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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Next Theme Workout: Shark Week/Hawaiian Mashup - Saturday at 10 am!

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New Kids on the Block: The Gardner Family

In March, Myron Gardner signed up for Fundamentals and has been in full Aaron-Sexton-Part-Time-Mode. With the most recent Fundamentals additions, hopefully we'll see that improve. Let me introduce Dawn and Malon Gardner.

Mrs. Gardner always dropped off Myron at the gym, and about two weeks ago while she was waiting in the parking lot I joked with her and asked when she's going to work out with her son. Surprisingly she didn't totally turn down the idea, and after talking with Reggie, Mr. Carey, and Mrs. Carey, she came in the next day to try it out and brought her daughter, Malon, in with her. Now they are our newest family going through Fundamentals.

Dawn is a senior in high school with a background in dance and Mrs. Gardner is one of those moms who claims to be out of shape but is really a beast. They finished Day 3 yesterday and are looking like they'll be all done by some time next week. We'll check back in soon!

New Kids on the Block: Angie and Barry

The randomite bug seems to have caught the Champions Club, first with Medieval Mike, and now with our new kids. Angie and Barry Brunke are Madison Heights residents and were told by a family member to check out a CrossFit gym. They dropped in last Monday to check out the 5:30 session and it happened to be 100 wallballs for time. They saw that, liked it, and decided they wanted to try out a workout the next day - which happened to be that miserable farmer's walk in the rain hero workout. "Welp," I thought, "this will be the test to see if they really are Champions Club material. No good to sugar coat anything."

Some how, some way after that workout, they loved it and decided to sign up for Fundamentals.

We finished three days so far and it has definitely been a good fit so far. Barry is coming in with some fitness experience (goes to the gym sometimes, and plays tennis), while Angie is pretty out of shape - as she will be the first to admit. But as most new people will realize, nobody really is "in shape" when it comes to their first few CrossFit workouts, no matter what the athletic background is.

Both Barry and Angie are very patient and willing to learn the basics of hollow body, push-up, squat, and jumping. We're three days in so far, and like I said, no complaints on my end! I'll check back in after Day 7, but judging by how they responded after their trial session, the rest of Fundamentals should be smooth sailing.

New Kids on the Block: The Bennis Family

Josh Bennis is the crazy monkey ninja of the babies session who also has the coolest parents in the world. Well, they managed to get even cooler because both of them just signed up for Fundamentals.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennis have both been debating on joining for a few months now, and after the birthday party last week they decided to pull the trigger. So far we have finished 2 days of Fundamentals and are set to meet later this week as well. They have been nothing but a pleasure to coach and I can't see any reason for that to change in the near future. I'll check back in with you guys after Day 7.

New Kids on the Block: Marines + MLK Sessions

The 8:30 am session on Monday will be moved to 10:00 am so you lazy high school kids can sleep in a bit. Other sessions will go on as scheduled.

While I was meeting up with a prespective athlete and her kids last week, I heard the door open and saw two fully uniformed Marine officers walk in. Not really sure what to expect, I greeted them, and they told me they were in charge of a group of young Marines in training based out of Madison Heights, and they needed a place to work out once a week. So we settled on Thursdays at 3:30 pm. Yesterday was their first day.

Izzy, Erica, and the rest of the 4:30 crew were shocked when they walked in to see this crowd before their workout, but it was definitely cool to watch. I think we have our routine figured out with them, so I think this is going to be a thing for the next few months at least. Also, we might see a few of them trickle into our group classes if they can't make their set time on Thursdays. So be on the lookout for that as well. The two guys in charge - Sgt. Keller and Sgt. Woodside are really cool dudes so hopefuly you'll get a chance to meet them and the rest of the crew at least once while they are calling the Champions Club their home.

New Kids on the Block: Troy Lax Bros

If anyone remembers last year we tried to get the Wayne State club lacrosse thing going, and it ended up fizzling out after the athletic board cut all(!) club sports, not just lacrosse. Luckily, I kept in contact with coach Matt Kassa (who works with Shannon's husband) and it turns out he's coaching the varsity lacrosse team at Troy High now. So what does that mean? Welp, it means 19 lax goons in our gym every Wednesday night.

Last night was their first workout at the gym and I thought it went really well. They have a very good blend of joking around and then getting serious when they need to. As a coach, this makes things very fun. The challenges mostly came with trying to figure out equipment and space, but the team workout at the end went smooth after they got the hang of it.

We went over the 4 building the house movements yesterday - hollow hold, push-up, squat, jump - and they picked up very well. Lastly, I also wanted to give a shout to Coach Matt. I have been in on a lot of high schools, and the one thing I never see is the sports coach actually put his words to the test and work out with the kids (the exception being Coach Kim from back in the day). I think it's really important that Coach Matt is right in the middle of the session, getting his form critiqued, sweating, and learning just like everyone else. Oh how I with this was the norm.

Hopefully there will be many highlights to keep you posted on. Looking forward to next session kids!

New Kids on the Block: Cousino Kids pt. 1

As Shannon spent this fall coaching the Warren Cousino Cross Country team, she managed to recruit a group to come train at the gym with us. This is what we believe is the first wave with a second one hopefully soon to follow. Here we have Avery Waslowski and Hadley and Eric Hopkins.

Avery is a freshman at Cousino and was teammates with Hadley, a senior. When Hadley decided to join, her mother persuaded her brother Eric to tag along as well. So far the trio has finished four Fundamentals sessions. The main thing I have noticed with all three of them is their lack of midline strength in most movements - which is unfortunately common for most runners that I've seen come in. But surprisingly their coordination and mobility is pretty good and they are obviously coming in with a solid endurance base. They all picked up on the skill side of their movements.

While all three of them run (Eric track and Hadley/Avery cross country), they are all soccer-first athletes from what I've gathered so far. That athletic background has definitely helped them so far in Fundamentals. I'll check back in after Day 8.

New Kids on the Block: Wayne State Lax Bro's

Through a connection with Shannon, we are now housing Wayne State's new club lacrosse team once a week for a dose of CrossFit.

Shannon and I went out to their practice last Wednesday to observe for a bit and take them through a mini-workout on their practice field. After some discussions with their coaches, they agreed to come out to our gym for the weekly workouts.

Yesterday was our first session and we had 9 kids in total (with more supposedly on their way next week). They went through the normal Day 1 of Fundamentals with hollow rocks, push-ups, burpees, and kettlebell swings. In fact, you can see their workouts results in yesterday's Build a Champion section. We are not necessarily going to follow the normal Fundamentals schedule as usual but it won't be too far off. Next week we'll probably go over squatting and deadlifts.

Their goal is to ultimately transition from being a club team to an official NCAA Division II team along with the rest of the Wayne State Athletic Program, so hopefully we can play a role in making that happen. Either way, we are glad to have these kids on board and hopefully you all will get a chance to see them around the gym.