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Harry Potter Workout Recap

Yesterday marked the final theme workout for the Summer 2018, and it's fitting that it featured our best turnout. We had 23 in total come in to see the Hogwarts Express depart from Platform 9 ¾ on another September 1 morning. We changed the format a bit to accomodate the crowd, and made it an individual workout more than a partner one - though everyone was grouped into a House.

In the end, Slytherin won the House Cup with a total of 377 points!

The full workout results can be seen here.

The photo gallery can be seen here. They are also temporarily uploaded in the August '18 Daily WODs gallery because I am dumb and haven't deleted them yet.

For the first time (I think) in our 9-year history of doing this workout, we got video highlights. Big shouts to Shakes for the decorations!

We also did a post-workout BBQ of sorts, and pictures will be posted as soon as I get them organized. Again, thank you guys for sending the Summer 2018 off in style! Dream Team and Athlete of the Summer will be posted tomorrow.

Labor Day Weekend Schedule Update + Fall Schedule Bits

Here's the schedule for this weekend:

Friday, August 31

9 am

6:30 pm


Saturday, September 1

9 am (Harry Potter Theme Workout) - everyone invited

10 am (hangout/potluck/food and games stuff)


Sunday, September 2

11 am (mobility)

1 pm (babies)


Monday, September 3

11 am

6:30 pm


Also, our fall schedule will be pretty much the same, except for the morning.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

8:30 am

4:30 pm

5:30 pm (not just rookies, back to normal again)

6:30 pm



5:30 pm (mobility/makeup workout)



9 am (mobility/makeup workout)



11 am (team workout)

12 noon (middle school kids)

1 pm (babies)


Enjoy the weekend and stay posted for the Summer 2018 Dream Team and Athlete of the Summer announcement!

Theme Workout Announcement + Post-WOD Gathering

The final theme workout for the Summer will coincide with the annual departure of the Hogwarts Express. This Saturday, September 1 will mark the return of the Harry Potter Theme Workout.

It will be at 9 am, not the usual 10 am start time!!

Again, 9 am.

9 am.

9 am.

Also, there is this note from Shakes:


Hi everyone!

As we can all tell, the summer is starting the wrap up and I was thinking we should have a BBQ like we did a few years back. Mrs. Carey was thinking the same thing, so we have to do it! After talking with her and with some input from Fry, we decided it is going to be more of a pot luck, so bring in a dish that everyone will eat. Yes NuNu, you can bring cake!

When: September 1st, after the Harry Potter Workout (Parents will be  working out with us, too.) There is no time limit for it because there will be some water games afterwards and maybe some card games going on!

Where: The box, obviously!

What to bring: Please comment below what you will be bringing. We will need napkins, plates, and eating utensils. Bring your own drinks (non-alcoholic), but water will be provided. And most importantly, yourself!

Make sure you dress up in some Hogwarts attire! I can't wait to end this summer with one big HOORAH!

Thanks guys!


The 2015 End of Summer Hangout

Parents Team Workout Reminder

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the 80s Theme Workout for the parents. And if you're wondering if you should dress up...

...the answer is yes!

Tomorrow at 6:30 pm! See you guys there!

80's Theme Workout Recap

I confess, this is the first disappointment from an otherwise perfect Summer: we had 11 in attendance for the 8th annual 80's Theme Workout (and yes, my disappointment compounded because I had to work out!) I had a feeling it would be a lower turnout, but still I was hoping for around 15 or so. Either way, the crew who was at the gym this morning put on a good show - both with their attire and their workout.

Some how, some way, Nicole Murley won yet another 80's Workout -this time she was paired with Erika.

Since we have moved to this gym in 2012, Murley has not lost a single 80's Workout she has participated in. Next year we will make sure to get Saporito, Shannon, Jacob, and anyone else willing to claim the throne.

The full workout results can be seen here.

The photo gallery can be seen here.

The next official Theme Workout on the calendar will be September 1 - when tradition states we do the Harry Potter Theme Workout. But we may sneak one more in before Summer is over. Stay posted...

Theme Workout Announcement: Back to the 80's Again

This Saturday at 10 am will mark the 8th consecutive Summer for the classic 80's Theme Workout. The music is great, and the workout is definitely tough, but the real treat is the attire:

2011201220132014201520162017See you guys Saturday at 10 am!

Disney Doozy 2018 Recap

We had another good turnout for a theme workout this morning; 16 including me at the Disney Doozy! We made a few modifications on the fly with rep counting; Baloo's Bear Crawls were on the blue mat and counted for 4 each trip down (8 for down-and-back), Tinkerbells were synchronized and counted same as Hakuna Matata Tabata Squats. As expected, there were a few mix-ups on the station rotations, but nothing that couldn't be figured out. In the end it went pretty smooth, the team of Jennifer and Murley (MurleyMouse and IncrediBANET) won with a convincing score of 622.

We don't have a full photo gallery, but there are a few uploads in the July '18 Daily WODs gallery, and you can see the full workout results here.

Great job to everyone and that's for the turnout! This is probably my favorite Theme Workout. Also, big ups to Erica for driving an hour to the gym this morning just to come to the workout. Definitely earned some brownie points there, and adds to her resume' for an already very impressive Summer. Next week will be another theme workout. Check back soon for the announcement!

Traditional post-workout movie viewing. Lindsey convinced everyone on Tangled.