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Open Field Practice Time, Fridays from 6:30-7:30pm

Any teams, schools, parents, or kids interested, see this post for details.


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Beast Mode: 6:30 Session + PSA from Coach T

Two very difficult movement patterns cameup on Monday and it gave us the opportunity to nitpick on each. We've let burpee technique slide a bit since the Summer in favor of intensity, so we made these "strict burpees" with our best inperpretation of a push-up, and also kept feet together and vertical shins on the landing. On the snatches I really wanted to exaggerate loading order. You'll notice us sitting back after the landing if it was caught in a bad position. Our 6:30 session featured Coach Casey, Sam, Evan, Angie, Barry, Jay, and Jesse. Out of sheer boredom from lack of Josh Bennis in the house, Mallory jumped in as well. We also had a surprise appearance from 2016 rookie Matt Hickey in the middle of the video!

Good work crew!


And now a public service announcement from Coach T.

Good morning,

The Christmas season is approaching and I wanted to give an opportunity for those who want to help others and give back through community service. Below is a link to my Church's 2018 Warming Center for the homeless. We do this every year around Christmas. Basically, we provide shelter, warm clothing, food and a place to sleep overnight for the homeless. It takes a lot of selfless service and team work to have a successful night. There are two opportunities to sign up. One is for families to help with dinner service, registration and give away room/blanket distribution. The other is for adult men to provide security during check in and to keep the peace from 7:30-11:00 PM. If you are interested in helping, please click on one of the links below to see the days and times listed and to sign up.

Family Sign Up

Security Sign Up

Thank you and God Bless!

Coach T

Beast Mode: Jesse

This weekend Jesse Junkin ran in the Officer Collin Rose Memorial race in honor of Veteren's Day. Held in Clinton Township, this race featured over 150 racers competing in a 5k, and our third-favorite Junkin managed to get himself a first place finish!

Jesse and his lady friend Shannon (whom has had the pleasure of sitting through multiple Mario Baseball tournaments)

His official time was 18:49 and came the day after a ton of GHD sit-ups and lunges. I'm not sure if he has any other races in the works, but we'll keep you posted. Great job Jesse!

Coach's Corner: Loading Order

Loading Order is one of the three things we coach at the Champions Club. When the hips and shoulders do most of the work, things tend to go well, and they can only do most of the work if they bend first.

For the lower body, we exaggerate this by doing box jumps, squats, kettlebell swings, and lunges with our shin vertical. Again, in real life it will never be that perfect, but we hope the more we practice it that way, the closer we'll get to the standard.

Cleans, especially ones from the ground, pose a pretty difficult challenge for Loading Order; the weight is usually heavy, you're tired, the movement is relatively fast, and there are a lot of moviing parts. Depending on the workout I am either very strict about the landing or somewhat strict on it.

Yesterday I was somewhat strict because I wanted to keep the weight on the heavier side while also trying to reinforce the timing going from the ground. Here is what Jesse looked like on his first rep, set of :20, 3rd. round.

I would call this okay for Jesse. We know he's been working on this a lot since he came back from a 4-year hiatus this Summer, and it's my fault for not coaching this as much in his early years. Shins are not vertical by any means, but you can tell there is some semblance of hips loading back. For yesterday's workout, I can live with that.

Two reps later...

Not so much. Imagine if he needed to immediately push this rep over his head; which body shape would give him better leverage to do that?

Remember, the one thing we want to avoid is dead-end positions and movements. The squat position Jesse shows in the second picture is never good for anything. So keep working to reinforce the good shapes, and slowly but surely they will become the default.

Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

One of the things I enjoyed the most this Summer was having the entire Junkin and Eason family as part of the gym. As soon as Kasey joined in 2015, I had a feeling we would get Lindsey and Josie to follow at some point. Jesse, Jay, and Josie have been my neighbors my entire life, and Kasey and Lindsey woudl find there way around the house to disrupt our Mario Baseball tournaments. This was very entertaining for me to read, and hopefully you enjoy it too! I emailed them the questions separately and they replied with a few revisions. Not sure if they discussed matters internally or not.

Either way, we present Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family!


What is your first memory from a family party?

