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Big ups to Josh Howey and Danielle Worden!

Josh finished 4th in the state for wraastling and Danielle finished 3rd in the state for powerlifting

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Quote of the Week vol. 279

"Drink when you're thirsty, don't when you're not"

- Coach Glassman

The following article was posted on the main site and I think it's worth the read for everyone.

You Don't Need Sports Drinks To Stay Hydrated

College Kids Power Rankings: Winter 2018




So with this being the last day most of the College Kids will be around until the spring, I thought it would be fun to do a little ranking based on how they performed over break and the kind of shape I think they'll be in come Summer.

1. Alyssa Jabara

Highlights: 285-lb. deadlift at Lifts 4 Gifts, good kipping pull-ups

Lowlights: still can't do double unders

Notes: Alyssa seemed like a girl possessed this winter. She was in almost every single day and did not seem to lose as much from a good Summer as I thought she would. I also noticed a serious tone to her that I had not really seen before. She's headed into her junior season on the softball diamond at Concordia and she's got that starting catcher spot locked in tunnel vision now.

2. Noah Heide

Highlights: Filthy Fifty, that sleeveless hoodie thing, kipping pull-ups

Lowlights: that deadlift/box jump workout, and the thruster/burpee one after

Notes: Due to some kind of witchcraft, Noah has habitually suffered lower back pain every winter since 'Nam. We had a brief stint of that after his first workout back (that deadlift/box jump one that made everyone sore), but we've seen him recover well enough to the point where he's at full strength now. He also routinely stays after the morning session is done to work on footwork, throwing, and other quarterback drills. Missing the Christmas workout cost him the top spot, but he will also be in for this next week, so he gets bonus points.

3. Josie Junkin

Highlights: Filthy Fifty, running jump ropes, overhead squats with the 15-lb bar

Lowlights: when she tried to add 5's to that OHS bar, allowing those hooligans to wrapping-paper the basketball hoop

Notes: The Josie Junkin I've seen the past two weeks almost made me completely forget about the headaches she caused Jesse, Jay, Jacob, and I during our adolescent years. Almost.

Josie was a quiet addition to the Champions Club this Summer who all-of-a-sudden finished in the top 5 for attendance. After some digging, I found out that she had done virtually nothing while away at Michigan to keep up the fitness she gained during the Summer and I was worried things would regress. Well they did, but not nearly as much, and not nearly as long as I though. In fact, yesterday she had one of the best Filthy Fifty times out of anyone in the gym. And the tequnique on things like overhead squats and push-ups looked good. She even let two spotters hold her upside down for about 7 seconds in something that resembled a handstand.

4. Ally Kauzlarich

Highlights: attendance, handstand walks

Lowlights: feet still can't stay together

Notes: Ally is literally always at the gym. But she is by-far the most quiet in our group. In fact, I've decided to do the next Behind the Champion on her, so be on the lookout for that. She's one of those people who's always good to have back, even though you don't really know a lot about her. I have zero complaints for Ally over the past few weeks, and that is about the highest compliment one can receive.

5. Lindsey Eason

Highlights: all of Lifts 4 Gifts, cheering on everyone working out

Lowlights: every time she walks into the gym, Taylor Swift radio on Pandora, please take down my picture from your mantle

Notes: As much as I hate to admit it, Lindsey is quickly becoming one of those Shakes-types that just makes things go during a session. She's fit enough to where she won't lag too far behind in any workout (or she'll just cut reps), and she talks to anything that moves. So best bet is to stay completey still and she might ignore you. 

6. Luke Heide

Highlights: Filthy Fifty, kipping pull-ups, longsnapping, running wasn't horrible

Lowlights: cheating in Spike-ball

Notes: I'm not gonna lie, I was not expecting Luke or Noah to retain much from the Summer. But I was pleasantly surprised to see their form didn't look too bad. Luke rounded his back on deadlift set-ups early on, so I yelled at him and he fixed it. Unfortunately he was gone for about a week, which is why he's so much lower than his brother on the rankings, but he's got an extra week too which helps place him ahead of...

