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Big ups to Josh Howey and Danielle Worden!

Josh finished 4th in the state for wraastling and Danielle finished 3rd in the state for powerlifting

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Thanksgiving Workout 2018 Recap

What a session! For the second year in a row, we exceeded 30 people in attendance our annual Thanksgiving Workout. 32 was the magic number today - well, 33 if you count Saporito coming in late as usual. We made use of the turf side to host the crowded workout and once we got rolling everything went pretty smooth. 

Thanksgiving 2018 Photo Gallery

Thanksgiving 2018 Workout Results


Thanks to everyone who came out, especially Mrs. Gloria and Don! Remember, tomorrow's session times are 9 am and 5:30 pm. You all earned your cheat meals today!

Beast Mode: New Kids

Yesterday afternoon we had a few mix-ups in scheduling that ended up working to an advantage. Eirene Miranda is currently going through Fundamentals and came in around 4 to make up for a session she missed. Olivia Pinili finished Fundamentals last month, but could not make it to the mobility session, so she came in at 4:30. It turns out both girls know each other from their days on GA softball and basketball, and are both at roughly the same level in terms of fitness and technique. So we incorporated Day 2 of Fundamentals - which involves lot of jumping variations - and made it into a team workout:

3 6-minute rounds of:

3 burpees

6 box jumps

*alternate rounds with a partner.

On their second round they beat their score from the first round, so we made the third round 4:30 and reduced the burpees to 2 and box jumps to 4, seeing if they could beat their round total. Here's how it turned out:

Still a lot to work on with the technique as fatigue set in, but definitely a good job for two New Kids!

Weekend Schedule Change (Sunday)

The Workout times for Sunday will be as follows:

12 noon - Team Workout

1 pm - The Babies

2 pm - Middle School/Kids Session

Beast Mode: Parents Park Workout

On Wednesday, the parents went on a little field trip around the corner to Exchange Park to do a little improvised workout. The goal was to experience finding a way to get a good workout in with the best possible situation around you. Parks provide a great opportunity for this. Check out the highlights:

Along with the video, there is a photo gallery to go with it that can be seen here. Great job guys!

Shark Week/Hawaiian Theme Workout Recap

What a great workout this morning!

We started with a drizzle around 10 am while we were setting things up in the cars, but by the time we got to the hill all precipitation stopped unfortunately. Still, the soaked grass provided a great setting for the return of our Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup. Other than the drizzle stopping, things fell perfectly for this workout. We had 20 kids on the dot, teams paired up really well, and the sharking zone was shrinked to keep the feeding frenzy as intense as possible.

The winning team this year came from the dynamic duo of Shakes and Fry!

The shark suit did not last the entire workout for obvious reasons, but Shakes was responsible for the most shark attacks during the sharking station, which surely helped her cause. And Fry is getting back into Fry form as well. Usually we do 4 rounds of this workout, but everyone was pretty emphatic that 3 would be just fine this time around, so we kept it there. Also, shouts to 10 am rookies Emily and Abby Walker, NuNu Diattara, and Noah Heide for participating in their first Champions Club Theme Workout!

Full results can be seen here.

Photo gallery can be seen here.

Video highights...

Next week's theme will be announced in the coming days. Great job to everyone and keep this Saturday momentum going!

Theme Workout Announcement: Jurassic Smash 2.0

This weekend will mark the return of our Jurassic Smash Theme Workout, which originated back in Summer 2015 and is coming up in honor of the new Jurassic World movie that came out. A group of our kids went to see it a little over a week ago:

You can see the format for the workout here. We might be making a change or two, or maybe not, but either way you can expect a good workout.

Due to some people having work, we're going to get started with the workout right at 10 am. The gym will be open before that (probably 9:30 or so) to get anything resembling a warmup if you so desire.

Saturday Highlights: SpongeBob Theme Workout

If you were in attendance on Sunday, you were in for a real treat of a workout. Our SpongeBob Theme went down with no speed bumps and posted 19 people in attendance. Here's a video recap. Shouts to Murley for chopping it up!

Great job to everyone who showed up! Stay posted to see if we have another Theme Workout coming this Saturday...