Jesse: Hard question. I would say in general Survivor nights. The family meets every week to watch the show Survivor. This goes back many years, as the show is now on its 37th season. In general, Thursdays (now Wednesdays) were always dedicated to watch Survivor.

Jay: Family Reunions at my cousin’s farm house. We had epic water balloon fights, messed with chickens, and stayed up all night playing Sardines.

Lindsey: I don’t remember the earliest memory but the latest memory is the family reunion we just had in Sutton’s Bay at the end of June. We hung out and had family time together that doesn’t happen very often. 

Josie: Our other cousins used to live on a farm, and I just remember all the older kids showing me how to chase the chickens down and hypnotize them.

Kasey: I don’t know what my first memory is, but I do know that whenever the cousins get together it’s a good time.

What is your first CrossFit memory? (That could be in the gym, or your first time hearing about CrossFit)

Jay: That time you had me do Kalsu when I was 13 and I died. I’m still upset.

Kasey: I ended up at the gym for the first time as a result of a dare. The night before I was on my third piece of pie and Jay told me I wouldn’t survive at the gym so of course I had to prove him wrong. I don’t remember what the workout was, all I remember is not being able to move properly for a week afterwards. I still don’t know how y’all ever got me to come back.

Jesse: 2011 at Bishop Foley, max rep pull ups in the gym. This was back before Jay decided to become a freak and I had a chance to beat him, so there was always that competition.

Lindsey: Jay and Kasey had taken me to my first workout in I think the end of April and the workout was a back squat, deadlift and run in the cold April rain. No idea why I even came back but kind of happy that I did.

Josie: I remember Jay having to borrow my Harry Potter robe one year for the theme workout, which I thought was pretty cool.

If you could sum up Lindsey’s personality with one event from her life, what would it be? Lindsey, you can answer this too.

Kasey: She’s going to hate me for telling this story, but one time we were at a restaurant and trying to figure out what to leave for tip and our friend got out her calculator and said that tip should be $8.50. Lindsey then asks if she should leave a $5 bill and say “keep the change”

Jesse: One time we all went to the Pistons game in Auburn Hills. Lindsey volunteered to drive, and there was no argument from me. Until we were going 30 miles faster then everybody in the fast lane and my girlfriend Shannon is scared for her life. Kasey, in the passenger seat, says its much more fun if you close your eyes and put your hands up like you’re on a rollercoaster. Shannon still will refuse a ride from Lindsey if at all possible.

Josie:  We all went skiing one time, and after spending the majority of the day failing on the bunny hill with Kasey and I, Lindsey decided she was suddenly ready to go down the biggest mountain. Well, when she was about halfway down the hill she veered to the right and slammed directly into a shed that was lifted off the ground on cinder blocks. Her skis went underneath and there was nothing there to stop her head from going straight into the wall, which we think may have led to an unresolved concussion.

Jay: When Linsey was little she fell of a swing set in our back yard and cracked her head open. The doctors put a few staples in her head and said that everything would be alright. But in my opinion, she’s been a little loopy ever since.

Lindsey: I have no idea what anyone else is going to say but just remember I am deaf in one ear and that shouldn’t be held against me.

Bonus story supplied by Kasey: One time, after a Lions game downtown, we were walking back to car and Lindsey was turned toward us talking and was not paying attention at all. She then walked straight into a street sign full force. She bounced back so far that the person behind her had to catch her and the sign started swinging back and forth. For the rest of the walk back the people around us kept shouting "watch out! street sign ahead" or "careful! don't fall down the curb"

Who has the worst taste in music? Explain.

Lindsey: Don’t listen to the others I have the best taste.

Kasey: Lindsey – she goes through all of these weird phases. Currently you’ll find her listening solely to Broadway musicals.

Josie: Lindsey. As of lately, she exclusively listens to Broadway.

Jesse: Kasey. When you can sing every word, know every subtle punctuation, and can do every dance move to the High School Musical soundtrack, you know it has been on repeat for a couple years.

Jay: Josie. She has this on her iPod:

Who would win Harry Potter trivia between Josie, Lindsey, and Kasey? Who would win a neutral-site, standard two-star game of Mario Baseball between Jesse and Jay?

Jesse: Josie. Jesse for sure.

