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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in summer attendance (11)

Announcing the First Official Champions Club Summer Draft

We are raising the stakes on attendance for the Summer this time around. I am excited to introduce the Champions Club Summer Draft. Here's the layout:

4 teams, each with a captain. This year, the captains are:

David Saporito

Jay Junkin

Elizabeth Banet

Katie Shakes

In a pre-Summer meeting, each captain will draft the Champions Club athletes they want on their team in a serpentine fashion until everyone is off the board. Everything is based off attendance percentage, not workout results or anything else. The team with the best overall attendance average will recieve a grand prize at the end of the Summer and some kind of recognition in the gym. Here's a few more specifics:

  • The Babies % are out of 1 day per week.
  • The parents % are our of 6 days per week.
  • Parents who go to both the mobility and parents team workout sessions will get extra credit attendance.
  • Going to a session you didn't officially sign up for still counts, having to come in during off-hours does not. For example, if Alyssa can't make it at a regular session and needs to come in at 1:30, it won't count as an official day in the standings.
  • Attenance starts June 11 and finishes when fall sports begin.
  • Weekly leaderboard will be posted in the gym.
  • Jay drafts Donkey Kong and Funky Kong with his first two picks.

Last week three of the captains were at the evening session and discussed some of their pre-Draft strategies...

Check back soon to see which team you got drafted on!

Summer 2017 Final Attendance

After some double checking, adjusting, and guessing, here's the Summer 2017 attendance numbers as close as we can see them.

Name          Attendance        Total Possible          Percent
1Andre 26 31 84%
Shakes 58 72 81%
Elizabeth 57 72 79%
Binno 34 48 71%
Sabal 47 72 65%
David Sap 42 68 62%
Murley 43 72 60%
Erika 42 72 58%
Crawford 41 72 57%
10Conor 40 72 56%
Fry 39 72 54%
Jacqueline 39 72 54%
Mr. Warthman 39 72 54%
Jacob 38 72 53%
Josh 38 72 53%
Mrs. Fitz 37 72 51%
Issac 29 58 50%
Mrs. Carey 36 72 50%
Ricky 31 63 49%
20Josh H 14 29 48%
Erica 33 72 46%
Mrs. Howey 13 29 45%
Craigen 31 72 43%
Kroll 31 72 43%
Mr. Carey 31 72 43%
Mr. Z 31 72 43%
Mrs. Dawkins 25 58 43%
Avery 30 72 42%
Pat 30 72 42%
30Maria 29 72 40%
Reggie 29 72 40%
Bubs 27 68 40%
Steven 28 72 39%
Sophia 22 58 38%
Mrs. Pip 27 72 38%
Jay 11 30 37%
Cory 26 72 36%
Lindsey 26 72 36%
Kenny 25 72 35%
40Crystal 24 72 33%
Jennifer 24 72 33%
Kris 12 36 33%
Emily 19 58 33%
Alyssa 22 68 32%
Mrs. Bass 13 42 31%
Olivia 14 47 30%
Carter 21 72 29%
Mrs. Kroll 20 72 28%
Alan 19 72 26%
50Arlene 18 72 25%
Nolan Wesner 15 62 24%
Mr. Wonsil 17 72 24%
James 13 72 18%
Madelyn 13 72 18%
Mr. Auggie 11 72 15%
Elle 7 72 10%
Nate 7 72 10%
Fecht 4 72 6%
Mama V 4 72 6%
60Finegan 2 72 3%
EP 1 72 1%
Conamora* 10 10 100%
Zeena* 9 10 90%
Simone* 7 10 70%
Sydni* 7 10 70%
Drew* 7 10 70%
Natalie* 4 6 67%
JT* 4 6 67%
Josh* 5 8 63%
Ender* 6 10 60%
Lily* 6 10 60%
Jacqueline* 6 10 60%
Bryce* 2 4 50%
Samantha* 5 10 50%

The attendance numbers were a little bit down this Summer, and while there may be some mistakes in there it's probably not too far off. If you think your attendance number should have been better, let me know and I can send you the days there were marked absent and you can double-check.

On the plus side, we could have a pretty solid carry-over from the Summer to the fall. Jacob, Jay, and Alan are on board. The babies are staying. And I'm working on our 10 am session as well.

So again, thank you guys for another fun Summer and let's keep it rolling for the next couple months!