7. Cecilia Steinwascher

Highlights: running/thrusters, running/overhead squats, running in general

Lowlights: cheating in Spike-ball, that weeklong vacation

Notes: Cecilia got off to a really good start on her return, but like Luke, the vacation let the likes of Lindsey, Ally, and Josie crawl ahead of her on the power rankings. She also wouldn't let us hear the end about how sore her calves were after box jumps. Still a useful couple weeks of workouts for the soccer star.

8. Ricky Carey

Highlights: snatches, the double-unders on the Filthy Fifty

Lowlights: attendance, sit-ups on the Christmas Eve Workout

Notes: We got to see Slick Rick for only about a week this Christmas break, but it was an entertaining one nevertheless. He missed out on Lifts 4 Gifts and the Filthy Fifty, but Ricky is always Ricky; he'll be ready in whatever shape he needs to be in should the desire come his way.

9. Kris Campbell

Highlights: gracefulness on box jumps, kipping pull-ups, bringing in the Spike-ball thing

Lowlights: stretching out my hoodie, that deadlift/box jump workout, forgetting the Christmas Eve workout was on Christmas Eve

Notes: I was not aware that the Air Force football program does not believe in doing deadlifts (true story), and the last time Big Kris deadlifted was Summer 2017 here. So in retrospect, 70 deadlifts at 225 may have not been a great idea on my part. After a few days of being sore, he was back at it. Wish we could have seen him more, but always good to have the Big Fella back in any capacity.

10. Brendan Crawford

Highlights: brought in that bite-sized cheesecake thing for me

Lowlights: continues to allow Sweet Dreams to get in the way of him being a strong girl one day

Notes: Crawford is Crawford, and I will defend him to the death. That's my man 50-grand, and the Champions Club is always better when he's around. Definitely was hoping to see more of him over break, but his running background should keep him in pretty good shape for the Summer.

11. James Willis

James pictured behind CrawfordHighlights: the attention he pays to his new smart watch, seeing his car parked in his normal spot when I pulled in on my way back from Stoney Creek

Lowlights: not seeing it much more after that despite him working AT THE SAME FREAKING BUILDING NICK AND ERICA WORK!

Notes: You're right there dude. Literally right there! You don't even have to make a turnaround. Straight across Stephenson.

12. DIV

Highlights: those two workouts he was here

Lowlights: form, technique, he still has my Steve Jobs movie

Notes: pissed

13, 14, 15. The Banets

Highlights: still look and move like Banets

Lowlights: conditioning is down a bit, Biff is working through a hip thing

Notes: They're the Banets. They'll be fine. Summer 2019 should be fun!

Honorary mention - Bubs

...for having the audacity to choose a grad school not withing driving distance of the Champions Club. We miss you!

Honorary Mention II - Rachael Kroll

All you need to know about Kroll is this was her med ball for the Run 400 meters, 50 squats workout. Ol' Floppy, sad and depleted and not meant to be squatted to.

Theme Workout Announcement: Christmas Workout 2018

Six months ago we were almost a week into our most populated Summer of all time. As the weeks progressed it was apparent the gym was going about as well as it's ever been. The Summer is something I always have in my plans, no matter what month it is. But not far behind is Christmas break. We've already seen a few college kids come home, and with more expected on the way it should be a fun couple weeks. At the core of these few weeks is our annual Christmas Workout Spectacular. As usual, it will be on Monday, December 24 at 9 am. This workout usually lasts a little bit over an hour because there are actually three mini-workouts included: Christmas Eve Commotion, The Magi Mile, and Twelve Days of Burpees. Afterwards we usually have waffles, cookies, milk, and other assostments of unfavorable sugary carbohydrates.

The pride of our Athletes of the Summers right here.In the past we've also done Secret Santa and card/board games after the workout, so if anyone wants to set that up feel free. This workout is open to any and all Champions Club college kids, as well as our Babies and middle school crew, so hopefully we can get a turnout like last year. I bought some extra wallballs and we have extra floor space this time around.

