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Coach's Corner: Back Squats + GoFundMe Opportunity

Coach T has been doing a great job this Summer so far adjusting to the high intensity, all-inclusive way we approach CrossFit. But his specialty remains coaching the basic lifts; back squat, bench press, and deadlift. Last week he got a chance to coach 8th grade rookie Sam Butcher on her first ever sets of back squats. Here's how it looked.

Control of the spine is one of the most critical things to develop for anyone, let alone a teenager playing sports. Going slow and holding static positions is one of the best ways to help that. Keep that in mind moving forward for whenever we have max effort days this Summer.


On a down note, bad news came out of the Utica Ford community on Saturday. Head football coach Todd Koehn passed away this weekend unexpectedly and a GoFundMe page has been started to help cover the funeral costs. I met Coach Koehn a few times at Ford while preparing for the MSU clinic and helping out with powerlifting. In a world of football coaches throwing out terms like "get BIG" without thinking and downplaying anything related to CrossFit, Coach Koehn seemed to be nothing supportive of not only Coach T, but an oursider like myself. I always felt welcome at Ford and Coach Koehn went a long way to make that possible. He's definitely someone I would have liked to play for in high school.

New Kid on the Block: Cecilia

The last of the April influx of New Kids comes courtesy of... well... you probably should guess by now... Coach T and the Utica Ford connection. Cecilia Steinwascher actually graduated from Ford last year and just finished her freshman season as a standout on Grand Valley's soccer team.

Cec comes from a family of soccer players, and two soccer coaches for parents. I met her mother, Mrs. Teri, at Ford while I was volunteering and helping at the powerlifting meets, and she mentioned about having me look at Cecilia's shin problem. They came in last month and we had a pretty good session before they headed back to school. Through a recommendation of Coach T, Cecilia is on board with the Champions Club in an accelerated Fundamentals; we started on Friday and she'll probably be done tomorrow. So look for that post coming soon!

Beast Mode: Danielle

At the Powerlifting State Finals meet yesterday, Danielle Worden overcame the disappointment of slightly missing pr's on the squat and bench press by hitting a new pr on the deadlift. She topped out with her final list at 255 lbs. Check it out!

This marks the end of the powerlifting season for everyone. Danielle definitely represented well, and it was cool to see that her technique improved from her last meet. Now it's on to track season, where she said she's just dying to run the 2 mile every practice.

Great job kiddo.

Beast Mode: Danielle at Regionals

I made my way out to my first ever powerlifting meet earlier this morning at Henry Ford High School in Utica - which is the home of Champions Club rookie-who-seems-like-she's-been-here-forever Danielle Worden. The meet was hosted by Coach T, and we managed to find quite a few Champions Club representatives volunteering to judge. Jarrod Bell included.

Danielle was feeling a little burnt out from a few rough weeks of training - highlighted by a photo finish in Eva with fellow rookie Izzy Barone. So we went in-season on workouts for the last week and a half so she could recover and focus a little more on mobility. It paid off because she put on a show at the Regionals meet today, hitting a pr on the squat (205), tying a pr on the bench (125), and hitting a pr on her deadlift as well. Here is her last two lifts, topping out at 245 lbs!

For being a competition, the form is not too bad either. Be on the lookout for a brief post and a pic of the week from the Powerlifting meet. But in the meantime, Danielle's total more than qualified her for the State meet in a few weeks, so we'll keep you posted. It will be at Lake Orion High School as far as I know, so maybe we'll be able to get a crew to head out and watch.

New Kid on the Block: Danielle

The Coach T umbrella is spreading much further than Warren Mott now. We have another new kid joining Fundamentals; Danielle Worden is an incoming Junior at Utica Ford High School.

Danielle was a volleyball/soccer athlete up until recently, when she decided to stop both of them to focus solely on her school's Powerlifting team. As luck would have it, that team is led by none other than Coach T, himself. Luckily for me, Danielle is already coming in with some of the Champions Club's basic principles down; midline stability, loading order, and laws of torque are constantly reinforced every time she steps in a weight room with T. Considering this, we are doing a condensed version of Fundamentals. We finished a Day 1/Day 2 mashup yesterday and are scheduled to continue today.

So far, Danielle seems very eager to learn more about correct technique when it comes to lifting. If that stays the same, this could be the start of a great pipeline to another school. But either way, I'm excited to have Danielle in the Fundamentals mix! I'll check back in after the last session.