Champions Club Summer 2017 Dream Team + Athlete of the Summer

Since around mid-July, the Athlete of the Summer race was down to two athletes in my eyes: Jacob Augustine and David Saporito. Both have shown a great rebound from some time away, both have an incredible domino effect within the community. And, most importantly, both were 5-star prospects on the Summer 2017 Wishlist. Over the last couple days I have been pondering over this decision and it even rode into this morning. I'll be honest, I didn't do a great job on making sure the attendance recording was as accurate as it needed to be, so there might be some days missing for some people. However, I am still at peace with the decision. David Saporito is the Athlete of the Summer.

Sap can just flat out go, man. He has that ability to go to "that place" on workouts like Cindy, Filthy Fifty, and just about anything that involves running. However, the most impressive thing for me was his ability to jump back on track with our form standards. We worked all Summer on the knees-forward fault on everything, and also his setup on deadlifts. David showed very good patience in relearning some of the technique points that were once second-nature to him. Ironically, I thought Jacob was on point with this as well. David and Jacob were both very similar in their dynamics this Summer, and that will be covered more in the Athlete of the Summer Feature Series I write on Sap. Their attendance stories were very similar, with neither showing up to quite as many days as I initially thought once I checked the stats. Jacob missing the Filthy Fifty and the day before played a big part late in the Summer, while Sap's stretch in early July put him in the doghouse for a bit. Over the course of the Summer, I think David had the better consistency, therefore he's going up in the rafters.

I am truly thankful to have you back on board David! As usual we had a good supporting cast for this Summer. Here's the official Dream Team selections (percent attendance in parenthesis):

1. Andre Saffar (83)

2. Katie Shakes (80)

3. Elizabeth Banet (79)

4. Binno (70)

5. Aaron Sabal (65)

6. David Saporito (61)

7. Nicole Murley (59)

8. Erika Banet (58)

9. Brendan Crawford (56)

10. Conor Fitzgerald (55)

How about my man Andre finishing in first place by percentage points! This rookie came in right after the 80's workout and missed only 5 days in the mix. He led the way for a 10 am crew that started off slow, but ended up being a vital addition to the Champions Club Summer. Aside from the Jacob and David race, I was heavily considering Elizabeth and Jacqueline for the honor of Athlete of the Summer as well. Elizabeth, as I wrote about in the Z-axis post, bounced back from her lackluster Summer 2016 and is near her peak physical shape. Jacqueline is, in my opinion, in the best shape I have ever seen her during the last 4+ years. She's doing butterfly pull-ups, running like a normal person, and still has a squat only rivaled in form by Mrs. Carey. Finally, if Conor Fitz didn't spend the first half of the Summer in bed sleeping until 4 pm, he might have been up in the running as well.

The theme of the Summer seemed to be The Reunion, with David, Jacob, Binno, Cory, Steven, Craigen, and Alan all making returns to their old home on Stephenson Hwy. This definitely specid things up for us and while the form was not always great, the community was. I'll take that tradeoff for 3 months out of the year.

Like I said, there are a few spots of attendance I need to double-check, so the final numbers will be posted sometime next week. Overall the attendance was similar to last Summer; lower for our regular crew, but evened out on the weekends thanks to another 5-star prospect (or should I say, many 5 star prospects).

Only one missing from the picture is Drew.

I would be doing a disservice not to include my favorite session at the moment: The Babies. These kids knocked every Saturday out of the park by their rapid improvements and milestones. We had tons of rope climbs, pull-ups, and vaulting pr's set.

Our group totaled 13 kids by the time Summer wrapped up, with Conamora becoming the first person since Katie Bromm to tally a perfect Summer attendance. This crew is so much fun to work with. Be on the lookout for more highlights from them as the fall rolls on.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Summer. This is my favorite time of year for the Champions Club, and you guys did not disappoint. Next year we're going to see if we can be a little more organized with session times/attendance, and we'll see if that gets the attendance numbers back up to around where they were in 2015. It was definitely a late-blooming Summer, so hopefully that means we have a good fall in the works. Either way, till next year...

Thank you,


Champions Club Summer 2016 Dream Team + Athlete of the Summer

It hasn't been since Summer 2013 when we had someone run away with the Athlete of the Summer award like this. Don't get me wrong, there was good competition throughout; Murley was really making her case at the start of Summer by Beast-Moding every workout that came up, and the combination of Kroll and Carter really came on towards the end of the Summer with their consistent attendance and improved workouts. But Summer 2016 belonged to Katie Shakes. She is our Athlete of the Summer.

