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Quote of the Week vol. 263 + Mini Editorial Alert

"Just do that and then let the music do somethin', and then do that again, that'd be enough for a record.
I mean, you only want two and a half minutes if you can get it, you know, three minutes max—"

- sample from Kid Cudi's song, 4th Dimension.

A new Mini Editorial is coming out tonight at 6 pm called The Thing About Time Constraints. It was originally meant for either the CrossFit Journal or the BrandX site, but I molded it a bit to fit here. Enjoy!

Athlete of the Summer Feature Series + Sneak Peek

There is one last drip of fantastic nostalgia from a great time long ago (or 3 weeks, on this case). Starting in 2015, I wrote a little mini-editorial on the Athlete of the Summer. They usually turn out pretty well, and I try to give little hints as to how the athlete in question can represent the gym as a whole. Here's the previous year's ones:

2010: Cool as the Unthawed

2011: The Blue Devil Beat

2012: Our Guide to the Great Valley

2013: A Wild Katie Bromm Appeared

2014: Some Days Even My Lucky Rocketship Underpants Don't Help

2015: I Am the CrossFit Oasis, I Got a Cup of Your Time I Won't Waste It

2016: We Love to Hate the Shakes We Love

2017: DIV: Destination in View

The Story of Jennifer in America comes out tomorrow at 5 pm.

Bye Bye Josie + Behind the Champion Sneak Peek

Today marked the last day of the Summer 2018 for Josie Junkin - the last of the Junkin/Eason clan to join the gym.

Josie was definitely the surprise of the Summer in terms of attendance and physical improvement. She's still got stiff shoulders and hips, but we saw her work around that and perform well in movements like cleans, deadlifts, and even kipping - which are all things she's never done before.

Josie would also routinely stay to hang out with any other post-workout stragglers and helped add to our community. She was a very important addition to the gym and I hope she can find her way back from Ann Arbor for a few weekends out of the school year.

Thank you for everything Josie!

In related news, we have our latest addition of Behind the Champion in the works set to be published this week. Instead of one person, this will be on the entire Junkin/Eason family. Here's a snippett:

Q: Describe a short, funny story about someone else and see if we can guess who it is.

A: I took drivers training with this person and when it was their turn to drive the first thing they did was back the car into a dumpster.

Pics of the Week: Shannon, Sharks, and Geez Does Anyone Ever Go Home?

One of the business mentors things I follow says that you can rate your session based on the percentage of people still at the gym 15 minutes after your session was done.

We had 17 people at mobility session today that ended at 11:00 am. At 11:30 there were still 15 people in the gym.

Next up, Shannon DropBoxed me a few pictures from track season that are in both the May and July Daily WODs galleries, and she also included a picture from her vacation in Jamaica.

... so... yeah... you guys can marvel at that for a bit.

And lastly, I'm not sure from where or when this picture came from, but it was also included in the mass of DropBox content from the last few days. It also just so happens to be a nice sneak peek of what the Theme Workout might be this week:

Quote of the Week vol. 223

Me: "Would you have done anything differently in high school, knowing what you know now?"

David: "Yeah, I would have played football in the fall - not cross country - and basketball in the winter, then just ran the 800 for track in the spring. And not worried about trying to run in college."

Me: "But wouldn't you want to be able to say that you're a D1 athlete?"

David: "No, because saying that doesn't matter unless it's football or basketball. Nobody else cares."

There is an editorial in the works about the criteria for playing college sports. Stay tuned.

Quote of the Week vol. 222 + New BTC Sneak Peek

"The dream... It's not the destination, it's the journey. And if you guys can understand that, then what you'll see happen is that you won't accomplish your dreams. Your dreams won't come true. Something greater will."

- Kobe Bryant. Jersey retirement speech.

We have a new Behind the Champion post in the works. This one is featuring Erica from Henkel. It's turning out really interesting so far, and it's cool to hear from one of our quietest Champions Club athletes. Be on the lookout for this to come next week.

Sneak Peek: Behind the Champion

For a long time we were doing a series called Behind the Champion. It featured the likes of The Andersons, Bromm, Bubs, The Wonsils, The Careys, Mel... the list goes on. We are bringing this back and our first one is featuring a silent staple in the Champions Club for the past 2 1/2 years:

Behind the Champion with Mr. Auggie. Monday at 5 pm. Gotta say, this is one of the coolest interviews I've ever done. Here's an excerpt:

My favorite work stories involve some names of people we deal with. One of my favorites is the brothers Lemongelo and Orangelo (named for Lemon Jell-O and Orange Jell-O)

SO you have that to look forward to, and much, much more! Set your calendars.