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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2019

See schedule here. Dancing, anyone?

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Beast Mode: Josie and DeMarrien

Two unlikely sources put in a very good showing at today's mex effort deadlift workout. The 6:30 session featured 9 people and Josie Junkin and DeMarrien Watson were two that I had pegged for the rounded backs club. But much to my surprise, they looked really good. Here's their final sets.

Josie - 125 lbs.


DeMarrien - 75lbs.


Josie is officially back for her second Summer with the Champions Club and she is way ahead of where she was last year despite being away at school. DeMarrien (and his brother Mark) are on the recruiting board for the Summer; DeMarrien has seen major improvements in his body control so far in his short time with us and hopefully we can carry that over for the next few months.

Good work kids!

Beast Mode: Cecilia and Mrs. Kroll

We had quite a few good performances on last Thursday's max effort clean day. In the morning, Mrs. Kroll and Cecilia both showed good technique as the weights got heavier. Mrs. Kroll was a little hesitant to fall under, and Cec had a tendency to use her arms too much. But still ended up looking pretty good.

Mrs. Kroll topped out at 75 lbs.

And Cecilia topped out at 125 lbs.

Beast Mode: New Kids on the Back Squat

On Tuesday's max effort back squat I was surprised by the performance of two of our newer additions to our crew.

Zack Stein really had trouble with depth and rounding his back on our last back squat day. But this time around he nailed the technique! Here's his last set with 155 lbs.

6th grader Jacqueline Asmar is the founding member of what is now our flourishing Babies session. She hung in there for 3 years up until this fall where she graduated to our middle school session. Her technique has been looking so good that we are trying to get her in as many days as possible with the regular group to prep for Summer. Here's how she looked with 35-lbs.

Beast Mode: Jonah

A few Saturdays ago Nick and Jonah were the only two in attendance and we spent a ton of time with each working on the deadlift. Jonah was mentioning that he felt them mostly in his back, which was odd considering his spine looked neutral and straight. When I hit his belly I noticed it was softer than cotton candy. That is not because he doesn't have abs, everyone has them, it's because he wasn't using them.

We did a lot of bracing emphasis at yesterday's max effort session and Jonah translated the stuff from a few weeks ago into yesterday. Here's his last set at 155 lbs.

For every rep he did, the only places he felt it was in his abs and legs. Signs of a good deadlift at this stage!

Beast Mode: Moms Cleaning As Usual

Yesterday morning we had Mrs. Bennis, Mrs. Pip, and Mama V in attendance for max effort cleans. We worked on going from the ground with all three of them because 1) things were looking good from the hang position and 2) being able to do cleans from the ground during regular metcon workouts adds a different level of suck and fatigue. So congratulations ladies!

Anyway, here's their last sets:

85 lbs. for Mrs. Bennis, 105 for Mrs. Pip, and 75 for Mama V.

Beast Mode: Angie

On Tuesday we did deadlifts till the cows came home, mostly at light weight. I gave Angie the opportunity to work up to heavier weight at the 6:30 session and she broke the 200-lb. barrier, topping out at 205 lbs. Her first attempt was a little odd since the weights were sliding off, but she redid it and it looked much cleaner. Also, Murley took the opportunity to zoom in on Jay's unnecessary beard.

Keep it rolling Angie!

Beast Mode: Mrs. Gloria

Lots of good stuff happened during today's max effort deadlift sessions as far as technique and consistency goes, and possibly the best of all happened in a private session. Mrs. Gloria came in after the 8:30 crew and hit some deadlifts of her own for the very first time. She topped out at 55 lbs.!

Great work Mrs. Gloria!