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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer!

See schedule here.

Entries in from the vault (75)

From the Vault: Jurassic World 2015

As the post below mentioned, every Summer we bring out Theme Workouts on certain Saturdays for our group to do. Traditionally we do the 80's. Disney, Hawaiian/Shark Week, and Harry Potter to close out.

But tradition has deemed that the first theme workout of every Summer is a new one. Last year's, Finding Dory, was really hard and also very well put-together. But I think my favorite new theme came in 2015.

Jurassic World!

This was also a tough one, especially when adding in the dinosaur attacks. As of now, I have it down to 2 options for our first theme. You guys will see soon enough...


From the Vault: Summer 2015

Be on the lookout for VJ's newest post coming out tonight.

Judging by the numbers, Summer 2015 was the best one we've ever had. And judging by the athletes, I would still say it was the best. Out college kids crowd really showed out well with the likes of Mike Morrow, Kyle Anderson, Jay Junkin, and Kasey Eason.

On most nights, this crew would gather at the 7 pm session for their workout, along with some stragglers from other sessions. Here is a late-June workout with rope climbs, dips, and GHD sit-ups.

If a few things fall into place, this Summer could shape up to rival 2015. We'll have to wait and see...

Coming Soon... Summer 2017

We are officially past the middle of May (which might be the fastest month in the history of months), and that means the Champions Club Summer 2017 is only weeks away!

The Summer is worshipped around these parts and rightfully so. Most of it can be recounted in the Summer's Eve post before 2015, but if you've been around the block you know what's in store: theme workouts, lively sessions, 90-degree weather, new toys, new rookies, and the return of faces you haven't seen in a year. This spring has already gotten off to a great start with David Saporito coming back, as well as the speculated return of a certain handsome crew.

Either way, be on the lookout for the official signup and email coming soon. And in the meantime, be sure to put a bug in the ear of people you know need it!

From the Vault: Moving up and The Feet

In October 2015 I did the Moving up... or not post that gave a good glimpse of what I look for when coaching back squats - in specific, whether to move an athlete up in weight, keep them where they are, or drop them down. Over time, I have refined this coaching technique; things I might have let go before I don't anymore and other things I have been less picky about. In the post referenced above, I used Collin and JZ as examples. Here's what they looked like:

Looking back on it now, I still would have called it the way I did. Also, I shared this with the Martins from Brand X and they said they would have as well. While this standard has stayed the same, Kelly Starrett brought up another one in last week's MWOD episode that also reminds me of a former video/post.

Coach's Corner: For All Things Pokemon and Foot Related

Looking at the arch in your foot is a great way to tell exactly what is going on upstream with the hips. We have avoided a lot of barefoot stuff recently 1) because of the weather and 2) because I have been looking for increased ROM and intensity. But I think for the next few weeks, especially for squatting, we are going to do a lot of barefoot work to help you guys get a better sense of what good torque feels and looks like. Look for a post coming soon on more specifics (I planned on one with Shakes this morning, but her lack of ability to perform bad form made it virtually worthless).

Sunday Highlights From the Vault: Football at the Park

One of the most enjoyable times I've ever had at the Champions Club was on September 13, 2015 when the parents crew went up to the park to play a competitive game of touch football at the park.

We're due for some play time with the team workout crew. When's it gonna happen?

Split Jerk From the Vault + New Guest Post

Mel's next installment of his guest post series comes out tomorrow at 5 pm. It's about handstand push-ups, and is another good one.

Split jerks are difficult lifts to begin with, and we make them even more annoying considering it is required to alternate feet. As I was going through the vault, I saw this one from Coach T in the fall 2015. With all the work we do together, I sometimes forget he trained here for a bit.

And then I came across this one: Bubs's max effort progressions from Summer 2015 with her infamous bug-stomping episode mixed in.

From the Vault: Summer Girls Go Heavy

Remember, tomorrow's mobility session is at 9 am, not 11.

The short, heavy workouts like we did today are sometimes a great way to sneak in max effort-style lifts without the general format of max effort days. Because of the nature of heavy lifts, those workout tend to be the most effective with lower reps at a shorter time frame. But every now and then, CrossFit throws a wrench in the standard. That was the case back in the Summer.

Our 9 am girls crew consisting of Bubs, Shakes, Elle, Maria, and all four Banets took on the Hero workout, "Mr. Joshua." The weight varied, but was definitely on the heavy side for all of them. Check it out.

Don't look now, but Summer's coming just around the corner. I already have an idea for the first theme workout.