Lindsey: I would love to say I would win in Harry Potter, but Kasey would probably win. Jesse would probably win even though I have never seen them play because honestly who cares J

Jay: Kasey. Jay. Harry Potter Trivia would be competitive. Mario Baseball would not be.

Kasey: Me 100% - I’d beat anyone at Harry Potter trivia. Jesse

Josie: Kasey and Jesse

Who has the weirdest eating habits?

Josie: Jay. At least once a week, he’ll mix tuna fish, mayo, onions, and horseradish in a giant bowl for dinner (which it then takes the rest of the week to air out our house, and get rid of the smell.)

Jesse: Jay. Tuna fish mixed with mayo, onions, and horseradish is a daily snack. Makes the house REEK.

Lindsey: Josie definitely, she has a fear of mayonnaise.

Jay: Josie. She was the pickiest eater growing up. I think she went a few years straight of eating nothing but bread and butter for dinner. I’m not sure how she’s still alive.

Kasey: I can’t decide between Josie and Jay. Although as an honorable mention: Lindsey and Josie used to dip sausage links in butter.

If Jesse found a wallet on the ground with $180 in assorted bills, a 7-11 gift card, and a driver license, what would he do?

Jesse: Find the person and give it back because I’m a good person.

Kasey: Find the guy and negotiate a reward (the 7-11 gift card would be non-negotiable)

Jay: He would throw away the license, buy a few video games with the cash, stock up on Monster energy drinks with the 7-11 gift card, and lock himself in his room for a few weeks.

Josie: He’d call the guy on the license and negotiate a reward for returning it.

Lindsey: I have no idea, he would probably ask Shannon (his girlfriend) what he should do. Probably return it without the 7-11 gift cards

Who had (or has) the most annoying phase?

Kasey: We’ve all had them. Jay when he thought he was too cool for everyone. Josie and Lindsey used to wear skirts over their jeans. Jesse’s are once every hour.

Lindsey: Jay and Jesse both went through the phase of refusing to be seen with their family out in public. It was really annoying but everyone else is probably going to say my fangirl days.

Jesse: Josie. She always threw a fit and threatened to run away from home. Even when we were on vacation in Florida…

Josie: Me. I won’t deny it, I used to turn off the GameCube in the middle of Mario Baseball before they could save their data. With that being said though, Jesse and Jay would exclude me from stuff as I was the youngest, so by being a brat, I got my revenge.

Jay: Josie was a F****** B**** from about the age 8 to 10. Her primary goal at all times was tormenting Jesse and I. Anytime anyone else came around she would act like a precious little angel. But as soon as they left and it was just us, her voice would drop, her eyes would turn red, and devil horns would poke out of her head.

If a workout consisted of AMRAP in 20 minutes of 400-meter run, 20 push-ups, and 20 kb swings, how exactly would Kasey cut the reps?

Josie: She’d skip the push-ups entirely.

Lindsey: She would start doing only 10 push-ups after the first ten minutes.

Kasey: Well I’m not doing the full 20 push-ups, that’s for sure.

Jesse: Kasey keeps her count at what she thinks she deserves, not at what she is at. If she gets the run and 10 pushups, she has no problem going with the flow when others are transitioning to KB swings.

Jay: She wouldn’t be there. She would have gotten a text from Lindsey earlier in the day saying that the workout has running in it and would conveniently make plans to go out with her work friends instead.

Describe a short, funny story about someone else and see if we can guess who it is.

Anonymous: This person decided they were so hungry that they attempted to eat three Big Macs, and succeeded. This was followed up by a night of puking in the sink and clogging up the drain completely. This led to a parent doing intense plumbing work at 3am to remove the smell from the home.

Anonymous: I took drivers training with this person and when it was their turn to drive the first thing they did was back the car into a dumpster.

Anonymous: Just recently, we were all together for our annual cousin reunion and for a quick lunch we made two frozen pizzas (which aren’t that big to begin with and mind you, there are 10 of us there). I hadn’t eaten any yet and saw there was only one piece left and I got mad and started yelling at people asking how much they ate. Most people said “one or two slices”, but this person had the audacity to eat six. After destroying four breakfast burritos that same morning.

