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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2018!

Entries in 10 rep max (13)

Beast Mode: Jay

Jay Junkin is back in action full-time with the Champions Club after landing a local engineering job in the Madison Heights area. He is trying to get in his Summer 2015 shape and he's been off to a good start since early August. Last time today's back squat workout came up it was May 2015 - aka Jay's prime form. He started off at 225-lbs. for his set of 10 last time, and worked up to 275 for his 3 singles.

Today he low-balled his first few attempts, then on the way back up the ladder he finished the day with a set of 10 at 205 lbs. Check it out.

By the looks of it, 225 might have been a possibility. Either way, he's not too far off.

Recommended reading: The Z axis

Beast Mode: Dawson's Split Jerks

Dawson Bielski, aka Super Gump aka Love Doctor, has put in a good winter of workouts here at the Champions Club. We have really been working to develop his coordination and skill more tha just brute strength (same thing we are trying with Kris). On Monday's max effort split jerk, we kept Dawson's reps high and the weight relatively light so he could get the timing down on a movement he has not been traditionally good at. Here's how his last set of 10 looked at 75 lbs.

We also noticed this was the case for just about everyone in attendance except Elizabeth and Sabal. As a whole, our gym's overgeadposition is not great, and we have not done split jerks in quite a while. One of the adjustments I've made after learning from some of Jacob's deadlift sessions is to not be married to the rep scheme of that max effort lift.

For instance, instead of keeping everyone at light weight and doing 10-8-6-4-2 reps, I still kept the weight light, but I increased the volume - most people were at 10 sets all the way through, and a few went down to 8 and stayed there.

Either way, great job to everyone, and especially Dawson, for staying patient with a tricky lift.

Beast Mode + Sunday Reminder

Hey guys just a reminder that Sunday's workout is at our gym at noon. We will be joined by the CrossFit BMW folks in a team workout for Ava Khalipa. Bubs will have a card ready to sign.

Being able to hinge at the hips with a flat back is one of the things we focus on during Fundamentals and my job is made a lot easier when that skill is picked up quickly. Both coordination and mobility play into that. Thankfully for Arlene Ellsworth, neither was ever an issue.

Arlene's time with kettlebells and 15-lb. bars on deadlifts was shorter than most New Kids due to her mobile posterior chain and body awareness. Today she got to showcase that. She topped out on her 10 rep max deadlift at 100 lbs. Check it out.

Keep up the good work R!

Beast Mode: Ricky Carey?

Ricky freaking Carey dude...

Yes, his knees were twitching more than usual, but if you were to look at this butterball 4.5 years ago and tell me one day he would overhead squat 185 lbs I would have laughed. But at this exact moment in time, Ricky Carey might be the best overall male CrossFitter in the Champions Club. His 185-lbs. effort on Friday was the third highest Overhead squat by any teenager in the gym's history (only behind Jason's 207.5 and Ryan's 225) and his 10 rep max was 10 lbs. more than his 1 rep max on the same workout in June. Ricky continues to set a standard for how well a not-so-serious athlete can move and perform.

Keep up the good work Slick!

Beast Mode: Alyssa Jabara Doing Alyssa Jabara Things

The tag alyssa jabara doing alyssa jabara things illustrates the mystery around the tag's namesake. Alyssa is one of our most athletic kids, but also one of the most inconsistent. She will look great one moment, bad the next moment, then back to great after that - as was the case this week.

On Tuesday, Alyssa frustrated me and her own self with a sporadic performance on the 10 rep max deadlifts. One rep her back was perfectly flat and she lifted the weight light it was a warmup set, the next rep was a trainwreck. And so the confusing cycle. Just one of those days.

Friday was a different story. Alyssa was zoned in on her 10 rep max front squat and it took me by surprise. She tied Jacqueline with a top weight of 105 lbs. Here's her final set.

Keep it going Alyssa! As far as raw athleticism goes, you're towards the top of our ranks (guys or girls). Now let's make the consistency category match it.

Beast Mode: Rachael Kroll

Rachael Kroll is an unsung hero for the Champions Club. She's been around since the Old Weight Room and has stuck with us through the move and changees in movement standards.

She was the lone ranger at the 7 pm session tonight and managed to miss her fellow 9 amer gossip queens by four hours. Nevertheless, she still put in a good showing, topping out her 10 rep max front squat at 90 lbs. Check it out.

One of the few 9 amers to represent with good form. Well done!

Coach's Corner: To Reset or Not To Reset

For the 10 rep max deadlift yesterday, I gave a few of our athletes the option to reset once during the set of 10. As with much of my decisions, there was really not a lot behind it other than a spontaneous gut feelings.

Alex Faust, for instance, is back from over a year of hiatus. He has been consistent with not only his attendance, but his willingness to cut back on weight/speed/range of motion to get in the swing of the form standards. I let him go up to 275 pounds on his final set and here's how it went down...

Elizabeth Banet, on the other hand, is a robot programmed to keep good form and would rather suffer a slow, painful death than deviate from proper movement. Like many of The Freaks, this is the only style of working out that she knows and has no problem staying within our movement standards (unlike Faust, who has picked up a lot of bad habits from his football career). This is what bad form for Elizabeth Banet looks like...

On the last set there was the slightest of rounding which, in retrospect, I would've had her reset after 5.

In either case, this is what a set of ten should look like. They both worked to the limits that their technique would allow. They could have made the weight feel a lot easier, but it would have cost them in form - and therefore safety. Next time you see a 10 rep max come around, keep this in mind. Slow and controlled is better more often than not.