Last Summer she was about as close as one can get without actually winning. Katie's attendance was on point, but she kind of peaked (in my opinion, at least) with the workouts midway through the Summer. I knew she had an extra gear that she had not yet found. This Summer she found it. She pr'd on literally every lift while still having the work capacity to crush the long met-cons. Highlights included a 45-minute Murph (modified with sg and knees), 6:56 on Elizabeth with rx'd weight and sg band on dips, Nancy as rx'd in 13:03, 4:02 in Fran with a band, and that insane 30-minute workout where she did 225-lb. deadlifts.

Big ups to Shakes! She truly earned this award. But like I said, she was not the only superstar this Summer. Here's this Summer's Dream Team Top-10 (attendance % in parenthesis).

1. Katie Shakes (94)

2. Ashley Fry (89)

3. Nicole Murley (79)

4. Nate Archambeau (74)

5. Jack Trastevere (67)

6. Carter Warthman (66)

7. Brendan Crawford (63)

8. Josh Ellsworth (63)

9. Kenny Jensen (63)

10. Dawson Bielski (63)

I think special recognition should also be given to Ashley Fry and Nate Archambeua; two rookies who finished in the top 5 for attendance with the workouts to back it up. We saw Nate undergo a radical improvement in strength over the past couple weeks and his camera skills provided us with new gym artwork and a fresh photo galery. Ashley might actually be a long-lost Banet and is the front-runner for next year's award. More importantly, both kids have seamlessly blended in with our crew of misfits and act like they've been here forever. As for the rest of us, here's what the final attendance looked like.

Athlete Attendance         Total Days      Percent
1Katie Shakes 66 70 94%
Ashley Fry 62 70 89%
Nicole Murley 55 70 79%
Nate Archambeau 52 70 74%
Cap'n Jack 16 24 67%
Carter 46 70 66%
Crawford 44 70 63%
Josh Ellsworth 44 70 63%
Kenny Jensen 44 70 63%
10Dawson Bielski 35 56 63%
Mr. Z 37 60 62%
Mr. Wonsil 37 60 62%
Aaron Sabal 43 70 61%
James Willis 42 70 60%
Rachael Kroll 41 70 59%
Mrs. Carey 34 60 57%
Mr. Warthman 34 60 57%
Matt Hickey 39 70 56%
Torin Contrell 10 19 53%
20Collin Skorupski 32 64 50%
Alyssa Jabara 34 70 49%
Jennifer 30 64 47%
Arlene Ellsworth 28 60 47%
Reggie Ellsworth 28 60 47%
Mrs. Pip 27 60 45%
Maria Fiorini 30 70 43%
Jack Jensen 30 70 43%
Erika Banet 30 70 43%
Tyler Jabara 24 56 43%
30Tim Asmar 29 70 41%
Shannon Marchant 28 70 40%
Emma Wonsil 28 70 40%
Ricky Carey 28 70 40%
Megan Kav 27 70 39%
Mrs. Anderson 23 60 38%
Madelyn Wesner 8 21 38%
Mrs. Bass 25 70 36%
Elizabeth 25 70 36%
Mr. Carey 21 60 35%
40Ryan Richard 24 70 34%
Kaleb Diana 23 70 33%
Erin Kav 23 70 33%
Bubs 23 70 33%
Katie Bromm 22 70 31%
Parker Forrest 21 70 30%
Mr. Anderson 18 60 30%
Binno 6 20 30%
Mrs. Fitz 3 10 30%
Elle Laurencelle 20 70 29%
50Crystal 17 60 28%
Danny Bass 18 70 26%
Aly Baringer 18 70 26%
Conor Fitzgerald 17 70 24%
Lauren Higgins 16 70 23%
Aaron Sexton 14 64 22%
Jacqueline 13 64 20%
Matt Fecht 14 70 20%
Joey Bass 14 70 20%
Julia Burns 14 70 20%
60Steve Grabiel 14 70 20%
Mr. Auggie 9 60 15%
Mama V 8 60 13%
Khalil Wallace 9 70 13%
Mrs. Q 8 70 11%
Hannah E 7 70 10%
JZ 4 70 6%
Robert 3 70 4%
Pudge 0 70 0%

Thank you guys for another great Summer.

