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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

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Pop-less Pops

At first I was thinking of making this a challenge, then a poll, but finally I just decided on a shout out. It has been brought to my attention that two of our dads (one old school and one new school) are taking serious steps towards their health. Two weeks ago, Coach Casey decided to stop drinking pop. And less than a week ago, unaware another dad was doing the same thing, Mr. Carey gave up pop as well.

I'd also like to share a few thoughts on this. First off, I've always said that, despite its negative connotation, peer pressure can be an awesome thing. Holding yourself accountable is not always an easy thing (on Tuesday, I did the box jump/run workout by myself and only did 2 rounds), so having someone or many someones involved can really help. If there is a good way to do daily check-ins on this no-pop challenge, I'm all for it. Maybe start a Coach Casey/Mr. Carey column on the board and tally dates down? Too much?

Secondly, one of the most simple ways to lose weight is to stop consuming liquid calories. Seriously, pop, beer, juice, Gatorade, and lemonade are all plain old shit. Nature provided us with water for a reason. Milk is probably cool too.

Thirdly, with that being said, I am a big fan of moderation. Nature didn't provide us with Starbursts, but I binge through them any time I'm nervous during a Michigan game (which is always). I also can't say no to the cookie jar when I'm at my grandma's house. And nor should you. Mr. Carey and Coach Casey, from what it sounds like, have a daily habit of drinking pop they are trying to break. This requires a short-term destruction of all pop-related items in a 10 foot radius. But I hope this doesn't mean they'll never drink pop again - I just want them to have control when they do. If Coach and Dylan are watching March Madness together and Jordan Poole hits a prayer to beat Houston, I think they earned a 7Up as they sit back and enjoy the next game. If Mr. Carey is up north with the Andersons and Pippins and crew, nothing wrong with a Pepsi. If they built up a habit of good nutrition, the pop will taste glorious for about 3 minutes, feel like crap for the following 30 minutes, then remind them to get back on track until the next special occasion comes up.

I'm usually a fan of subtracting for improvement rather than adding. Coach Casey and Mr. Carey are making a choice that I think will pay off sooner rather than later. Big ups to both of you!

New Graduates: Alexis and Coach Casey

Two new Graduations to announce coming from yesterday. First up is Summer rookie Alexis Anthes. She started the workout yesterday by doing half-climbs and as the 20 minutes progressed, her technique improved. So I had her try a full climb and she nailed it!

Then later on at the 5:30 session, Coach Casey was one of the few athletes actually doing the warmup - like the dedicated athlete he is - and on his first pull-up attempt he got up there with ease. I did a double-take to make sure that was actually his first one, and it turned out it was. So I grabbed the camera and got one for the official records.

Keep up the good work both of you!

Poll: Who Wore It Better

I though Mr. Wonsil had the best 80's attire I've ever seen from a parent at last year's workout.

...and then Coach Casey came in for tonight's parents workout:

Who had the better 80's outfit?

Parents 80's Workout results are in Build a Champion and their photos will be in the 80's Gallery.

Does it Count: Triple Pull-up Edition

Yesterday we had quite a few New Graduates with Josie and Jen Ash's double unders, the entire 10 am session got their first rope climb, and in the afternoon we had three near pull-ups at the 4:30 session: Coach Casey (who is sometimes called ManCasey, Mrs. Tara (his loving and supportive wife), and Nick Bewick. Check it out!

Do they count? Is this just their way of showing their jealousy at Mr. Bennis and his lofty, resume'-worthy Athlete of the Week award? You guys make the call.

Quote of the Week vol. 242: Dad Joke Special

Coach Casey: "Didn't Craig Mack die, or something?"

Me: "Yeah, I think it was last year? Not sure how he died, though."

Coach Casey: "Hmmm... must have been an ear infection."

Me: "Yeah... what? Whatchumean?"

Coach Casey: "You know... with all that Flavor in the Ear."

Sunday Highlights: Handstand Practice

I always like doing video highlights of handstands or handstand push-ups; with the exception of Lindsey running on the sidewalk most of us have a pretty good sense of what we are doing when we are in the upright orientation, but when we are flipped upside-down things get a little tricky.

Yesterday at the team workout we did some practice with static handstand holds, and for the new parents this might have been their first time practicing this since Fundamentals. Here's how it looked.

New Graduate: Coach Casey

We had three new rope climbers at the sessions today, and would have probably been a 4th if Bewick wasn't a pansy, so I figured I'd give them each their own post in the order they happened. The first is Coach Casey Colussi.

Yes you are seeing that correct; not only is he wearing the classic Brian Scalabrine's, but after relocating his body 15 feet off the ground for the first time in his life (also about 7 feet higher than his shoesake ever touched), he proceeds to remove not one but both hands from the thing that he used to get up there in the first place. I can't say I recommend that, but I can say that I'm very impressed! Just during Fundamentals around a month ago he could barely do the 3-second hang test from the rope. On the first attempt of the warmup he made it straight to the top with ease!

Great work Coach! The entire session was rocking with you on the way up. Now you got something on your entire family. I'm predicting Mallory is the next to follow...