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Open Field Practice Time, Fridays from 6:30-7:30pm

Any teams, schools, parents, or kids interested, see this post for details.


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Quote of the Week vol. 274

"So Chris, I've just realized that I want to be that when I'm older. I want to be Mrs. Pip."

- Danielle while watching Mrs. Pip deadlift on Monday.

New Graduate: Woorden

Yesterday at the 5:30 session Danielle "Woorden" Worden got her first ring dip during the warmup.

Danielle has been really on point with her workouts the past month or so, which is perfect timing for the Powerlifting season coming up. We'll keep you posted on her meets.

Good work kiddo!

Beast Mode: 5:30 Overhead Squat and High Box Jump

I go in waves with things that I want to emphasize and the latest one has been high box jumps. Aside from everything else good about them, I think they look cool. I also like the 1-2 approach because I think it helps us feel a flow - which is related to falling in running.

Pairing them with Overhead squats proved to be a pretty tough couplet especially when going relatively heavy. For the athletes that didnt have the capacity to do heavy OHS, they did AMRAP in 10 minutes of 10 overhead squats and 5 box jumps; keeping the effect of the box but adding reps to compensate for the light OHS. Our 5:30 session had a good mix of high schoolers, college kids, and parents. Here's how it looked.

Not the prettiest form we've seen on this site for sure. Considering what we were looking for, though, I'll take it and make note of what we need to fix in the future.

New Graduate: Danielle

In early June, Danielle said she had the goal to get a handstand by the end of Summer. It ended up happening later that day.

In late October I told her to start working towards a handstand push-up; she said it was never going to happen. After today's 4:30 session she stuck around to get some more practices and after about 20 attempts she nailed it!

Great work Woorden!

Pics of the Week: Halloween 2018

All three Pics of the Week come from Wednesday's Halloween festivities.

First we have Woorden being a goof with the eyeballs Mrs. Carey brought in:

Next, we have Mr. Bennis dressed and ready to attempt a max height box jump:

And lastly we have the babies crew of Zeena, Conamora, Josh, and Alex (Josh's friend):

Case Study: Danielle's Car

As I mentioned in Carter's post on posture a few days ago, we are constantly practicing something in terms of position and there is really no gray area, it's either a good position or a bad position. In the gym we do a good job of practicing good positions because I'll yell at you otherwise. Outside the gym you're on your own.

Unfortunately you're sometimes at a disadvantage through no fault of your own. Companies that sell products for us to use have design teams that are in charge of making the shape of their thing a good fit for us. The thing is, we can tell who they've been studying based on the design. Take Danielle's car seats for example:

Look how far foward the headrest is. We tried to adjust it back but it only goes higher or lower. When seated here's how she looks:

Draw a straight line from her hips to her shoulders and if you continue that her ears should be right there as well, putting her head in line with the rest of her spine. Considering how long she spends in her car, it's no wonder why her shoulders are so tight. We can see this in other things too. Ergonomic keyboards and mouse models show a rotated design that conforms to someone's tight, internally rotated shoulders. And the Jordan brand Jabrill Peppers Michigan jersey I own has the shoulder sleeves rotated forward as well.

It's something that is going to be difficult to avoid (Michigan was won the last two games when I wore that Jersey and sat in the middle seat in the living room, so no going back now) so best bet is to just be aware of bad postural designs and try to stay in the best position possible.

Pics of the Week: Woorden and Josie

Senior Danielle Worden had her school's homecoming dance last week, and she submitted a picture.

Next up, Josie was somewhere on Michigan's campus and ran into Jordan Poole and Isiah Livers. She asked for a picture with them, but Livers took her phone to snap it, so he's not included. But still, Jordan Poole!