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Congratulations to David Saporito, Athlete of the Summer, 2017

See his feature editorial here.

Entries in jesse (22)

New Graduate: Lindsey

Yesterday morning Lindsey Eason finished her 8th and final Fundamentals session doing a Helen in 7:59 with 200m runs, 12k swings, and ring rows. She will now be joining the group with her sister, Kasey, and is primed to have a great Summer.

Lindsey is one of the most pleasant surprises I have seen go through Fundamentals in recent memory. Being the younger cousin of Jesse and Jay, I naturally heard a lot of teasing directed at her (and Kasey, obviously) about her athleticism. But Lindsey proved to be a very quick learner throughout the course of our Fundamentals sessions. On Day 1, she could barely do a 10 sec. hollow hold, and yesterday she did 4 sets of tabata rocks without breaking one bit. Running, unweighting, kipping, squats, and jump ropes all progressed very quickly. The only weak point I noticed was upper body pulling strength. But it's nothing a little consistent attendance won't fix.

Lindsey also seems to be having a good effect on her sister, seeing as Kasey's attendance has improved since Lindsey joined. Hopefully we'll be seeing both of them around a lot. Welcome to the Champions Club Lindsey!

Ghosts of Champions Club past: Katie Shakes with Jennifer Banet's laugh.

Pic of the Week: Two Weeks Worth

I forgot to do a Pic of the Week last week, so we have a few worthy candidates.

Mr.Kroll playing soccer with Rachael and Robert after the 3:30 session. Robert was getting bullied.Jesse Junkin stopped in for about 40 seconds last Thursday, then disappearedErika and Kris before a winter dance at MottBubs off somewhere in the world doing a handstand.

Biff's softball team was given a "knowledge assignment" and she decided to make a joke out of the first question

Pics of the Week: Birthday, Squirrel, Marathon Goblin, and Shade

First up for the Pics of the Week, we have a Drop Box submit from Mrs. Carey, who threw a surprise birthday party for Mrs. Pip last weekend.

Next up, the far left of our graph, Jesse Junkin, showed up at the gym last Sunday for the about ten minutes to show off his new squirrel tattoo.

Third in line and also from last weekend, our favorite marathon goblin Matt Fecht ran in the Dream Cruise 5k and was the overall winner. He sent me a picture of his trophy and his dog got in the action as well.

Finally, Monday's workout was a scortcher and to make matters worse, we had the hero workout Hortman. By far the hottest session of the day was the 1:30 session, and after the workout the crew decided to head for the shade out front to cool off.

New (Old) Challenge: Jesse's Jiving Jungle Jym

Last Summer, Champions Club's original blob Jesse Junkin posted a challenge that has yet to be completed.

Since the statistics say that we have more athletic people than we did last Summer, I figure it would be a good opportunity to bring back this challenge. Not only does the winner get a free chocolate milk, but a mighty climb up the athletic ranking on the graph.

Hot Carl and His Jump Ropes

Champions Club fan favorite Carl Paoli has delved into the world of jump roping. Last week, he posted a challenge on his social media. It involves jump roping and has 4 components: 

  1. Rope Manipulations - learn some stylish ropin' like side swings and crosses that little girls mastered at age 5.
  2. Multiple Unders- jump and get the rope around more than one revolution. Double unders? Points. Triple unders? Extra points.
  3. Power Moves- learn how to incoporate other skills into your jump roping like (and I quote) "burpees and basic tumbling."
  4. A Routine- like an Olympic figure skater, you must put these all together and showcase them in a tasteful yet awesome video. 

Here's an example featuring the rope manipulations.

Looks like Jesse was ahead of the curve 2 years ago.

Jesse the Graduate: The Good, the Bad, and the Tryout

Our little boy Jesse Junkin has officially graduated from Grand Valley. In the ceremony held on Saturday, his more talented brother, Jay, caught the precious moment on the stadium Jumbotron.

On the bad side of things, Jesse is now off in the world away from the friendly confines of Madison Ave. He will be headed to South Bend, Indiana where hewill be managing apartments and such. Unfortunately, he will not visit home before his departure.

As much as he will be missed at the gym, his absence may prove fatal to the Mario Baseball league supported by myself, Jay, and Jacob (the league's commissioner.) Since Jesse's participation in the league appears to be a thing of the past, we are in dire need of a pivotal fourth player. We are looking for someone who is well-versed in the Nintendo Wii, the rules of Baseball, Microsoft Excel, has access to endless AA betteries, and is preferably a male. While we perform a draft at the beginning of each season, Jesse's roster routinely expresses a heavy pitching bias while being partial to slap-hitters.

Not only that, the newcomer has to fill the technical and emotional void Jesse left. Were you to fill the "Jesse" role, you will be subject to occasional competitive banter, possible physical abuse, and may be exposed to occasional male nudity as a initiation ritual performed by the league's foul-mouthed commissioner. It should also be noted that in the case of a tie in voting, your vote would not count.

Regristration is open until further notice. If you are interested, please post your resume' to comments. We're gonna have tryouts...

T-Spine FYI: One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Bluefish

What is the T-spine you ask? It stands for Thoracic spine.

What is the thoracic spine you ask? Allow Binno the Blowfish to demonstrate.

When Christophus Binnonovich III feels threatened, his natural defense mechanism is to inflate himself to scare off the nearby predators. As luck would have it, it also gives us a clear picture of what I am referring to when talking about the T-Spine. You'll notice in the above picture right where you would guess the bottom of his ribcage lies a shapely V flares diagonally upwards. From that point on up is considered the Thoracic spine.

Mobility is not my specialty but from what I understand, thoracic spine mobility only takes a back seat to hip mobility in order of significance. When your t-spine is matted down and knotted up, everything upstream will be compromised; rack position, push-ups, overhead squats, and even running. A tight t-spine makes it nearly impossible to get into a truly neurtal midline position - which means range of motion and force production decrease. So you shoulders don't go far enough back in overhead squats and elbows stay down in cleans. For running, t-spine tightness leads to a slouched upper back, which makes the runner go slower since it becomes a counter balance. To compensate, the runner overextends the lower back in an attempt to stay upright. Then the residual problems pour on.

Our gym as a whole has horrible t-spine mobility. If you noticed, we have done skiing every mobility session for the past few weeks. That will continue for the foreseeable future until we find something else we suck at. Until then maybe one day we can look like this:

Just as a retest, compare that to Jesse, who is permanately hunched from countless hours of intense raids in the World of Warcraft.