One thing coaching the Babies session has taught me is it's usually better to have less of something and keep them wanting more than to go overboard on it. This is what I try to do with Theme Workouts in the Summer, and this is also why I think Christmas Break goes over so well. We get to see the people we haven't seen since August in short, 1-hour (or more) snippets, and it lasts for about 2 weeks. Even Nick Bewick and Danielle Woorden would seem pleasant and enjoyable in those short doses. We get to see the best of Ricky Carey, Alyssa Jabara, Lindsey Eason, and Kris Campbell. If that doesn't lighten your mood, then nothing will.

I hope you guys (and myself) really take a sec to appreciate the Community we have and enjoy the people that make the Champions Club what it is. Even kids who have left for other gyms will swear up and down that no place matches what we have here. If things fall right, I think this Christmas could be our best one yet. So recruit those lazy session-mates of yours and let's have a great two weeks!

Monday. 9 am. See you there!

Campus Improv Workout - Danielle in South America

This morning at mobility, David Saporito let it be known that Danielle is on the trading block based on 1) her being in Coasta Rica and 2) him watching The 72 Most Dangerous Animals in South America special on Netflix. But from the looks of it, Woorden is doing just fine on her school trip.

Before she left, I told her to make it a goal of doing 7 workouts over the course of the 10 days she was there. But the catch was it only counts as a workout if there was no formal exercise - meaning it can't include things like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, or presses. It had to be informal, natural movements like hiking, trail running, moving stuff, swimming, etc. Here's a picture she sent yesterday of her playing soccer with some elementary school kids.

Gyms and fitness centers were invented only once the picture above and other activities like it stopped becoming common in our daily lives - and notice the word daily. Play, even at adulthood, should be an every day thing. If it was, the Champions Club would be out of business.

I think I have said it here on the site before, but if the most athletic thing you do during your day is a deadlift, you did not have a very productive day. We spend so much time in our little bubble of strength and conditioning that we often find it hard to create workouts that don't involve push-ups and air squats. If you cut the grass with a push mower, you worked out. If you laid down some mulch, you did a workout. If you played a game of pickup basketball, you worked out. The more of these little things we can add to our lives, the more effective our gym workouts become; instead of just trying to undo all the sedentarism (is that a word?) throughout the day, we can then actually add to our fitness.

Danielle is a competitive powerlifter, and her job is to focus on very robotic movements. And it turns out she's probably top-20 in the state of Michigan at it. But the picture above gives her a chance to showcase what that formal stuff has done for her. She's in a pistol shape right now. Her foot is not pointed straight forward. Her shin is not vertical. And both of her shoulders are slouched forward. That is perfectly okay for the time being! The more she practices those safe principles in the controlled environment of the gym, the less likely they'll be a problem outside the gym. In the meantime, she gets to work on her coordination, change of direction, reaction, and strategy. In other words, she's developing her athleticism. Controlling the soccer ball coming at her - even against elementary school kids - is way more athletic than anything she's done in CrossFit or Powerlifting. A good balance of both is what we need!

Champions Club Summer 2018 Draft

I know, I know, it happened about 3 weeks later than I was hoping. But Div was being a butt, and Jay works a normal job. So there was a little bit of inside information present, but I did not share anything other than the injury reports.

Without further ado, here are the official Champions Club Summer 2018 teams:

Team David (44 lol) - 844 total - (44%)

  1. Danielle Worden (84)
  2. Lindsey Eason (68)
  3. Mrs. Kroll (21)
  4. Mr. Carey (49)
  5. Rachael Kroll (55)
  6. Avery (25)
  7. Mrs. Fitz (48)
  8. Conor (40)
  9. Olivia (25)
  10. Maddy (29)
  11. Mrs. Bass (33)
  12. Mrs. Nevarez (49)
  13. Dakarai (19)
  14. Mateo (48)
  15. Emily Walker (47)
  16. Nunu (53)
  17. *Lilly (40)
  18. *JT (60)
  19. *Adam Dem (0)
  20. *Amy Potter (26)

Team Shakes (86) - 918 total - (48%)

