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Behind the Champion: The Junkin/Eason Family

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Sunday Highlights: Handstand Practice

I always like doing video highlights of handstands or handstand push-ups; with the exception of Lindsey running on the sidewalk most of us have a pretty good sense of what we are doing when we are in the upright orientation, but when we are flipped upside-down things get a little tricky.

Yesterday at the team workout we did some practice with static handstand holds, and for the new parents this might have been their first time practicing this since Fundamentals. Here's how it looked.

Sunday Highlights + New Graduate

We had 13 kids at the "Babies" session today, and like 4 of them were over over 10 years old... so maybe we need a new name for the Babies session. Anyway, we introduced a few new contests and the favorite by far was the classic Throw The Med Ball Over The Coaches. Our system for the workouts have been effective too; three stations, 15 seconds per station, 3 rounds or so until they lose interest.

We also have a new member to the crew: Adam Demonaco, the younger brother of recent Fundamentals graduate Emma Demonaco (aka EmD, or Doc). He got his first rope climb this afternoon, and you can see it at the end of the video.

Sunday Highlights: A Small Triplet

We had a really good turnout yesterday at the team workout, including one of Danielle's friends coming to try it out and a guest appearance by the Super Gump himself, Dawson. The weather was nice enough for a run to be included, so we took advantage. I was also very impressed with how the 10 am rookies Josh Howey and Isaac Dawkins moved. Here's the highlights.

Sunday Highlights: The Babies

Our "babies" session has been rolling since February and we have been hearing great stories about how their soccer, monkey bar swings, conditioning, and overall confidence has improved.

As they are becoming more accustomed to the Champions Club, we are slowly adding some elements that might look a little more like a "workout". Yesterday we did 3 stations: blocked squats, cone touches, and these crazy hands/feet plank things I haven't come up with a name for yet. We did 15 sec. at each station then rotated, going through 3 total rounds of that. Here's how they looked.

At this session we had Jacqueline, Conamora, Zeena, Ender, Lily, JT, Natalie, Sydni, Miranda, and Drew. Every session with them so far has been as fun as I've ever had coaching. Let's hope they can keep things going through the rest of the fall.

Sunday Highlights From the Vault: Football at the Park

One of the most enjoyable times I've ever had at the Champions Club was on September 13, 2015 when the parents crew went up to the park to play a competitive game of touch football at the park.

We're due for some play time with the team workout crew. When's it gonna happen?

Sunday Highlights: Deck of Cards

For Mr. Wonsil's birthday workout before the Summer 2015, he brought in about 15 decks of cards and helped design a team workout assigning exercises to each suit. We brought it back for today's team workout, having each partner alternate cards.

We had a good turnout today. Check out the highlights below.

Sunday Highlights + The Unveiling

There has been a project in the works for a few weeks now and it has finally come to fruition.

The Champions Club Education Network will be unveiled tonight at 7:30 pm.

Yesterday was the first day we combined the 11 and noon session for the team workout. We did the CrossFit Open 16.4 workout as a team. Here's some of the highlights.