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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer 2019

See schedule here. Dancing, anyone?

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Pics of the Week: Baby Josh, Big House, and Brains

The Benni are now back from their vacation and they sent in a few pictures, most notable of which is this one where he got to swim with dolphins.

Next up, Jesse and Josie (and Jesse's girlfriend Shannon) ran in the Big House 5k this weekend. Out of 7,300 people running, Jesse finished in 140th place with a time of 21:08. Josie got 25:00.

Finally, as you all know, Mrs. Fitz offered free MRIs last week. I went, Angie went, and so did Mrs. Pip, who, among other things, got her head scanned because... well... it's Mrs. Pip. So for the sake of not having a lot of website content, here's the innards of Mrs. Pip's head.


Beast Mode: Moms Cleaning As Usual

Yesterday morning we had Mrs. Bennis, Mrs. Pip, and Mama V in attendance for max effort cleans. We worked on going from the ground with all three of them because 1) things were looking good from the hang position and 2) being able to do cleans from the ground during regular metcon workouts adds a different level of suck and fatigue. So congratulations ladies!

Anyway, here's their last sets:

85 lbs. for Mrs. Bennis, 105 for Mrs. Pip, and 75 for Mama V.

Quote of the Week vol. 284

Me: "You guys ever heard of the CrossFit Butt Test? It's where you lay on your belly and roll a loaded barbell over your back; if it hits your butt then you pass."

Mrs. Pip: "Well I can pass the Gut Test on the floor press because my stomach always stops the bar from resting on the floor."

Pics of the Week: Pat, Parking Lot, and Pip from the Past

A few submissions for Pics of the Week. First off, Fry and Shakes wentto the grocery store on Monday after the session to do whatever they do at a grocery store and who do they run into?

The Ghost of Pat L can never leave.

Next, we I happened to have my camera out in the parking lot when Mama V and the Benni were about to pull in.

Zoom in on Mama V's face if possible.

Lastly, Mrs. Pip brought in a receipt from 1998(!) for a bed she bought from the Mattress Factory. Check the company address.

Coach's Corner: Good Enough

The term "good enough" usually means someone has given up looking for what they want and settle for what they are seeing. It carries a negative connotation, at least from my pespective.

This morning Cecilia, Luke, and Noah stopped by the 8:30 session with Mrs. Pip while back from college for winter/spring break. They were rookies last Summer, had a few weeks of laid-back training during Christmas, and they look like this towards the end of the workout:

What I was looking at mostly was the cleans. During the technique prep we did mostly hang then I figured we could see how things looked going from the ground. Timing (meaning legs before arms) is what I was looking for. And what I saw was the perfect example of a positive version of "good enough."

I have them for like 4 days. There is really not much we can accomplish in the grand scheme of things in 4 days. So my first priority was for them to feel like they got a good workout in. Check. Then I wanted to see how close they were to "the standard" for the movements. Verdict: definitely within eyesight. We could have spent the entire session trying to fine-tune the movement, and there would be very little chance it would stick around come May. But what I was was form and technique that is "Summer-ready" - meaning give it a few weeks of consistent attendance and it will be nails! Look for a big Summer from these three.

Ps. With the exception of jumping halfway across the floor on some reps, Mrs. Pip's timing was really good.

Quote of the Week vol. 281

"You need to treat working out like it's your job. Block off time for it every day and don't let anything get in the way of it."

- Mrs. Pip

Quote of the Week vol. 274

"So Chris, I've just realized that I want to be that when I'm older. I want to be Mrs. Pip."

- Danielle while watching Mrs. Pip deadlift on Monday.