We Care: The Double-Edged Sword

Murley posted the attendance update yesterday and it's not pretty. The good news is you joined a gym that cares. The bad news is you joined a gym that cares.

Everyone has been there before (with maybe the exception of Katie Shakes). Stuff came up, you missed a few days, then you got comfortable and turned a 3-day hiatus into a month of inconsistent attendance.

When this happens at LA Fitness or Powerhouse, the gym owners are happy. In fact, their ability to make money depends on you paying for membership then NOT showing up. When more people show up, equipment is occupied, space gets crammed, people become unhappy, then they cancel their membership.

When this happens at CrossFit affiliates, the gym owners are not happy (our Summer signup numbers are almost identical to last year, but the attendance is far below.) In fact, their effectiveness as a coach depends on you showing up. When you show up, you get healthier, you make other people in the session work out better, people become happy, and they keep coming back (read Dominoes.) Because of this, every CrossFit gym I know of has some kind of system for tracking down members when they are absent. The Champions Club system: old fashioned face-to-face conversation.

This is awkward for you, no question. But try to see it from my perspective; it's just as awkward! You guys are literally brothers, sisters, cousins, and parents to me. I see you more than any of my relatives. The last thing I want to talk to Jacqueline and Jennifer about is attendance. But if it's a deterrent to your fitness then it's my job make it better.

For future reference, when someone from here (usually me) calls you or pulls you aside after a session to ask about attendance, refer to the paragraph above. We care. You should be worried if we stop doing that. When you join a CrossFit gym, your coach is becomes responsible for your health and fitness. And when you miss days, the coach can't do his job. Even if there has been a long hiatus a coach doesn't stop being a coach. My Grandma Dorothy still calls my dad and uncles every time they travel for the same reason; she still feels responsible for keeping them safe.

Regardless of who you are, there will be a point when you do have to miss for extended periods of time. When this is going to happen, a heads up is most appreciated, but an email or text is not the way to go. You joined in-person, and I think you should leave in-person. Text messages are for less-important things.

Now on the other side here's the good news: we care! You get an infinite amount more than you pay for. We go to your games, support team's fundraisers, sponsor a racesuite, provide connections for jobs and tutoring, feature you on website posts, make entire pages for your best workouts, open up early, stay late, and beat you in ping pong. This doesn't happen just because I care, but it happens because that's literally all I care about. The people who understand that and take the bad with the good get the most our of the program.

When you miss at the Champions Club, you will be asked about it. I'm going to make you feel guilty. Mr. Carey is going to say, "Hey! Who's the new guy?" Katie Shakes is going to ask where you've been? Carter is going to send pictures of his face to you. None of us are sorry. Either ignore it or stop missing.

Attendance Update

Guys, it isn't looking good. This summer we've seen previously top attenders slip to less than 50% attendance. Why? I certainly hope my suspicions that the ghost of leak seal isn't coming back to haunt us...

Here's last year's numbers for reference.

The good news is, a lot of new people are showing up consistently. Here are the attendance rankings as of Sunday. Percentages are based on 28 total possible days for the kids and 24 possible days for the parents. In the top 10:

A few people fell shy of the top 10, but their attendance is still above 50%. Erika has been working hard ever since Tyler called her out.

Speaking of Tyler, why isn't he on this list? Well, it's because he's in the red zone along with the majority of folks who have less than 50% attendance this summer.

It should be noted some adjustments will be made for the final numbers (joining late, etc.). Probably the most underwhelming is the #RETURN of Matt Fecht. Fortunately, he doubled his attendance today and it looks like he'll actually be around a little longer.

Summer Schedule + Attendance Info

Here is our official Summer schedule until I change my mind again.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

9 am

11 am (rookies) held at 4 pm this week*

1:30 pm**

5 pm

6 pm

7 pm

*Because all the schools are keeping you kids longer than I anticipated, the 11 am session will be held at 4 pm every day for this week.

**If you signed up for 1:30 and are still in school, obviously come to a different session. Preferably 7.



11 am

1:30 pm

6 pm



11 am (team workout - kids)



11 am (kids mobility)

12 noon - parents team workout


Secondly, if you are new to the Champions Club Summer, we keep attendance records for regular workouts, team workouts, and mobility days and there are various rewards that come from good attendance numbers. We routinely have 40+ people working out in a day, and sometimes crack the 50 mark. Please make sure to write your name on the board every day. We do a double-check every night, but sometimes we forget.