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New Graduates: Kids Climb the Rope

This afternoon at the babies session (half of which aren't really babies any more), three of our athletes got their first rope climb all the way to the top:




Jacqueline has been talking about climbing the rope for the past year and a half, and today she finally got it! Miranda is Murley's cousin who just joined this month; she has a gymnastics background and found that useful today. Finally, JT is like 4 and surprised everyone in the gym by pulling his way up.

Great job kids! Especially Jacqueline, this was a long time coming!

Summer 2017 Final Attendance

After some double checking, adjusting, and guessing, here's the Summer 2017 attendance numbers as close as we can see them.

Name          Attendance        Total Possible          Percent
1Andre 26 31 84%
Shakes 58 72 81%
Elizabeth 57 72 79%
Binno 34 48 71%
Sabal 47 72 65%
David Sap 42 68 62%
Murley 43 72 60%
Erika 42 72 58%
Crawford 41 72 57%
10Conor 40 72 56%
Fry 39 72 54%
Jacqueline 39 72 54%
Mr. Warthman 39 72 54%
Jacob 38 72 53%
Josh 38 72 53%
Mrs. Fitz 37 72 51%
Issac 29 58 50%
Mrs. Carey 36 72 50%
Ricky 31 63 49%
20Josh H 14 29 48%
Erica 33 72 46%
Mrs. Howey 13 29 45%
Craigen 31 72 43%
Kroll 31 72 43%
Mr. Carey 31 72 43%
Mr. Z 31 72 43%
Mrs. Dawkins 25 58 43%
Avery 30 72 42%
Pat 30 72 42%
30Maria 29 72 40%
Reggie 29 72 40%
Bubs 27 68 40%
Steven 28 72 39%
Sophia 22 58 38%
Mrs. Pip 27 72 38%
Jay 11 30 37%
Cory 26 72 36%
Lindsey 26 72 36%
Kenny 25 72 35%
40Crystal 24 72 33%
Jennifer 24 72 33%
Kris 12 36 33%
Emily 19 58 33%
Alyssa 22 68 32%
Mrs. Bass 13 42 31%
Olivia 14 47 30%
Carter 21 72 29%
Mrs. Kroll 20 72 28%
Alan 19 72 26%
50Arlene 18 72 25%
Nolan Wesner 15 62 24%
Mr. Wonsil 17 72 24%
James 13 72 18%
Madelyn 13 72 18%
Mr. Auggie 11 72 15%
Elle 7 72 10%
Nate 7 72 10%
Fecht 4 72 6%
Mama V 4 72 6%
60Finegan 2 72 3%
EP 1 72 1%
Conamora* 10 10 100%
Zeena* 9 10 90%
Simone* 7 10 70%
Sydni* 7 10 70%
Drew* 7 10 70%
Natalie* 4 6 67%
JT* 4 6 67%
Josh* 5 8 63%
Ender* 6 10 60%
Lily* 6 10 60%
Jacqueline* 6 10 60%
Bryce* 2 4 50%
Samantha* 5 10 50%

The attendance numbers were a little bit down this Summer, and while there may be some mistakes in there it's probably not too far off. If you think your attendance number should have been better, let me know and I can send you the days there were marked absent and you can double-check.

On the plus side, we could have a pretty solid carry-over from the Summer to the fall. Jacob, Jay, and Alan are on board. The babies are staying. And I'm working on our 10 am session as well.

So again, thank you guys for another fun Summer and let's keep it rolling for the next couple months!

Pics of the Week: Vacation x2

The Babies session has been an absolute hit this Summer, and probably the most important part of that is Jacqueline Asmar. She has stuck with us for almost 2 years of inconsistent Babies sessions and now it is thriving. Her pops sent me a picture from a recent vacation of Jacqueline doing a cartwheel at the beach.


You guys wonder what the Mr. Carey, Mrs. Carey, and Mrs. Pip were up to on their week off from the gym?

Probably talking about the Champions Club.

Pics of the Week: Conman on Cars, Babies on Books

Mr. Fitz sent me a picture earlier this week with the caption:

"Valid excuse for not making it to CrossFit AGAIN. Fixing his car.

My guess is Conor just posed for this picture to make it look like he was doing something, and Mr. Fitz actually did most of the work.

Secondly, I invited a special guest to the gym for the Babies session yesterday. I have known Mrs. Debbie Cormier since I was in Kindergarten at St. Dennis, and most recently from my time working at the Day Care. When it comes to working with the little rascles, she's about as good as it gets. After I did my thing in their "fitness classes", I would often sit in the library and watch her take her groups through story time. Ever since then, I wanted to have that as part of the Champions Club Babies session. Now that we have a consistent group, we made it happen for the first time yesterday.

