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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup - Saturday at 10 am!

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Graduation Weekends for Sabal and the Ellsworths

We were without Arlene and Reggie for the past weekend because they were out celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary. Arlene sent some retro pictures to the DropBox.

I also got a text this morning that Sabal officially graduated from Doctor School and got to walk at the ceremony last Thursday!

Be on the looks for Reggie and Arlene back in the gym this week, and Sabal on the workout comments in Build a Champion.

Pics of the Week: Planet Rock

As part of Sabal's going-away... we can't really call it a "celebration", but maybe a memento... Katie Shakes organized a Planet Rock field trip with some of our regular crew, and they even ran into Nate Dogg (who works there now), and Pierce and Cassidy from the Babies session.

Bonus footage of Jay and Shakes attempting the 50-ft. rope climb was even caught on film.

A Short, Unofficial, Probably C+ Literary Analysis of "You're Only Old Once" by, Dr. Seuss

I was at my grandma's last week and while rummaging through the basement I came across a Dr. Seuss book not only I hadn't seen there before, but also never heard of before.

It's called You're Only Old Once (A Book for Obsolete Children) and it was given to my grandma and grandpa as a 1986 Christmas present, as was written by my cousins Jordan and Troy on the inside title page.

I decided to read it on the spot and, to me, it seemed the book was so far ahead of its time when it comes to health and fitness that I wanted to share it here. Subject-verb or tense agreement has never been my strong-suit, but the way this book jumps around probably made it worse for my writing than usual. And I'm sure you'll find a few typos and spelling errors as usual. Either way, hope you enjoy.


One day you will read

in the National Geographic

of a faraway land with no smelly bad traffic.

In those green-pastured mountains

of Fotta-fa-Zee

everybody feels fine

at a hundred and three

I have heard many times from many different sources that the human body is designed to last anywhere from 110-120 years. When I hear Reggie - or even worse, Cory - talking about "Man, Chris, I'm getting old" it's annoying because, according to simple math even a former Marygrove student could understand, this is not true.

'cause the air that they breathe

is potassium-free

and because they chew nuts

from the Tutt-a-Tutt tree.

This gives strength to their teeth,

and length to their hair,

and they live without doctors,

with nary a care

Clean air, no pollution, and a diet of normal food keeps people healthy and out of the doctor's office.

And you'll find yourself wishing that you were out there

in Fotta-fa-Zee and not here in this chair

in the Golden Years Clinic on Century Square

for Spleen Readjustment and Muffler Repair

As the poor old man enters in the office, he is put through an array of tests. And just when he tries to walk out after his initial eye exam, more doctors come corral him in to ask him about his medical history, his family's medical history, and the possible causes (alphabet soup and martinis being the main culprit).

Then the physical exams begin, and before he knows it, he's stripped down bare while "The Oglers have blossomed like Roses in May! / And silently, grimly, they ogle away." What I love about this mostly is their wellness meter. Doctor's and other medical people use big, Latin words and confusing abbreviations with numerical values attached to them, when everything is really boiled down to: are you good, bad, or so-so?

What those Oglers have learned

they're not ready to tell.

Clinicians don't spout

their opinions pell-mell.

This is even more relevant now considering how much has been discovered about the conflicts of interest and connections major medical corporations have had with big food companies like Kellogs, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi.

Soon the old man is beckoned back into the test rooms where he undergoes an earwax exam and a very entertaining hearing test, then gets promptly picked up by Whelden the Wheeler with his VIP wheelchair status, and wheeled straight down Stethoscope Row.

So I'm sure you'll be simply delighted to hear

that in the Internal Organ Olympics last year

Doctors Schmidt, Smoot, Sinatra, Sylvester, and Fonz

won fifteen gold medals,

nine silver,

six bronze!

Awards in the medical field must be difficult to determine because the success of a doctor should be based on how infrequently your patient has to see you. For instance, if a family went to Sabal a few years from now with a blood pressure problem and his advice was so effective that they didn't have to see him again for another year for a routine check-up, then he should be recognized for that. Not for how precise he is with his scalpel.

Next our old man heads to the allergy room, where he is tested for just about everything imaginable.

He will check your reactions to thumbtacks and glue,

catcher's mits, leaf mold, and cardigans too,

nasturtiums and marble cake, white and blue chalks,

anthracite coal and the feathers of hawks.

Also corn on the cob. Also buffalo grease

and how you react when you're stared at by geese

After the allergy room, next up is the stress test by Van Ness and the food test with the Diet-Devising Computerized Sniffer. Then it's off to feet, fungus, freckles, shins, and tantrums. When our old man has had a full-body and symptom analysis, the best part begins: pill prescriptions!