  1. Ashley Fry (100)
  2. Coach Casey (55)
  3. Mr Bennis (64)
  4. Josie Junkin (82)
  5. Coach T (42)
  6. Jen Ash (38)
  7. Kasey Eason (44)
  8. Danielle Schornack (48)
  9. Crystal (36)
  10. Andre Saffer (11)
  11. Dylan Collousi (47)
  12. Sam Butcher (30)
  13. Abby Walker (45)
  14. Anthony Saffer (27)
  15. Devan Coates (16)
  16. Charlie Baumert (0)
  17. *Jacqueline Asmar (60)
  18. *Ender (40)
  19. *EmD (0)
  20. *Reggie (47)

Team Elizabeth (60) - 848 total - (45%)

  1. Josh Howey (41)
  2. Jennifer Banet (67)
  3. Mrs. Bennis (68)
  4. Erica Krueger (70)
  5. Mrs Pip (56)
  6. Mama V (34)
  7. Alyssa Jabara (41)
  8. Shannon Marchant (38)
  9. Mr Malowski (7)
  10. Mr Auggie (8)
  11. Suyaliam (34)
  12. Barry Brunke (34)
  13. Jessica (56)
  14. Emily Gurney (51)
  15. Andrew (16)
  16. Ben (18)
  17. *Conamora (50)
  18. *Zeena (50)
  19. *Evan Pugh (56)
  20. *Matt Fecht (0)

Team Jay (53) - 843 total - (44%)

  1. Cecilia (93)
  2. Nick Bewick (73)
  3. Mrs Tara (67)
  4. Erika Banet (63)
  5. Mrs Carey (55)
  6. Mr Z (48)
  7. Ricky Carey (61)
  8. Mr Wonsil (14)
  9. Cory (33)
  10. Jesse (44)
  11. Jalen (10)
  12. Milo (19)
  13. Angie (23)
  14. Cam (4)
  15. Gideon (22)
  16. Johnny (25)
  17. *Josh Bennis (60)
  18. *Mallory (40)
  19. *Murley (40)
  20. *Myron (0)

Follow-up post coming soon...

Athlete of the Summer FYI

Before the Summer 2011, Brian decided that we should do an Athlete of the Week for every week of the Summer to highlight a kid who put on a good showing. That tradition still stands during the Summer, but at the end we also did an attendance wrap-up with a mock Athlete of the Summer.

For our first Summer in this new building I thought it would be cool to formalize it a little bit more - making it an actual award and not just a Franklin Lama nomination because he was the coolest kid in the club. So Bubs got our first ever vote for Athlete of the Summer, then I retroactively gave it to Frankie in 2010 and Nick Prys in 2011. In January 2013, an addition was made that gave the award some new juice:

Like rafters in high school gyms of state champions and record holders, we added our own to our place to emphasize everyone's favorite time at the Champions Club. And since then, each Summer would contain a few athletes with the unspoken goal of seeing their name go up in the rafters, starting with Katie Bromm's perfect Summer 2013, right up to last year's Summer of Div.

How do you get the award, you ask? Well, there are two main criteria:

  1. Top 10 attendance
  2. I have to vote for you
Yup, that's it. Equal parts objective and subjective. We keep track of every attendance day right up until fall sports start (mobility days included) to condense the list down to 10. Then I pick whoever I think earned it the most. That's probably the part that sucks the most; it's not a committee, or public poll. It's my choice.
In 2011, for instance, Katie Shakes was by far the most improved athlete in a stacked field, and had 99% attendance - good for 1st overall. And by August 31, Erika Banet was probably the fittest person in the gym, Jennifer was the most skilled, Lauren was lifting trucks... and Elizabeth got the award.
In 2016 I thought Murley was in the best physical condition I've ever seen from a girl at the Champions Club, and in 2017 I thought Jacob had the best showing out of anyone. In Murley's case, she didn't have the consistency of Katie Shakes and Jacob wasn't in the top-10 attendance.
Awards are always subjective, and when it's being decided by one person that's magnified even more. If Athlete of the Summer is something you're going for, just know that there's one part you can control and one part you can't. Even though hip hop conversations and Starbursts bribes get you a long leash with me for just about everything else, they won't have a bearing on AOTS. All you can do is show up and hope Katie Shakes gets stuck in traffic permanately about 20 times this Summer.
There is something genuinely wrong with David SaporitoIn the end, it's just an award. The real thing that's happening is fitness and health like you guys never imagined in a way that can be sustained through a lifetime. But every now and then it's fun to put the long-term binoculars away for a bit and be good now. That's what Athlete of the Summer is about; who was the dopest person in our gym at that time? The 9th banner will be going up in 3 months (assuming I spell the name right), and it will serve as a landmark to remember what Summer 2018 was like. I can't wait to see who it will be!
Recomended reading: the Athlete of the Summer Feature Series