Anonymous: We were taking a catamaran out to go snorkeling, when one of the boys realized their “bathing suit” wasn’t really a bathing suit and didn’t have lining in it. So, as a solution, he begged me to let him wear my jean shorts (which are way too small for him) underneath.

Anonymous: This person was trying to throw a rock off a cliff and had the momentum to get it the farthest out of all of us but didn’t let go in time and it hit the ground right in front of the said person and sprayed sand everywhere. (it was a funnier in person)

What do you like to get at el Patio?

Jesse: A large frozen margarita and enchiladas with jalapenos. If there is not a jalapeno with every bite, it’s not enough.

Lindsey: Never been there. Probably nachos or chicken quesadilla. I’m a plain girl.

Josie: Chicken quesadilla.

Kasey: They don’t call me Quesadilla for nothing.

Jay: Never been.

 On a scale from 1-10, how many words come out of Jay’s mouth through the course of an average day?

Kasey: 5-6

Josie: 6

Lindsey: Maybe 3 on a normal day but get a few beers down him and probably 6.

Jesse: Depends what people ask him. If nobody asks him anything I would say 0.

Jay: No comment

What is the preferred method of getting rid of pimples?


Jay: I always try popping them before they’re ready. They don’t pop, end up looking way worse, and I hate myself for being impatient.

Jesse: Have facial hair to hide them.

Josie: Face wash.

Kasey: You gotta pop ‘em.

What is the most memorable instance of someone getting into trouble in school?

Jesse: Jay drew male genetalia in the agenda of a female classmate in 7th grade. He was suspended for it. I think the only one out of us 5 to ever get in moderate trouble at school.

Josie: Jay got suspended in middle school for drawing genitalia in some girl’s agenda.

Lindsey: Jay when he drew a penis and got suspended in middle school.

Kasey: Jay drawing a man’s private parts in an agenda and getting suspended.

Jesse: See above

Jay: ;)

If you were hanging from a cliff and had to rely on either a dead tree branch or Josie’s arms to pull you up, which would you pick?

Jesse: Tree branch. I would rely on myself to figure it out over Josie trying to save me.

Jay: Don’t like either option. Dead tree branch.

Kasey: Tough choice, but I think the tree branch offers more support.

Lindsey: I believe in Josie but also at the same time she would probably pull a Scar and let me go. (MAY MUFASA REST IN PIECE)

Josie: A dead tree branch.

How would you describe the progression of how you all have gotten along throughout your life?

Jesse: Family is family.

Kasey: This is a trick question- nothing has changed. We still fight and annoy the crap out of each other, but at the end of the day, they’re my ride or dies #retweet.

Jay: I think we’ve gotten along pretty well for the most part. Josie and Lindsey have had some serious beefs throughout the years. They seem to get under each other’s skin a lot. Kasey’s usually in the middle of it, or swings one way or the other based on the argument. Jesse and I are just there to commentate and make fun of their drama.

Josie: We all had stupid fights growing up that got blown way out of proportion (except me and Lindsey, those were real.) We all get along for the most part now-a-days though, unless it involves a board game.

Lindsey: We are all older but not really that much more mature. Josie and I still fight about once every time we see each other, we have cut that from 5 times but Jay instigates about 4 out of 5 fights.

What is the most memorable fight over something stupid you've had with someone?

Jay: I don't get in fights with anyone. I'm too nice. I could write a book about fights that Kasey, Lindsey, and Josie have been in though.

Lindsey: Every fight I have had with Josie.

Josie: About 10 years or so ago, we were camping and Lindsey left her chair to do something else. So, following the rule "move your feet, lose your seat," I sat down. Well then Lindsey got really mad saying it was her chair, but I was too stubborn to move. Eventually, the yelling at each other turned into a tug of war contest, and the chair broke. Then, as she was even more mad at me, Lindsey stormed into the camper and slammed the door shut, which too ended up breaking. It was a very dramatic day.

Jesse: This doesn’t involve me but it’s worth telling. Kasey and Lindsey once wore the same exact dress to a wedding. They were so upset with each other that they didn’t enjoy it and pouted the entire time.

Kasey: Lindsey and I fight about something stupid every single day. Jay's most memorable fight of ours is probably when Lindsey bought the SAME EXACT DRESS AS ME to wear to our cousins wedding. Like dude, get your own style and I bought mine first.

