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Welcome to the Champions Club Summer!

See schedule here.

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Beast Mode: Elizabeth

At the 9 am session today I had the opportunity to do some individual work with the four athletes in attendance: Jacqueline, Elizabeth, Sap, and Mrs. Kroll. We did some tempo stuff before letting them go at their 1 rep max deadlift, and their firm stayed really good. Elizabeth hit a 30-lb. pr with her last lift, topping out at 230 lbs. Check it out:

Disney Doozy 2017 Recap

After three straight weeks of poor showing on team workout Saturdays, we finally got a great turnout! Carter, Kenny, Conor, Maddy, and her brother Nolan all set their alarms for an unusually early time of 8:30 am and joined the rest of our crew for the classic Disney Doozy Theme Workout.

Lindsey surprised everyone by bringing on our choice of Moana or the new Beauty and the Beast for us to watch after the workout, and Pat provided us with a slew on unfavorable carbohydrates to snack on (though, you heathens ate my Starbursts).

On a more serious side, Elizabeth and Jennifer teamed up to win the workout under the alias "Olaf and Sven" from that God-awful movie, Frozen. But we forgive them because they won.

There are few things that can put me in a better mood than seeing a well-attended Summer Theme Workout, and you guys all did a great job today, especially rookies Lindsey and Pat. Big shouts to Bubs for being Bubs. And special mention to Binno, who not only won the best-dressed award for his Aladdin outfit, but also put his plunging powers to good use a half hour before the session and unclogged the paper-towel stuffed boys' toilet. (Paper towel is for the garbage can... I thought that was a given!)

But I digress. Again, thanks for a great workout folks. Be on the lookout for 80's coming soon. Until then:

Disney Dooozy 2017 Photo Gallery

Disney Doozy 2017 Workout Results

Schedule Adjustment: Team Workouts

What I hope for is the last time this Summer, we are making an adjustment to our schedule. The parents will now be joining the kids for team workouts on Saturday at 9 am. So the weekend schedule will be as follows:


9 am (team workout - kids and parents)

11 am (babies)



11 am (mobility/makeup WOD)

Also a reminder that there is no 9 or 11 am session tomorrow morning! It's Wednesday, so the mobility sessions are at 10 am and 5:30 pm. Div!



The workout last Thursday called for some odd-object squatting, in this case with a single bumper plate. Aftet testing out one round of each, athletes were allowed to hold the plate any way they preferred. In addition, we tried to place an emphasis on the dip position of the push press - not letting the knees come forward and such. Here's what the 4:30 pm session looked like.

Depth was definitely more difficult to reach with the hands in a different position, but I think the overall form looked good.

Coach's Corner: Slowing it Down at 5:30

Last Tuesday we did handstand push-ups and dumbbell cleans; 21-15-9 reps. The nature of this workout meant that if your name wasn't Elizabeth Banet, who falls alsep doing handstand push-ups, the scaling options would not yield a good metabolic response. In other words, doing this workout as fast as possible probably wouldn't end up doing that much.

So we used it to work on strength and control. The Brand X people have been encouraging me to work more with tempo stuff, and so far I like it a lot. Here's how the 5:30 people looked.

Beast Mode: College Freaks

The Freaks are in college now, let that sink in for a minute.

Ricky Carey and crew just finished their first collegiate year and are now back at the Champions Club for the Summer. The 9 am session from last Tuesday featured Slick, Elizabeth Banet, David Saporito, Katie Shakes, and Mrs. Fitz. They put in a great performance on the wallball/box jump ladder. Check it out.

From the Vault: Moving up and The Feet

In October 2015 I did the Moving up... or not post that gave a good glimpse of what I look for when coaching back squats - in specific, whether to move an athlete up in weight, keep them where they are, or drop them down. Over time, I have refined this coaching technique; things I might have let go before I don't anymore and other things I have been less picky about. In the post referenced above, I used Collin and JZ as examples. Here's what they looked like:

Looking back on it now, I still would have called it the way I did. Also, I shared this with the Martins from Brand X and they said they would have as well. While this standard has stayed the same, Kelly Starrett brought up another one in last week's MWOD episode that also reminds me of a former video/post.

Coach's Corner: For All Things Pokemon and Foot Related

Looking at the arch in your foot is a great way to tell exactly what is going on upstream with the hips. We have avoided a lot of barefoot stuff recently 1) because of the weather and 2) because I have been looking for increased ROM and intensity. But I think for the next few weeks, especially for squatting, we are going to do a lot of barefoot work to help you guys get a better sense of what good torque feels and looks like. Look for a post coming soon on more specifics (I planned on one with Shakes this morning, but her lack of ability to perform bad form made it virtually worthless).

The Church Poll

Easter Sunday has come and gone, and for most of us this meant going to church in some form or another. This could be the epic Saturday night 3-hour Easter Vigil, the classic all-school mass, or the traditional Sunday morning gathering. Most of us have also been brought up in a churchgoing setting, and the Gospels, hymns, and sacraments are all too familiar with us.

Because of the sheer repetition, it's inevitable that our mind wanders at some point during mass. So the poll for this week is,what is your preferred pastime during church? (note: Will Farrell in Old School is not an acceptable answer for this one)

a. scanning the crowd for someone you know
b. having a hand-squeezing contest during the Our Father
c. doing calf raises while standing in hopes to increase your hops
d. other
e. all the above