When at last we are sure

you've been properly pilled,

then a few paper forms

must be properly filled

so that you and your heirs

may be properly billed.

This says it all. And apparently it's the final straw for our old man, because instead of finishing the paperwork he decides to leave the doctor's office and just live the way he wants to, and seems perfectly fine with his decision.

And you'll know 

once you're necktie's

back under your chin

and Norval has waved you

Godspeed with his fin

you're in pretty good shape

for the shape you are in!

Dr. Seuss is my favorite author, followed by JK Rowling, Brian and BiSB from MGoBlog, and myself of course. What I love the most about his books is their elegance and artistry.

Art is reducing a body of work so that only the essentials remain and nothing can be subtracted from it any further. For example, The House-Elf Liberation Front chapter of Goblet of Fire could probably be subtracted from it without losing much from the book. And when I look at a lot of my editorials - especially the older ones - I notice how much of it could be condensed and simplified. Pat Sherwood talked about elegance in CrossFit workouts and coaching, and Dr. Seuss is the epitome of that in writing. He gives just enough words to convey a flow, rhythm, and feeling, but not too much where a 5 year-old, or college dropout couldn't digest it. I've always marveled at that; what I didn't know was how much insight he had on the American Health System. You could read an entire journal of medical jargon and corrupted studies, or you could read You're Only Old Once! The former will confuse you, and the latter will enlighten you. Your choice.

The Egg Poll

This week's poll comes courtesy of Sabal from a few weeks ago, surely inspired by Binno's sinful breakfast.

How do you like your eggs cooked?

Hard boiled? Deviled? Scrambled? Omelette? Fried? Raw in a cup? Egg McMuffin?

From the Vault: Hero Workout, 2016

Summer 2016 was definitely the hottest one we have ever witnessed at the Champions Club. It was also the Summer that Katie Shakes asserted herself at the top of our ranks. She was part of the small 9 am session on June 16 of that year, along with Sabal, Elle, and 2013 Athlete of the Summer, Katie Bromm.

It is not often we extend workouts past the 20-minute time range, but on this day we blew past that with the hero workout "1775". This one included cleans, squats, and the infamous running with plates/bars, and lasted for 40 minutes.

Here's the highlights from that session.

Pic of the Week/Bye Bye Sabal

While this time of year is normally littered with our college kids going back to school, we have a non-college kid that will be out for a few months. Unfortunately this kid is Aaron Sabal.

According to everything I have heard, this is more of a TTFN than an Bye Bye; Sabal is doing some doctor work where, I believe, he has to rotate around the state at different hospitals for one reason or another. He will be in St. Joseph and other places around the state of Michigan that are not within driving distance of the Champions Club - which is actually saying a lot for him. Sabal rivals Kroll is the furthest drive competition, but for the next few months he'll be trying to hit workouts somewhere by his hospital. He said he plans to be back around these parts come January.

The Nerd has been an absolute gem for the Champions Club since he joined just in time for Summer 2014. He's been extremely easy to coach for me and, along with Matt Fecht, is probably the best at communicating their goals and thoughts. His highlight so far, no doubt, was winning Athlete of the Winter '15-'16, but he's had a ton of Beast Modes to add to the mix. As with any of our star members, Sabal is also an integral part for our community; he always goes out of his way to introduce himself to new people, has tried to bring in multiple athletes in the gym, and has that Mr. Wonsil/Elizabeth ability to strike up conversations with anyone of any age in any session.

He also might be Mr. Wonsil's son. So yeah...

For real though, the Champions Club will always keep chugga-chuggin along, but we'll definitely have a missing piece for a few months. On Friday, a big crew took Sabal to DQ to celebrate/mourn/whatever people do at social get-togethers.

Once the picture uploading thing gets fixed, this will be included in the August '17 Daily WODs gallery. Also, rumor has it Conor has two large Blizzards at this event. Wow...

Sabal, you are probably driving down some highway listening to Radio Disney right now, but keep up with the site, keep up with the crew, and represent the Champions Club well doing your doctor thing. Catch ya soon!

Theme Workout Announcement: Army

Every Summer we try to bring back a Theme workout from the past; this Summer, by the request of Elizabeth Banet, we are bringing back the Army workout from Summer 2014.

In the old CrossFit Journal printouts, they used to feature "The Grinder" section, which was a team workout designed for Army members stationed overseas to do with minimal and improvised equipment. The test run we did in 2014 went well, so we're going to try it out again on Saturday at 9 am with a few modifications.

Hope to see you there!