Rank you five in terms of "personality" with 1 being best and 5 being worst, and "personality" having as subjective of a meaning as possible.

Lindsey: This is hard because I feel we all have good personalities and we are all so different. So i am refusing to answer this

Jesse: 1- Jesse 2-Lindsey 3-Josie 4 – Jay 5 – Kasey

Jay: T1) Jesse, Jay, Josie, Kasey, Lindsey

Kasey: 1. Jesse 2. Josie 3. Lindsey 4. Jay 5. Me lol

Josie: 1- Josie, 2- Jesse, 3/4- Kasey and Lindsey are tied, 5- Jay.

Pics of the Week: Parents at the Hill and Junkin Jive

Our first candidate for Pic of the Week is one of many taken from the parents team workout at the hill on Wednesday.

The full array of pictures taken can be found in the July '18 Daily WODs gallery.

Lastly, we are blessed this Summer with all 5 Junkin kids in attendance, and we had them at the same session on Friday.

Athlete of the Week: Jesse Junkin

We are officially at the halfway point of Summer 2018, our our Athlete of the Week this time is Jesse Junkin.

Jesse is coming off a 4-year hiatus from the Champions Club, where he spent his time working and not doing much of anything in the terms of physical fitness. He came back this Summer and I honestly was not expecting much in terms of consistency. But I have to say Jesse has been the biggest surprise to me. Aside from about a week and a half, he's been doing 5-7 days per week and it looks to be paying off.

The other tough thing for Jesse being gone for that long was the adjustment to new movement standards and such. Luckily he seems to be adapting very well and is patient. This week was a great example.

On Monday he finished with the second-best time at the 6:30 session while looking solid on the floor press. Tuesday was a great day for him, as that 6:30 session was packed and most people were left on their own to squat. I wanted to keep an eye on his squats, but from the empty bar all the way up to his max his form in the hips and kness never deteriorated. Thursday was another good one for Jesse, as he proved his double-under game was as strong as it was back in 2014. Then Friday he did 8 rounds with 55-lbs. on his cleans, never letting his knees come forward, and today he ran with the fast group at the hill, out-lasting one of our Mott track runners.

Our gym is tough to get along with. Every few years we change our mind on what is good form and what is not. This makes it hard for college kids and the like to keep up with everyone when they come visit. Jesse's first two weeks back were pretty rough from a conditioning perspective, and a technique perspective. The conditioning comes with attendance, the technique is part attendance and part patience. Jesse has been one of my favorite people to coach this Summer and now that he's back to his normal form, I'm excited to see where he finishes up and hopefully we can continue this through the school year.

Behind the Champion: Mr. Auggie

On May 24, 2015, Jacob finally convinced his dad to join the Champions Club. Over 2 years later, Mr. Auggie has become a fan-favorite among the likes of Rachael Kroll, Mr. Z, Mama V, and the rest of the crew. As you can guess, most of his admirers jumped on board when they noticed he showed little hesitation giving me a hard time about anything he didn't like in the workouts. But that often ended there.

I wanted to bring back this series for a long time, and as I was going through lists of people in my head to feature, Mr. Auggie's was the one that kept coming back. I've known him for like 15 years, am good friends with his son, and he's been with the Champions Club for what seems like forever. Yet, our conversations always revolve around Michigan football or funny work stories. I had a feeling there was some cool stuff there if someone just asked, and I also was interested to see how Jacob became Jacob.

So here we are: Behind the Champion feat. Mr. Auggie.

Can you talk a little bit about where you grew up? Where did you go to high school and college?

I grew up in Madison Heights and went to Lamphere High School.  While I was there I was a mediocre football player (that’s being kind), a pretty bad basketball player for a couple of years, and a pretty decent High School baseball player.  Once I graduated I spent a year at Adrian College.  I decided that wasn’t for me and transferred to Oakland University.  I graduated from Oakland U with my degree in Human Resources Management.

I think everyone kinda knows you work at Macomb County Jail, but I don't think everyone knows about the process of "getting ordered". So can you explain what goes into that?

