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Lifts 4 Gifts 2017, 9 am Sat. December 16 @ The Champions Club

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Coach's Corner: Conor and Mr. Carey

Yesterday we did a max effort split jerk for the first time in forever. The main thing I was noticing was the disconnect on the timing between the unweight and the lunge, which is going to happen when you haven't done them in forever. I assumed there would be a translation from the cleans you guys have been doing - which are looking very good as a whole re: timing - but I didn't take into account that the fear component is multiplied because the weight is over our heads.

As I wrote about in the workout post, Conor and Mr. Carey were two of the crew that stayed extra to work on their technique. They both ended up getting 2/4 reps with good timing. Here's what their bad ones looked like:

From my viewpoint, it comes down to points of support. To be good at Olympic lifts, you have to remove all points of support completely (feet, shoulders, and hands). Call that triple extension, the second pull, or whatever. We call it unweighting because that's what it is: you are removing your bodyweight. Conor never removed the support from his hands or his shoulders, and this is evident because if he did, he wouldn't be able to push the bar upwards like he did (yellow arrow for reference). He does a great job to unweight the feet, and allows the bar raise up by his face, but his next direction needs to be down. Conor is afraid to fall, plain and simple, and this also shows up in his running.

Mr. Carey is trying to fall. Trying so hard, in fact, that he starts splitting his feet almost immediately after the bar leaves his shoulder (line and circle). If he waited even as long as Conor, then this would look better. But he doesn't want to because that would mean completely removing all support, which, in his words, "is really scary".

Is this picky? Yep. Sure is.

This guy below is Chad Vaughn. This video was taken a few years ago if I recall correctly, but it was just reposted on the CrossFit social media feed and Pat pointed it out to me. The timing on this is very good:


A post shared by CrossFit (@crossfit) on Nov 8, 2017 at 9:43am PST


Here is another good example from 2015. The movement is a push jerk, with is a lot tougher from a mobility perspective, but the principles are exactly the same.

Will somebody please bring Jennifer back in here! Volleyball is over!

Pics of the Week

We have a few candidates for Pics of the Week this time around.

Last Sunday, I went to the Berkley Steelers last football game of the season, where the 7th and 8th graders beat the Troy Colts, keeping them out of the playoffs. After the game, I caught up with Summer rookie Isaac, who played a good game at center. His sister/fellow 10amer, Sophia, jumped in as well.

The next one I was going to include was Mr. Auggie and his dog, shown in the previous post. It's actually Master P's dog, but the father of the Augustine household brought him in while I was holding a Fundamentals session with Alyssa. Again, see the post below for the feels.

This next one came in while I was taking a picture of Conor and Cory on the bike. I accidentally zoomed out and it showed up like so...

Coach's Corner: Shakes and Conor

In our expression of CrossFit, a squat should always look like a squat. This means the midline remains unchanged, loading order favors the hips instead of knees, and external rotation is constant. An air squat, front squat, wallball, power clean, and pistol all have the same rules apply because our hips are always our hips.

On Friday we kinda scrapped the max effort plan with Overhead squat, Snatch balance, and Hang snatch in favor of spending a ton of time on technique for each movement, especially the overhead squat. Once that looked good, we challenged that position by taking away connection; instead of slowly grinding down to the bottom, we had to drop there (snatch balance) and see if we could keep the same rules in tact. Here's what Shakes and Conor looked like:

With their shoes off, we got a chance to really see what was going on. Did you notice anything as they were moving up the difficulty ladder?

Campus Improv Eats - Conor 9/25

I went over some nutrition stuff with Conor about two weeks ago. Last Thursday I texted him in school to have him send me a picture of his lunch. Here's what I got back:

And here's the p/c/f breakdown.

  • Protein - meat in that sub thing, meat and cheese in the sandwich thing, milk
  • Carbohydrate - apple, apple sauce, bread on sandwich thing, bread on sub thing, chocolate in milk, sugary glaze on sub thing
  • Fat - milk... oh wait... fat free milk. Never mind.

Ah, the old high school lunch room - the perfect place to sit by yourself and wonder why people enjoy socializing. From the looks of it, Conor is one of those social butterflies and his lunch is probably a product of his burning desire for people to like him and his feelings. We know how sensitive he gets.

Anyway, this meal is all over the freaking place. Protein is pretty well represented here in different forms of the remains of couped up and slaughtered mammals. Also the non-chocolate portion of the milk. The carbohydrate side is where things get a little bit lopsided, and judging by my eyeballs, I would guess there's about 19 blocks(!) of carbohydrate in comparison to roughly 5 blocks of protein. In other words, Conor had his entire day's supply of carbohydrate blocks lying in front of him at his cafeteria lunch table. Considering he probably did not eat breakfast, I would prefer him to eat more food than less of it, for the immediate time being, but lord have mercy Conor!

I have inside information that the sandwich on the side is from his mom, bought from a local store. Putting two and two together tells me Conor took the time to pack this from home, which means he's perfectly capable of bringing his own lunch. That will be a point of discussion along the line.

Final verdict: I count this as a loss, Panic. No fat. Bushels of carbohydrate. Apple and applesauce combo is sure to cause a rushed trip to the nearest restroom, Paul Finch style.

Next time: Try regular milk instead of chocolate milk. Tip the applesauce on Crawford's head and fill the cup with peanut butter. Keep the apple, figure something out with the rest of the bread.

Beast Mode: Conor

Don't look now kids, but Conor has been about as consistent as anyone since July. And go figure, his workouts have been reflecting it. For some reason, he still can't string together more than 4 pull-ups to save his life, but I have been seeing a lot of improvement in midline strength and jumping mechanics. Both of those were on display last night at the 6:30 session for 3 rep max hang cleans. It should be noted that the workout called for hang power clean - meaning you're supposed to catch above parallel - but in his case I was a tad bit lenient. As for the "hang" part of it, we allowed athletes to regrip once the weight got heavy.

This is Conor's last set - topping out at 150-lbs.

Keep it going Panic!

New Graduate: Conor

Mrs. Fitz has been putting in some background work trying to get her first handstand push-up for a few days now. She had a few good attempts this evening at the 5:30 mobility session, and when Conor saw his mom get so close, he felt the pressure. After the session, he got his first handstand push-up!

While he got a minor bump on the graph for this, his mother still ranks ahead of him in athleticism. But still, keep the milestones coming Conor!

Shark Week/Hawaiian Workout Recap

For the 4th Summer in a row, we combined two classic theme workouts: Shark Week and Hawaiian. We had a small turnout this morning, and unfortunately is was an odd number, so I was forced into service alongside the uninspiring and unflattering attire of Chris Binno.

I have always thought this was the toughest of all the theme workouts, and the sharking relay is a main culprit. This year we followed the same format as 2016: one minute at each of the 4 stations (we added the push jerk/press to Limbo Lifts) and 2 minutes on the Shark Relay. For the second week in a row, Aaron Sabal came out on the winning team, this time with Conor.

No doubt Conor was counting by two's, but I guess that's what they gotta do to win. The full results can be seen here. We will still be having at least 2 more theme workouts coming for the rest of the Summer. Maybe more. Be on the lookout!