She rocked it! Thank you Mrs. Debbie!

Mother's Day Workout Wrap-up

After a hiatus of a few years, we decided to bring back our Mother's Day Theme Workout. This year we switched med-ball run for med-ball clean, then we bumped up the reps. It looked like this:

Med-Ball Run, 14 reps
I-want-my-six-pack-back sit-ups, 80 reps (partner style)
Lunges, 250 reps
Front squat, 150 reps

We split up into partners and divided the work however strategized. Only this time we had a few new faces join.

Babies session standouts Conamora and Zeena participated, as well as their mother, Mrs. Regine. We also had Abby Fitz - the most athletic offspring in the Mr. & Mrs. Fitz household. I was pleasantly surprised with the workout and it seemed like it was challenging to you all.

Full photo gallery can be seen here.

Workout results can be seen here.

New Graduate: Ender

Our babies session has been hitting for a few months now, and each week we try to emphasize one thing for each session. Yesterday, we spent a good amount of time on the ropes; no technique, obviously, just give them a chance to show off their climbing skills. Low and behold, Ender got his first climb!

Great job kiddo! Keep up the good work. Look out for Zeena's first climb soon...

The Evolution of The Babies Session

In the fall of 2011, one of our original Mom's Club members, Jen, brought in her three kids to a workout session. At the time, Hannah, Abby, and Jake were 9, 7, and 5 years old, respectively and as entertaining as they were (especially Jake) the regular high school Champions Club sessions were a little too fast-paced for them. So we tried to recruit a session of younger kids that could focus more on games and fun than workouts.

See any familiar faces?As the group went on through the winter, Ricky and his crew of misfit GA kids naturally progressed a little further into the basics of weightlifting and intensity, while the younger Trips were not quite there yet. We made the best we could out of the situation by modifying workouts, adding coaches (mainly Sydni), and always including a game at the end of the session. "Spartan" was a favorite.

By the time we moved into our current building in the infamous Summer 2012, we had the freedom to run as many different sessions as we wanted - a luxury not afforded to us at the school. That was our first attempt at a true "babies" session. Sydni and Aly did the honors (well, Sydni did the work, and Aly was there watching - which is another in the long list of things responsible for the Aly thinking she's more important than she is tag.

Other than the noticeable lack of scuffs on the floor, the main difference I see is the formal nature of Sydni's coaching - and it should be noted she was doing pretty much exactly what I asked her to do. This session died off as the Summer went on and reemerged briefly the next Summer, where I took over for Sydni and continued teaching things the same way.

...and much like the time before, this group died out as the Summer 2013 ended.

Then one of the three most significant coaching epiphanies happened for me in the Fall of 2014: I was invited to "teach" a fitness class at the Great Lakes Child Development Center - previously held at St. Dennis (my alma mater) before they closed the building down. In plain terms, I was a preschool gym teacher for an entire school year.

I came in with this brilliant gameplan proving I could teach the little chitlins how to do push-ups with their elbows in, jump with feet together, and run using gravity as their guide. The process of me finding out how incredibly wrong I was can be recounted in my Day Care Diary series, but it resulted in not only a dramatic reshaping of how I coach in general, but a new look at our Babies Session:

Then last year, while I volunteered at Matt Fecht's basketball camp, we picked up his longtime camper Jacqueline to follow along with Kyle and Haley from the day care. Those three have been our staples for the youngest generation of Champions Club athletes, and also put on a great showing at the Christmas Workout a few weeks ago.

Front and center.The Champions Club "Babies" session is once-a-week and lasts for a half hour. The main idea that has to surround that group is fun; we have to pair the idea of workout out with the emotion of having fun. Failing to do so could potentially set a kid up for a lifetime of dreading any kind of training - this is why we keep the sessions short. But through my experience at the Day Care, there is more behind the scenes.

The actual goal of the babies session is to introduce some basic, general movement patterns - running, jumping, climbing, pushing, pulling, etc. - and disguise them as fun. So the games, laughing, and play time is the frosting, but the movements are essential. By letting the kids swing from the bars, try to push me over, throw dodgeballs, and jump over the boxes, I hope to help them develop the general, overlapping physical skills that will help them with the specific ones - like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, cleans, track, football, basketball, and volleyball - anywhere from 3-10 years from now. We have ditched most of the formal teaching because it takes away from the goal. And man, it is a blast!

From the sounds of it, we may be getting a pretty big influx of Babies to the group over the course of the next few weeks. If you get a chance, make it a priority to catch one of their sessions. Hopefully you'll have as much fun watching as the coaches do being in the middle of it.