The process of getting ordered over is unpleasant (if I am going to keep it PG).  Essentially, we are a facility that needs to keep staffing levels on a 24/7 basis.  That being said, we all still have lives, get sick, and sometimes just need a day away from what can be a pretty negative environment.  This creates overtime opportunities that are often filled with people voluntarily taking the spots.  Unfortunately, there are times when people don’t want the overtime and those spots still need to be filled.  When this happens, the people who are currently working a standard 8 hour shift take turns being “ordered”.  This means that you need to stay for an extra 8 hour shift.  Unfortunately, there are times when you don’t find out you are being ordered until about an hour before the end of your original shift (so about an hour before you planned on going home).

Do you get any insights into life in general by working at a prison?

The most basic thing I have learned from working at a jail (which is different than a prison by the way) is that people generally don’t like being told what to do.  I think the hardest part for an inmate is having their choices taken away.  They don’t get to decide what to wear, what they get to eat, when they have to go their cells, and if they have a Television they have to come to an agreement between about 30 people on what they are going to watch.  It is amazing how much easier things go if you are willing to check your ego and ask an inmate to do something before simply telling them they have to do it.  In most cases inmates respond positively to being asked and it never gets to the point where you have to order them to do it.

Is that something that took you a long time to figure out? Did you just observe how they were reacting to the other officers and make your decision to ask instead of order? What about me ordering you around in here?

I actually figured out that people prefer to be asked rather than told to do something long before I started working here.  The first management position I ever had I learned that quickly. As far as liking being ordered around by you, I don’t really look at it that way.  I consider the things you tell me to do as the specific structure that I don’t know how to coordinate on my own.  I still made the choice to come to the gym, so I’m not really being forced to do anything.

Keeping it roughly PG-13, what is one of the best stories you're allowed to share from your time working

My favorite work stories involve some of the names of the people we deal with.  One of my favorites is the brothers Lemongelo and Orangelo (named for Lemon Jell-O and Orange Jell-O)

How did you end up getting dragged into CrossFit? What keeps you coming back?

I started doing CrossFit after a whole lot of nagging from Jake.  I finally realized I was getting way too out of shape for my liking.  I keep coming back because despite my complaining I feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing a workout and do feel general improvements in movement in every day life

What is your first memory of me? Not necessarily CrossFit related.

My first memories of you involve you and the other neighborhood kids playing football up at Japhet (where you and Jake had to be on separate teams).  Always thought it was cool that you were willing to hang out with the younger kids.

What are your first memories of Jay? Do you have any funny stories to share about Jacob and Jay being classmates for so long?

The memories of both Jessie and Jay that stick out to me involve 6th grade basketball.  I can remember going that whole season driving them and Jake back and forth to practice and trying my hardest to get them to speak.  I was completely unsuccessful.  It was like they lost the ability to speak when they got in my car!!!

Swamp People workout. Summer 2012.

Who was a more challenging child to raise: Master P or Jacob?

The boys were about a draw in difficulty to raise.  Completely different challenges, but it all about evened out in the end.  I got lucky though, both really good kids.

Can you go into a few specifics about what made them have their unique challenges to raise?

I can’t (won’t) go into specifics about individual challenges raising the boys.  Those are their stories to tell, not mine.  I will say that it all seemed to boil down to the same thing, though.  The most difficult thing for me is figuring out how to make your point in a way they will understand and that will impact them.  There’s not just one blanket thing you can do that will get through.  You need to figure out what works for each one.

Did you ever have an experience coaching either of those two in baseball? If so, how did you balance the line between being a dad and being a coach?

I had lots experiences coaching them in baseball.  It’s a lot of fun, but sometimes tough to draw the line.  I expect more out of my kids than the other ones.  It’s probably like that for most dads.  You see what your kids can do on a daily basis so you expect them to perform. You only see what those other kids can do and what terminology they understand when you’re with them.  Consequently, they can act like they don’t understand something sometimes or act like they are physically unable to do something and you just don’t know.

How did you balance being responsible for your kids with letting them make mistakes for themselves? Did you constantly check their phones, or internet history, or whatever?

I think it is important to let people make their own mistakes.  I started by letting them make small decisions and checking to see the outcome.  If they made decent choices I would ramp it up a little and give them more freedom.  Because of this, I waited a little longer than lots of parents to let them have cell phones.  Also because of this, I have never checked their internet history or phone records.  I trusted them to use the items by the time I let them have them and felt like it would be an invasion of their privacy to check them if I didn’t think something was really wrong. Luckily, they never gave me a reason to have to do that.

