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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in team workout (139)

Weekend Workout Schedule Update

Tradition has usually been the second Saturday in each Summer is the unveiling of a new Theme Workout. That will not be the case this weekend, we'll be just having a regular team workout. I already have the theme and general layout of our new Theme Workout, but I just want to get an idea of the numbers we'll have on Saturdays. I'll announce all the info early next week. But in the meantime, here's our weekend schedule:


10 am (team workout, non-parents)


11 am (mobility, open to everyone)

1 pm (babies)

This Saturday is locked in at 10 am and I think that will work going forward. If, for some reason, 9 would work better, let me know. I'll be asking around. Also, I'm a little lenient this week with the parents and kids separate team workout. Starting next week it will be pretty strict.


Also, the internet at the gym has been down lately, so the timing of the posts might be a little off.

Weekend Schedule 6/15-6/18

Hey kids, for this weekend only, here is the session schedule:

Today (Friday)

Normal times



9 am (babies)

10 am (team workout)



11 am (mobility for everyone, no makeup workout)



10 am (for everyone, not just rookies)

5:30 pm (for everyone, not just rookies)

On Tuesday we'll be back on track with our normal schedule.

Schedule Update: Wednesdays and Weekends

This is a reminder that this Wednesday will be our first parents-only team workout at 6:30 pm, immediately following our mobility session. We had a lot of success with this in the 2015 era, and want to bring it back on a weekday in attempts to avoid travel and such. The 5:30 pm mobility session is still on as usual, and we are also doing a 10 am mobility session. So here's the official Wednesday breakdown:


10 am - mobility/makeup

5:30 pm - mobility/makeup

6:30 pm - parents team workout

This weekend is going to be a little tricky for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and I'll let you guys know about that asap. Expect a babies and regular workout early Saturday morning, one morning one on Sunday (maybe 10 am), and two sessions on Monday (10 am and 5:30 pm). But again, I'll keep you guys posted. Normal weekends will be one session Saturday morning (kids team workout) and one session on Sunday morning (mobility/makeup for everyone). I'm definitely looking forward to this parents session, though. I hope we get a good turnout.

Bring back another pickup football game for the team workout?

Christmas Workout Results, Highlights, and Photos

Welp, this morning the Christmas crew set a Champions Club record for the most athletes in a single session. With a total of 36 in attendance (37 if you include Mrs. Fitz on the Marc Pro), we had a packed house for our 9th annual Christmas workout.

Sabal bounced quick, and is not pictured

The Thanksgiving workout proved to be a good testing grounds for the Babies crew, because they came in today calm and collective and at complete ease with our big crowd. They modified the wallballs, trading them for plate jumps, and alternated rounds on the twelve days of burpees. Otherwise they did everything as prescribed. On the big kids side of things, we had a return of Bromm, Big Kris, Lindsey, and Erika Banet. Rookies Nick Bewick, Danielle Woorden, Josh Howey, and Emma Demonaco all made their first Christmas appearance. And Erica freaking Krueger/Gibbons drove in from an hour away just to work out with us.

Speaking of the workout, we modified things a bit for the Magi Mile and Twelve Days of Burpees. For the Magi Mile, we did 30 mountain climbers instead of 45 - partly due to the even number/simplicity of it, and partially due to the mountain climber fiasco "recovery" workout from last Sunday that left the hip flexors of all 10 in attendance served medium rare (mine are still sore). And we skipped on the running and mountain climbers for the Twelve Days of Burpees and had each partner do each number of burpees.

The winning team this year was Ricky Carey and David Saporito.

With sit-ups that barely constituted "touching bands" and knee push-ups from Slick Rick, it's no surprise they pulled out the victory over Jacob and Jay. The final standings and full photo gallery can be seen below.

Christmas Workout Spectacular 2017 Results

Christmas Workout Spectacular 2017 Photo Gallery

And for good measure, we have highlights from the Twelve Days of Burpees.

Thank you guys so much for the turnout today! It really makes my day, and probably week, to see our family mesh like this. We had people like Mama V, Bubs, and Mrs. Carey in attendance who were around for the very first Christmas workout, lots of other Champions Club veterans and rookies, and including the Babies session adds a lot to the energy in the building. On top of all this, I think a special shoutout is necessary for Katie Shakes, who has done more behind the scenes to make this event run smoothly than you guys will ever know. She's the real deal, kids.

Thank you again, and tomorrow is at 11 am for anyone wanting to mobilize or make up a workout they missed. Hope to see you there. And to keep tradition, here's some happy trees and titanuim white for the soul.

Thanksgiving 2017 Recap


Thanksgiving 6.0 was a chaotic workout for sure. It's not often when The Babies being at a session don't require the most attention, but reigning Athlete of the Summer David Saporito is back for the weekend and holy pants he's like the most hyperactive 5-year old with orange spraypaint in his hair. And of course he instigates everyone else, so Big Kris (his partner) the 3x Banets, Sabal, and even Danielle were thrown into the mix of constant chatter that made giving instructions nearly impossible. But somehow, the workout still happened and it went pretty well. The whiteboard shows some discrepancy with who actually won the workout, but according to the numbers on the board Sabal and Elizabeth finished with the highest score.

Whether or not they were counting by 2's will always be a mystery, but I'm sure David will hold a permanent grudge. We totaled 26 in attendance, which included The Babies making an appearance as a test-run of sorts for the Christmas Workout Spectacular.

When it comes to the holiday/theme workouts, I would gladly put up with some mild chaos in favor of having a great turnout, and this was easily the most people we've ever had at a Thanksgiving workout. Big ups to you all for making the trip this morning, and hope to see you the rest of the weekend.

Thanksgiving 2017 Photo Gallery

Thanksgiving 2017 Workout Results

Sunday Highlights: A Small Triplet

We had a really good turnout yesterday at the team workout, including one of Danielle's friends coming to try it out and a guest appearance by the Super Gump himself, Dawson. The weather was nice enough for a run to be included, so we took advantage. I was also very impressed with how the 10 am rookies Josh Howey and Isaac Dawkins moved. Here's the highlights.

Theme Workout Announcement: Harry Potter/Bigs and Littles

The final theme workout for the Summer actually comes this Friday. As everyone knows, September 1 is the day the Hogwarts Express departs Platform 9 3/4, taking dozens and dozens of young witches and wizards to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry.

To celebrate this event, we will be hosting the Harry Potter Theme workout on Friday, instead of the usual weekend. Also, there is a good possibility this will be an individual workout as opposed to a team workout; that is still TBD. The session times for Friday are:

11 am

5:30 pm

Those have been the most populated sessions as of late, so we're just going to hold those two on Friday (and Monday, though there is no theme for Monday other than exercise to make yourself feel less guilty about eating a ton of Aunt Jeanne's cheesy potatoes).

Then this weeks starts the trend of Sunday team workouts instead of Saturday. The official time during the school year is still TBD, but for this Sunday, we will be doing a combined session with the Babies and the regular kids/parents crew (the babies parents will also be invited). We did this on Mother's Day and it turned out really well in my opinion. This time around, we will be going on Sunday at 1 pm for the Bigs/Littles Mashup.

If this is confusing to you, then it's probably because I'm all over the place with it right now. But there will be a weekend schedule post coming out tomorrow to finalize it. Here's a visual:


11 am (Harry Potter Theme)

5:30 pm (Harry Potter Theme)


9 am (mobility/make-up WOD)


1 pm (babies/bigs mashup)


11 am

5:30 pm