you rather be smart or handsome*?

*I suppose you could include being "pretty" if you are a female/Sabal.