What are some of the things that you punished them for "back then" that you would look back on as maybe not a big deal now?

I tried not to punish them very often and I can’t think of anything that I punished them for that I now don’t think was a big deal.  A better question would be if I went overboard on the punishments that I gave out.  The answer to that is hell yes!! Was walking Jacob over to a kids house to apologize for embarrassing the kid a little overboard? Probably. Was making Jake write essays and do made up homework over 4th grade summer because I wasn’t happy with his grades overboard? Again, yep. Was getting in Evan’s face in Culver’s parking lot for lying to me overboard?  Starting to see a pattern here?

Is Jacob seriously a Scottish Lord?


Can you explain how that came to be?

That one's easy. Each Xmas I try to get a gift for the boys and my nephews. Something kind of off the wall that I can get for each of them. That year I decided to get them each 1 square foot of land in Scotland (saw it on the news). They use it to help promote their tourism I believe. Anyway, it comes with some perks including guided tours if you ever go to Scotland. Also, if you are a land owner in Scotland (I believe England has the same deal), no matter how small the parcel, you are officially a Lord or Lady depending on your gender obviously. Legally, they could even have their drivers licenses changed to include the titles. I thought it was pretty cool for an inexpensive gift.

What is one or two things you really enjoyed doing as a kid that you still do from time to time?

The thing that I did as a kid that I still enjoy is easy. I absolutely LOVE playing catch!! I really don’t know why, either. Always have since I was little. I don’t get a chance as often to play catch with the boys because of our schedules, but we still get out once in a while.

Master P and Mr. Auggie. October 2013

When you were 22, could you beat current-Jacob in wraastling? How would you go about exploiting his major weakness of being a pansy?

Could 22 year old me beat Jake in wraastling? Absolutely!!! He is way stronger than I was but he still hasn’t figured out that where the head goes the body will follow.  Would have either been a tragic accident when I broke his neck or the rest of his body would have gone down with the head. LMAO.

I’ll deny this next part if you ever tell him I said it, but that kid is tough as hell.  I never could have played through all the injuries that he played through.  He’s had a rough go with that stuff, but always manages to do what he needs to.

Being in the legal system for a long time, if you could either make or change a law, what would it be?

Making or changing a law is a tough one to discuss without coming up with something that will offend people.  Although there are some that I would change I am going to change the question to something I think we should all agree on.  Rather than changing a law, I think we need to change the facilities.  Although jails and prisons will always remain important, I think we need more Mental Health facilities. 

You are probably too young to know about this, but in the 1980s there was a drastic reduction in these facilities under President Reagan (still one of my favorite Presidents).  However, this decision was shortsighted.  The number of people with Cognitive disabilities in facilities like ours is far too high.  Some do get sent to more appropriate facilities but there are just not enough of them.  Consequently, we end up with far too many people who just don’t belong in jail and they don’t get the help they need to change their future behavior.  This is really what people are talking about when they discuss “Warehousing” versus rehabilitating.

What is an every-day thing in your life that goes unnoticed by most people, but really pisses you off?

An everyday thing that really pisses me off is people just standing like zombies in the store.  Be aware of your surroundings!!! Don’t just stand there in the middle of the aisle blocking everyone while you look for the cheapest can of soup!!!

What is an every-day thing in your life that goes unnoticed by most people, but you really enjoy?

An everyday thing that makes me happy is just when the whole family is together.  Everyone gets so busy, it is rare when we are all together without somebody getting ready to go out somewhere.  I really like it when all just get to hang out

Is there a character trait that you kinda wish you had? Not in a serious or demeaning way, but just something that would have made your life better?

The character trait I kinda wish I had would be to be less argumentative.  Just something about a good debate that I cannot steer away from.  Definitely not normal, but it is just me. lol


Bonus questions (both of which Mr. Auggie added himself!):  Favorite President and favorite inspirational quote. Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite President. If you need to ask why, just check into him a little bit to see some of the things he did and the obstacles he overcame.

Favorite inspirational quote:

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

This is an illegal wraastling move, as far as I know.