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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

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Campus Improv Workout - Danielle in South America

This morning at mobility, David Saporito let it be known that Danielle is on the trading block based on 1) her being in Coasta Rica and 2) him watching The 72 Most Dangerous Animals in South America special on Netflix. But from the looks of it, Woorden is doing just fine on her school trip.

Before she left, I told her to make it a goal of doing 7 workouts over the course of the 10 days she was there. But the catch was it only counts as a workout if there was no formal exercise - meaning it can't include things like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, or presses. It had to be informal, natural movements like hiking, trail running, moving stuff, swimming, etc. Here's a picture she sent yesterday of her playing soccer with some elementary school kids.

Gyms and fitness centers were invented only once the picture above and other activities like it stopped becoming common in our daily lives - and notice the word daily. Play, even at adulthood, should be an every day thing. If it was, the Champions Club would be out of business.

I think I have said it here on the site before, but if the most athletic thing you do during your day is a deadlift, you did not have a very productive day. We spend so much time in our little bubble of strength and conditioning that we often find it hard to create workouts that don't involve push-ups and air squats. If you cut the grass with a push mower, you worked out. If you laid down some mulch, you did a workout. If you played a game of pickup basketball, you worked out. The more of these little things we can add to our lives, the more effective our gym workouts become; instead of just trying to undo all the sedentarism (is that a word?) throughout the day, we can then actually add to our fitness.

Danielle is a competitive powerlifter, and her job is to focus on very robotic movements. And it turns out she's probably top-20 in the state of Michigan at it. But the picture above gives her a chance to showcase what that formal stuff has done for her. She's in a pistol shape right now. Her foot is not pointed straight forward. Her shin is not vertical. And both of her shoulders are slouched forward. That is perfectly okay for the time being! The more she practices those safe principles in the controlled environment of the gym, the less likely they'll be a problem outside the gym. In the meantime, she gets to work on her coordination, change of direction, reaction, and strategy. In other words, she's developing her athleticism. Controlling the soccer ball coming at her - even against elementary school kids - is way more athletic than anything she's done in CrossFit or Powerlifting. A good balance of both is what we need!

Beast Mode: Danielle vs. Alyssa

I think one of the biggest light bulbsof my coaching time at the Champions Club is understanding the idea of what I like to call "movement factors." In essence, the standards for all movements are set: midline stability, loading order, and laws of torque (see the long explanation in the most recent Building a Champion installment). My main job as a coach is to make it difficult for you to maintain those standards. This is where adaptation happens.

For example, go ahead and do that 35-lb. thruster Mrs. Kroll. No biggie!

Now what about adding a movement factor: volume; let's do 3 reps instead of 1.

Okay so that looked good. Now we can add some load; how bout going to 45-lbs. instead of 35.

Still good? Now add the most diffucult movement factor: fatigue; let's do an all-out 200m sprint before every heavy set of three.

All of a sudden, that moderately heavy weight turns into the most difficult thing because you're supposed to keep it looking exactly the same as a warmup set. This is what Alyssa Jabara and Danielle did really well yesterday. Sandwiched inbetween two overly crowded sessions, these two went head-to-head at five thirty. Check it out.