Summer 2018 Preface

We are about one month and counting until the start of the Champions Club Summer 2018. For all the new faces around, this means more sessions, more people, better attendance, College Kids, and the return of our infamous Theme Workouts. The Champions Club Summer usually runs from the second Monday in June until August 31 with one price covering the entire Summer, and this year I am planning on keeping that. Because our gym revolves around the school year and school is complicated, there are a few notes I want to highlight.

Price. It's going to be a little different this year. The Summer price will be $225 per person if paid in full before June 1, and any time after that will be $235 per person. This will help give me a better idea of who is locked in and will make it easier for session timing. Exceptions will be given to new kids (obviously) and families (installments are okay). But if you're a regular right now, or have participated in past Summers, $225 will have to be in some time before June 1, in addition to your May payment.

May price bump not a thing for now. In the past, we've bumped up the May price by 10 bucks or something like that to cover the extra few days in June. Don't worry about that this time around. Save that money to contribute to the Alyssa Jabara Needs Peanuts With Her Meals fund.

Assigned sessions. In the past we've done an assigned session thing where you commit to a session and are held to a roughly 80/20 attendance at that one - meaning we want you at that one about 80 percent of the time with about 20 percent wandering allowance to account for life and convenience. Last two Summers I was more relaxed on that than before because it seemed like the schedules weren't consistent. This Summer I'm going to try and bring that back. Things tend to work better when you're held accountable to showing up for everyone else in the session.

6 pm parents session from Summer 2015 won the mock election for "Best Session" that Summer over the Freaks at 1:30

Session times. Still working on it, but expect, at the very least, 2 morning sessions and 3 afternoon sessions. Probably keeping 4:30, 5:30, and 6:30 (Carter emailed me last night and signed up for the 4:30 session completely unprompted, so I understand if you want to avoid that one now), and maybe have a 9 am and 11 am morning. Plus at least one Rookie session, time TBD but usually 10 am. When its finalized, you'll email me the session you want in the most creative way you can think of. We've had some great ones in the past. If you pay in full before June 1, and for some reason find there is no session time good for you, I'll give you a refund.

Theme Workouts. Team workouts in the Summer are moved to Saturday, and about 5 or 6 of the weekends will be host to a Theme Workout. In the past we've done Pirates, Finding Nemo, Lego, and Water Wars. The classics that are repeated every Summer are: Disney, 80's, Shark Week/Hawaiian, and Harry Potter (which technically happens on September 1). The first Theme of the Summer typically happens on the second Saturday and is a new theme. The Banets and Jay were brianstorming the idea of a Spongebob workout, so stay tuned to see if that comes to fruition.

Attendance. We track attendance up until right around when fall sports start in the middle of August. So make sure to tell your work bosses and families that Chris and crew will be hounding you for any missed days. Top attendance people go on the Dream Team, with one of them being named Athlete of the Summer. Somehow the gingerbread boy in the back got it last year.

Final thoughts. It's the Summer, dude. No school, no sports, no bedtime. Just the Champions Club. When you put a lot into it, it's one of the most rewarding things you'll ever go through. I don't know why, it's just different than the rest of the year at the Champions Club. And when it goes right, there's nothing better than a Champions Club Summer. Check back soon for the official invite!